India & Australia… Joint Country Operation Scam… A real-life incident… Scam Scumbags… ‘Cosmicism’ is now hunting you… when caught you will be exposed.

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India & Australia… Joint Country Operation Scam… A real-life incident… Scam Scumbags… ‘Cosmicism’ is now hunting you… when caught you will be exposed.

On the 4th November 2019, whilst I was away getting our car serviced, a person rang my wife claiming to be a representative of Telstra. The well-spoken male creep an Australian, claimed that they were connecting Telstra NBN on our Internet. He claimed to be a Telstra Technician and gave her an ID Number… His name was Mark Jonathan and his ID number was DL 1190. He came in as a Private Caller and gave her the following telephone number to verify he was from Telstra. The Telephone Number was 02 800 616 94.

Allan Ivarsson comments… [We have a Policy of not answering Private Numbers if they do not leave a message. There are too many Marketing callers and Scam callers using Private Numbers. Unfortunately some not all of genuine Medical Services are also using Private Numbers. And because of Allan’s fight with Lymphoma Cancer the last eleven months, we sometimes pick up quickly Private Numbers when we are expecting a Medical communication. The trap is we then have to hang up when we discover it is a Marketing Call or A Scam. This is the story of how my wife temporarily picked up a scam operator that at first convinced her she was talking to Telstra until she realised she was being set-up by a scam operator pretending to be Telstra. It should be noted that if I had the power, I would ban the use of Private Callers numbers to bring all numbers and owners out in the open. Private numbers are not stopping people being harassed by scam operators and marketing people. It is better to have the courage to be out in the open and give every person the right of visually reading the calling phone number before picking up to answer.]

He gave her a Telstra Number …. to ring, when she questioned, “how do I know you are Telstra?” She rang the number and a man answered claiming to be Telstra and that he was working for Telstra.

The following are the names of the scam pretenders claiming to be Telstra. But in reality, that is not their true names, they would be using aka pen names to hide their identity.

 A lot of people making comments on Social Media are afraid to table their full name, state and country, which is why I, Allan don’t recognise comments by pen names, except when their comment is common-sense and can be verified for accuracy.

Mark Jonathan said he was an NBN Technician and that we would soon be forced by Telstra to change us to NBN and if we didn’t, we would be disconnected. He wanted our password for NBN. He transferred her to John Felix, who said they had to do a couple of things to set-up NBN.

Trusting that she was now talking to Telstra, she was asked to download a program into our computer called “Any Desk” and then she was asked to key in a password ‘Telstra 123’ for NBN so they could access anything that needed to be fixed. And for us if we had any problems in the future. This “Any Desk” program he claimed gave them visibility to see what she was doing on computer. They were wanting this insight to establish NBN.

John Felix then transferred my wife on phone to Steven Barishtow ID was 10056 who was claimed to be responsible for Telstra Security. Then she rang Telstra 02 800 616 94 to verify Steven Barishtow was from Telstra.

A.I. comments…  [They now had the hacking power to set themselves up with interfaced computer desks linking to our computer.]

When Allan arrived home, she was feeling distressed, and told Allan her husband, what had happened. Allan replied, “Telstra does not operate this way. Any person can claim they are from Telstra and when you rang back the number and a person answered “Telstra” it simply means that are a part of the scam ‘con’.”

“We teach our children never to trust strangers and never to talk to strangers”. Well that rule applies to adults also, “Never talk to strangers on the phone or on the Internet”. Know who you are taking to and don’t be hesitant to simply hang-up. I don’t trust anyone I do not know. ‘Trust is earned, not given’. It takes at least three years to build a trustworthy bond.

My wife is now 73 years of age and often not well in health, she was once a very clever talented person in the business world but now in elderly age is feeling the strain of handling physical hardship and communication stress imposed by other people.

Allan on the other hand has been all of his life a very hardcase tough person and highly skilled in communication and how to recognise deceitful unscrupulous people within seconds of conversation. Good honest people have nothing to fear from Allan, but unscrupulous people have everything to fear if they try to deceive and betray Allan and his family.

She became distressed when the phony Telstra Sales Representative requested her to pay $1,000 to get hackers stopped by a sting operation. She said, “No! we don’t have that money, and I will not do anything without speaking to my husband.”

He, Barishtow replied, “No you can fix it.” And then he bullied her more, and she realised that it was a scam operation and thus she decided to play him and get more information about who the money was to be sent to. He sent a Western Union form and gave her the information to fill out for money transmission to Australian Post Office. And wanted her to hire a taxi to immediately take it to the P.O. At that point she hung up. He rang back 4 times and she turned the mobile phone off. He wanted to talk to her at the P.O. when she arrived on her mobile.

She decided to collect more information about where the money was to be sent, before she finally hung up the phone refusing to action any demand further. Below is the money transmission statement of intended receiver details.

Allan spent two and a half hours on the computer, first briefly checking his bank account for signs of hacking. They had tried but failed, because ‘Ivarsson Policy’ has always been used… never leave passwords recorded in the computer, never leave client numbers or username references of any description in the computer. Block hackers by using top security methods.

Allan then chatted for two hours with Telstra on computer line and changed Telstra Password, and Changed password for e-mail links.

The next day his wife skilled in data base computer level sat down with Allan and we investigated all hacking attempts over two hours deleting their hacking programs and their ‘Any Desk’ program attempts to gradually control our computer. We uninstalled the ‘Any Desk’ program when Allan saw what it was about. For security reasons I cannot talk about what all we did and how we eliminated all hacking programs that were hacked into our computer. But in the end the phony liars who were not representatives lost all their hacking programs, they were done and gone.

The below is the name and connection of the requested scam receiver of the $1,000 in India.

Transaction Details: India.

Destination Currency: Indian Rupee

Amount to be Sent: Australian Dollars (AUD): $1,000

Account Name: IJHAR ALAM

Bank Name: ICICI Bank Ltd

Bank Code / BIC: ICIC0000161

Account Number / IBAN: 016101550624

Bank Location (City): RAIPUR

Receiver’s Details:

Current Address: Gore Parisar, Behind RAJ BHAVAN, Civil Lines.

City / Suburb: RAIPUR

State / Province: CHHTTISGARH

Postcode: 492001

Country: India

Note: CHHTTISGARH is… Chhattisgarh Division was a former administrative division of the Central Provinces of British India. It was located in the east of the Central Provinces and encompassed the upper Mahanadi River basin, in the central part of present-day Chhattisgarh state of India. Source: Internet.

Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India … Raipur is the capital of the State Chhattisgarh. Where one of the scam operators lives, jointly linked to scam operators in Australia.

This Indian receiver is part of the big scam operating in Australia linked to India.

Alam is a masculine name derived from several ancient languages including, Arabic: ʿĀlam (عالم) meaning “world” or “universe” Hebrew: cognate word Olam is transcribed as עולם also means “World” Tagalog: Source: Internet information.

By the account name IJHAR ALAM it appears that it is a Muslim Name and is therefore a Muslim Sting Operation in both Australia and India. This name does exist in Facebook, but the photo face does not indicate location, which prefers to stay in secret. Hence, it may not be the scam culprit in question.

The problem we have with all scams is that we do not have a Government Intelligence Organisation in our Countries hunting down these Scam Operators. I believe that Scam Operators should do 20 years in prison for their crime of trying to and often succeeding to rip off money from people. This includes hacking into people’s computers and phone scams and Internet Scams including use of Social Media like Facebook and E-Mail Scams.

We need to become ‘dirty mean’ tough with these greedy people who prey upon other people. The uneducated, the naive and the elderly are the most vulnerable targets to scam operations by stealth. Once clever people in youth and now in old age due to reasons of ill health, including sometimes dementia, the elderly is vulnerable to being ripped off by scams.

The lowest creeps on this earth are coward scam operators who claim to be decent but are in fact low-life greedy worthless people that deserve a tough physical hiding and twenty years gaol time.

PostScript: My wife came home from her Quilting morning with other ladies on the 6th November, whilst I was completing this post for publication. Shortly after she told the ladies about the scam incident, by coincidence, the organiser of the Quilt Training, received a phone call from the Scam Operator claiming to be Telstra wanting to install NBN. This creep is clearly harassing a lot of people.

This link is a genuine Telstra Advertising Link and does not demand payment of $1,000.00 or more.


 Rules of Telephone & Internet Communication…

Never Trust Strangers on Phone, Email or Social Media.

Never accept Marketing Calls on Phone.

Marketing Calls are Harassment Calls which are abusing the human right to live free in peace, void of harassment.

Scam Operators are using a form of ‘Totalitarianism’ to greedily rip people off.

All forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ are enemies of God, Decency, Children, Humanity, Freedom and each Nation.

Using the law and ahimsa methods Scam Operators must always be given no quarter.


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