Britain Land of the Not Free III… Birmingham

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Britain Land of the Not Free III… Birmingham

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Britain means ‘Great Britain’ or the ‘United Kingdom’ of Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain contains the countries of England, Scotland and Wales located on a larger Island. Ireland is located on a smaller Island divided between Eire and Ulster.

Great Britain is not a country. The United Kingdom is a country.

The ‘United Kingdom’ includes England, Scotland, Wales and Ulster. 

The Capital of England is London.

The Capital of Scotland is Edinburgh.

The Capital of Wales is Cardiff.

The Capital of Ulster Northern Ireland is Belfast.

The official name of the country is the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. The Union Jack is their International Flag.

Southern Ireland gained independence in the 1920’s. And is known as ‘The Republic of Ireland’. (Eire).

The Capital of Southern Ireland is Dublin.

It is incorrect to refer to the United Kingdom as either England or Great Britain, which challenges the thinking of people that don’t live in the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom (UK) is the country. Great Britain is the Island. And England is one of four countries which have become a political administration process of the UK.

Birmingham second largest city of the United Kingdom. An estimated 1.1 million people live in the city area. And 3.8 million people live in the Metropolitan area. Located in the West Midlands, the city is approximately 161 kilometres  (100 miles) from Central London.

Birmingham began to evolve as a settlement from the days of Anglo-Saxons. It was established around the 6th or 7th Century, before Islam was created. The Christian God existed centuries before the Islamic God. And the Jewish God existed centuries before the Christian God, and the Dinosaurs existed for over 200 million years before man came into being and began to think about the Gods of all various forms of creation.

When people on both sides pray to their God before going to war against each other, it makes us wonder… “What does God think?”. Both sides can’t be right. Who is right?

Those who lived in Pre-history and Medieval History would be stunned at what has happened to the land now called Birmingham. World War II British Ancestors who fought to protect British Freedom including Winston Churchill, would be disgusted with the current cowardice of British Politicians that allowed anti-freedom Islam to invade Britain and take control of vast areas of England.

According to a 2011 Census the Religious Population in Birmingham is broken down to the following percentages… (i)

Christianity 46.1%

Islam 21.8%

Sikhism 3.0%

Hinduism 2.1%

Buddhism 0.4%

Not Religious 19.3%

Undeclared 7.3%

(i) Source:

This means that Islam is now the second largest religion in the United Kingdom, which did not exist in strength during World War II.

However the percentages vary from place to place all over England and over the United Kingdom.

The first large group of Muslims to arrive in Britain about 300 years ago were sailors hired to work for the East India Company.

The next group of Muslims arrived following the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869. The majority of these Muslims came from Yemen. Whereas the first Muslims in the 17th Century were from the North East of India, the Bengal Region that which in the East is now called Bangladesh and in the West is part of India.

The Invasion of Islam today in the West mostly comes from the Middle East, Africa and Pakistan. Many of these immigrants are sadly, very violent in their belief system mentality. They have no sense of decency.  And create a nightmare for people trying to live in peace, void of conflict.

Politicians must be held accountable for acts of treason, when they refuse to recognise this dangerous immigration problem and refuse to make the positive effort to fix the problem and refuse to ban the import of violent people and refuse to permanently expel all violent undesirable immigrants. Just tossing them in gaol at the expense of tax payers does not protect the safety of the people. When they are released, such fixed dogma thinkers simply become once more a dangerous burden on society. There is only one solution, permanently expel all immigrant undesirables that thrive on the use of abuse, threats and violence against person and property.

The average number of Muslims in England & Wales was 4.8% in 2011. I believe in 2019 the average percentage is now 5.0%. This indicates that the higher concentration of Muslims in Birmingham reveals that Muslims are committed to “Islamize Birmingham” and take over control of this city and make it a “No Go” Zone for all other non-Muslims.

The British Government Approves of this Muslim Objective. How do I know this is true? “Silence is Approval”. And when Politicians Government And Opposition say nothing, we automatically know the British Government has approved of the invasion takeover of Birmingham by anti-freedom Islam. And Muslims are smiling at the stupidity of the British Government.

A Sharia Council run by the Birmingham Mosque Trust, reveals that as yet Muslims have not yet tried to change the city name of Birmingham… but that is coming. An Islamic Flag will eventually fly over Birmingham.

Islamic Schools and Libraries and exhibition centres thrive in Birmingham.

The IPCI “Islamic Propagation Centre International” thrives in Birmingham as a proselytisation organisation teaching Da’wah, the “Call towards Allah” and many other Islamic instructions, as referenced in the anti-freedom Qur’an.

The Muslim Population in UK is 2,786,635 which is 4.4% of the total population of the UK. The vast majority live in England, which is 2,660,116, 5.02% of the total population of England.

The population of Muslims in…

Scotland 1.45% 76,737

Wales 1.50% 45,950

Northern Ireland 0.21% 3,832

The UK population in 2019 is 65,017,000. 

In 1961 only 50,000 Muslims existed and 7 mosques existed. Opening the gates to accept Trojan Horse anti-freedom Islam proved to be a fatal mistake for Britain. By 2001 1.6 million Muslims live in Britain increased by immigration & birth.

By 2014 the Muslim Population was estimated as 3,115,000 of which half were born overseas. It was claimed in 2011 that Islam had gained as much as 100,000 converts to Islam, of which 66% were women. Of course Islam does deliberately exaggerate the number of converts to make its image look better. Nevertheless fools do convert to Islam and one has to wonder why women would give up their freedom to become an oppressed female Muslim that by ‘Blasphemy Law’ cannot ever leave Islam even when they recognise that they made a mistake. Islam does not by Islamic Doctrine recognise the word ‘convert’. Islam claims we are all Muslims by birth and when we return to Islam we are not converting, we are reverting.

Additional Logistics Source…

You will notice when viewed closely that Muslims have selected certain cities to concentrate their takeover process. By 2017… they include in population percentage…

Bradford 32.4%

Birmingham 26.9%

Leicester 18.6%

Manchester 15.8%

London 12.4%

Since 2011… Muslim Population numbers have increased and are still climbing higher.

If you look at a map of Britain you will notice that all of these places with more than 10% Muslim Population have a strategic link which allows Islam to expand its control in Britain and stop non-Muslims freedom of movement within another one hundred years. Other locations shall eventually be taken over by Islam until a network of Islamic Places become an unsafe zone of No Go Zones for non-Muslims. Even British Police, Fire and Ambulance services, will find it unsafe to enter these Islamic Territories. That hard reality should wake up politicians in every Nation. But far too many politicians are cowards and are afraid to stand up against Islamic Dictatorship.

It has been identified that people of different cultures when they immigrate to a country tend to go to the same city location as others. But the difference is that within three generations most of these different cultures assimilate, for example, Italians, Greeks, Polish, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Latins, etc. all assimilate. But Muslims do not assimilate because the Qur’an forbids assimilation and demands all Muslims must conquer all non-Muslims wherever Muslims live. When Muslims move into a new territory that land automatically is deemed a land of Islam. And is also deemed as a land of war where all Non-Muslims must be conquered. This idea is enforced in Islamic Doctrine.

It is interesting to note that Swedish and Danish immigrants when they arrive don’t cling together they are quick to assimilate.

Saudi Arabia the heart of Islam is a Muslim Country because all other religions are forbidden in Saudi Arabia. Britain is no longer a Christian Country because other religions with a high percentage of political and religious control now rule sections of Britain. The percentage of Christians are now in decline.

There are volumes of variable logistics about the demographic breakdown of populations, by colour of people, by sex, and by religion and not religious. Hence, numbers and percentages change in time and location, but the overview tabled here is correct at the time of recording and is a good indicator up until 2019.

The sad reality is that anti-freedom Islam is not compatible with the Western World. It is a bad marriage for the Western World because Freedom Values and Totalitarian Values are not compatible. Islam is completely ‘Totalitarian’. Consequently, the solution for inner peace and outer peace of all non-Muslims is that the West must divorce Islam from all Western Nations. 

The Qur’an rejects ‘Freedom of Religion’. The Qur’an demands that all other religions must be eliminated and all non-Muslims that refuse to submit to Islam must be executed. That truth is easily proven by statements in the Qur’an and Hadiths and by 1400 years of Islamic Thinking and Behaviour in the pages of history wherever Islam exists.

Only blind fools ignore the danger warning signs about the destructive character of Islamic Doctrine and anti-freedom Sharia Law.

Western Society takes more notice of fire danger warnings, where “Watch and Act” is taught in order to survive from danger. But the anti-freedom belief system fire of Islam is ignored and worse when people using freedom of speech do “Watch and Act” in spoken response about the dangers of Islam they are often abused, fined and gaoled and constantly falsely accused of being ‘Racist’, Islamophobic, and other abusive words.

Such is the disgraceful character of those persons that refuse to truthfully recognise the dangerous character of anti-freedom Sharia Law, anti-freedom Qur’an and Hadiths, and anti-freedom Islamic Doctrine that is now constantly making bully demands upon the West to submit to their dictatorship, which includes the forced elimination of Christmas and many other social and artistic celebrations, in writing, speech, music and play.

‘Sharia Law’ and ‘Blasphemy Law’ and all anti-freedom of speech laws has been outlawed by ‘Cosmic Law’ and subsequently by ‘Cosmicism’. 

This fight for protection and preservation of freedom values shall continue generation after generation… 

Totalitarianism shall be defeated and stopped.



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