Books Naïve Climate Change Activists are Afraid to Read… and Higher Energy Costs, making people poorer.

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Panic School Strike Ignorance… these naïve brain-wrecked children have not read the following books.

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School Strike Children wrapped up in their own vanity and have not read the following books. They think their clever and they are in making signs. But they have not researched the facts about ‘Climate Change’ and have not published a book about the subject which can be reviewed and challenged. As for a Solution they don’t have the skills to deliver a provable solution. They are too busy making emotionally charged signs and wasting time demonstrating. As for Pollution that is a different subject and has nothing to do with the ‘Climate Change’ subject. Pollution is a ‘Gaia Management’ subject and is about common-sense environment care for our planet. These children naively think ‘Climate Change’ issues and Pollution are interwoven.

And now we dismiss the rants of naïve school children and their idiot parents that approved of their children doing a school strike demonstration and look at the books these kids are afraid to read, which they all would put into the too hard reading basket. After all… reading an intelligent wise book requires effort… they would rather play the vanity game of boosting their own egos with a smile on their face… playing school strike games on the streets so that they don’t have to study harder.

In the beginning of learning wisdom great books were written and now I introduce more…


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I am not a Mathematician or a Scientist, I am simply a Highly Skilled Philosopher, a specialist in solving ‘Belief System’ problems in Business, in Politics, in Law, in Philosophy, and in human feelings. Hence, the Mathematics at times went over my head in this book. But most of the book was easy to read and gave me vast insight into the truthful reality of ‘Climate Change’ process, verifying many things I knew previously, adding new insight to what I did not know.

Climate Change Activists are irresponsible people living in Fantasy Land inventing Climate Change Doomsday Panic Stunts to frighten people with false knowledge ideas about how to control ‘Climate Change’.

The word ‘Deniers’ is a gasoline word like ‘Islamophobia’ tabled to bully all persons that reject anti-freedom ‘Climate Change Activism’ and anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ doctrine and anti-freedom ‘Blasphemy Law’.

This good book by Rex J. Fleming “The Rise and Fall of the Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change” is a must read. Anyone who becomes a ‘Climate Change Activist’ and is not well-read in truthful books about Climate Change is not a very careful intelligent person.

Even the United Nations has demonstrated that it is incompetent in its understanding of ‘Climate Change’ since the 1980’s and has constantly overreacted inventing panic strategies in its desperate attempts to control ‘Climate Change’.

Likewise most Politicians in the Western World have become victims of this global hysteria about ‘Climate Change’. Falsely claimed dangerous human-caused global warming is upon us… and is a deliberate panic launched by ignorant naïve people in demonstrations to bully intelligent people into submission. The enemy of the world is anti-freedom Marxist Socialism that is pushing their phony doomsday protection climate change agenda to force every person to submit to their bully dictatorship goals. The cooling of the planet is a far more serious concern than global warming. CO2 is a friend of homo sapiens and all non-human animal life.

More people throughout history have perished in freezing conditions which encourages increased poverty and starvation and plagues than global warming that encourages increased wealth and prosperity and more food supplies. CO2 encourages increased greening of the planet. Humans and all non-human animal life needs water and food, and more water is available in a CO2 balanced with Oxygen world. CO2 is a friend of life, we cannot breathe it, but without it… greening of the planet would cease and oxygen supplies would vanish. We can survive a few weeks without food before we perish. We can survive only a few days without water. We cannot survive more than a few minutes without oxygen.

CO2 is not a cause of ‘Climate Change’ every Climate Change Activist needs to upgrade their education and find out why.

Idiot Governments and backward intellectually lazy thinking Media Journalists and Editors have been pushing a phony propaganda agenda for decades incorrectly claiming that increased CO2 is the cause of global warning. Consequently there has been a global push to reduce emissions using a money-making Carbon Trading Scheme which is making wealthy people richer and middle class and poor people poorer. Billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money have been wasted over the decades since the 1980’s on fighting to control Climate Change. Such is the ignorant stupidity of Degree Qualified Politicians and CEO’s around the Western World. This fact does not give me much confidence in the value of degree qualifications coming out of our Universities. Common-sense and open-minded project management research skills seems to be non-existent in many minds of degree qualified people. I don’t have any university degree qualifications and have often through my working years in Manufacturing, as an executive, outperformed degree qualified executives.

There is a very important place in our society for the essential use of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and natural gas and only fools are striving to forcibly stop the use of such needed energy sources. ‘Panic Alarmists’ have been bullying and persistently harassing society for the last decade with increased intensity, falsely claiming that increased CO2 is causing Climate Change and that we humans must control it. Only inferior thinking idiots think that humans can control ‘Climate Change’. The sun and other activities in space have more influence and control of climate change on planet Earth/Gaia than anything we humans do. We cannot control the sun’s activity cosmic process. Learn the science of how activity in space influences Climate Change.

Desperate Doomsday Socialists have turned to the low act of manipulating the minds of young children, filling their heads with phony fears creating a phobia that their lives are in danger. Encouraging child activism is pure evil tactics, encouraging school strike action by children, reveals that every adult pushing children into climate change activism is a disgraceful person. The classic example is Swedish ‘Greta Thunberg’ (born 3rd January 2003) who is an immature ignorant uneducated 16-year-old, now 17, that has been encouraged and financed by disgraceful thinking adults.

It has been recently alleged that Greta Thunberg’s father is the culprit manipulating her child activism. Whether that is true or not is not yet clear… however the father is a Swedish Actor, Arts Manager, Producer and Author, which suggests that he has the skills to teach his daughter writing and speaking skills. But what is clear is that her mother (Malena Ernman) who is a Swedish Opera Singer and father (Svante Thunberg) have approved of Greta being involved in child activism. And their failure to stop her from being involved in child activism is in itself a disgrace and thus I have no respect for the parents or any other parent that allows their children to be involved in school strike demonstrations and other forms of child activism.

It should be noted that as a critic of the Swedish Thunberg Family that although I am first generation born in Australia, my father and grandparents were Danish, but our ancestry is Swedish as revealed in the spelling of the name ‘Ivarsson’. Hence, I take particular interest and concern about the bad thinking and behaviour that exists at times in Australia, Denmark and Sweden.

I am more worried about stopping the creation of a Nuclear Winter than worrying about ‘Global Warming’. Read 2018 article ‘Nuclear Winter is more dangerous threat than Climate Change’ in 2019 COMPENDIUM IV book available at in Paperback and Kindle.

The idea that humans have induced ‘Climate Change’ is complete utter nonsense.

In fact cooling of the planet is more dangerous to survival of society than warming of the planet. There are too many significant truths to table in this post, hence reading other wise proven path books about the truth of ‘Climate Change’ is essential to gain significant understanding about ‘Climate Change’.

Since the 1980’s over a trillion dollars has been wasted around the globe fighting ‘Climate Change’, including billions of dollars of Taxpayers Money. As a consequence the Rich are getting richer by investing in this naïve ‘Doomsday Climate Change Activity’ and Poorer People are becoming Poorer.

Climate Change Activists are often led by the anti-freedom of speech Socialist Greens and are directly responsible for increasing poverty conditions in all societies. The misuse of renewable energy, the rejection of the use of fossil fuels and the imposition of carbon trading and the erroneous perception that CO2 is causing Climate Change have all collectively increased energy costs, and reduced the ability of manufacturing and other industries to survive and the classic example is the incompetence of politicians in Australia that have allowed energy costs to be one of the most expensive in the entire world. Over the last 25 years our Australian manufacturing and self-sufficiency has rapidly declined because of the high-level ignorant incompetence of degree qualified politicians who have been naively influenced by the bully dictatorship tactics of the anti-freedom of speech Socialist Greens. To make things worse the once great Labor Workers Party has been taken over by Socialism and has merged with the Greens in Policy making decision. Even the Liberal Party has lost its courage to stand up for the preservation of Manufacturing and Self-Sufficiency and for massive reductions in energy costs. Consequently, Next Generation Australians are facing a poorer poverty-based future. And that prospect will not change until common-sense pragmatic political courage rises to smarter thinking in State and Federal Government Politics.

It has been suggested on the Internet that the highest energy rates in the world are the Pacific Island Nation of Solomon Islands and that the State of South Australia that struggles to survive on Renewable Energy now has the highest energy prices in the world and that Australia has the Highest Power Costs in the world. Germany has the highest power prices in Europe. However, around the globe power prices will no doubt change up or down, but Australia is more likely to stay on the highest cost level because of our incompetent politicians. And the excessive use of renewable energy is directly responsible for creation of out-of-control excessive energy costs.

Governments around the world should be wiser by rejecting the anti-freedom Socialist infiltration that has invaded Australia. Every Nation is duty bound to always protect and preserve its Primary Industries, its Manufacturing and Self-Sufficiency – to do less is irresponsible and negligent in caring for the people.

 There is no place for ‘Insanity of Hate’ in a Nation and likewise there is no place for ‘Insanity of Greed’ and there is no place for intellectually lazy incompetence. Degree Qualifications held by incompetent people should not be recognised and should be thrown into the garbage bin.

I published an important treatise on ‘Climate Change’ written in 2011 and revised in 2017. However, its focus is not about scientific evidence as tabled in Rex Flemings excellent book, it is about observed history about Climate Change impact on societies to their benefit and disadvantage, including ‘Climate Change’ overview in Pre-History.

This ‘Climate Change’ treatise was Published in 2018 Paperback book COMPENDIUM III printed in colour on quality paper, by Blue Light Publications. It is also available in Electronic Kindle book.

It is available as a free read for a limited time. Click here…


“The Earth’s climate has always changed in various degrees.” (i)

“The nature of weather and climate has always been chaotic.” (i)

“Civilization has seen 150 years of slow steady warmth since 1850; then the past 20 years or so of reasonably steady temperatures. One cannot get excited by a cool down!” (i)

CO2 does not cause climate change! A complete reversal of all current world government policies of limiting CO2 production must be abandoned. Research from 100’s of biological papers indicates the value of increased CO2 for food production – even in cooler conditions.” (i)

“The year 1992 was a very bad year! The decade of 1990 to 2000 was very harmful for the science of climate change – it went from a legitimate scientific debate to a political farce.” (i)

There needs to be a new discussion of the uses of renewable energythere is no longer an urgent need to replace fossil fuel! Various forms of renewable energy (solar, wind and biofuels like ethanol – already used in gasoline) have a place in the world, but not for all applications. (i)

“Another form of energy… is Nuclear energy.” (i)

“Governments have no moral responsibility; they have a responsibility to provide for the economic welfare of their citizens who elected them. Fossil fuels have elevated our entire civilization to a plateau of progress, wealth, and standard of living beyond all past societies. The world’s populace need to keep electing smart government officials who aspire to make energy costs low and who seek the advice from scientists and engineers on the best way to do so – because it has been demonstrated in the past that low energy costs are tightly coupled to human prosperity.” (i)

“Many governments have been guilty of vilifying CO2. These attacks accusing CO2 of destroying the future climate of Earth have inflicted several ill-effects on society. One of these is the massive taxation on fossil fuels at all levels of production and on the end users of such fuels for power production, for a variety of domestic uses and for transportation (this does not hurt the rich, but does hurt the middle class and especially the poor).” (i)

CO2 is not toxic and no longer pollutes. It is easily proven that CO2 will not make the oceans acidic – they are alkaline (opposite of acidic).” (i)

We can stop worrying about CO2 and global warming! What about air pollution which is often incorrectly associated with CO2? Part of this error is made by those confusing CO2 and CO (carbon monoxide) which is a toxic gas. CO2 is not toxic.” (i)

Rex J. Fleming

(i) Book Source: “The Rise and Fall of the Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change”

To understand the science of oxygen and CO2 we need to study Pre-History evolution process of earth over the last 3 billion plus years. The knowledge is out there in science records, all we have to do is research it and study the knowledge that has now been collectively tabled over recent centuries.

The Science in this book should make people think more and stop panicking about Climate Change. We should stop the ludicrous incompetent ‘Carbon Trading’ program.


Another Great Important Must-Read Book.

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I purchased it via Kindle Electronic Reading

Be smarter than Climate Change Activists read Quality Truthful Books about ‘Climate Change’ which Climate Change Demonstrators are afraid to read.

I recommend the use of PC’s and interfaced portable Tablets for reading Kindle Electronic Books. I needed storage space management, as my hardcover and softcover books were occupying too much physical space and although I still like some collector’s editions of books, after the initial cost of buying a portable tablet that interfaces with a Personal Computer, it saved the cost of buying/building more bookcases. And Kindle is usually far cheaper than hard/soft cover books and saves cutting down more trees to make more paper.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

To be continued…

Until the Political World Wakes Up and Re-educates itself with the Truth.


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