America/Australia: The Question of CAIR and Human Rights Abuses

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America/Australia: The Question of CAIR and Human Rights Abuses


Allan Ivarsson says it on BNI… and more…


In a video promoted by CAIR, we listen to CAIR team players whinging about the inhumanity treatment of Muslims in the West and in China & Myanmar (Burma), what they leave out of their complaints is the truth that anti-freedom Muslims have been constantly attacking all non-Muslims for over 1400 years as instructed in the Qur’an and enforced by Hadiths. Islam has been responsible for the deaths of millions of people over the centuries and this aggression has not ceased.

In addition it was the Muslims in Myanmar that started the civil war conflict against Buddhists Families raping and killing the wives and little girls of Buddhists. By nature Buddhists are a peaceful people, but when evil starts raping and killing their family members, they have a right to fight back and defend their families and homes.

The Uighur Muslim Population in China only have themselves to blame for the oppression they now experience. In past decades the Uighur constantly bullied and harassed non-Muslim Chinese. Hence, by natural survival right, the Chinese Government, said, “Enough is Enough”, and enforced the counter-defence overthrow of the Uighur Muslims. On this issue, I agree with China these dictatorship minded people must be stopped. Whilst China suffers from the oppression of Marxist Communism, I must say that the oppression of Islam is far worse. The mostly Atheist Chinese are naturally ‘Capitalist’ inclined and eventually China shall evolve to become a ‘Freedom Nation’ for the success of good Capitalist decisions needs autonomous free decisions.

‘Muslim Advocacy Day’ is a big ‘Con’ day to encourage non-Muslim fools to submit to the expanding dictatorship of Islamic takeover of our Western Nations.

Sadly, anti-freedom Islam is not being eliminated yet, it can be defeated by evolution process in the West over three hundred years, by rejecting all of their insidious demands, and stopping acceptance of Muslim immigration. Only ex-Muslims should be welcome to live in the West. Over one billion Muslims exist on Planet Gaia/Earth and the majority of ‘True Muslims’ & ‘Jihad Muslims’ are committed to the complete elimination of all non-Muslims. That fact is easy to prove, because the instructions in the Qur’an verifies what they are ordered to do by Muhammad. The claim that Allah dictated the Qur’an is false, Muhammad lied, the words in the Qur’an are his words, not Allah. Read ‘Flat Earth’


CAIR claims they are watching human rights abuse around the world, but they never mention the human right abuse that exists in Islamic Nations, like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, and Indonesia. War is terrible, inhumane abuses always occur on both sides of the conflict. That is another reason why the habit of war must cease. But Islam as dictated by the Qur’an is committed to keep the habit of war alive until all non-Muslims submit to the dictatorship of Islam.

Question: If CAIR loves Islamic Doctrine and Sharia Law so much, why don’t they leave America and Canada and go and live in an Islamic Dominated Nation? Answer: “They will not leave because their mission is to conquer the Nations of America and Canada from within.”

Pretending to be descent… CAIR Members specialise in the art of being ‘Great Pretenders’.

If Islam was truly a religion of peace, like Buddhism, which is a religion of peace, one might be tempted to convert to Islam, but when we look at the history of Islam, we learn the dark truth of Islamic Doctrine and observe that different Muslim Sects even wage war against each other. Islam Religion of Peace? No such thing.

Buddhism Religion of Peace? Always… throughout their 2,500-year history, Buddhism has stood for peace and Buddhists have never gone to war against each other or against others, except in self-defence counterattacks against ‘Totalitarian’ forces that fought to oppress the Buddhists. Their fighting self-defence history is very rare.

Muslims would be wiser to convert to either, Atheism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism or Cosmicism. There is no future for totalitarian doctrines like Islam.

Never kneel before any Man, Woman or God.

Stand up straight and be counted as free.

Remember, at the beginning of the 20th Century, Lebanon was a Christian country until Islam invaded full force and wiped out the Christians.

Read Brigitte Gabriel’s 2006 book “Because They Hate”, available

Gabriel is a survivor of Islamic Terror during the Lebanese War, in her childhood. Her story sent chills down my back as I read about her Christian families struggle to survive the inhumane Islamic invasion of Lebanon.

Read article… UNITED STATES: POLITICS… ‘Brigitte Gabriel’ & ‘Brigitte Gabriel II’ in Book COMPENDIUM III

Go to to see Book Range Prices

All of the complaints against the Buddhists for driving the Rohingya Muslims out of Myanmar, into the Muslim Stronghold Country Bangladesh which seceded from India like did Pakistan in 1947, and later Bangladesh seceded from Pakistan in 1971, is unjustified whinging. # Muslims are too demanding; they expect every non-Muslim to give up their freedom rights and submit to Islamic Dictatorship. Well, it is not going to happen. If the Muslims keep pushing their anti-freedom demands upon people in the West, Civil War will be the consequence. People who value their freedom are not going to submit to the ‘Totalitarian’ demands of anti-freedom Islam.

The conflict between Muslims in West Pakistan & East Pakistan (Bangladesh, originally called East Bengal, later East Pakistan) raged between 1947 to 1972. Even Muslims have a history of not being able to live in peace together. Islam Religion of Peace? No such thing.

# Read more…

Organisations like CAIR that specialise in bully suing of non-Muslims can accurately be defined as nothing more than hoodlums and gangsters, misusing freedom values to oppress non-Muslim people. CAIR team members claim to be decent, but there is nothing decent in rejecting the American Constitution, striving to replace it with anti-freedom Sharia Law and there is nothing decent in processing lawsuits to silence and oppress non-Muslim Americans and Canadians.

As to the complaints about enforced “Cremation” of the dead, whether they or non-Muslims like it or not, as the population of the world increases, now over 7 billion, 2 billion before the beginning of the 20th Century, we cannot continue burying people and creating acres of burial grounds that are needed by the living we must change our ways and always use cremation, not burial.



Video Published by CAIR on Jul 12, 2019

6:40 minutes

Allan Ivarsson says…

November 8, 2019 12:52am


I watched this video, even though I was disgusted by their deceit, pretending Muslims are the victims. What amazes me is some pro-Islam Muslim women were not wearing a hijab. They would be in deep trouble if they did that in Saudi Arabia and Iran. They can be arrested and flogged for showing one strand of hair.

As you know, I have been saying for many years that many of the Muslim Women in the West, wrapped up in the glory of their own vanity, are very dangerous to the West.

If only we could expel them permanently to Saudi & Iran, these idiot Muslim Women would return to the oppressed Islamic State and lose all their illusionary power, it would be a great ending for Linda Sarsour.

CAIR must be expelled from USA & Canada.

I shall continue my forty-year mission (1984-2024), to evolve [pro-freedom ahimsa] ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ to create a Philosophical Weapon that is stronger than any other Belief System.

We are in this mess because apathy, naivety & lack of courage is high. CAIR is winning because they are very cunning and aggressive, and all the big alternative religions are not doing anything to close CAIR and Islamic Demands down.

There is plenty of scope for a new belief system to smash the credibility of every apathetic belief system and every totalitarian belief system.

To keep up with me, everyone has to read all of my books, interfaced with ‘Cosmic Law’ & ‘Blacklists’, teaching the most advanced intelligence in the world called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. I already blacklisted a lot of people & organisations, including countries.

I am using the anti-freedom example of CAIR as a model exercise for philosophical ahimsa attacks against all Islamic & Socialist Organisations.

And I am also using the anti-freedom Socialist Greens as the model for slamming anti-freedom activist organisations. By the time these dopey organisations react, it will be too late, ‘Cosmicism’ is already strong in its foundation as the hunter of enemies of Freedom.

One day, I hope, CAIR & the Greens will attack me… let the battle begin.

I began developing my skills in ‘Sales by Objection’ at the age of 21 years in 1970… it has never failed me.

Bare Naked Islam says…

November 8, 2019 1:29 am

Thanks Allan, you are doing great work. I wish there were more like you.

Allan Ivarsson says…

November 8, 2019 3:44 pm

Thank you BNI, the work you do is an excellent great help to increasing my understanding, which is why in my books I keep promoting BNI.

Bare Naked Islam says…

November 8, 2019 4:24 pm

I know and I deeply appreciate it.



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