Americans have impeached impeachment

By Chadwick Moore Jan 29, 2020 (i)

(i) Extracts…

Podcaster Andrew Espitallier, who hosts a channel called The Right Latino with his friend Alex, took to the streets of Manhattan on Saturday to ask average New Yorkers their impressions and opinions on President Trump’s impeachment trial.

‘Here I am, in the middle of ultra-liberal New York City, and literally no one cares. I was shocked’, he told me.

‘I haven’t watched one second of it and I don’t plan to now,’ I said. ‘That’s even better. You’re representative of an average American then.

This is only the third time in history a president has been impeached and the first time that absolutely no one cares. That’s the only interesting thing about it, how disinterested people are.

everything about the Democrats’ behavior since day one of this presidency points to frivolity and insincerity. It is a historic moment any way you look at it, yet no one can be bothered to give a damn.

Last week, each of the three networks barely managed to crack one million views for the Democrats’ opening remarks, and even that number sounds high. By comparison, daytime soap operas banked 11 million views the same week.

The media is also very ticked off that Americans don’t care.

Any way you slice it, the Democrats don’t come out looking good once the history books are written, and that’s putting it mildly. The people have spoken, they’ve impeached impeachment.

If there’s anything that points to a Trump mega-landslide in 2020, it is how Americans have turned their back on impeachment.

…just more free comedy from our bumbling friends on the left.