Turkey Land of the Not Free II Erdogan ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’

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Land of the Not Free II

 Erdogan ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’


I purchased this Kindle book on April 23rd, 2018.

 “It is a very important ‘High Alert’ good information must read book.”

 Erdogan is far smarter and wiser than the foolish ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ that behaves by using desperation methods to impose Islamic Control. Erdogan is far more patient and cleverer in his very cunning commitment to establish Islam as the world dominating power, with Turkey becoming the leader of that quest. Albeit, Turkey is not capable down the track of ruling Egypt or Saudi Arabia, the heart of Islam. The majority of Egyptians and Saudi will never accept Turkey as the leader of Ummah. In other words, Turkey will never lead Islam. I don’t believe Erdogan, or any other new leader will have the ability to expand Turkish domination and control of the south region and hold it as absolute.

 Erdogan’s dream of creating another Ottoman style Empire expanding its geographic control further, might be achievable in Europe, if Islam succeeds in taking control of all European Nations by continuing its progressive invasion and population explosion, but such a strong Turkish influence will never succeed south into the Middle East heart of Islam. Certainly Erdogan will never live long enough to fulfil his vision, but a successor with Erdogan type skills might succeed. It is imperative that all Politicians in the West wake-up and recognise the fast moving expansionist danger of Islamic takeover. Islam must be stopped, not by fear, but by courage.

 Erdogan’s Turkey does have the ability to cause a lot of conflict in the West. They have infiltrated the USA, using the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and CAIR and other Islamic Organisations to cause inner conflict and instability in their bid to Islamize America.

 The Muslim Brotherhood also exists in Australia and Britain.

 The very fact that such enemy organisations are allowed to exist in the West tells me that the American CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) & the British MI5 (Security Service) are not very astute any more.

 The fact that governments are not doing anything to make our countries safe from enemy infiltration tells me how weak Security Intelligence and government politicians have become. No wonder ‘Jihad Muslims’ and Erdogan are so confident about taking control of the West. What will stop them? Incompetent Political Apathy?

 Western Politicians and many of the people are very naïve about anti-freedom Islamic Doctrine and are intellectually lazy, refusing to learn the dark truth about Islamic intentions on the world stage.

 I have been saying since 2013 that the world is now divided in two between Islam & Freedom. And this book ‘Ally No More’ identifies even more that reality- the truth.

 This book raises our eyebrows of understanding the truth of Islamic Mentality in the following extracted statement from the book… (i)

 “Islamic dictum attributed to the Muslim prophet, Unbelief—i.e., the non-Muslims—is one nation (in Arabic “al-Kufr millatun wahida.” Meaning that from a Muslim perspective, there are only two nations in the world—the Muslim nation and the non-Muslim nation. That means that all Muslims are brothers to each other and all non-Muslims are brothers to each other. The differences the non-Muslims have with each other, therefore are irrelevant. Greek, Americans, Orthodox Christians, Protestants, Catholics, and Jews, are all one people. Opposed to them are the Muslims, be they Shiite, Sunni, Turk, Arab, Persian, etc.” (i)

 “As a result, from this perspective, the Turks who are Muslims, and the Americans who are Christians, when push comes to shove, can never be on the same side. Greeks, Americans, Jews, and Israel, on the other hand, also form one nation, and are united against the Muslims. Even “secular” Muslims learned this from the time they were little. Their culture made this clear to them. By this logic, Turks and Americans could never be permanent friends or brothers, because they belong to different worlds. By this definition, the Turkish identity is based more on religious identity rather than ethnicity or national origin.” (i)

 (i) Source: Chapter 1 by Harold Rhode in book “Ally No More”: Erdogan’s New Turkish Caliphate and the Rising Jihadist Threat to the West (Kindle Locations 233-245). Kindle Edition. Amazon.com

 This verifies what I have written previously…

 “Islam claims that all the lands in the Western World are ‘Dar al-Islam’… ‘Lands of Islam’ and that we unbelievers/non-Muslims are trespassing on their land. They call us kafir which means vermin, claiming that we are inferior infidels. All Muslims are deemed by Islam to be superior, they demand as instructed in the Koran that we must submit to ‘Sharia Law’ and accept ‘Islamic World Domination’ and that we as instructed by ‘Paedophile Muhammad’ on behalf of Allah, must recognise the superior Muslims right to ‘Islamize our Nations’ and rule us. All the ‘Lands of Islam’ that are occupied by non-Muslims, are deemed by Islam as being Dar al-Harb, which means ‘House of War’ that all Muslims are duty bound to conquer by force.(ii)

 (ii) Ivarsson, Allan. INSANITY OF HATE: 2008 subject ‘Offensive’ Blue Light Defiance (Kindle Locations 2439-2445). Blue Light Publications. 2017 Kindle Edition and available in Paperback Amazon.com Also published in COMPENDIUM I ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ book with images in Kindle and Paperback in colour.

Erdogan is committed by his agenda that ‘Islam must Rule the World’ and thus it becomes obvious that Turkey is committed to becoming the World Leading Islamic Nation which will have more strength in Islamic Control of the World than Saudi Arabia, Iran or Indonesia.

 But as we learn… Egypt and Saudi Arabia don’t agree with Erdogan Agenda. These countries have their own plans for enforcing Islamic Domination.

 The difference between Saudi Arabia and Turkey is that Turkey lead by Erdogan is tougher and more aggressive. Erdogan is cunning, but he cannot hide his mission. Whereas as Saudi Arabia is more subtly focused on economic takeover of the globe. Both methods are capable of achieving the same result, the “Fall of Western Freedom” if they are not stopped.

 As for the West they need to wake up and stop searching for ‘Moderate Muslims’ and trying to establish harmonious deals, because Erdogan is right on critical path points… “Islam is Islam” and there is no such thing as a ‘Moderate Islam’. #

 # I mentioned this and more in my 2017 book ‘Flat Earth’ in the 2007 subject ‘Koran Rejects Assimilation’. Available in Kindle & Paperback Amazon.com

 One concern that caught my eye amongst many serious issues was that after the Egyptian Court outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood (founded in 1928 in Egypt by Hassan al-Banna, Islamic Scholar/Schoolteacher) in 2013, as being a terrorist organisation, Muslim Brotherhood leaders seeking to escape, sought refuge in other Nations and it was the United Kingdom, Qatar and Turkey that opened the gates to accept Muslim Brotherhood refugees. It is understandable that Islamic Countries like Qatar and Turkey opened the gates. But how stupid are British Leaders?

 This reality tells us that the British Politicians in the Conservative Party and the Labour Party are the dumbest politicians in the entire Western World and are so wrapped up in their vanity that they are incapable of understanding the height of their absolute stupidity by opening the gates of their Nation to the acceptance of ‘Islamization Sharia Law Process’. And their refusal to respect the majority vote of the British people for Brexit on 23rd June 2016 proves to me that all the politicians in these two parties should be tried for treason for betraying the wishes of the people. Clearly, Islam does not want Brexit, because it is not in their interest. However, ‘True British Patriotic People’ want Brexit to help them save their country from takeover of anti-freedom Sharia Law’ which is now rapidly happening faster, because of the insane coward thinking of Prime Minister Theresa May. May rejects Brexit and rejects the democratic decision of the people to leave the European Union. And for that reason she is a traitor. Democracy is the ruling decision and when bully tyrants like May reject the democratic decision of the people, it proves she has no respect for democratic procedure and is wrapped up in her own vanity and by her refusal to leave the European Union, May has proven she is a dishonourable female. I will not call May a woman, she is not worthy of that title.

 Theresa May also rejects the eternal human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ which is why she has been ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’. She supported the unjust gaoling of Tommy Robinson, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen for having the courage to use ahimsa freedom of speech to oppose the ‘Islamization of Britain’.

 The politicians in the British Parties of Labour and Conservatives all have one thing in common… they have no courage and are afraid of Islam. Thus Islam will succeed in conquering them. And Islam smiles with courage of conviction because they know they can win, takeover of the United Kingdom.

 But that does not include Australia, for Aussies are tougher than these British Politicians, we will become instantly a ‘Republic’ when Britain falls to the domain of Islam.

 Politicians in every Western Nation need to wake up and upgrade their education and learn the ‘Dark Truth about Islam’. This book ‘Ally No More’ plus the works of Muslim Whistle-blower Dr. Tawfik Hamid author of 2005 ‘The Roots of Jihad’ & 2008 ‘Inside Jihad’ are essential reading to upgrade understanding about Islam.

 “Erdoğan uses the words he knows we want to hear—democracy, freedom, human rights, etc., and then distorts them in ways his Turkish audience intuitively understands. We either willfully ignore what he means, or simply don’t understand the ramifications of what he is saying.(iii)

 (iii) Source: Chapter 1 by Harold Rhode in book “Ally No More”: Erdogan’s New Turkish Caliphate and the Rising Jihadist Threat to the West (Kindle Locations 291-294). Kindle Edition. Amazon.com

 “Erdoğan wants Muslims also to have nuclear weapons.” (iv)

 (iv) Source: Chapter 1 by Harold Rhode in book “Ally No More”: Erdogan’s New Turkish Caliphate and the Rising Jihadist Threat to the West (Kindle Locations 441-442). Kindle Edition. Amazon.com

 A.I. comments… This is one of many things Muslim Whistle-blower Hamid warned us about… amongst his words he said… “The majority of Muslims are ‘passive terrorists’ who secretly condone terror attacks on the West.”

 And Hamid advised… “I declare that the current teaching in Islam will end our civilization and is more dangerous than cancer. This form of teaching causes ‘pollution’ of the minds of millions of Muslims.”

 And yet despite all the evidence of absolute proof of the danger of anti-freedom apartheid Islamic Doctrine as enforced by ‘Blasphemy Law’ and ‘Sharia Law’, Politicians and idiot do-gooders including anti-freedom Socialists are still afraid to close down Islam in the West foolishly claiming ‘Freedom of Religion’ gives them the right to practice their religion. These useful naïve idiot dhimmi servants of Islam, are so dopey that they cannot comprehend that Islam rejects ‘Freedom of Religion’ and is focused on cruelly wiping out all unbelievers that refuse to convert to Islam. And Erdogan supports this elimination objective.

 Are those that refuse to oppose Islam cowards or just plain stupid? The answer is a mixture of both.

Whilst I author of several books, do also deal with the ‘Dark Impact of anti-freedom Islamic Apartheid Doctrine’ in my written works, I also cover many other subject issues to encourage people to change the way to think, to help build a stronger more dynamic open-minded society void of the limitations of fixed dogma mentality. To keep up with me, involves a lot more effort than to read excellent specialist subject books, like the ones I have just recommended as important good reads.

 All of my writing is interfaced to the eternal human right commitment to protect and preserve 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’.

 Obviously by common-sense ‘Cosmic Law’… freedom of choice does not allow a person to hurt others or their property. The valid ‘Cosmic Law’ principles of the ‘Ten Commandments’ applies to the eternal human right to ‘Freedom of Choice’. And even ‘Freedom of Speech’ must have a zero tolerance towards ‘Death Threats’ and threats of violence in any form.

 Also recommended reading is my book ‘Flat Earth’ which proves that Muhammad lied. And my Compendium Books using ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ encourages the mind to think outside the square of the square.

 All of my books in Paperback are also printed in colour on high quality white paper with Glossy Cover. The size is 8.5″ x 11″ larger than traditional size, for all books. Easy to read and are excellent ‘Collector’s Items’. Hence, the printing cost is more expensive, but as collectors items, packed with ideas, these books are a good investment in higher understanding.

 One piece of good news is that ‘Jihad Muslims’ are constantly in conflict with each other, fighting for the imposition of their version of anti-freedom apartheid Islam to rule the world.

 This gives the freedom loving West the opportunity to overthrow Islam, but the problem is…

 “How many politicians in every Western Nation have the courage to openly oppose Islamic Doctrine, including ‘Blasphemy Law’ and ‘Sharia Law’ and all Islamic Organisations that have admitted that their commitment is to overthrow freedom and replace it with ‘Sharia Law’?

 And the answer is… “Not many politicians have courage in the West”.

 And Erdogan has more courage than Western Politicians, but even Erdogan is not a brave man, this proof lies in his own statement…

 “During a speech delivered on 24 February 2018 at an AK Party congress in the city of Kahramanmaras, Turkey, Erdoğan sent yet another foreboding message to both U.S. and Western leaders. Erdoğan saw a weeping-and-saluting 6-year-old girl dressed in a child-size military uniform. After trying unsuccessfully to comfort Amine Tiras, who was brought on the stage by Erdoğan, he told the audience: “She has the Turkish flag in her pocket. If she becomes a martyr, God willing, this flag will be draped on her.” (v)

 (v) Source: Chapter 2 by Center for Security Policy Staff in book “Ally No More”: Erdogan’s New Turkish Caliphate and the Rising Jihadist Threat to the West (Kindle Locations 1199-1203). Kindle Edition. Amazon.com

 Read the book “Ally No More’ for the ‘foreboding message’.

 This thinking speaking behaviour by Erdogan, tells me that he is a coward. Saddam Hussein strutted around as a dictator and proved in the end he was a coward. The same is true of Hitler who didn’t have the courage to fight a last battle at the head of his army. Throughout history there have been many dictators that had courage, whilst others like Mussolini were cowards. Time and again, Muslim Clerics urge the young to become Martyrs, with the deceitful promise of enjoying ‘Paradise’ in the afterlife. But the leaders who manipulate and push the young to become ‘Jihad’ martyrs never risk their own life for the Islamic cause. They always focus on sacrificing others. That is how we know Muslim Clerics are cowards.

 Erdogan will sacrifice others to fight for his Islamic Cause, including this six-year-old Muslim girl, but he will never sacrifice himself to become a martyr. Erdogan does not have the guts to die for the cause, just like Nihad Awad Executive Director of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) does not have the courage to die as a Martyr. It is easy to figure out which Muslims have courage and which ones do not. The lowest creep on this earth is a coward that rejects freedom values.

 It should always be remembered that the phony idea ‘Islam is a Religion of Peace’ can be verified easily by the fact that there are many different Islamic Sects and even Islamic Countries in conflict with each other. Islam will never ever succeed in creation of a world of peace, its intellectually backward logic founded upon anti-freedom apartheid ‘Sharia Law’ does not have the ability to create a ‘Social Global World of Peace’.

 This failure of Islam is understandable because the Qur’an was written by Muhammad an ignorant goat herder who lied claiming that the Qur’an was dictated to him by Allah. The proof of that fact exists in my very important book titled… “Flat Earth”.

 The only chance humanity has of creating ‘Global Peace’ is by establishment of a ‘Cosmic Libertarian Society’ that treasures 100% ‘Freedom & Equality Values’ and works persistently towards the creation of a better more peaceful society, void of all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’. But the evolution of such a world is only achievable when ninety percent of the children are trained to believe in the essential values of ‘Quality of Life Freedom’ and the economic necessity of Capitalism and Democracy, void of Monopoly Dictatorship.

 A person’s Belief System is the reason for their thinking and behaviour and it starts with the training of children. It has never been about Psychology i.e. Psychological Solutions, it is about Philosophical thinking and subsequent behaviour. Fixed Dogma misleads thinking and subsequent behaviour. And so does lack of a wholesome good belief system.

 Only dynamic ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ backed by open mind can help society evolve towards a wiser way of thinking and behaviour. ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ when used wisely is a dynamic ‘Belief System’ which uses ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

 ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ is not an organisation, it is a way of thinking and dynamic open-minded belief.

 Even the ‘Free World’ like any good family home needs common-sense house rules and the key to achieving harmony in home and society is by respect for ‘Cosmic Law’.

 One dangerous reality about Islam is true… even though ‘Jihad Muslims’ fight amongst themselves motivated by their own Islamic Agendas and interpretations of ‘Sharia Law’ all Muslims have the same insane objective and that is to destroy freedom values and wipe out all persons that refuse to submit to Islamic Dictatorship.

 Insane? Yes, because any person that rejects freedom is insane. Even the non-human animal world, insects included, instinctively value freedom and don’t like zoos, being caged.

 This reality means that we that value freedom will always be in conflict with ‘Jihad Muslims’ because Islam is not compatible with the West.

 Why? Obviously, because ‘Freedom and Totalitarianism’ do not make good marriage partners, they will always oppose each other.

 America should take note…

 “The groundwork for what has developed into a close working relationship between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the United States Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) began well before the March 2014 announcement of the USCMO’s formation.” (vi)

 (vi) Source: Chapter 2 by Center for Security Policy Staff in book “Ally No More”: Erdogan’s New Turkish Caliphate and the Rising Jihadist Threat to the West (Kindle Locations 534-536). Kindle Edition. Amazon.com

 The West should take note…

 “The Turks more than two decades ago joined other Muslim-majority countries in the now-57 member Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC, then known as the Organization of the Islamic Conference) in rejecting the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights “on the grounds that it is inconsistent with their culture and religion.” (vii)

 “In its place, the OIC crafted the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, in which according to one critic, “human rights are subordinated to Islamic law. If something is permitted in Sharia, such as stoning a woman to death for adultery or rape, it is a human right; if it is not permitted in Sharia, it is not a human right.(vii)

 (vii) Source: Chapter 5 by Christopher C. Hull in book “Ally No More”: Erdogan’s New Turkish Caliphate and the Rising Jihadist Threat to the West (Kindle Locations 1822-1829). Kindle Edition. Amazon.com

 Such is the sick mental illness of ‘Sharia Law’ belief system.

 “Islam? Anyone who has studied the history of Islam and its principles realizes that there can never be a permanent peace between the Muslim and the non-Muslim world. There can at best be truces, when the Muslims realize they are weak and wait to regroup so that they can again continue their campaign to bring Islam to the entire world.” (viii)

 (viii) Source: Chapter 1 by Harold Rhode in book “Ally No More”: Erdogan’s New Turkish Caliphate and the Rising Jihadist Threat to the West (Kindle Locations 330-333). Kindle Edition. Amazon.com

 Yes, it is true… we will never eliminate ‘The Habit of War’ whilst the insane anti-freedom apartheid Islamic belief system exists. Insane? Yes, any belief system that rejects freedom values is insane.

 Recap: All the ‘Lands of Islam’ that are occupied by non-Muslims, are deemed by Islam as being Dar al-Harb, which means ‘House of War’ that all Muslims are duty bound to conquer by force.”

 Thus, we in the West Muslim and non-Muslim are being forced by anti-freedom Islamic Doctrine to live in a ‘House of War’. Peace will never be achieved until Islam is removed from the Universe, starting with Planet Earth.

 Our very serious mistake in the West was to open the border gates and let Islam invade using the pretext that Muslim Refugees were victims and needed compassionate help. But in reality, we were suckered by our own naivety they came with their anti-freedom baggage ideas clinging to a doctrine that perpetuates misery, focused upon forcing us to experience and share their misery, completely militant in their mission to force us to submit to their will and demands.

 The answer to these would-be dictators must always be ‘No’. Even though idiot Psychologists/Social Workers tell us that ‘No’ is a dangerous word that we must not use ‘No’ to children, Islam does not recognise the stupidity of Psychology, their beliefs simply say ‘No’ to everything that is the West, including rejecting ‘Freedom Values’.

 ‘Freedom of Religion’? There is no such thing!Islam tells us that ‘Freedom of Religion’ is rejected. The West needs to grow-up and wake-up or be taken out by Islam.

 And for more insight of the structure of this excellent informative must read book, I have tabled the overview contents subjects. The depth of insight creating better understanding, exists in every well-written chapter.

 Contents of ‘Ally No More’


 Chapter 1

 How to Understand Erdoğan & His Neo-Ottoman Strategy to Destroy Ataturk’s Turkey

☐ By Harold Rhode

 Chapter 2

Turkey’s Partnership with the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood

☐ By Center for Security Policy Staff

 Chapter 3

 Gülen and Erdoğan: Partners on a Brotherhood Mission

☐ By Clare M. Lopez

 Chapter 4

 When Thugs Fall Out: Erdoğan, Gülen, and the Turkish Lobby

 Chapter 5

 Erdoğan and Europe: The Fox and the Chicken Coop

☐ By Christopher C. Hull

 Chapter 6

 NATO’s Turkey Challenge

☐ By Daniel Pipes

 Chapter 7 President Erdoğan’s Economic and Demographic Crises

☐ By David P. Goldman

 Chapter 8

 Election 2019: Erdoğan’s Existential War

☐ By Burak Bekdil

 Chapter 9

 Turkey’s War on Minority Schools

☐ By Uzay Bulut

 Chapter 10

 Censorship in Turkey: The Obliteration of Turkey’s Independent Media

☐ By Deborah Weiss References Index

 Contents Chapter Source: Lopez, Clare. Ally No More: Erdogan’s New Turkish Caliphate and the Rising Jihadist Threat to the West (Kindle Locations 55-83). Kindle Edition Amazon.com

Read… In COMPENDIUM III Amazon.com by Allan Ivarsson

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