Creeping Sharia Law in Australia II – Bikini dressed woman, 39, Bullied by Muslim Security Guard in Sydney.

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A Sign is better than a Demonstration it lasts longer and is a Peaceful Message.

Story passed forward by American website BNI to readers around the globe. Allan was concerned about this incident that is not covered by criminal law to protect Australian women, thus Allan stepped into the subject. Allan does not deal with criminal activities by Muslim or non-Muslim. He says that job is for the Police, Intelligence and Law Personnel.

Allan is more concerned about anti-freedom threats that deny Aussies ‘Freedom of Rights’ and thus this treatise unfolds below…

Creeping Sharia Law in Australia II Bikini dressed woman, 39, Bullied by Muslim Security Guard Sydney.

The Daily Mail Australia, dated 7th October 2020, reported by Kylie Stevens the following subject title post… “It wasn’t even a G-string. Bikini-clad woman, 39, is left horrified after being told to “put some shorts on” by a guard at an upmarket Sydney apartment building’s swimming pool.” (i)

“A bizarre bikini ban at a Sydney inner city apartment complex has sparked outrage and left a resident humiliated.” (i)

“Business development manager Kristy, 39, has recalled her horror of being ordered by a security guard to leave the pool area at her Emerald Park complex in Zetland earlier this week because her swimsuit wasn’t to pool standards.” (i)

“Ms. Miller… described the ordeal as really humiliating and intimidating”. (i)

“He was very aggressive and very loud. His exact words were… “I would need to put shorts on to be allowed in the pool area,” Ms. Miller told 2GB breakfast host Ben Fordham on Wednesday.” (7th October) (i)…

It was a normal bikini, not a G-string Bikini or anything like that. If you go to Bondi Beach people are wearing a lot skimpier bikinis.” (i)

Kristy Miller told Fordham… “Several residents later told her the security guard was taking photos of all women at the pool on the day, as evidence.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Evidence? Or for his own private collection just for pleasure? Evidence of what? The women were wearing decent clothing. A Bikini including G-String is decent. Islamic Doctrine by ‘Sharia Law’ has an intellectually backward idea of what is indecent. The sign said no G-String, it did not mention the word Bikini. It would be pedantic to make an issue of the minor difference between a G-String and a Bikini, which obviously this Muslim Security Guard did.

“Ms. Miller was inundated with comments from other women who had similar stories after she recalled her mortifying ordeal on social media.” (i)

“Ms. Miller has received an emailed ‘backhanded’ apology from building management about the security guard’s behaviour but was warned to wear appropriate attire when using the common pool areas.” (i)

“New signs have since been erected in the complex pool areas.” (i)

“Please kindly read all the rules. If everyone follows the building rule, the guard will never bother anyone. I apologise for the incident but in the meantime, residents need to follow the rules as well,” the email states. (i)


A.I. comments…

Legal Action

It would not be wise for Ms. Miller to take legal action against the chastisement apartment ruling. Justice would not win, because there is no law designed to protect the rights of women to wear Bikinis including G-String.

Filing a Lawsuit will cost her thousands of dollars with no guarantee she would win. A case which could drag out for years. During a lawsuit battle the outcome could easily be different if one of three or more different thinking judges were handling the lawsuit. Judges thinking does not always agree with the plaintiff. Nor do judges decision always agree with other judges thinking. Remember all judges do have different points of view and justice is not always consistently served.

The serious flaw with the lawsuit system is that it exists because ‘Just Laws’ do not always exist which stops lawsuit activity. The serious additional problem with lawsuits is the larger a population in a country the more lawsuits prevail and create volumes of unjust decisions.

The classic example is in America; lawsuits are used by Socialist and Islamic Organisations to bully people into submission. The insidious Muslim CAIR organisation linked to Hamas, in America, uses Lawsuits constantly to intimidate and bully harass Americans.

As it stands the Muslim Security Guard at Emerald Park Apartment complex has the right to stop women wearing Bikinis. His defence is recorded on the sign which says G-String. His error is that she was wearing a Bikini not a G-String. But the difference makes the guard incorrectly pedantic. It is still not worth spending thousands of dollars on a lawsuit action.

There should be a law where a brochure with all the rules, including images of all signs must be given to every potential lessee before they agree to rent a house, home unit, villa home or apartment, be it for a night, a week or several months. Obviously if all the women that rented a room for a night or a week or more had seen the brochure, they would have rejected the rules and gone elsewhere.

Unfortunately such a law does not exist because politicians by intelligence are intellectually lazy and fail to use forward thinking to ensure justice always exist. In Australia and America the problem is worse the Federal Government and the State Governments fail to establish ‘One Common Law’ of Justice and Protection of Citizens Rights for all.

No Brochure means no “Freedom of Choice’ justice to accept or reject the rules of the tenancy.

Rights of Women to wear Bikinis including G-String.

There is no defined law that protects women’s rights to wear a Bikini including G-String.

Before Muslims invaded the West with their anti-freedom demands we did not need such a law. But after foolish intellectually lazy politicians opened the gate to accept a anti-freedom Trojan Horse Ideology which is focused on destruction of ‘Freedom Values’ we urgently need common laws at both Federal and State levels all in agreement with each other to stop the insidious demands of Muslims to oppress our free spirited society. There is no place for ‘Blasphemy Law’ or ‘Sharia Law’ in a free society. If Muslims do not like it and protest, they should be permanently expelled from a ‘Free Society’ and sent back to where they came from. Let Islamic Countries carry their Islamic Mentality.

Problem is where are the courageous Politicians brave enough to stop the insidious demands of Muslims by legislated Law? Where are the courageous degree qualified CEO’s that are brave enough to stop the insidious demands of Muslims against their Corporation. Believe it or not, Muslims do not have the right to tell Corporations what they can do and not do and who they can hire or fire.

It is time to pass laws in Australia, Federal and State, banning the bullying of women for wearing a Bikini, including a G-String. It must be a criminal offence, backed by gaol time, for harassing a women wearing a Bikini.

This not the first-time women have been bully harassed by Muslims in Australia.

I remember reading an e-mail sent to me about an incident on a Sydney beach back in 2009, when a Muslim threatened a man.

It was 5 am in the morning on a Summer Day… a couple went down to the surf for an early morning swim. The young lady wore a Bikini. A Muslim wearing a jacket walked up to the young man and told him to instruct his lady friend to leave the beach and that she must cover-up. When the man said, “Who are you to tell me what to do?” the Muslim did not reply instead he opened his jacket and showed the man a large knife. Thus he threatened the man. The man using common-sense left the beach with his female partner. I don’t think they did anything about it. To my knowledge it never hit the news. If the Muslim threatened me with a knife I would have stepped back and challenged him. I have been threatened by a knife twice in my younger years, I never back down, and I never lost. But the name of the game is winning. Never fight if you do not have the skills to win. Learn how to fight first. Elderly people need help their fighting days are over.

“It will [sic] mandatory for all women to wear hijab or burka if they prefer, bikinis will be displayed in Museums but not on nubile bodies anymore,” (ii)

Mohamed El-Mouelhy controls ‘Halal Certification’ in Australia.

12th May 2017 (ii)

(ii) ‘Creeping Sharia Law in Australia’

On BNI Allan Ivarsson commented on October 10, 2020…

“I have passed forward this incident to Facebook. The ‘Emerald Park’ Apartment has been ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’.”

Allan Ivarsson has been involved in a communication argument since September 11th, 2020 with a Muslim who claims he lives in Singapore. His background appears to be a Muslim from India. He has revealed in other post comments that he hates all Hindus and many other infidels.

Read the post ‘We are Enemies’ dated September 13, 2020.

This is what Muslim Ghulam said about the bikini woman that was bullied by a Muslim Guard and my response. Well he calls himself Ghulam, but it could be just a pen name there is no surname for investigation traceability.

Ghulam says… (iii)

October 9, 2020

The Muslim security brother was KIND to her. He only asked her to put shorts on.

I would have called the cops out on her and tried to frame her for public OBSCENITY, LEWDNESS, or other DISORDERLY CONDUCT. Anonymously, of course, as I myself don’t get along that well with law enforcement. (A.I. comments… of course, cowards don’t reveal themselves.)

SHAMELESS ICE MONKEY SLUTS are a bad influence on our Muslim women.

Allan Ivarsson says… (iii)

October 10, 2020

Ghulam is a true ‘Jihad Muslim’ he has stopped pretending to be nice and is now displaying his anti-freedom true attitude.

Ghulam true to his evil nature called this nice woman a slut. That is the low-level thinking of Ghulam.

Trust a Muslim? Never!

Ghulam says…(iii)

October 10, 2020

Allan Ivarsson

Did you read my entire comment? I drew attention to one of the signboards near that swimming pool which clearly mentions “no smoking, no alcohol, no G-strings”.

I have been to Australia. That kind of signpost might have something to do with public obscenity rules. There is a legislation in NSW which covers “Obscene Exposure”. Also, in Australia, can’t drink outside licensed premises. OK, calling her a slut might be a bit “low-level” as you put it. But my statement had nothing to do with FREEDOM values but everything with PRIVATE PROPERTY RULES. It is possible the apartment complex’s owner is a Muslim.

So maybe a bikini which exposes a female’s mid-riff too much is not welcome in that particular building. Of course no one saw that before commenting.

I will check out some of your books to debunk them in the future. Be ready to be exposed right here on this blog. Or do you want me to leave your books alone, I will respect your freedom right and do as you say. (A.I. comments… Unfortunately, he is bluffing.)

Allan Ivarsson says… (iii)

October 10, 2020

Ghulam, Yes, I read your entire comment… I don’t write until I clearly understand what you said. And yes I saw the signboard. And yes, I immediately thought that the apartment complex probably is owned by a Muslim. But then if that had been me, I would have done my homework before choosing to stay there. You see I refuse to use services and supplies delivered by Muslims.

Like I keep saying I don’t Trust Muslims because their ideas are founded upon forced ‘Totalitarianism’. And I emphasis the word ‘forced’.

There is not much difference between a G-string and a Bikini. It is being pedantic to worry about a minor difference. And as for the bikini, I know Muslims want to ban the wearing of the decent bikini which has wisely been a part of our freedom value culture since the 1960’s after we defeated the resistance by Christianity to the wearing of the bikini.

The wearing of full clothing into the water is idiotic, but that is what foolish Muslim women do. They need to learn from Dolphins. Muhammad did not know much about water activity in the 7th Century because he lived mostly far away from such activity. His only remarks in the Qur’an is about attire on land.

Be my guest, I welcome you to read my books and strive to debunk them, I hope you will I need the public conflict.

Freedom Values gives every person the right to criticise and reject ideas and I welcome reviews, praise, and attacks.

The more attacks I receive the more the world will sit up and take notice.

Go for it… I fight best when under attack. I use the most advanced intelligence in the world, it is called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and Muslims do not have the ability to learn this intelligence level until they become ex-Muslims.

Nothing will change… we are enemies.

I stand for ‘Freedom Values’… you stand for ‘Totalitarianism’.


To see photographs of the young lady, that was bullied by a Muslim Security Guard go to BNI above link.

More to the story about other female comments were passed forward by BNI…

This is Australia, not a Muslim country,’ Ms. Miller told the Daily Telegraph on Thursday – adding that the ‘Middle Eastern’ security guard didn’t target men wearing budgie smugglers.” (iii)

“Who is a security guard of Middle Eastern descent to tell me what I can and cannot wear? I pay $600 a week to live here, I should be able to wear whatever bikini I like.” (iii)

“Irishwoman Lynne Courtney was sunbaking face down and alone beside the pool one morning in late September when she was… told her ‘cheeky’ cut two piece was exposing too much of her backside. There was nobody else at the pool, but I just felt so embarrassed, Ms. Courtney, who works for Service NSW, told Daily Mail Australia. (iii)

“The 27-year-old from north Dublin has lived in the eastern suburbs for almost two years, but only recently moved into the Emerald Park complex.” (iii)

A.I. comments… This is a classic example of Muslims in Australia trying to subtly discourage immigration of non-Muslims and to manoeuvre more acceptance of Muslim immigrants to rapidly increase population of Muslims in Australia to force acceptance of ‘Sharia Law’ just like idiot British Politicians did as an act of betrayal of Britain.

“Ms. Courtney told the ‘Middle Eastern’ security guard she had never had any problems before and asked why he had a problem given it was a private pool. He said something like, “I don’t want to be doing this, it’s not coming from me”, she said. He made me feel ashamed in my own pool, it’s where I live. I felt it was very sexist, it’s not okay.” (iii)

A.I. comments… I wouldn’t call it sexist, to me it’s a meaningless gasoline word, which is too often fired unjustly like a bullet, which is supposed to mean prejudiced against women on the basis of sex. I would correctly call it prejudiced against women. But in reality, Islamic Doctrine ‘Sharia Law’ cannot comprehend the word ‘Sexist’ and truly believes all women are inferior to men and must be controlled in much the same way Muhammad did by oppressing his women, wives, and sex slaves. This means that Islamic Doctrine ruled by men are prejudiced against women. It is this prejudice that must be constantly chastised.

The only way to deal with ‘Islamic Mentality’ in the ‘Free World West’ is to outlaw by legislation the bully oppression of women and to outlaw ‘Sharia Law’. The problem is to find politicians with the courage to stop the dictatorship demands of Muslims.

If the guard is telling the truth it suggests the Apartment Complex is owned by Muslims. If this rule continues to be enforced it’s simple… ‘Boycott this Apartment Complex’ and refuse to live at its accommodation location. The sooner they are put out of business the better off for Australian Freedom Values. There is no place for anti-freedom dictatorship in our Great Australian Nation. Islam go directly to Hell. Do not pass go… leave the country and go back to living in an anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ oppressive Nation. We don’t want your bully dictatorship in Australia.

“Managers at Whelan Property Group, the strata company in charge of Emerald Park, refused to comment on the matter when contacted by Daily Mail Australia.” (iii)

A.I. comments… does this mean the strata company is owned by Muslims? We shall try to find out the truth.

“On-site building manager Rajan Neupane also declined to comment but told Daily Mail Australia that members of the management committee are working on an official statement which will be released in the coming days.” (iii)

A.I. comments… This statement will be interesting to read.

“Ms. Courtney is not the only one to have her pool attire picked apart by security.” (iii)

“A 25-year-old Sydney woman, who did not wish to be named, said she was ‘beyond mortified’ when a security guard approached her at the pool and asked her to change out of her ‘inappropriate’ swimwear in January 2019. “I didn’t notice him walking around because I was lying face down on a sun bed, but I did feel him when he approached me, hovering just above my head”, she told Daily Mail Australia.” (iii)

“The woman, who was visiting a friend who lives in the complex, was lying alone while her mates cooled off in the water wearing a bikini she has worn ‘a thousand times’, with ‘cheeky’ cut bottoms and a classic halter-neck# top. Acceptable on any beach across Australia and most parts of the world, but he asked if I had “anything else I could put on”, she recalled.

# A woman’s garment held up by a strap around the neck. It became popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It was used on formal gowns in the 1930’s. It was based upon the sleeveless high neck design of some Asian Clothing. Asian women were wearing this garment style way ahead of Western use. Of course, 7th Century thinking Muslims are so intellectually behind Asia and the West, they cannot keep up with fashion dress requirements, because the women are oppressed by selfish vain self-centred men subservient to an intellectually inferior thinker goat herder that was void of logic and emotional intelligence. When Muhammad could not get his own way, Muhammad went into a rage as happened years before he was expelled from Mecca because of his idiotic rants. He came back years later in revenge and killed all the Jews in Mecca and enslaved the women and children, such was the evil of anti-freedom Muhammad.

So let’s look at the pool rules. Tick: ‘No smoking and No alcohol’ as common-sense safety rules. Tick: No Music to ensure peace exists for all users. No problem there, even though Muslims don’t like music. Tick: No ball games, diving and bombing for safety rules so that no person is injured. Cross: No G-String this attire is not hurting anyone and is decently appropriate. It should be removed from the sign. There is no mention of Bikini on the board, which is appropriate costume dress style, and yet it was the bikini that was persecuted by Muslim Security Guard who we found out is ordered by Muslim Managers to enforce.

No topless which must be ticked because society cannot handle the existence of topless women on beaches or in swimming pool locations. Why I cannot comprehend, Native women from around the world including in primitive Australia usually wore topless clothing and they were not embarrassed or ashamed. Why? Because it was natural behaviour to them and was decent deemed correct by their culture for thousands of years. Only Christians and Muslims cannot handle topless dress in our Western Society. Such is the senseless thinking even in the early 21st Century. Our societies have still not grown up enough to understand what is decent and what is not, and do not yet understand the truth about wandering moral law that cannot sort itself out intelligently using natural common-sense.

Back in the Ancient Past.

The earliest bikini-like costume was worn around 5,600 BC in the Chalcolithic era. In one scene a mother goddess is depicted astride two leopards wearing a costume like a bikini. Moving forward back to the Ancient Greece-Ancient Roman timeline bikini-like garments were worn by women athletes and this culture was depicted on urns and paintings dating back to 1400 BC. It was over 2,000 years later before intellectually backward Islamic Culture was created.

A mosaic in the floor of a Roman villa in Sicily dating from the Diocletian period (286-305 AD), shows young women participating in weightlifting, discus throwing and running ball games dressed in bikini-like garments. The goddess of Venus has been found wearing a similar garment. In Pompeii depictions of Venus wearing a bikini were discovered.

The fight to save the Bikini from Islamic Domination… to be continued…

Allan Ivarsson 2020

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