Indonesia: Brutal Flogging of Gays Happens Again

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Ancient Heritage before the invasion of ‘Sharia Law’ in Indonesia

Indonesia: Brutal Flogging of Gays Happens Again


Flogging of Couples for Having Sex Outside Wedlock


Flogging a Woman for Selling Alcohol


Story below… but first…

Authors Note: There are no images of the floggings included. I will not use Getty Images their costs for images are greedily excessive charges. And I don’t trust their so-called free images, it is easy to trip and inadvertently use the wrong not free image and find yourself receiving an expensive invoice of $2,000 to $4,000 dollars or more. My postings are a free non-profit publication. I don’t seek Donations and I don’t do advertising to raise income. I am not rich, I am an Aussie Battler Pensioner who simply believes in passing forward as ‘Social Capital’ important information and understanding for the ‘Philosophical History Books’ about reality. Each generation needs the opportunity to learn Truth and Wisdom. My books shall eventually become Public Domain, in my Last Will and Testimony and shall be left in the care of the only organisation I trust that still 100% defends the eternal human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’. In the meantime, © copyright shall be enforced, as per my “All Rights Reserved” presentation in the front of all my books.

My eight children from melded marriages do not have the dynamic skills to write and manage a trust, hence my decision to give first access to use of ‘Public Domain’ for my complete works after my death.

I do use free images and once a year, I send the supplier a donation in appreciation of their volunteer sharing of images for free use. Getty gets nothing from me. I don’t support greed.

If you need donations, my response is, do what most of us do for income, until we are forced to retire in old age… get a job.

I worked doing any job to survive, upgrading my skills progressively. I never received the dole. I worked doing what opportunity was available until I found something better. That is the challenge of life, which gives us meaning and purpose.

Allan I.

And now the Sharia Law concern…

Indonesia does not give any mercy to its own people or to foreigners who disobey its insane Islamic Sharia Laws.

Chris Pleasance reported for MailOnLine 20th July 2018 posted by Daily Mail Australia the following news heading… “Couple are brutally caned under Sharia Law in Indonesia as punishment for having sex outside marriage.” (i)

“A man and a woman have been publicly caned in Indonesia’s deeply conservative Aceh province after being caught having sex before marriage.” (i)

“The couple were marched on to a stage in front of a crowd in the city of Jantho, around 36 miles from provincial capital Banda Aceh, before being flogged.” (i)

“The beating was carried out despite a pledge by Aceh governor Irwandi Yusuf to only carry out the punishment inside prisons and away from the eyes of the public.” (i)

(i) Source:

Allan Ivarsson comments… The report identified that the caning on stage was done in the front of journalists, military officials and a small crowd of people. It is alleged that Caning used to be livestreamed and posted on the Internet, which caused international criticism. Hence, rather than face more public complaints from around the world the Internet postings was stopped. Of course, the global criticism was ignored, because anti-freedom dictatorship ‘Sharia Law’ overrules all non-Muslim public opinion.

The very idea that the brutal floggings would still be carried out in prisons instead of in public, only means that the cruel evil punishment process will continue. Politicians in the West that think Sharia Law pluralism is acceptable are an intellectually inferior thinking breed of politicians and all should be sacked from public office. There is no place for ‘Sharia Law’ in a decent wholesome good society.

The Indonesia Islamic Government is either very weak in mentality for failing to shutdown the Islamic extremism which thrives constantly in Banda Aceh, or the Indonesia Government is planning to expand the intensity of Sharia Law insanity throughout all of Indonesia.

Foreigners who visit Indonesia for trading or pleasure travel experience can be summed up in one word… “Nuts”. The smartest thing people around the globe can do is reject all association with Indonesia, whilst ‘Sharia Law’ rules this intellectually backward country. And that includes refusing to visit Bali. There are far better safer places for enjoyment than in Bali.

Pamela Geller wrote on July 14, 2018 in her headline… “Gay couple are Whipped more than 80 times for having sex as crowd shouts “hit them harder” in “moderate” Indonesia.” (ii)

Geller wrote… “Think of the moronnials and their left-wing overlords marching against Trump- every day, but nary a word about Islamic homophobia, Jew hatred, gender apartheid, creed apartheid, or Islamic blasphemy death laws.” (ii)

“Moderate” Indonesia is constantly held up as some kind of example of a moderate Muslim country. You can’t make this stuff up.” (ii)

(ii) Source:

This Geller statement was in response to Sara Malm’s report on MailOnLine, on the 13th July 2018… posted by Daily Mail Australia. Her news heading jumped off the page… “Gay couple are flogged more than 80 times for having sex before a woman is caned for selling alcohol in Indonesia’s Sharia law province as crowd shouts ‘hit them harder’. (iii)

“A gay couple have been publicly flogged in Indonesia’s Aceh province, after a local Islamic court found them ‘guilty’ of having had sexual intercourse.” (iii)

“The pair were whipped more than 80 times each in front of a 1,000-strong jeering crowd, after having been apprehended by a homophobic vigilante mob earlier this year.’ (iii)

“They were among 15 people whipped outside a mosque in the fundamentalist Muslim province’s capital Banda Aceh on Friday, which also saw a young woman caned for selling alcohol.” (iii)

The crowd included tourists from Islamic Malaysia.

“Gay sex is not illegal elsewhere in Indonesia, but there has been a backlash against the community in recent years.” (iii)

“Public flogging is a common punishment for a range of offences including gambling, drinking alcohol, and having gay sex or relations outside of marriage.” (iii)

“Hopefully the flogging we’re witnessing today will serve as a lesson for people not to violate sharia (Islamic law), said Banda Aceh official Tarmizi Yahya.” (iii)

“Few in the crowd appeared to have much sympathy.” (iii)

“Rights groups slam public caning as cruel, and Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo has called for it to end, but the practice has wide support among Aceh’s mostly Muslim population.” (iii)

“Aceh started using religious law after it was granted special autonomy in 2001, an attempt by the central government to quell a long-running separatist insurgency.” (iii)

(iii) Source:

A.I. comments… If the Indonesian Government had courage they would have arrested separatist trouble making before 2001 and smashed their attempt to impose anti-freedom fanatical ‘Sharia Law’. But the Indonesian Government lost their nerve and submitted to the evil bully dictatorship of extremists ‘Jihad Muslims’ in 2001. Hence, the brutal abuse of people has increased in the very evil Aceh province.

Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo has no chance of stopping the insane Aceh mentality. The Muslim Population over the years since 2001 have become completely brain-wrecked. There is only one way to stop Aceh’s crazy mentality and that is to build a border wall around Aceh and cut-off all trade and movement access in an out of Aceh, until the people beg for freedom and submit to the abolition of extremist Sharia Law. To ensure the success of this prison internment of Ache, the border military guards must be instructed to kill all Muslims in Aceh that try to escape. And all Malaysian visitors to Aceh must not be allowed entry. Only tough aggressive hardline fear enforcement can force the Muslim crazies to submit to the abolition of the vicious cruel punishments that are now enforced in Aceh. There is no other reasonable solution when we are dealing with sharia fanatics, coward bully dictators focused on the oppression of Muslim and non-Muslim people that deserve to live free as we in the West enjoy. Obviously, such a border enforcement will not happen, because around the world in most countries people don’t have the courage anymore to enforce the existence and control of borders, except in ‘Totalitarian Nations’. The West has become too soft, unlike our tough ancestors that understood the common-sense survival necessity of border control. And the sad news for Muslims in Indonesia is the more aggressive dark nature of Sharia Law in Banda Aceh, will expand its territory of control over the centuries, until all of Indonesia is controlled by its crazy Sharia Law extremism, true to the dictates of 7th Century despot/ war lord Muhammad as recorded in the Qur’an and Hadiths.

Only the abolishment of ‘Blasphemy Law’ around the world will weaken the stranglehold of insane Sharia Law, which denies people the right to live free of oppression and free of apartheid unjust tyranny.

The false knowledge idea that Sharia Law protects and preserves moral values is a lie. The history of cruelty enforced by Sharia Law Dictates proves that Sharia Law is cruel, very brutal and evil in nature and for that reason, Sharia Law must be outlawed forever.

President Widodo does not have the tough-minded courage to shut Aceh insanity down. It is the opposite, as time passes Aceh will strive to expand its madness and Sharia Law cruelty throughout Indonesia.

Anyone visiting Indonesia for reasons of trade or holidays is ‘Nuts”.

If Westerners are smart, they will reject all association with Indonesia.

‘Indonesia’ has been ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’ because this Nation rejects ‘Freedom and Equality Values’ by enforcement of evil ‘Sharia Law’.

If you go to my 2014/2017 report on Bali, you can read more reasons why I reject Indonesia.

I have no sympathy for foolish foreigners that visit Indonesia and are arrested and punished, be it fair and just, or not. The fact is ‘Freedom’ exists in the West, it does not exist in Islamic Nations. Wherever ‘Sharia Law’ rules… cruelty and bully abuse thrives. Never trust any Nation that accepts the existence of ‘Sharia Law’ and that includes the insane backward thinking British Government that has submitted to the operative pluralism of Sharia Law.

The following countries all practice the cruel Corporal Punishment action of using the cane…

Saudi Arabia, the heart of Islam. Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan and United Arab Emirates. All these anti-freedom pro-Sharia Law countries are obsessed with the enforcement of cruel punishment. In the case of Singapore, a form of pluralism exists. The intensity of Sharia Law enforcement does vary from country to country. Some forms of Sharia Law are moderate in enforcement whilst other Nations using Sharia Law are very extreme and cruel in enforcement, founded upon the vicious teachings in the Qur’an and Hadiths. However, given the origin of ‘Sharia Law’ as dictated by Muhammad, it follows by common sense that any Nation that allows Sharia Law to rule even in any level of pluralism is capable of evolving into a full-blown extremist form of Sharia Law as exists in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan.

Visiting Singapore is a reasonably safe location to tour, but you still must know its strict laws, or you could be fined or imprisoned. Most Islamic Nations are not safe to visit, it is easy to become a victim of injustice or simply a victim of one’s own ignorance about Sharia Law in that country. The wisest course of action is do not visit Islamic Sharia Law countries. If you get into trouble your Country Government will not help you. You are helplessly on your own and that reality includes your friends and family members.

Why would anyone trade with such Islamic Countries? And the reason is they trade for motives of greed. Decency does not tolerate anti-freedom apartheid Sharia Law, not now, not ever.

We don’t need Saudi Arabian oil. There is plenty of oil deposit opportunities in other freedom locations. The good news is that with the evolution of other better alternative energy supplies including very importantly the electric motor vehicle, oil needs shall gradually decline, which in turn will help the creation of a healthier planet Gaia/Earth.

Norway is successfully using Electric Cars and thus reducing pollution exhaust emissions. The fleet of electric cars in Norway is the largest in the world per-capita. Oslo is recognised as the plug-in electronic vehicles capital of the world. Norway is an excellent example of what can be achieved. Australia, Canada and America face a more difficult problem to create reliable plug-in services in rural locations to support travel needs. It will gradually evolve as an essentially needed service.

Magnetic Storms are common on planet earth in causing fluctuations and minor impacts to our energy dependent society. They are common impacts not only in artificial energy activity but also for billions of years in the forces of nature that is… ‘Cosmic Law’ ‘Immutable Law’ ‘Natural Law’ ‘Eternal Law’ which rules our planet and the Universe. Obviously, in the rare event of an excessive Geomagnetic Storm, all electrical operations would stop immediately, but that would also happen to diesel and petrol vehicles. And severe Blackouts for any length of time would shut down cities into no available energy forms of darkness, shutting down even supplies of water, food and transport. We trust that will not happen for any length of time, as the impact could be catastrophic to city way of life. Rural regions would have a better chance of survival in much the same way they did before the inventive use of electricity and telegraph lines.

I installed twenty years ago ‘Citronella’ lamps mounted on walls & hand carry Lanterns like they used in the days before the creation of electricity. I have only had to use them about eight times during blackouts mostly over in 4 to 6 hours. But I was fortunate that I was prepared for emergencies. Candles can be dangerous and a fire hazard. Every house should have gravity feed water tanks as back up strategy with large food pantries that can store cans and glass jars of food for emergency survival needs, using stock rotation, month/year hand written markings. Don’t take anything for granted, the technology world can roll over and fall flat on its face in times of natural disaster. Think safe, think survive.

In rural country, I never use chain saws. I stayed tough 19th Century Way using only handsaws, axes, mattocks, picks, rakes and spades. I don’t even use tractors, I cleared the land the hard way, the pioneer way, to stay tough. If our ancestors could live tough so can we.

With the age of Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism, it is inevitable that religious worship process will go into decline and even 7th Century Islam will slide downhill replaced by advanced technology and wiser ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ in companionship with Science and Reality Based Ethics founded upon codes of ‘Strength, Honour and Chivalry’.

There is no place for anti-freedom of speech laws, including ‘Blasphemy Law’ in a good decent wholesome ‘Cosmic Libertarian’ society and that includes the anti-freedom backward character of ‘Sharia Law’.

With the abolition of ‘Blasphemy Law’ Muslims will evolve to cherish freedom and shall choose ‘Freedom Values’ in preference to the insanity of ‘Sharia Law’.

Indonesia has beautiful country, it is sad that this land of ancient culture before the invasion takeover of anti-freedom Sharia Law, has become so oppressed and not trustworthy for safe travel by tourists. Many naïve visitors do not understand the fanatical nature of ‘Sharia Law’.

When ‘Sharia Law’ is abolished in Indonesia it will have the opportunity to become a great cultural Nation. And will enjoy its ancient history and treasures.

It will be a slow process before Indonesia becomes a truly free from oppression Nation and returns to enjoying its ancient cultural heritage, before the imposition of ‘Sharia Law’.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2018

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