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Eternal Life


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For thousands of years during Mankind’s past history, many civilizations around the world, primitive and advanced buried their weapons with the deceased warrior. Many cultures also buried other useful material implements, e.g. Pottery and cultivation tools with the dead. Buried weapons were assigned to the dead warrior for use in hunting and self-defence in the next world. The concept of burying people alongside their weapons and survival implements, was linked to the social belief in life hereafter, which reflected their imagination, based upon their own personal living experiences in their first life on earth. The idea of material need in the next world was of paramount concern in nearly every person’s life. To die and not take your weapons would leave their spiritual bodies to suffer hunger and defenselessness. To die and not take tools of craft and cultivation would leave them in the next world, poor in sufferance.

So the mythical tradition continued around the world, civilization after civilization, primitive and advanced buried weapons, implements and even treasures of the heart with the dead. Centuries later tombs of wealth were discovered, like those found of ancient Egyptians. Robbers and archaeologists had a field day, the material pickings were good in their minds and the gains excellent; the living enjoyed the benefits of the artifacts they found buried with the dead. Alas, the dead left their weapons and implements behind… in the next world they entered defenseless and unprepared.

A ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ problem rose millenniums later; skeletons were found which had not yet decayed. Beside their remains laid their needed weapons and tools and all their buried treasure… materials prepared to enter eternal life, but sadly did not possess the spirit needed to make the grade of acceptance in the new life. So it came to pass…

New cultures slowly recognised upon reflection the follies of past beliefs: “The dead did not take their weapons, tools and treasures into the next life. Even Kings, Queens, Warriors and Peasants… they left all they owned behind on earth. Why?”

The reality struck hard within our souls… “They did not take their implements and treasures into after-life, because materials are not needed in a spiritual existence. So it is, millenniums later most of us are smarter, we do not waste time burying possessions. After death, through our wills and testimony, we give away our estates and belongings as gifts, to the people we left behind; those whom we loved and respected.

The past gone, behind present humanity, now reality has dawned in ‘Cosmic Consciousness’.

Cosmic Age Realization…

There is no material eternal life.

There is no physical happy hunting ground.

There is no Valhalla.

There is no paradise.

There is no heaven.

There is no resurrection.

There is no reincarnation.

Well then what does exist?

What is eternal life?

The answer is spiritual – an abstract concept, an idea founded upon belief, with no proof of its existence, a belief founded simply upon faith.


After death the spirit of humans reaching out into Eternity.

“We humans often naively underestimate the so-called lower animal world. Just because they cannot speak our language, and we aliens cannot communicate with them, does not mean that many other creatures don’t experience caring feelings and sense of loyalty towards their own kind as true love mates. Vain humans seem to naively believe that only we are entitled to eternal life. Reality is true of all existence that there are caring light spirited humans and uncaring dark spirited humans. Likewise there are light spirited caring animals not human, and there are uncaring dark spirited different species. Dogs and dolphins can be light or dark spirited, just like humans. All three creatures are capable of goodness, loyalty and revenge. Light spirited being good nature and dark spirited being evil nature. So it is, humans need a wake-up call to recognize cosmic truth, that God worshipping religion is a false knowledge guide, which motivated by vanity teaches that only humans have the right to eternal life. Such religion only serves by its fixed dogma to guide our mind, body, and spirit towards self-destruction of our true infinite potential that which should never recognize any limits. The light spirit in all caring creatures is infinite, eternal, knowing no end.” 2017 (i)

 (i) Source ‘Animal World’ published with colour images in COMPENDIUM IV ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ Amazon.com


No one knows the exact nature of eternal life. Not one spirit has come back to tell us about life hereafter. Not one person of past, present or destined finite existence can confirm that eternal life exists beyond all doubt, supported by proof. Thus if eternal life does exist, no one can describe its essence. Our belief in life hereafter is a conviction of faith, we cannot prove our belief, it is just a spiritual feeling, a conviction that gives our life meaning, purpose and a reason for our lifetime struggles. There is a benefit at the end of our pain and suffering, a reason, which extends beyond this world into the next. If eternal life does not exist, then atheism is true, and all of existence is pointless, void of reason and purpose. This is unthinkable, what then would be our motive to create a wholesome existence? The answer may simply be to survive and enjoy a wholesome comfortable existence until we are forced to depart from the universe.

By the discovery of burial grounds, containing weapons, implements and treasures idly laying in the grave or tomb, we can logically conclude with safe accuracy that eternal life is not an existence, as we know life on this planet earth. Nor does eternal life exist anywhere else in the universe in a physical form.

If eternal life is not a material existence, it must therefore be spiritual. Does a spiritual composed human body form exist in life hereafter? Armed with our expanding understanding of Genetic Engineering, DNA and the Evolution of all life forms; the answer is obviously ‘No’.

A spiritual existence has no body form; the spirit is pure energy, a communication power (spirit and authority) that can link its reality through the soul structures of biological and computer android form.

For more understanding read ‘The Soul Dies’ in COMPENDIUM V. Find out… what is the difference between the Soul and Spirit?

Material logic safely takes us around full circle; material weapons, tools and treasures are not needed in eternal life; so it follows, by sound deduction, food, liquid and air is not needed in life hereafter, a material body is not needed to consume protein and vitamins and dispose of waste.

A spiritual form of a defined shape is pointless; it would not serve any purpose. So then how do we reunite with our friends and family? How do we view each other?

We can now in this material life, communicate with each other through ‘Cosmic Consciousness’. We can talk to each other through ‘Mind Control’, the way of ‘Extra Sensory Perception’ and ‘Inner Sensory Documentation’. We have only one roadblock in our current understanding – we have not yet learnt how to do this well. Many of us have learned how to communicate through the universal spirit of cosmic consciousness, and how to extend our insight through the ‘Seventh Power of Creativity’. (ii) The evidence of this communication essence exists within our ‘Cosmic Instincts’, our intuition, our extended sense and inner feeling of spiritual existence past self… Our use of Right Power, (Spirit and Authority), gives us Right Karma and improved existence.

(ii) Refer ‘Seventh Power’ in the ‘The Soul Dies’ reflection located under the subject ‘Mind =’ in COMPENDIUM V for increased cosmic awareness.

As my past writings have tabled many times the question… “Where do all ideas come from?” And why is it through human history different persons who never met each other were inspired by the same ideas?” The answer is recorded in my writings for you to find. ‘The Seventh Power’ is a starting point of understanding.

How much greater shall our accomplishments be when we learn ‘how to’ effectively and efficiently, communicate our spiritual essence through use of ESP and ISD linked to ‘Cosmic Consciousness’?

A spirit does not need a body existence after death, of body and mind. A spirit does not need a shape. A spirit is pure light or darkness. A spirit of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, is pure energy, (not material energy), it is simply energic (iii) cosmic energy of expanding light or diminishing darkness.

(iii)Energic’ means non-kinetic energy. The energy of the spirit free from body motion, to flow actively in encouragement, confidence, calm and enthusiasm, which can travel faster than the speed of light, past all reason. Driven by cosmic instinct, intuition, and expanded consciousness, energic spirit feels no limits and sees all existence as one challenge and one solution. Energic spirit lives its essence forever expanding in the light. Energic spirit communicates through channelling and is the extension of self, when accepted with open mind. (Source: 1993 story ‘Consciousness’ by A.I.)

Reincarnation does not reach eternal life. The concept of reincarnation defeats itself. Reincarnation is a cycle of rebirths; advancing and degenerating in response to how we behave in a current life. Good attitude is the key to successive quality of life rebirths, continuously improving in each new life. Finally through achievement of perfection, rising to the supreme status of last rebirth– the state of perfect existence in thought and being, the dimension of excellence, the successful perfect life extinguishes its own need for rebirth. Thus reincarnation frees itself from the cycle of pain and suffering; the self/soul/mind is no longer reborn. The self… ceases to exist. (iv)

(iv) Read Reincarnation – Ted and Fred Humour in the colourful illustrated quality Paperback ‘The Ant & The Frog’ a fun read also available in Kindle Amazon.com Don’t miss out on owning this book with its fun-loving images, which jumps off the page in harmony with comedy storytelling by Allan Ivarsson.


The concept of reincarnation does not lead to eternal life; it leads to eternal death. In the end, the reincarnation theory destroys itself. Rebirth ends, the person ceases to return to life in a new body, in a new age, with a new opportunity to live again. As it was in the beginning of measured time, so shall it be unto the end of measured time, at the end of first birth’s life journey. In the instance of body death, so to… the soul dies and releases the spirit of light or darkness.

What is Eternal Life?

It is a dimension of spiritual existence, which as yet homo sapiens do not fully understand. In finite mortal life, each person has a choice: they either believe or they do not, or they feel the third alternative, they do not know what is true.

No one can prove or disprove the existence of eternal life. No one shall ever find eternal life in physical/material form. So what then?

Unto Cosmicists whom are not Atheists, ‘Eternal Life’ is the spirit of ‘Love and Peace’ united as one with ‘God of Creation’. ‘Eternal Life’ is ‘Pure Cosmic Consciousness’, the ‘Spirit of Light’, of God and expanding ‘Spirit Personality’, forever growing, forever exploring, forever learning, new ‘Cosmic Awareness’; the ‘Spirit of Light’ is ‘Good, Order and Direction’, an expanding ‘Cosmic Reservoir of Consciousness, of Knowledge’ which knows no final truth and knows no limits, housed in a name called the Godhead. Read more in the Gaia Dictionary links tabled under the articles the ‘The Soul Dies’ published in COMPENDIUM V Amazon.com

This is enough for belief, in reasonable, logical, pragmatic acceptance of Cosmic Consciousness beyond material and scientific proof. The time shall come in the ‘Age of Peace’, when evidence shall reveal its true link to understanding of creation- that which we are of, from present to eternity.

The concept of eternal life simply leaves a sense of cosmic awe… A glorious feeling of wonderment shall fill the hearts of all persons who simply, believe in spiritual eternal life without need of proof. An inner peace fills all hearts that accept the cosmic existence of eternal life without needing material things.

This is true peace in preparation for death- living life without surrender, and accepting death gracefully, as a fact of life which is unavoidable, perhaps not liked, and not wanted, but peacefully accepted as inevitable.

Death is not about fearing death, it is not about avoiding death, death is about cautiously delaying its reality as long as possible by wiser living. The way we die is a reasonable fear, more than the fear of death.

Death is simply for all of us, a moment of measured time, a point of destiny, when we cease to exist in mortal life, a moment of time, the how and when and why, which most of us, shall not know.

Faith in the existence of eternal life, creates inner contentment, and gives life an opportunity to focus its industry of activity on wiser living, by strengthening courage of conviction. Those who believe in eternal life cannot convince those persons who do not believe in afterlife. Reality is true by feeling for all eternal believers that the spirit of light is free of defined form. And the pragmatic logical mind shall be at peace with self, for it does not need material proof of eternal things which cannot be proved or disproved.

The power of Love, Freedom and Peace flows with all persons who believe in the Cosmic Vision of Eternity.

Faith in values of Love and Peace proves itself and becomes eternal when lived.

Patience is wholesome when some aspects of our understanding is beyond our present grasp. Through peaceful acceptance of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, humanity shall constantly travel past self, forever expanding comprehension, knowing no limits.

Insight shall always expand in harmony with continuous effort; patience, determination, persistence and positive mental attitude effort are all comrades of timelessness, working together as one team, creating an eternal motion of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, a dimension where effort becomes effortless, and desire becomes ‘Desirelessness’, and determination becomes Karman, and persistence becomes Karma. In this field of existence Peace becomes more peaceful, Love becomes lovelier, Freedom flows knowing no limits, and God of Creation merges as one with those spirits who live its essence.

Unto all who believe in the way of Ahimsa…

 Something beautiful happens.

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