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This mini-essay is dedicated to the ‘American Rough Riders’ and Colonel Leonard Wood and second in command Colonel Theodore Roosevelt the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry whom fought in Cuba in 1898 in the Spanish-American War, many battles were fought, the most famous being ‘Battle of San Juan Hill’.

And is also dedicated to the Anzac legend, Australian and Papuan Forces, outnumbered, average Australian age was 18.5 years, who made the first battle stand at 4pm on 23rd July 1942 armed only with rifles, revolvers and a Lewis machine-gun against Japanese invaders, armed with many heavy machine guns, mortars and a mountain gun, in the ‘Kokoda Trail/Track Campaign’. Clearly the Aussies and Papuans were outgunned, but true to their courage, they held their ground and fought to the death, striving to stop the Japanese invasion advance. Australian Forces fought in the 1942 ‘Kokoda Trail Campaign’ during the Pacific Part of World War II, to stop the Imperial Japanese Army from invading Port Moresby, New Guinea, and believed at high danger level, invasion of Australia in the North.

Many of the Australian soldiers whom fought in Kokoda, were far too young, only 18 years of age, they knew they were not coming back, they stayed committed to dying for their country. To refuse to fight for our country, against any form of ‘Totalitarianism’, is a betrayal, not only of our great Nation, but is also a betrayal of all our great Anzacs that died, so we may enjoy freedom.

We owe all ‘rough men and women’ that fought and died for our right to live ‘Free’ more than we can ever payback. What we owe them is priceless, but what we can do is stand for ‘Liberty’ and never run from anti-Freedom enemy.

The message of this dedication is simple… Throughout history men fought and died defending their right to live free from tyranny, including 300 Spartans in the Battle of Thermopylae, Spartacus against slavery, Americans in the Battle of the Alamo and earlier in the War of Independence and millions of people in every Western Nation that fought for ‘Freedom’ in World War II against invading tyrants focused on conquest and the destruction of Liberty.

And now once again the ‘Global Freedom Resistance’ in every Western Nation is uniting as one force to stop ‘Islamization of the World’ and to win…they know they must first defeat the traitors that support anti-Liberty rule of ‘Islamic Sharia Law’ and anti-Freedom of Speech ‘Blasphemy Law’ and ‘Jihad Hate Speech Bigotry’ as taught in the Qur’an.

There is no place for cowards, in a world that truly values ‘Freedom’.

‘Why Islam is self-destructive and dangerous to the Free World’

‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ does not like the word hate. Those persons who intensely, excessively hate are losers. The wiser stay cool. It is okay to dislike, but hate conjures intensity so negative that the mental emotional feeling becomes self-destructive and destroys wholesome wellbeing of mind.

Hate festers inside a person and makes their life constantly emotionally miserable. I don’t like ‘True Muslims’ and I don’t trust Muslims and for that reason throughout my life, I refused to work with Muslims after I read the insidious Koran in 1984. The only Muslims I will recognize, are ex-Muslims, whom reject the evil teachings in ‘Islamic Doctrine’. But I don’t hate Muslims, I simply avoid all association with their ignorant 7th Century backward dark insidious ‘Belief System’.

I have better things to do with my life than wallow in hate, but at the same time just as I avoid contact with wild dangerous animals, so do I avoid contact with ‘True Muslims’.

Our ‘Belief Systems’ are not compatible- not now, not ever. I believe in ‘Liberty’ but ‘Islamic Doctrine’ believes in bully Apartheid Totalitarianism; we are not compatible not now, not ever. Therefore, by pragmatic survival common sense, I reject Islam and all its followers. And I am disgusted with all our enemy politicians that encourage and allow the ‘Islamic Invasion’ in our ‘Western Nations’.

I grew up in an ‘Islamic Free Sydney’ environment between 1948 and 1984, even though Muslims had been quietly arriving since the 1970’s unbeknown to most of us Aussies.

It is incorrect to say that I personally never feel hate, but I quickly reject such intense feeling refusing to allow it to fester inside myself; I simply dislike without allowing hate to rule me. There is right and wrong, good and bad, true and false that is all. That which rejects ‘Liberty’ in ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ must be opposed head-on and using ahimsa methods given no quarter. Those persons, organisations and creeds that teach and action ‘Totalitarianism’ and ‘Apartheid’ in any form must be stopped; we in the name of pragmatic survival common sense must not ever tolerate enemies of ‘Liberty’.

The Qur’an teaches, using ‘Hate Speech’ that all Muslims are superior to Non-Muslims and that all Muslims are duty bound to conquer and kill all Non-Muslims that refuse to submit to Islam. Why should I ever trust any person that believes in such an evil instruction? Why should I like such people? Why should I have to work with such people? Why shouldn’t I be instinctively distrustful of such people that revere such dark insidious beliefs?

Only fools trust someone that believes in the Koran and the example of ‘Paedophile Muhammad’ -a criminal warlord. No, I don’t hate Muslims, I have better things to do with my life than to fester in hate, like Muslims do for us Non-Muslims, as taught in the Qur’an. But I don’t like them, I don’t trust them, and I shall never tolerate their bully dictatorship ‘Belief System’ –we are enemies.

And I don’t trust any person that wants to make friends with Muslims and is soft in the head with toleration of Islam. The Qur’an explains why this distrust exists. Muslims are forbidden to make friends with Christians, Jews and all other unbelievers, except when they are duty bound to use ‘Taqiyya’ –their deceptive under the table lower level intelligence system.

I don’t hate, but I will not tolerate the invasion of bully apartheid totalitarianism in my society. Survival common sense states instinctively that I have no choice, but to fight in ‘Freedom Resistance’ against any dangerous invasive dictatorship weed like Islam.

Islam reminds me of that obnoxious weed in Australia that wants to conquer and take control of the land…it is called ‘Lantana’ –a nightmare plant for those who own the land, introduced into Australia in 1841 from South America; the owners have no choice, but to fight to purge the toxic Lantana until it is eliminated completely. If one small plant is allowed, to exist, the expanding invasive nightmare returns to bully the next generation owners of the land.


There is nothing to forgive; there is nothing to forget.

There is nothing to hate; there is nothing to revenge.

There is only Truth and Justice.

Do not be nasty, do not be mean, and do not be vindictive.

Simply say it the way it is… do no more.

Speak your truth quietly and clearly. (i)

(i) Source: ‘Blue Light A-Z’ – ‘Walk Away’ 1992

And the Buddha breathed forth this solemn utterance:

“Do not deceive, do not despise each other, anywhere.

Do not be angry and do not secret resentment bear;

For as a mother risks her life and watches over her child,

So, boundless be your love to all, so tender, kind and mild.

“Yea, cherish good-will right and left, for all, both soon and late,

And with no hindrance, with no stint, from envy free and hate;

While standing, walking, sitting down, forever keep in mind:

The rule of life that’s always best, is to be loving-kind.” (ii)

‘The Sermon at Rajagaha’

This Sermon reminds me of similar teachings in the ‘Sermon of the Mount’ delivered by Jesus some 500 years plus, later.

Did Jesus go to India? Some claim yes, others no. The controversial answers are too deep for this paper and needs separate study. But one thing is clear such a return trip would have been very arduous and dangerous and might suggest where Jesus gained his higher understanding. On the other hand, such goodwill teachings existed thirteen hundred years before Christ taught by A Pharaoh named ‘Akhenaten’, whom came to the ancient Egyptian throne in 1353 BC and established monotheism briefly.

After his death, the Egyptians returned to pantheism. Judaism was the originator of monotheism, so it is believed, but I suspect monotheism existed earlier. (Akhenaten lived during the life cycle of Moses (c. 1393- c.1273 BCE -120 years, so some people believe.)

For more insight on the question… “Did Jesus go to India?” go to ‘Blue Light’ Arche book subject… Nirvana Spiritual Peace‘Spiritual Expansion’ Part 1 of a trilogy.

Note the 3rd Part of this trilogy was released in 2003, the complete fictional story trilogy interfaced with philosophical reflections, shall not be released before 2019.

It is correct to say that philosophical ideals like love and kindness was not peculiar to just one man in one place, it was a spiritual feeling that lingered inside the soul humanity of many persons, men and women, known and unknown throughout history around the world in numerous locations and cultures. Such spiritual feelings were not unique to Buddha or Jesus they were a common extension of the human instinct for caring that can also be seen in many animals including Elephants, Cats, Dogs, Horses and Dolphins etc. One could easily be accurate in suggesting that the man believed to be Jesus in India was in fact someone else of good similar nature. For many of us have genetic look alike somewhere, some place, in time, in features and character.

I remember seeing a security camera action photograph of amazing video footage on the news, a few weeks ago, in 2014, of a cat that came to the defence of a small child being attacked by a vicious dog. The domestic cat cared about the child and saved the child driving away the enemy dog.

This true-life event proves that what I was taught as a child in the 1950’s was not true…I grew up believing cats were always afraid of dogs and were not caring creatures, even cartoons suggested that wrong idea was true. As it turned out, a true incident proved that all life is about individual character, including in animals, including cats and dogs.

And as for ideas…we still have not scientifically accurately answered the question… “Where do all ideas come from?”

Why is it that at times throughout history the same idea can be conceived and even invented by different people that don’t know each other? Is there a relationship between the evolution of knowledge in expansion and timing process linked to the evolving ‘Cosmic Reservoir of Knowledge’? To understand the complete implications of this question one needs to learn ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’.

With this thought in mind we return to the problem of darkness caused by hatred…

“Hatred is not appeased in those who think: ‘He has reviled me, he has wronged me, he has injured me.’ For not by hatred is hatred appeased. Hatred is appeased by not-hatred. This is eternal law. (ii)

[i.e. Cosmic Law that which is ‘Eternal Law, Ancient Law, Immutable Law.]

“There are some who do not know the need of self-restraint; if they are quarrelsome we may excuse their behaviour. But those who know better, should learn to live in concord. If a man finds a wise friend who lives righteously and is constant in his character, he may live with him, overcoming all dangers, happy and mindful.” (ii)

“But if he finds not a friend who lives righteously and is constant in his character, let him rather walk alone, like a king who leaves his empire and the cares of government behind him to lead a life of retirement like a lonely elephant in the forest. With fools, there is no companionship. Rather than to live with men who are selfish, vain, quarrelsome and obstinate, let man walk alone.” (ii)

Gautama Buddha (c. 563-c.483 BCE)

‘Spoken at Kosambi’

Author’s Note: There were many times during my younger years’ life when I chose the ‘walk alone path’ and Buddha proved to be right- rather than live amongst conflict, it is often wiser to walk away. But that is only true when the conflict cannot be resolved. When possible, accord should be established in peace…this is the best choice- if it is not achievable than walk away to establish peace. The path of loneliness is a far better way than living constantly in conflict.

(ii) Source:Paul Carus, (1852-1919 C.E.) A German-American author, editor, philosopher and a student of comparative religion. ‘The Gospel of Buddha’ Published 1894.

Buddha His Life and Teachings – Chapter ‘The Regulations’ -This volume consists of two books united together. Book One: ‘The Gospel of Buddha’ by Paul Carus. Book Two: ‘The Word of The Buddha’ By Nyanatiloka. Publisher…Crescent Books New York, a division of Crown Publishers, Inc. First read by Allan Ivarsson in 1974. A must read by every person interested in Buddhism. ISBN: 0-517-138956 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 74-78430

Notes: Buddha lived 80 years. Given that his birth and death is circa, it has been speculated that he existed (c.480-c.400 BCE) but I believe the above circa date of 563-483 is more accurate. Perhaps one day someone will discover accurate evidence of when Buddha lived and died.

Kosambi is a district in the North Indian State of Uttar Pradesh.

Ancient Rajagrha Pali: Rajagaha meaning ‘King’s Abode’ – ‘House of the King’ – ‘Royal House’ is now known as the City of Rajgir. Rajagaha was the capital of the kingdom of Magadha, the largest city in the Middle Land.

Hate is a word rejected by Cosmicism and ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ because the emotional feeling of hate as an obsession is self-destructive. Those persons suffering from ‘Hate Syndrome’ inevitably hurt themselves more than they do the enemy. It is reasonable to dislike a person, organisation, item or idea. But when intense dislike forms within the mind it converts to hate and fuelled by increasing intensity becomes as equally dangerous as a nuclear bomb and is capable if released, of destroying self and tragically other innocent people.

 This is one of the reasons why Islam is self-destructive and dangerous to the free world. Islam’s belief system is founded upon hate of all kafirs [infidels, non-believers] as taught in the Koran.

 The very foundation of Muhammad’s Belief System is Hatred whilst the foundation of the ‘Belief Systems’ of Buddha and Jesus was love and kindness.

 There shall never be inner peace whilst hate thrives within self.

That is why every Muslim that believes in Muhammad and the Koran cannot ever be trusted, even when they appear to be nice. The ‘Jihad Hate’ instructions in the Qur’an proves beyond all doubt why Muslims that believe in Muhammad and the Koran cannot be trusted. As I have tabled many times our ‘Belief System’ identifies whom we are, what we believe and the reasons for our thinking and behaviour. People that intensely hate are capable of irrational evil behaviour and that is true whether a person is a Muslim or a Non-Muslim.

Over the last few years in different cities around the world Muslim women wearing the hijab have been interviewed by ‘News Media’ in the streets. And a common theme in most of these brief interviews is that the Muslim women all express alarm and concern, in some cases feeling genuine distress that they feel rejected by people simply because they are Muslim. The sad reality is that these Muslim women cannot comprehend that it is their ‘Islamic Belief System’ which is the reason for why they are being rejected.

How can a person ever trust someone that has a ‘Belief System’ like Islam that rejects the values of ‘Liberty’ in ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ choosing the way of Apartheid and Totalitarianism?

How can a person ever trust someone that has a dictatorship ‘Belief System’ like Islam that teaches that all Muslims are superior to Non-Muslims and that all Non-Muslim women are whores and that all Non-Muslims must submit to Islamic rule and pay Jizya tax (Koran 9:29) which true to apartheid, Muslims are not required to pay?

How can a person ever trust someone that has a ‘Belief System’ like Islam that teaches by instruction in the Koran not to make friends with Jews, Christians (Koran 5:51) and all kafir/infidels/unbelievers (Koran 5:57) i.e. all Non-Muslims?

How can a person ever trust someone that has a ‘Belief System’ like Islam that teaches by instruction that all Muslims are duty bound to kill all Non-Muslims, (Koran 5:33; 2:190-193; 47: 4-13) by beheading, that refuse to submit to Islam?

Rejecting Islam is not an act of hatred, rejecting Islam is an act of pragmatic survival common sense for all persons that value their right to live free in speech and choice.

The Muslim women being interviewed most of whom pretend to be upset, do know reality and understand why they are being rejected and that fact will not deter them from pushing their beliefs upon others backed by the expectation that we unbelievers must submit to their demands.

And of those rare few Muslim women that are genuinely upset by being rejected the answer is simple…do what other smarter Muslims have done and become an ex-Muslim by rejecting Islam. Choose another ‘Belief System’.

If you value ‘Liberty’ don’t be a Muslim!

I am an ex-Christian because I reject the idea that Jesus is the son of God, our saviour. And I have seen the proof that the ‘Second Coming of Jesus’ shall not happen. That proof exists in the ‘New Testament’. I simply believe in the wisdom philosophical good teachings tabled by Jesus, as I do believe in the wisdom and good teachings of Buddha. And I don’t believe that all the texts in the New Testament and Old Testament are true. I know many of the texts are false knowledge inventions, being mythical scam nonsense, recorded by writers for whatever reasons of intent, being naïve or deliberately deceitful; no one will ever know their motive for recording such false knowledge. Now if I, now an ex-Christian, have the courage to walk away from an organised ‘Belief System’ that I was taught as a child, which I now know is wrong, why cannot Muslims have the courage to walk away from Islam, which is also clearly wrong and become an ex-Muslim?

And the answer is…that many Muslims are afraid to become ex-Muslims, because hatred ‘Blasphemy Law’ threatening to kill them, denies them the right to walk away free from Islam. And this reality is enforced by evil ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Apartheid Sharia Law’. Muslim Clerics must be held accountable for teaching sedition.

Which brings us to the final question: “Why has not every Government as a matter of urgent necessity, by additional amendment in all ‘Nations Constitutions’…banned ‘Blasphemy Law’ which is bully ‘Anti-Freedom of Speech Law’ and banned ‘Sharia Law’ which is bully ‘Anti-Liberty Law’? And the answer why no such action has been enforced is because most politicians, all parties, in every Nation, with some valiant rare exceptions are in fact cowards! And by their cowardice automatic enemies of ‘Liberty’.

It is okay to ‘dislike’ and ‘reject’ ideas, feel calm controlled anger using ‘Emotional Intelligence’; feel disgust and object by standing up for what you believe, but never ever let the intensity of hate to control you, lest thy lose control of all sensibility.

Our first responsibility in opposition to things we reject is to do so calmly using non-violent methods, dislike but never hate.

To correctly oppose the ‘Hate Speech’ taught in the Koran we must oppose it by non-hatred freedom resistance. We must never surrender to the dictatorship of Islam. In short…we must never give Islam an inch not now, not ever. We have the natural right to defend ourselves, our friends and family that is all, nothing more.

Hate is Mad and leads those persons feeling its obsession towards ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’. The wiser dump feelings of hate into the garbage bin where it belongs.

The ‘Hatred Speech’ in the Qur’an and other ‘Islamic Doctrine’, like guiding Hadiths and Sharia Law, encourages the evolution of increased insanity amongst Muslims. This brain-wreck insanity fact is evident in ‘Jihad Organisations’ which the West calls ‘Terrorist’ like ‘Islamic State’, Hamas, CAIR, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, ‘Muslim Brotherhood’, ‘Hizb Ut-Tahir’ and many others that all demand that ‘Sharia Law’ and ‘Blasphemy Law’ rules and all whom oppose must be killed in accordance with the instructions in the Koran. Whatever a person believes, is the reason for their thinking and behaviour. It is not about Psychology, it is about personal beliefs.

Gautama Siddhartha, the Buddha (563-483 B.C./B.C.E. ‘The Founder of Buddhism’) taught the following true wisdom 500 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. It is sad that 2,500 years have passed since this now ‘International Guidance’ was tabled, and humans still have not listened to this wisdom. Far too many people still thrive in emotions of mindless hate, void of total control over their false knowledge based misguided feelings.

Buddha means the ‘Enlightened One’. The word ‘Buddha’ is a ‘Pali’ word an ancient language in India derived from ‘Sanskrit’ a far more ancient language, the language of the Vedas, of Hinduism. Pali is the language of the ‘Buddhist Scriptures’.

I value Sanskrit and Pali Dictionaries as being important ancient text references. And I have no hesitation including such quality words like ‘Nirvana’ and ‘Ahimsa’ in the ‘Gaia Dictionary’ -the concept I founded in 1991.

Buddha used the words… “This is ancient law”. Cosmicism the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ has identified valid true ‘Ancient Law’ as being eternal- ‘Cosmic Law’ which is pragmatic common sense. Einstein described this as ‘immutable laws’.

Allan Ivarsson coined the name ‘Cosmic Law’ in 1981 (iii) to more accurately define those laws which have always existed in the Universe and have always been understood by the ‘Mind of God’.

(iii) It was first tabled in a 1981 ‘Kings Cross Sydney’ adventure story by the writer titled ‘Red Light’.

The words ‘Ancient Law’ and ‘Cosmic Law’ and ‘Immutable Law’ and ‘Eternal Law’ are synonymous in meaning.

 It should be noted again that the Planet’s most intelligent man in the 20th Century, Albert Einstein a proud Jew said… “If there is any religion that could respond to the needs of modern science, it would be Buddhism.”

“Eschew all evil; cherish good; cleanse your inmost thoughts.”

“There is fire like lust, no ravenous beast like hatred, no ensnaring net like folly, no flood like desire.”

“Hurt none by word or deed; be consistent in well-doing.”

“Return not evil for evil.”

“By calmness let a man overcome wrath; let him overcome evil by good.”

“We live in bliss; among men of hate, hating none. Never does hatred cease by hating; by not hating does it cease: this is the ancient law.” (iv)

(iv) Source: ‘Preface to PhilosophyBook of Readings’ Published 1946 by the Macmillan Company New York. Link Source: ‘The Buddha’s “Way of Virtue” (Dhammapada), translated by Wagiswara and Saunders (London: John Murray, 1912), Wisdom of the East Series. First read by Allan Ivarsson in 1969.

“Don’t use the word hate– don’t say “I hate” anything because they’ll [pro-Islam thinkers] clip it. You don’t hate, you love. You love freedom, you love America [or your country], you love the Constitution, you love the Bill of Rights; [i.e. the most treasured golden values of ‘Human Rights’] (v)

Pamela Geller 2011

 The message tabled above is clear … ‘Hate’ is often used as ammunition to fight back the opposition. If you speak, write and teach hatred the bullets you fire at others can be fired back. Hatred simply gives the enemy a stronger advantage- the wiser choose the way of being the ‘eye of calm in a storm.’ Hatred is self-destructive; choose wiser feelings and when opposing wrong always be pragmatic in method.

(v) Source: ‘Stop the Islamization of America’ by Pamela Geller; WND Books, Washington D.C. ISBN 978-1-936488-36-0 First Published in 2011; First read by Allan Ivarsson in 2012 ‘An excellent book focused on America- but the concerns and principles do apply to all ‘Free World Nations’.

I have always chosen the way of good and the path of non-violence. Though I confess in my young years back in the 1970’s & 80’s there were times I had to fight in the streets against hoodlums that I caught in the act of evil. I don’t give any quarter to those who cause trouble- but I only use the degree of force necessary to stop them. I don’t hate anyone, including Muslims, because hatred is a self-destructive feeling, and even in the cause of good it creates evil. I fight the bad, including ‘True Muslims’ because they are bully wrong and dangerous enemies of God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World’.

 When fighting ‘Jihad Muslims’… it will be a better fight in the name of decency, if people in the fight always remember that when a vicious wild animal attacks you, you fight that animal not because you hate it, you fight to survive, you fight to defend your right to live free in peace. You fight simply because you are there under attack.

Recap from earlier records…

Whilst I was in hospital in December 1975, a spiritual friend, a voice of silence said unto me, these are the ‘Eleven Noble Truths,’ remember them well, for they are the beginning of changing your understanding…

Truth does not fear persecution.

Truth is not hurt by insults.

Truth welcomes constructive criticism.

Truth is not violent by nature.

Truth has no desire for revenge.

Truth feels no hate.

Truth feels no envy.

Truth feels no jealousy.

Truth feels no greed.

Truth rejects tyranny.

Truth is a Reckoning.

These are the ‘Eleven Noble Truths’, which is the essence of cosmic expansion of revelation, the way of inner peace. Such Calm can only become true when we believe in these ‘Eleven Noble Truths’, and when we live its realisation, through ‘Desirelessness’, and faith in the ‘Eternal Power of Spiritual Love’. This conviction is the dawn of self-awakening. (vi)


(vi) Source: Blue Light A-Z Records – ‘Red Light’ 1981


‘Global Freedom Resistance’ Against ‘Islamization of the World’.

A brief comment…

One of the many things I like about ‘Britain First’ under the leadership of Paul Golding & Jayda Fransen, is by example in 2014, a high standard of courageous streetwise ‘Freedom Resistance’, which we in every Nation should observe and support.

 ‘Britain First’ has a ‘Strict Code’ of Conduct with Dignity and Manners; in other words, you will notice they have a strict non-violence behaviour policy.

‘Britain First’ marches not using violent hate; they march simply saying No! “We shall not surrender to Islamic dictatorship; we shall not accept or tolerate ‘Sharia Law’ and the building of Mosques; we shall not tolerate Paedophilia and Rape and Murder by Muslims.” Such opposition to Islam is not racism, it is not hate, it is pragmatic survival common sense, which rejects ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Apartheid Islam’.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2015

Source: Book ‘Insanity of Hate’


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