The Ten Commandments ‘Cosmic Laws’

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The Ten Commandments

‘Cosmic Laws’

(1988 new translation Revision 1: by A.I. Revision 2: 2014)

  1. Thou shalt not have any other God.
  2. Thou shalt not make thyself a carved image or any likeness of anything in the universe for reverence. Meaning… thou shalt not bow down to them or worship them or serve them. Those persons whom deliberately misuse my words shall perish by their own stupidity. I am a God of Love, a God of Creation, a God of Peace and thus a God of Cosmic Guidance, I am not a jealous God and will not punish children for the sins of their parents. Those persons whom love me and keep my commandments shall find eternal life in spiritual essence.
  3. Thou shalt not take my name God in vain. Those persons whom reject my name shall find themselves wandering lost in darkness.
  4. Remember the Seventh Day. Six days you can work. On the seventh day, thou must rest in peace. For I am Of the Creation. On this day, thou shalt appreciate the power of spiritual awareness. Therefore, this day is true to those persons who live in the light of love. The reason for this day of rest is for by natural law, all of life needs a period of rest before resuming work, lest thy harms thy body and mind in burn out, excessive loss of strength and energy. The choice of which day to rest is yours by choice, not by ritual.
  5. Honour thy good mother and good father and give them the respect, which thou will expect from thy children when thou become a parent.
  6. Thou shalt not kill except in sadly needed, self-defence.
  7. Thou shalt not commit adultery, the way of cheating, the way of Polygamy. Choose divorce not adultery, to peacefully resolve irreconcilable differences in ideas and direction. Adultery is not a crime, it is simply unwise behaviour, which destroys trust and loyalty and peace of mind in a relationship.
  8. Thou shalt not steal. It is an act of criminal dishonour to steal and cheat and scam anything from anyone at any time.
  9. Thou shalt not give false evidence against any person. The truth must always be tabled, the deliberate tabling of deceit against a person is an act of dishonour.
  10. Thou shalt not covert another person’s house; thou shalt not desire or take another persons’ wife, husband, children, grandchildren, or anything of their possessions. Thou shalt not plunder nations or invade by force occupied liberty-democratic lands. Nor shall thy claim land rights by descendent coercion. The universe belongs to humanity for every succeeding generation and no one shall divide and claim by force.

Thus, ends the Ten Commandments the beginning of the evolution of reality based ‘Cosmic Law’ founded upon pragmatic common sense, first delivered to Moses thousands of years ago, updated by rough cut cosmic translation in 1988 by the writer, translation revised in 2014 as guided by ‘God of Creation’, channelling. The infinite power of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ is within the reach of all persons who search for revelations. The wiser feel the importance that we do encourage our consciousness with open mind to unfold and expand past all understanding.

This ‘Cosmic Translation’ of the ‘Ten Commandments’ is to encourage people to remember ‘Cosmic Law’ the essential foundations guideline for all societies. These ‘Ten Commandments’ are not about supporting false knowledge Christianity, Judaism or any other creed, they are simply common-sense rules, which every society should respect, including atheists.

Many translation versions of the ‘Ten Commandments’ exist in different religious texts, hence the conclusion meaning, is the only way to identify the intent of the framework which is in the key points.

The words ‘manservant’ and ‘maidservant’ were in this new translation, deleted from the 10th commandment, recorded in earlier religious books, because these words in ancient times were often interpreted as ‘slaves’ and use of slavery is condemned and rejected by ‘Cosmicism.’

Since the earth and the universe was not made in seven days as many religious people naively believe, because all existence is in fact part of the eternal process of evolution and chaos process, it follows that the original religious reason for the 4th commandment is not logically true. Clearly, the 4th Commandment is simply survival common sense.

It must be noted that though I have translated the ‘Ten Commandments’ using different words to those used in ‘Biblical Texts’ the key point frame work still stands true as being valid essential pragmatic common-sense cosmic laws. Some of the reason in religious texts is lost in erroneous thinking, when ancients naively believed, founded upon their understanding of human frailty that God was a jealous God capable of imposing acts of violence and cruelty. Such a false knowledge belief was in fact a lie invented by the immature emotional thinking of ancient peoples that did not have much understanding of anything other than fear itself.

Even I at first, sensed fear when I began to automatically receive ‘Cosmic Messages’ between 1984 to 1994, I did not want to believe that God was giving me these messages, thus I invented a bridge character, a spiritual medium called ‘Alien Metteyya.’ In 1994, I began to realise that there was no such thing as a spiritual medium in the sense of different name characters as invented by humans, be they animal names or other names. The idea that animal guides exist is often marketed in fiction films, including science fiction Star Trek Voyager Series. All ‘Spiritual Mediums’ are man-made name tags, for a spiritual voice of silence, which no doubt exists, be it a voice of light or a voice of darkness, is a mystery part of existence, we humans still do not understand. There is no doubt that the voice Abraham heard, which he called God, [the real Jewish name for God is not allowed to be spoken] was indeed a mixture of light and dark messages in conflict with each other. Of course, there is a valid question mark as to whether Abram is a credible historical figure. And the voices Muhammad heard were in fact dark voices which he refused to reject, because it served the darkness of his evil ambitions to rule others. Muhammad inspired by dark satanic voices which he falsely called Allah, thus lost interest in just ruling goats.

Hence, as revealed in ‘Mystery’ recorded in 1994, I began the planned phase out of Alien Metteyya my spiritual name for departure in 2008; which happened as planned. It was through this evolutional philosophical adventure that I came to recognise the truth as recorded in ‘Mystery’ that God Creator did not exist and that God was indeed just a communication tag- a name invented by human beings meaning ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ and that in fact the useful name tag of ‘God’ was a simple way of describing the true nature and character of God/Cosmic Consciousness which is simply a spiritual guide, a God of Creation, a Cosmic Consciousness of Creation that through the communication of channelling, be it prayer power, meditation or automatic writing, does give us the ability and the link to exchange information, transmitting and receiving, thus strengthening our insight and forever evolving understanding, about things past our current understanding.

I stopped using ‘Prayer Power’ in 1994, as I no longer needed it as a communication tool to ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ out there in space somewhere. I only use ‘blank meditation’ as a tool of nap rest, to refresh mind and body as required for no more than 10 to 15 minutes per day. In other words, I listen to the music in my mind and body and stop when it tells me to rest. I always use with confidence ‘bubble thoughts meditation’ and automatic writing as a tool of communication release of mind and spirit. This channelling process mentioned in ‘Mystery’ is a very powerful process. But it needs constant scrutineering by the writer, all ‘Dark Thoughts’ must be tossed into the garbage bin, all wrong ideas deleted, and all communication must be grammatically corrected. Contrary to what priests teach, “Confession is not good for the soul.” It is better to learn from our foolish mistakes, say nothing and start again being wiser not to make that silly mistake again. Truthfulness only becomes important when through events needing honesty, others must be told. Truth which can hurt others through the process of gossip and vindictiveness must never be tabled.

I have never suffered from depression despite the constant daily savage pain I have endured since the age of near 27 years after an accident in 1975 and I never suffer from writer’s block. My ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ founded upon ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ ‘Persistent Will Power’ and ‘Dynamic Open Mind’ has always served me well, even when I made errors, was knocked down and had to get up again back into the flow of life. I am telling you this, because ‘Cosmicism’ works. ‘Inner Peace’ the dimension of ‘True Happiness’ becomes Karma within self.

Unfortunately, at this point of time…

We still cannot answer the question… “Where Do All Ideas Come From?”

When we learn a wise truth, we must never reinvent the wheel. We must simply use the wheel of wisdom and truth to total advantage. We must always strive through the process of continuous improvement to add to the wheel of knowledge, wisdom and truth founded upon our simple basics guiding base of knowledge. And in this way the ‘Ten Commandments’ is a wholesome foundation.

The question has often been asked… “Which of the Ten Commandments is least important? Are these ‘Ten Laws’ valid? Can any of these commandments be disposed of without hurting society?  And the answer for today’s world where 96% of people believe in the existence of a God of some form is that all the ‘Ten Commandments’ are valid essential ‘Cosmic Laws’ which must be observed.

If Atheists are ever able to accurately scientifically answer the question… “Where Do All Ideas Come From?” which proves beyond a shadow of doubt that no God of any form exists, then and only then, can society delete the 1st and the 3rd Commandments and rewrite the 2nd Commandment. But even an Atheist society shall always need obedience to eight of the Commandments to always protect and preserve a wholesome society founded upon goodwill and decency. For such an Atheist society to exist peacefully and happily 96% of the population would need to truly believe in Atheism that a God does not exist in any form. I doubt that the nature of human beings will ever change sufficiently by majority, to stop believing in the idea that there is something out there greater than us humans that which we all conveniently by name tag call God, even when we use different names to describe that believed existent greater entity.

During our quest for further insight we must watch carefully people who try to sell us a square wheel as being better than a round wheel. In other words, we must strive to avoid being trapped by false knowledge, a square wheel which many persons believe, but is in fact a myth that does not work. It can only serve as a decoration and has no continuous reliable use.

No one is truly an expert on any subject, we are forever learning even if we are an expert as a specialist in a subject. We can all learn from each other; hence it is important that we communicate and share understanding to help each other learn the big picture.

To survive happily we must reject closed belief systems and choose open-ended belief systems which are infinite in concepts and recognise no limits and are not afraid of change when new accurate evidence is tabled. Which is what ‘Cosmicism’ is about.

The way of enlightenment begins by rejecting fixed dogma, and expanding upon the universe, consciousness and revelation.

Karma is always of the future and the future never comes, for the present is always here and now. In this state of constant presence, you are living the infinite spirit of karmic feeling. Your spiritual feeling comes from destiny that which is living karma. Right karma is the guiding light of truth. Wrong karma is the guiding darkness of falsity. The wiser choose light karma.

Right Karma is Wholesome.

Wrong Karma is Unwholesome.

Right Karma leads to Life.

Wrong Karma leads to Death.

Your karmic feelings, your karmic thoughts, your karmic actions… all your present reality, unfolds the essence of your true being. Upon this threefold state of awareness, I give you now the ‘Eightfold Path’ an expanded insight, as received by me through the spirit of Gautama Buddha and God of Creation guidance…

The ‘Eightfold Path’ leads to Nirvana. When you practice the wholesome karmic laws of the ‘Eightfold Path’ you are beginning the development of your enlightenment. This is the ‘Middle Path’ of ‘Pragmatic Application’ which leads to ‘Eternal Love, Freedom and Peace.’

Thou must come to see and know that which revelation is. The ‘Eightfold Path,’ will lead to the extinction of spiritual suffering.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 1988, 2014

To Be Continued…


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