Why CAIR in United States of America & Canada is Blacklisted by ‘Cosmicism’

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CAIR in Canada was originally known as ‘Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR-CAN), founded in July 2000. Its name title of organisation was changed to ‘National Council of Canadian Muslims’ (NCCM), on July 6, 2013.

Like CAIR in America, the NCCM specialises in filing lawsuits against those that dare criticise its organisation and agenda and the Islamic Belief System.

CAIR in America was founded in June 1994 by Omar Ahmad & Nihad Awad.

They (CAIR & NCCM) claim they are non-profit organisations, but the leaders are still paid salaries and hence their time and effort are for personal profit gain. CAIR & NCCM constantly seek donations to raise cash so that they can sue all opposition.

CAIR & NCCM support the replacement of the American & Canadian Constitution with anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ and they support all the texts in the Qur’an which teach Muslims to hate all Christians, Jews, Atheists and all other non-Muslim Belief Systems.

Compare this to ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which is also a non-profit organisation that does not pay wages and all time and effort is given as ‘Social Capital’ working for free. ‘Cosmicism’ does not chase donations.

CAIR & NCCM are easily offended by criticism and rejection, which is why they specialise in lawsuits. Whereas ‘Cosmicism’ is not offended by criticism and rejection and does not file lawsuits for defamation and rejection. ‘Cosmicism’ is a far more intellectually advanced ‘Belief System’ which uses ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and respects ‘Cosmic Law’ the way of Common-Sense.

CAIR & NCCM support the anti-freedom ‘Islamization of America & Canada’, whereas ‘Cosmicism’ supports 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ and 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’… refer 2017 ‘Cosmic Law’ on “Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Choice” ‘Protection and Preservation of ‘Liberty’ in 2018 COMPENDIUM I also published in the book 2018 PHILOSOPHICAL INTELLIGENCE Blue Light Defiance. Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Edition. Amazon.com

“Social capital is the willingness of people to help each other. It often replaces money which people would use to buy the same help. Society works best when there is plenty of social capital. The less social capital there is, the more social problems there usually are. If there is no social capital, war and revolution often results.” (i)

(i) https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_capital

Read… Ivarsson, Allan. Books 2017, INSANITY OF HATE & 2018, COMPENDIUM I: ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ Subject: 2017, ‘Offensive’ … & Books 2017, FLAT EARTH & 2018, COMPENDIUM I: ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ Subject 2015-2017 ‘It’s Okay to Disagree- No Offence Taken’ Blue Light Defiance. Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Edition. Amazon.com

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Read below extracts from books…

Cosmic Law: “Thou shalt not sue for reasons of defamation or greed”.

Any person who actions a defamation lawsuit is by ‘Cosmic Law’ guilty of an act of evil. A true Cosmicist will never ever file a lawsuit for defamation. Nor will a Cosmicist file a lawsuit, because someone disagrees with them or rejects their employment for whatever reasons. Any person who claims to be a Cosmicist and initiates a defamation lawsuit is not a Cosmicist.

Recap: A true Cosmicist will never ever sue for defamation.

Source: Ivarsson, Allan. Books 2017, FLAT EARTH & 2018, COMPENDIUM II: ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ Subject: 2001-2016, ‘Lawsuits Eye of the Tiger’. Blue Light Defiance. Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Edition. Amazon.com

To sue a person for identifying the truth is a moral crime. Be careful who you sue for defamation, because lawsuits are like boomerangs that can fly back and hurt hard the person filing the defamation lawsuit.

‘Cosmicists’ are forbidden by ‘Cosmic Law’ to sue for defamation.

Source: Ivarsson, Allan. Book 2017, COMBAT WOMEN & 2018, COMPENDIUM II: Subject: 2016, ‘Violence Against Women II’. Blue Light Defiance. Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Edition. Amazon.com

In 2012 CAIR executive director ‘Dawud Walid’ a dedicated inferior thinking ‘Jihad Muslim’ that supports the bully implementation of Sharia Law, falsely said that “Islamophobia is a national illness and Muslims have been ‘racialized’ by America, apparently trying to make Muslims the new Blacks.” Walid speaking with ‘Gangster Intent’ made this deceitful false knowledge intimidation allegation to viciously force Americans into accepting Islam.

Dawud Walid has been blacklisted by ‘Cosmicism’ as an enemy of freedom.

The goal of CAIR (‘Council on American Islamic Relations’ allegedly linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhoods agenda of forced ‘Islamization of the Globe’ and the destruction of freedom) is to conquer the United States of America and replace the Constitution and the American Law and Order Justice system with ‘Sharia Law’.

Muslims use the word ‘Islamophobia’ to destroy freedom of speech against Islam. The suggestion by Walid that Americans are trying to make Muslims the new blacks is an evil lie; trained in ‘Taqiyya’ the ‘Islamic Art of Deceit’ Walid works towards disarming Americans and the ‘Free World’ to allow the fast expansion, invasion of Islam, void of resistance.

The problems of conflict between ‘Whites and Blacks’ in American history is well documented and understood; slowly, but surely, valiant persons all colours have worked together over the last two hundred years to eliminate racial prejudice.

The subject of Islam is not about race; Islam is about creed; and the global battle of Asian, Black, and White Muslims fighting Asian, Black and White non-Muslims, proves that fact. Any person that accuses someone of being ‘racist’ for opposing Islam is an evil liar of the lowest form. It is emotionally unintelligent inferior thinking, to suggest the opposition to Islam is racism.

Dawud Walid including CAIR, is deemed by ‘Cosmicism’ as being an enemy of the ‘Free World’. Never trust any person that accuses others of ‘Islamophobia’.

And for that reason, CAIR has been blacklisted by ‘Cosmicism’.

Source: Ivarsson, Allan. Books 2017, INSANITY OF HATE & 2018, COMPENDIUM II: ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ Subject: 2015-2016, ‘Islamophobia’ Blue Light Defiance. Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Edition. Amazon.com



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Source: Ivarsson, Allan. Book 2019, COMPENDIUM IV: ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ Subject: 2012, ‘Child Brides’ Blue Light Defiance. Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Edition. Amazon.com

On the Internet, I keep seeing newsflash videos tabling Muslim complaints in America, of hate crimes against Muslims, CAIR being one of the worst enemy hypocritical whinger’s. Never mind that CAIR supports the destruction of American Liberty, by the planned imposition of replacement ‘Sharia Law’. I have read of complaints by Muslims in Australia accusing people of being racist against Islam. In Canada, there have been numerous times, when Muslims are denounced, and in Europe including Britain, retaliations against Muslims are understandably becoming common, as ‘Jihad Muslims’ of young military age, dressed in civilian clothes are posing as refugees and are constantly, rioting, attacking people, including truck drivers and are all over Europe abusing and sexually harassing women, too often raping them from the age of young girl teenagers to old women in their eighties. Some women have even been cruelly murdered by ‘Gangster Jihad Muslims’.

This influx of ‘True Muslims’ is now out-of-control. This clash of cultures is not about racism, like the Socialists and Muslims falsely claim, this fight is between Asian, Black & White Muslims against Asian, Black & White non-Muslims. This is not a fight about race, it is a fight about creeds. It is a fight between ‘Totalitarianism’ & ‘Liberty’.

I have said this before, and I will keep saying it until 95% of the world wakes up and grasps reality.

Islam has been attacking us inside our Nations, ever since they began migrating to our countries, and as their population numbers increase, they ‘Jihad Muslims’ become even bolder, attacking us more and more from within. And as their population numbers increase even more, so too shall their attacks increase.

And they ‘True Muslims’ and ‘Jihad Muslims’ make no secret about their agenda commitment to conquer us from within and force us to abolish freedom and submit to ‘Sharia Law’ Islam.

Source: Ivarsson, Allan. Book 2017, INSANITY OF HATE Subject: 2016, ‘Hate Crimes Against Muslims Versus Hate Crimes Against Non-Muslims’. Blue Light Defiance. Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Edition. Amazon.com


Organisations like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), is an anti-freedom of speech Muslim civil rights group, that often uses hate litigation action against non-Muslims.

CAIR is openly committed to destruction of freedom values by replacing the American Constitution and all laws with anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’. And SPLC will never prosecute CAIR for what they say and do. CAIR is determined to ‘Islamize America’ and SPLC will never oppose that objective. Their loyalties can be discerned as not being pro-American Liberty Values.

CAIR is seditious in its teachings and makes no secret of its support for anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’. Hence, the American Government does have the legal right to pass legislation expelling CAIR and all its leaders permanently from America. It is unfortunate politicians in America lack the courage to create permanent expulsion legislation of those leaders and organisations that deliberately reject freedom values.

Source: Ivarsson, Allan. Book 2018, COMPENDIUM I: ‘Cosmic Philosophy’. Subject: 2018, ‘BNI’ Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Edition. Amazon.com

CAIR ‘The Council on American-Islamic Relations’ is even worse than SPLC. CAIR openly supports the ‘Islamization of America’ and the replacement of the ‘Liberty Valued American Constitution’ with anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’. The very fact that CAIR supports this seditious objective proves that CAIR is the number one enemy of all Americans and is also the number one enemy of the entire Western World. If Congress both Democrats & Republications had true courage, they would pass a special bill permanently expelling all leaders of CAIR from America and close CAIR down. CAIR specialises in using treacherous lawsuits to oppress the human right to freedom of speech and no doubt like the SPLC, CAIR has harassed BNI many times in the past with vicious intent to try and force BNI to close-down its website of information, which tells the truth of what is happening around the world in different countries.

CAIR has the right to the use of ‘Freedom of Speech’, but they don’t have the right to teach sedition and overthrow of the American Constitution. The very fact that CAIR supports ‘Islamization of America’ and the enforcement of anti-freedom apartheid Sharia Law, proves that CAIR has seditious intentions and is therefore a Universal Enemy of the American People. And thus, must be expelled and closed down.

Gaia Dictionary:

Hoodlum… A would-be gangster, a focused destroyer of decency and freedom values. A hoodlum is not necessarily a person on the streets. It can be any person, promoting totalitarian ideas and demanding reduction of freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom of equality human rights.

Source: Ivarsson, Allan. Book 2019, COMPENDIUM IV: ‘Cosmic Philosophy’. Subject: 2018, ‘America The Great BNI’ Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Edition. Amazon.com

Don’t use the words ‘terrorist’ and ‘Islamist’ when talking about Muslims. Do simply call them ‘Jihad Muslims’ and ‘True Muslims’. ‘Jihad Muslims’ action the Jihad ‘Hate Speech’ Qur’an teachings, whilst ‘True Muslims’ support the teachings and all ‘Jihad’ action against non-Muslims.

On a brief 1:24 minutes speech YouTube video, Nihad Awad Executive Director and co-founder of CAIR condemns the attacks, [‘Orlando Massacre’] because it only divides us and turns us against each other. He exactly said… “We will not give into hate and we will not give into fear”. Awad called ‘Islamic State’ an outlaw [of Islam]. And said to ISIS, “You do not speak for us, you do not represent us.”

Other small Islamic groups also spoke against the attack against Gays.

All CAIR members from every branch chapter rehearsed this brief united response, against the Orlando attack, to sell a good image of CAIR to all naïve thinking people.

So, what is missing in CAIR’s criticism of the ‘Jihad Killing Attack’? So many naïve people like inferior thinking ‘Hillary Clinton’ think CAIR is wonderful for standing with non-Muslims against the attack. Where is the voice of the Christian and Jewish leaders? Why does CAIR gain more recognition than the Christian and Jewish community?

CAIR and other Islamic Organisations, never reject or condemn all the ‘Hate Speech’ in the Qur’an & Hadiths.

CAIR never condemns anti-freedom apartheid ‘Sharia Law’, in fact CAIR approves of ‘Sharia Law’ replacing the American Constitution and approves of ‘Blasphemy Law’ eliminating the first Amendment ‘Freedom of Speech’ in the Constitution.

CAIR lied, using Taqiyya, when it suggested that they stand united with all Christians and Jews and unbelievers. How do I know CAIR lied? CAIR lied because they believe in the complete words of the Qur’an and the Qur’an states clearly, “Do not make friends with Christians, Jews and Kafir (us non-Muslims).

CAIR pretends to be united with non-Muslims and that is an absolute statement of deceit. CAIR was right in condemning the ‘Jihad Massacre’ because from their cunning point of view, the timing of the attack is all wrong. Such an attack as CAIR wisely recognised, hurts CAIR’s mission to ‘Islamize America’ and replace ‘Liberty Values’ with ‘Sharia Law’.

CAIR recognises that millions of Americans are naïve about Islam and these fools are the ones CAIR needs to strengthen CAIR’s ambitions for takeover of America.

CAIR pretends to want to be friends with Gays. But CAIR never condemns Saudi Arabia or Iran for killing all Gays usually by hanging, sometimes by throwing them off a tall building or beheading them. When these reports come in about such killings, CAIR is silent and so are most people, except for the global activists that oppose Islam. Even the dumb thinking Gays are not uniting as activists, condemning the constant murder of their fellow Gays in Islamic Countries.

Islam is anti-Semitic, but you will never see CAIR denounce anti-Semitism, to do so, would be to denounce the Qur’an and Islam and that would be ‘Blasphemy’ punishable by death under Islamic Sharia Law. Trust CAIR? No way! Trust any Islamic Organisation? No Way!

Source: Ivarsson, Allan. Books 2017, FLAT EARTH & 2018, COMPENDIUM IIICosmic Philosophy’ Subject: 2018, ‘Orlando Massacre Why, How, When’ Blue Light Defiance. Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Edition. Amazon.com

Cosmicism lives by ‘Cosmic Law’ and Cosmic Law on Lawsuit states…

“Thou shalt not sue for reasons of defamation or greed.”

“Thou shalt not sue for reasons of ‘Hate Speech’.

“Thou shalt not sue for reasons of ‘Discrimination’.

“Thou shalt not sue for reasons to force ‘Policy Changes’ in ideas and process.

“Thou shalt not sue a Police Officer, A Customs Officer, or a Prison Officer for being forced by Officers to undress for security reasons.”

“Thou shalt not sue a Medical Doctor or a Nurse for being forced to undress for medical health reasons.”

“Thou shalt remember that it reasonable to expect undressing in the presence of someone of the same sex, but it is not reasonable to expect same sex to be present, just for the removal of head coverings.”

Source: Ivarsson, Allan. Book 2017, COMBAT WOMEN Subject: 2016, ‘Hijab Uniform Acceptance II’ Blue Light Defiance. Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Edition. Amazon.com


Source: Book COMPENDIUM V Amazon.com







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Who is Allan Ivarsson?


Allan is a professional in writing, global research and study, philosophical analysis and project management. He analyses thinking of people by exploring their belief system, their emotional level of intelligence, and their communication skills. He does not look at grammar, he looks at ideas, and looks for pragmatic common sense. He rejects Psychology and instead uses the spiritual and logical power of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. His youth sales background and his basic training in sales by objection has served his career well. In fact, he succeeded, without a University degree, because of his sales and communication training and his project management skills.

Allan wrote to friends on Facebook when they were writing to each other, discussing likes and dislikes in art. His friends ticked like, when in conclusion of the discussion, with which they were all in harmony with each other; Allan wrote…

“Words are limiting, and there are so many ways to express and explain things, just like in art.”

Source: Ivarsson, Allan. Book FLAT EARTH Blue Light Defiance. Blue Light Publications. Kindle Edition.

Refer… “Who is Allan Ivarsson? Profile Insight Series includes Photographs I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII. In book COMPENDIUM IIICosmic Philosophy’ Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Edition. Amazon.com


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