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Conquest of Space


Arianespace & Virgin Orbit & others, Commercial Organisations & Nations are all involved in the competition for ‘Conquest of Space’. Satellites now rule our lives in tracking communication, photographing earth, our homes, our roads, guiding us with electronic road maps, in our cars, trucks, and on the Internet. 

Problem is that the educated public willing to learn more does not really know the complete story/vision objectives behind all these Commercial and National Ambitions.

Where is all this so-called benefit for homo sapiens heading? Will we continue to live free in some Nations and be oppressed in other ‘Totalitarian Nations’? 

Will the expanding conflict between anti-Freedom Marxist Socialism (Marxist Communism)  versus anti-Freedom Islam and Libertarian ‘Freedom Values’ continue to increase out-of-control?

Will the use of Satellites become a ‘Big Brother’ dictatorship, ruling our lives turning us into Puppets of the State? 

Where are all the Policies and Objectives in each Nation that give the people clear insight into what is happening in the global conquest of space? 

Our personal lives are complicated enough, trying to protect our right to live free in ‘Freedom Valued’ Nations & trying to gain ‘Freedom’ in oppressive Communist and Islamic Nations. This evolving technological forever expanding Commercial Conquest of Space, opens the door of Gaia/Earth into new frontiers of potential conflict. Are we facing more insane wars fighting for control of space territories?

Politicians in every Nation by majority have proven that their University Degrees are not worth a damn by their constant incompetence in numerous political subjects. We keep inventing new laws adding to the pile of existing laws, making it too complicated for people to keep up an understanding of legal rights which vary from country to country, from state to state in each country, to the ridiculous point that no-one can accurately comprehend what is right or wrong, what is true justice versus injustice.

Lawyers & Judges often do not agree with each other on what is right or wrong. Corruption versus Integrity often fight each other in Courts of Law. And the people become the victims of a legal system often out-of-control persecuting inexperienced so-called offenders.

The people are too often relying on the integrity and skills of lawyers that far too often are incompetent and unjust in their guidance.

Laws of State & Country have become excessively complex and wandered too far off course away from the simple common-sense ‘Cosmic Laws’ of the ‘Ten Commandments’ and many other ‘Cosmic Laws’ founded upon pragmatic survival common-sense. 

Until all homo sapiens learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ we as a global society will face the constant endangerment of human extinction. We need to throw the insanity of greed & hate into the garbage bin, and replace it with ‘Emotional Intelligence’, ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and the ‘Hallmarks of Integrity and Decency’.

We shall never know peace until we overthrow, all totalitarian belief systems and replace them with freedom values. To understand the truth about ‘Freedom of Speech’ values and ‘Freedom of Choice’ & ‘Equality’ values we need to learn ‘Cosmicism’, the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’  as guided by the works of Allan Ivarsson.

The Conquest of Space? 

Homo Sapiens will never conquer space. At best all we can do is explore space, learn more about Gaia Space and its good and harsh realities. We can learn through expanding knowledge about the Universe the wisdom of do’s & don’ts.

We can when wisdom is used explore potential resources, but reckless off world mining is dangerous and can destroy the delicate balance of other moons and planets. Travel and tread cautiously lest the use of space travel self-destructs in their own agenda founded upon greed and lack of common-sense.

We must question all of those satellites above earth. How safe are they? What happens to them in the end? Do they become dangerous mini-asteroid invasion materials that can crash back into earth?

Which Nations are working with each other in their commercial conquest of space?

What is their agenda? Why are they so dedicated to conquest of space? Are they motivated by curiosity about space or only by financial commercial benefit? How will this affect the wholesome well-being of generations to come? What we are told and what is true are two different things.

If we cannot terraform our deserts on earth like the example of Las Vegas USA, how can we justify terraforming other planets, especially when the atmosphere and gravity levels are vastly different to earth and the life structures on earth?

We need to start more closely watching the actions, reasons, motives and agenda of Commercial explorations into space and to watch how they do wisely or not explore space opportunities.

We don’t need dimwit limited minds activists like ‘Climate Change’ activists that naively think that they can control ‘Climate Change’. There are far too many activists out there around the planet that think in pointless street demonstrations that they can dictate to others what we can and cannot do.

What we need is calm emotional common-sense logic that works wisely for the wholesome betterment of a good peaceful society, striving for the common good of all, free in thought, speech, choice and equality, provided such freedom does not deny anyone else the same right to freedom values.

Inferior thinking street demonstrators naively think that ‘Freedom of Speech’ gives them the right to demonstrate on the streets, but the opposite is true. 

Freedom of Speech Demonstration Protests on the streets that denies the public the freedom right in peace to walk down any street, in any park or other public lands is nothing more than a misuse abuse of freedom rights. 

There is no such thing as a Peaceful Demonstration.

Demonstration Protests on the Streets are a ‘Totalitarian’ Action and as such all demonstrators are enemies of ‘Freedom Values’ and should be prosecuted for denying the public the right to peaceful freedom of movement void of harassment. 

We have the right in ‘Freedom of Speech’ movement by speaking at Seminars, writing in books and periodicals, commenting and posting on Social Media in the Internet and other societal magazines and newspapers, tabling our thoughts and beliefs, finally confirmed by our political voting choices in elections. Majority rules… but that idea is only true in a freedom valued society where true democracy rules.

Democracy is not true in an Islamic Nation because all Islamic Parties are all founded upon ‘Sharia Law’ and ‘Sharia Law’ founded upon the teachings of the Qur’an and Hadiths is anti-freedom law. Hence, freedom valued democracy does not exist in any nation ruled by anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’.

The limited minds of Islamic Doctrine does not have the intellectual capacity to conquer space and will never have the ability to logically explore the outer limits of space. Hence Mosques being built on another planet will never survive. Only free minds can survive in space. 

Communism might succeed in space travel but because their minds are oppressed by Marxist Mentality, they will cut corners in safety standards and thus inevitably sacrifice human lives to satisfy their greed for power control of humanity.

The Chinese need to free themselves from the bondage of Marxism before they can succeed well in the Conquest of Space. 

As it stands… Commerce and Nations that live free are the only societies that can invade space, not to conquer space, but to explore its potential. We shall never conquer space; the universe is too vast. Hence, we must be content to simply explore space and use space stations as a hovering steppingstone to help us understand the mysteries of the Universe.

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