Can We Contact the Dead?


The night was so dark the Scholar could not see his hand in front of his face. Looking towards the sky his eyes scanned above, even the moon was barely discernable. Walking through the bush the Scholar was guided only by the light of his torch. Soon he came upon a small fire. There he met a friend. During their conversation, the Scholar asked his friend a question, “can we contact the dead?”


“No” Alien answered, “Those persons who claim to contact the dead are deceiving you and are living in a world of illusion that which is founded upon false knowledge; worse these misguided persons deceive themselves; some actually foolishly, blindly believe they are talking to the dead. In reality eternal lives are now in another dimension and cannot receive communication from this dimension, nor can they give communication to your dimension. However, fortunately for all existence in every dimension there is a central communication link, that which I told you about years earlier.”

“What’s that?” the Scholar remarked, trying to draw out more information. He already knew the answer, which he had learnt in 1984, when Alien first identified himself.

“The ‘Reservoir of Cosmic Consciousness” replied Alien, is the link between all dimensions. All dimensions draw their expanding insight and contribute new awareness to the reservoir of knowledge for others to share. So it is wisdom recycles itself, giving itself to all new generations who reach out and see the essence of its truth, the greatness of its power, both in the spirit and the authority, and who feel the magic beauty of love and peace. Those persons who live in the light of cosmic truth, the way of ahimsa, shall feel a sense of joy, a gentleness and sensitivity so vast in elation that as they venture further into cosmic consciousness through nirvana, they will not be able to return. Desirelessness shall inspire them as they evolve past karma yoga, past death; they shall witness an experience beyond all dreams, beyond all comprehension. Entering a new dimension something beautiful will happen.” (i)

The Scholar walked a few steps further forward, he turned to ask Alien another question, but he was not in sight. “He’s done it to me again,” he soliloquized, “every time my curiosity increases, he vanishes.”


Looking upwards the Scholar paused with a new sense of wonder, clouds disappeared, the light of the moon shone partially forth. Switching off his torch, the Scholar walked confidently through the bush now guided by the highest form of natural light, from the cosmos, the essence of existence revealed itself, cosmic truth comes from many sources all radiating from the heart of the universe.

(i) Refer ‘Seventh Power’ in the ‘Soul Dies’ reflection located under the subject ‘Mind =’ in COMPENDIUM V for increased cosmic awareness. Read COMPENDIUM V articles ‘The Soul Dies’ and ‘Mystery Channelling’ to discover the truth about ‘Alien’. A mystery is only true when we refuse to read and learn. The wiser stay alert as best they can. Coming soon… ‘Karma Yoga’ & ‘Desirelessness’.

Allan’s jigsaw writing interconnects… but you must read all his work to figure out how the jigsaw pieces connect into different big picture information block puzzles. In the early 21st Century most people on planet earth don’t have the ability to keep up with Allan’s work, but that will change in generations to come.



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