The Rise of War… Hitler & Fall of Hitler

History is repeating itself in a different more dangerous way, in the early 21st Century…

Internal Invasion by ‘Jihad Muslims’ are attacking and killing non-Muslims in the West.

And most Politicians in the West are Apathetic.


How can we stop the ‘Habit of War’ when fools think it’s okay to send women into combat?

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Soldier of Peace


War epitomises mankind’s eternal battlefield feeling…

Why must I die?

Why am I here?

Why not Peace?

Trapped upon a bloody battlefield, life laid mortally wounded, the body battered by endless hours of senseless fighting; a soldier almost motionless, suffering from pain and exhaustion, struggled to sit up upon a sandy field of mindless insanity. Close to death, the soldiers last thoughts flashed back into his past. “Why did his mother endure so much pain, giving him birth, so that he could be provided with the opportunity to experience a destiny of further pain, finalised by premature death?”

Denied the right to life, to grow old gracefully, this young eighteen-year-old soldier felt distressed by the fact, he had never gained the opportunity to share love with a companion. Though he felt this loss, he silently thanked God in his heart that during these troubled violent times… he was not ever likely to create the birth of a child. “If he had gained a son or daughter,” he thought, “the heartache would have been too much to endure, if there was the probability that one day his child would also have had to face their own battlefield, because of the constant stupidity of man.”

His national leaders had directed him to fight for the love of his country. “The war is just,” they told him. “The cause is right,” he heard them say again and again. “We need you,” the posters said. “Be noble and brave,” teachers said, “defend your honour, fight in a foreign region, protect the principles we teach. Trust our guidance, and you will feel the greatness of victory…” “Glory, Victory,” he thought, “Now I lay here dying. Where is my victory? Who shall remember me ten years from now? Shall it be those persons who live enjoying the pleasures of life? My girl, I never met, in someone else’s arms, unaware of my past existence and the true love that could have been. Who shall remember me? Shall it be those persons, who play sport, listen to music, who dance, who build successful careers by the pleasure of sheer hard work? All of which, I now shall never experience. Shall it be those persons who travel the world viewing the majestic scenes of land and sea, the wonders of nature, of science, of the stars? All, of which I shall not see, even of a part thereof. Why am I being denied the right to life? What cause is that great that I must lay down my life for country? Why cannot nations all live in peace? What cause is that great that soldiers of all nations must be compelled to fight and kill each other in the name of support for a President, Minister, Ayatollah, Emperor, Shah, King, or Queen?”

“Who shall remember me a century from now? Shall it be those persons who march each year in military parades in memory of the dead? Such ceremony, such regular tradition, such glory- for what? I’ll be dead, just a name to read and recite, just a meaningless name, retained for traditions own sake. How shall they remember me? They don’t know how I felt, what I think, and the things I liked. My dreams and goals shattered by premature death. Why am I being sacrificed in the name of glory? Why have I been denied my right to life? Why?”

Upon reflection, I now realise the soldier ‘Paul’, played by Lew Ayres in the 1930’s Anti-war movie, ‘All Quiet on the Western Front,’ (i) was right, as the author of the book, Erich Maria Remarque had written of World War 1, “We live in the trenches and we fight. We try not to be killed – that’s all.” Yes, the soldier of peace thought, “That’s all. How many of us friend and enemy, really know why we are here killing each other? In a different time, a different place, yes many of us, of all nations, could have been good friends.”

The soldier of peace once more rested his thoughts as he quietly watched the calm beauty of the clouds passing overhead in an almost clear blue sky. “Such a beautiful morning,” he thought, “what a waste that on this day I must die.” The soldier knew he had fought valiantly, for he had no choice. It was, kill or be killed, until finally, all were killed. Only the lucky escaped death. “Why?” the soldier soliloquised in a soft whisper, “Why? What cause is that important that life should constantly be destroyed in the name of greed and ambition? Why have I been forced by friendly governments and enemy aggressors to kill in self-defence? Why? Such a waste- why?”

The day passed slowly; the sound of rapid gunfire could be heard in the distance. The army had advanced further inland unaware they had left behind a living human being, close to death, stranded upon a beach. The pounding of the waves could be heard intermingled with the sound of cannons and shells bursting. Glancing towards the western horizon the soldier thought, “War makes no sense. Such is life; every person must face their last sunset, and today is my time. Why is it, throughout history men on both sides have prayed to their God with sheer faith, seeking resolution for strength, courage and victory? Fortified by misguided conviction, led by vanity and illusion, these soldiers of blind trust have then charged into battle dealing in death and self-destruction. Is this the way of God? I think not… God is Love.”

Before he died the soldier found truth. An angel of gentleness knelt on the barren sand at his side. He heard her voice, “Rest free from fear, I am here to help you, I am your friend. Soon you will be home.” “Home,” he thought, what a sweet word, beautiful music to my ears.” The soldier looked at his angel, his vision blurred by exhaustion, apprehension, and pain. He barely discerned a red cross shimmering in the light upon her left shoulder, the setting sun danced its light of consciousness around her form, her body shadowed in his vision, he peacefully, softly, said, “Truly you’re an angel.” The soldier’s last epitaph had thus been spoken. His soul was consummated in an aura of blue light. As his spirit rose from his body the nurse laid his head down gently upon the sand. A teardrop touched his face as she leant over to kiss him goodbye. “Sleep gentle one, sleep in peace forever, this is now your right,” she said.

As his spirit rose to join universal consciousness, he heard a voice of silence say, “Man was not given life so that he might war amongst himself. Those persons who inflict violence for their own evil gain, will be found guilty on their judgement day, for high treason against God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World’. Cosmic Consciousness shall be the judge, and the jury shall be the truth, and you shall pronounce the sentence by your own doing. By evil violence you lived, so shall you perish.”

“Just as I have revealed in the past,” God said, “Humanity must look up to the wisest and purest of heart, teachers of Love and Peace, for they are the messengers of my truth.”

“And now I say this unto all humanity…

Each person must go forth into the universe with love and peace in their heart,

And give of themselves to all of humanity, in their own special way,

As best as possible.

Blessed are those persons who die fighting for the preservation of peace,

For they shall be received into eternity.

Blessed are those persons whose love for their fellow comrade,

Is more important than their own life.

Blessed are those persons who defend the right of all persons to be free.

Blessed are those persons who strive for justice, the protection of the innocent,

And the punishment of the guilty.

Blessed are those persons who strive to stop the habit of war.

Blessed are those persons who reject actions of violence.

Blessed are those persons who teach, encourage, and practice,

The way of Ahimsa and Carespirit.

As it was in the past, so shall it be in the eternal present,

People of truth shall inherit the earth, and all the universe.

Rising towards the Godhead, the soldier’s spirit spoke, “God of Love and Peace, of Truth and Beauty, I thank thee.” As death released his spirit, the soldier was free to board the ‘Ferry of Peace,’ where time remains still.

(i) Reference:

ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT, 1930 ANTIWAR FILM Starring Lew Ayres & Louis Wolheim. Directed by Lewis Milestone. B & W print. Screenplay by Maxwell Anderson. Adapted from the novel by Erich Maria Remarque. On WW1, Universal Pictures Corporation. Running time approx. 103 minutes. First seen by Allan Ivarsson in 1994. The best film version.

I wrote this story in 1984 and inserted the additional paragraph reference of the anti-war movie in 1994. Thus, concluded the reflection.

ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT, 1979 ANTIWAR FILM Remake Edition Starring Richard Thomas, Ernest Borgnine, Donald Pleasence, Ian Holm, Patricia Neal, and Dai Bradley. Produced by Norman Rosemont. Directed by Delbert Mann. Colour print. Executive Producer… Martin Starger. Screenplay by Paul Monash. Director of Photography… John Coquillon B.S.C. Music composed & conducted by Allyn Ferguson. Marble Arch Productions. Running time approx. 124 minutes. First seen by Allan Ivarsson in 1996.

The 1930’s version was a B&W, which in my opinion was the best antiwar statement version. The 1979 colour remake gave a fresh perception. Also, a good film. I recommend you view both films to witness a sense of enlightenment on the horror and senselessness of war.







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