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Sadly, over 1,000 Koala’s have been killed by Bushfire, during the last six weeks. A large percentage of their habitat has been destroyed… the figure of destruction is estimated to be 80%.

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Eastern Australia where I live.

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Below are videos of Allan Ivarsson doing hazard reduction burning during winter July 2017.





Photographer one of Allan & Jan’s sons… Daniel Houston.

Every year since 1993, I, Allan Ivarsson have done hazard reduction burning different sections, on our property to reduce the danger of bushfire in spring/summer. Which is currently terrorizing Australia, State after State, in which lives and property has been lost. The incompetent Politicians in Australia have failed to finance Fire Brigades to do regular hazard reduction burning each year, in our State Forests, which when done properly will save lives, human and other species, and avoid destruction of property, including people’s treasured homes. The politicians need a good boot up the behind for their incompetent slack thinking and behaviour. Australians are suffering in excess because of political negligence. 

I do different small areas every three years, which gives wildlife safe passage away from the fire as it burns slowly in winter. Cold air helps the fire be controlled in safety. Anyone who owns property and burns in any other season other than winter is irresponsible and foolish.

I was a city boy who taught himself the common-sense rules of survival in rural areas and how to safely work with and live with wildlife, including dangerous snakes, and birds and large reptiles, and wallabies and kangaroos that pass through our property, thereby protecting their right to co-exist with us humans. I also studied safe fire management.

The thing is that no matter where we live, we must always strive to care for our environment and strive to protect our planet by good thinking and behaviour.

Some more images of my work in hazard reduction burning July 2017…



Second Burn Target 250717 027


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