America: Politicians who Betrayed Laws of Chivalry and Decency by Planning to Send More Women overseas into Combat.

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Draft healthy-looking Bikini women into military training for overseas combat duty?

That is what many politicians are planning for capable women.

soldier USA

Soldier USA


History reveals thousands of soldiers were killed during World War I & II landing on the beaches. The water and land were soaked with blood. Now politicians want to add the slaughter of women to this carnage in future events. Not on my Watch! I will not tolerate politicians sending women into combat.

America: Politicians who Betrayed Laws of Chivalry and Decency by Planning to Send More Women overseas into Combat.

Aka. The Obama Pentagon’s Disastrous Decision on Women in Combat

The Fight Opposing Politicians sending Women overseas into Combat continues…

There shalt not be any peace until this insidious idea is completely stopped everywhere on Planet Earth.

All Politicians in every Nation must be sacked, voted out of office for supporting the unchivalrous act of sending trained women into overseas combat. It is not acceptable behaviour to send women into overseas combat.

The credibility of every politician that encourages sending women into overseas combat shall be smashed. Their legacy of treachery must be recorded in the history books as a warning to all descendent generations, not to ever make the same serious disgraceful mistake ever again. Shame on these coward political Socialist enemies of a wholesome descent free society.

‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ is now here and its rules and codes of behaviour are very strict; based upon ‘Cosmic Law’ and reality-based ethics, zero toleration true to ‘Ancient Law’, ‘Eternal Law’, ‘Immutable Law’ exists, rejecting the ideology of sending women into combat.

Allan Ivarsson 2020


Peace? Not likely when we encourage women to be sent overseas into combat.


Apocalypse Societal Destruction caused by Sending Women Overseas into Combat thereby perpetuating the ‘Habit of War’. When the world lives truly free… the ‘Habit of War’ shall cease. And the only problem to resolve as always is false knowledge motivated ‘Civil Unrest’ caused by ‘Totalitarian’ local misguided ideologies.


Yes you can. But is it the right thing to do?


Children doing the wrong thing writing Graffito illicitly on a wall… say the right thing, they do not want as young adult females to be drafted/conscripted into war. They just want to live a life of love and peace.

(Obviously, these two children were not tall enough to write this graffito. It was done by older teenagers.)


The Obama Pentagon’s Disastrous Decision on Women in Combat

by The Editors December 4, 2015 (i)

Abridged extracts of important historical report news tabled & reviewed by A.I.

 “With its decision mandating that the Pentagon open all combat jobs to women, the Obama administration has put social justice over combat readiness.” (i)

“Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter made it clear that the military would be fully gender-integrated. “There will be no exceptions,” he said. “As long as they qualify and meet the standards,” women can serve in the special forces, and in any other military capacity in each branch of service, including the Marine Corps.” (i)

 A.I. comments… Ashton Baldwin “Ash” Carter is a physicist and was a former Harvard University professor of Science and International Affairs. He was nominated by President Barack Obama to replace US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, in 2015, no doubt because Carter has never served in the military and has never fought in war. What better way for Obama the 44th President of the United States, to weaken America’s defence forces, by appointing an incompetent Secretary of Defence that has no military experience and can serve as a puppet to Obama’s regime, which deliberately focused on the weakening of American Military Defence, during Obama’s eight years in office (2009-2017). Like I have written many times, there is a big difference between being clever and smart. Carter is no doubt clever, but his thinking is not smart and that is easily proven by his support of Obama’s treasonous decision to reduce the strength and character of the American Military Defence Forces. Now you know why as a matter of record in history, Donald Trump in his bid for election to the Presidents Seat during 2015 to 2016 nomination campaign promoted constantly the message… “Make America Great Again”.

Chuck Hagel was the United States Secretary of Defence for only, less than two years. Unlike Carter and McConnell, Hagel served two years of service (1967-1968) in Vietnam combat as a Sergeant and received the Purple Heart twice, and the Army Commendation Medal, the Vietnam Gallantry Cross and the Combat Infantry Badge. His father was a veteran of WWII. Hagel volunteered to be drafted into the United States Army, during the time of the Vietnam War, when hippy coward draft dodgers were protesting and running yellow scared, afraid to fight for their country, which inspired the creation of the 1979 Musical “Hair” with a warning ending… “Karma bites back”. Hagel served as an organiser for the Presidential campaign of the great Ronald Reagan, who you know, became the 40th ‘President of the United States’. Hagel a Libertarian leaning conservative, being a traditional Republican in voting, changed course only because of his opposition to the wrong thinking, he believed of John McCain running for President office. Hagel disagreed with McCain on foreign policy and American role in the world. Hagel was sworn in taking over Leon Penetta on February 27, 2013 in the Obama administration. On November 2014 Hagel resigned from his position as Secretary of Defence. It was obvious to thinkers about reality that Obama asked Hagel to resign, this reality was not denied or tabled as true, by Hagel. It was clear that Hagel conviction throughout his political career was strong and unsurrendering and that he was not a puppet yes man to the dictates of Christian-Pro-Muslim Obama, who clearly by his decision-making process, during his eight years of President was focused on weakening American power on World Stage and breaking down the strength and respect of the American Armed Forces. The full story of Senator Chuck Hagel from Nebraska (1997-2009), is a separate subject too lengthy for this overview treatise of basic reality. By the very fact that Hagel as a young man volunteered draft into the American Army, indicates the level of strength of character he lived, true to his convictions.

It should be noted that Leon Penetta also served in the United States Army as First Lieutenant 1964-1966 and was awarded the Army Commendation Medal. Penetta, [formerly Director of the CIA (Feb 13, 2009-June 30, 2011)], time in office as Secretary of Defence lasted only less than two years, like Hagel between July 1, 2011-February 27, 2013. This period of short term ‘Secretary of Defence’ appointments, reflects upon the incompetence of Barack Hussein Obama, and reveals suggested true reality, that Obama did not want intelligent pragmatic advisors, but rather wanted puppets obedient to his will, in his limited thinking support of American strength in politics, military and foreign policy. Obama a self-claimed devout Protestant Christian, whilst his father was an Atheist, was determined to weaken the American image and encourage ‘Islamization of America’, by his soft submission to acceptance of Islam, and his tolerance of bully CAIR, no doubt inspired by his four years of living in Islamic Indonesia as a child, ages 6 to 10, learning Indonesian language. Because of his toleration of Islam, Obama is often accused of being a Muslim by those against him. It is unlikely Obama is a 100% Muslim, despite his submissive mentality to Islam, although the question mark argument exists that he is using Taqiyya, pretending to be a Christian, to gain the political power which he achieved as the 44th President of the United States of America. It is clear that Penetta and Hagel were too strong in character for Obama to lead.

Obama’s decision to push more inexperienced women into the military in leadership roles was clearly a deliberate part of his strategy to weaken American Military Strength.

“Carter made this decision in spite of extensive evidence – put forward by the Marines – that mixed-gender units were less capable than their all-male counterparts. They were less accurate with their weapons, the women were twice as likely to be injured, and mixed-gender units were less capable of evacuating the wounded from the battlefield. Indeed, the strongest women were only as strong as the weakest men.” (i)

A.I. comments… The Marines said it right, and true to lack of wisdom and pragmatic commonsense Carter refused to listen to ‘Marine Intelligence’ advice. It seems Carter still has in his thinking that attribute of a young boy, when he was eleven years old, working at a Philadelphia car wash, he was fired for rudely, disrespectfully, “wise mouthing the owner” and still is not listening to his more experienced military leader’s advice, tabled by the Marines.

Unit cohesion is critical, and physical breakdowns can be costly both to combat power and to unit morale” (i)

“Experience with less demanding jobs in law enforcement and firefighting shows that the legal and political pressure to lower standards will be immense. Under the best of circumstances, combat effectiveness will be degraded.” (i)

A.I. comments… This reminded me of the age of time as an adult, when women demanded equal rights in employment opportunities, including in physical labor jobs, like in warehousing storage. Men traditionally lifted 50 kilo bags of produce, of many types, and lifted even 30 kilos of products. But the age of wimps evolved, and the weights were reduced, because too many women demanding equal rights could not lift those weights, complaints evolved and thus weights were reduced, now mostly to half the weight that men once lifted. This reduction in weight standards, encouraged a new generation of men to become wimps, quickly complaining if weights of products were too heavy. With the reduction in weight of products, costs and selling price per kilo increased, as more packaging and labour was used in increased handling of the same volume of material that was once handled by tougher men. As a truckie loader back in the early 1970’s and as a storeman back in the late 1960’s I lifted heavy weights without complaint, like men did in those days without complaint. Real men don’t like whinger’s. Even in my late 50’s and early sixties of age, as a landscape gardener, I lifted and moved tons of bush rock, on a bad left leg. If I can do it heading towards old age, why can’t the young do it without complaint. If a woman cannot cope with gym training weightlifting, she should not be demanding equal rights to work in physical labour lifting jobs. This gives more insight into why most women could not lift heavy weights in the military, of course there are always rare exceptions.

Supporters of the decision to integrate combat units frequently point to the Israel Defense Forces as a model, but the IDF has in fact limited its gender integration. Units at the tip of the spear – those engaged in classic infantry combat – are all-male, and the IDF does not allow women to serve in tanks, because it found that women were less physically capable and that it was “problematic” for men and women to serve in close and confined quarters for days at a time.” (i)


A.I. comments… The Israel Defense Forces does not allow women to serve in tanks, because it found that women were less physically capable and that it was “problematic” for men and women to serve in close and confined quarters for days at a time.

However, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter made it clear in disagreement with the IDF that the military would be fully gender-integrated… “There will be no exceptions,” he said. “As long as they qualify and meet the standards,” women can serve in the special forces, and in any other military capacity in each branch of service, including the Marine Corps.” (i) And that includes serving in tanks. Israel Policy is smarter than planned USA Policy.

Politicians and even some military second rate leaders make decisions supporting women to be drafted and supporting volunteer women to be sent into overseas combat. These inferior thinking fools that “Frequently point to the Israel Defense Forces as a model” were too intellectually lazy to do their research homework and identify reality. “The IDF has in fact limited its gender integration”. And obviously, the Israeli women are rightfully fighting on their home ground, against Islamic invasion. Israel is geographically a small country and by survival necessity, when under serious attack, every man and woman must per their skills level, stand up and be counted, serving their Nation against attack, the best way they can. But other Nations like America and Australia have no need to force women into draft/conscription and the very idea of sending women overseas into combat, is a very barbaric insane dishonourable practice. The politicians and military leaders that support pushing women into combat, should be forcibly parachuted into combat zones and made to fight. Watch them run the other way, if they were ordered to do a drop into war zones; as many military guys, have done, parachuting into war, including on D Day World War II into Europe. I don’t care if these mindless leaders are in their 70’s, if they are old enough to make the demanding decision to send women to war, then they are old enough to be forcibly pushed themselves into combat. If a person orders others to fight in war, they should be willing to fight in war, themselves. Too often throughout history, war leaders send others into combat who have never fought in a bloody war and will not physically fight themselves. A wiser Nation does not need cowards as leaders, they need courageous leaders that truly are not afraid to fight themselves in combat, by their demonstrated history. Real combat veterans know there is no such thing as a good war, and that the habit of war should be discouraged, not insanely encouraged by adding women into the theatre of war.

“Obviously, placing men and women together in extraordinarily close living conditions under situations of ultimate stress can and will lead to romantic entanglements on the battlefield, with all the associated ramifications for unit cohesion and morale. Moreover, it is entirely likely that men in infantry units will incur extraordinary additional risk to protect the women in their ranks, especially since a ruthless enemy will probably exert tremendous effort to exploit any physical weaknesses or to capture a female prisoner of war” (i)

A.I. comments… This well written paragraph sums up reality, clearly fools like McConnell and Carter cannot comprehend reality and need to be blacklisted in philosophical history books, for their highly incompetent disgraceful decision-making thinking.


A.I. continues comments… CNN politics published the following extracted statements written by Eric Bradner on December 3, 2015… subject titled… “U.S. military opens combat positions to women”.

In a 4:03 minute video statement by Defense Secretary Ash Carter, he states by suggestion that this decision is an important stride to give women the right to fight in combat alongside men. That idea is an insane commitment. We humans are excessively engaged in the promotion of war, we don’t need to put women into combat roles to increase the character of our insanity to a higher level. Ash Carters intellectually backward thinking public statement says… “Our force of the future must continue to benefit from the best people America has to offer, in the 21st Century that requires drawing strength from the broadest possible pool of talent, this includes women, because they make up over fifty percent of the American population. To succeed in our mission for National Defence we cannot afford to cut ourselves off from half the countries talents and skills, we must take full advantage of every individual, who can meet our standards.”

A.I. comments… No one can argue against the equality value of the right of women to be recognised for their ability, in which Carter correctly identifies that many women are equally as talented as men, and in many realities, even more talented than some men. But this realisation and recognition of truthful reality does not justify, not now, not ever, the approval decision of sending women into overseas ground combat to have their breasts and bodies shot to pieces, bayonetted, blown apart, burnt alive by fire and cruelly raped when taken prisoner by the uncaring enemy that does not recognise the Geneva Convention.  It is bad enough that men must face this combat terror, we don’t need to add women to add more fuel, to keep the vicious flames of war burning forever. We should be working towards stopping the ‘Habit of War’ not increasing its insanity.

The CNN Bradner report states…

“The decision allows women to fill about 220,000 jobs that are now limited to men – including infantry, armor, reconnaissance and some special operations units.” (ii)

 “This means that as long as they qualify and meet the standards, women will now be able to contribute to our mission in ways they could not before. They’ll be able to drive tanks, give orders, lead infantry soldiers into combat,” Carter said at a news conference Thursday.” (ii)

“His move comes despite the objections of Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who had advocated keeping some roles limited to men.” (ii)

“There will be no exceptions,” Carter said. (ii)

A.I. comments… The IDF is smarter than the current Obama/Clinton administration and the current American Secretary of Defence… the IDF recognises reality and the limitations of engaging women in ground combat.

“Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, who hopes to become the first woman to win the race to the White House, praised the move. “We’ve seen women in our armed forces prove their heroism and abilities, now our official policy is catching up and women who are qualified for these positions should be able to compete and win them.” Clinton said at a New Hampshire event after the announcement.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Typical Clinton backward mentality. This decision is now about a vanity competition to prove women are equal to men. It is not about a feminist competition to prove women can fight in combat. It is about the rules of Chivalry and Decency, which has always throughout human history being correctly focused on protection of women by men. Violence Against Women movements is now a major International Force to stop violence against women, and then Clinton and wimp Obama, and other idiots like Carter, say it’s okay to send women into combat to fight men. The coward hypocrisy of our Politicians is beyond belief. Where do these inferior thinking naïve fools come from? Yes, that’s right! They are created in our Universities, fed anti-freedom Socialism false knowledge crap and come out waving their University Degrees to prove they are intelligent, when in reality, their degree only proves they can pass a course of training, which does not prove they have the ability to lead people, using common sense. Hillary Clinton has never fought in the Boxing Ring and taken tough physical punishment, she has never fought in a street fight, and she has never fought in ground combat and yet this female coward, afraid to take physical punishment, big-notes herself saying she approves of women being trained and sent into ground combat to fight a cruel bloody battle to the death against men. How dare such people make support committed decisions to sacrifice women in combat, just to prove true to vanity that women are equal to men. As for feminists, the majority with a few rare exceptions are all mouth, they demand their rights as equals in the freedom-based West and don’t have the courage to openly speak against anti-freedom apartheid “Islamization of the West”. Islam as instructed in the Qur’an rejects the equality of women.

Politicians keep justifying these crazy decisions to send women into combat by pointing out that women in World War I and World War II served in the military in dangerous war zones. True… but they were active in support operations, including Nurses working with Doctors, and whilst at times they were vulnerable to attack, by air raids, and overwhelming advancing forces, they were not constantly in the advancing ground combat frontline, brutally fighting to the death for their right to live. And the enemy in WWI and WWII traditionally held the same chivalrous rules and did not engage their women into ground, air or sea combat. The chivalrous codes of war, excluding women from war, has traditionally stood true to the values of reality-based ethics, as far back as Ancient Times, the unwritten instinctive human values that women must not be used as pawns and fodder to be sacrificed in combat.

We need to drag every coward politician into the boxing ring and make them fight for their right to push totalitarian ideas onto the table. And authorization of sending women into ground combat is absolutely a Socialist Totalitarian decision.


Original Source of this Treatise: The Obama Pentagon’s Disastrous Decision on Women in Combat 2017 Book COMBAT WOMEN by Allan Ivarsson available at in Paperback & Kindle.

Any person that cannot handle the reading of the complete works of Allan Ivarsson, is part of the problem, they can be conquered by anti-freedom ‘Totalitarianism’. Fixed dogma political anti-freedom societal forces like Socialism, knows it’s easy to conquer people who are apathetic and too intellectually lazy to upgrade their education.

Socialism like anti-freedom Islam is a cancer which must be stopped!

To be continued…


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