Punishment: Death Penalty

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The most common cruel execution method in Western History.

‘Blasphemy Law’ was responsible for the execution of many so-called Heretics during ‘Christian Inquisition History’. Murder, stealing horses, robbing banks, stage coaches and trains, mutiny at sea, and many other crimes were punished by hanging. In the case of ‘Blasphemy’ even torture and burning at the stake was common.

In Islamic Nations hanging is still used as well as stoning people, burying people alive, and burning people alive. Cruelty still thrives in our falsely called ‘Civilized World’. 

In the East and West and in Native history one of the most obscene killing methods is beheading. Islam still uses that evil method. Japan used it during Word War II.

And a world that lives in perpetual war and now sends women into combat is not a ‘Civilized World’.

‘Blasphemy Law’ is still wrongly enforced in many Western Nations and in all Islamic Nations.


Electric Chair a cruel punishment method invented during the 20th Century.

Later replaced by drug injection execution, another cruel killing method. 

The kindest way to die is by firing squad or by drowning… it is quick.

The Sixth Commandment states “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.

This commandment is over three thousand years old. It existed in different cultures around the world, including Native Cultures.  


We the people keep sliding backwards in every new generation towards loss of freedom and increased violence. We have not learned much over the last five thousand years. We are still living in an ‘Age of War and Violence’.

We need to wake up and change the way we think.

The way out of this constant path of violence is to learn the ahimsa dynamic way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ the way that uses ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ wisely. Even in reasonably ‘Peaceful Nations’, people misuse their freedom by bullying others, including in Demonstrations on the Streets and in Universities, a place which is supposed to be the hallmark of education but is often the hallmark of anti-freedom thinking and behaviour. There is no such thing as a ‘Peaceful Demonstration’.

There is a difference between being clever and smart. I have published this subject before. Clever is not good enough… we need to learn to become smarter.

And now for the purpose of this paper…

Punishment: Death Penalty


Cosmic Law…

“Thou shalt not enforce the death penalty.” ##

## Consciousness 1993…  Source: Blue Light test pilot edition published in 2003 Grafton NSW Australia. Republished temporarily on Allan Ivarsson’s website. 

“Can anyone think of something more illogical than trying to show people how wrong murder is by murdering them?” ###

Anthony Maait 2008

### Source: Your say, Daily Telegraph, Sydney, Australia, November 11, 2008.

 “Can anyone think of something more illogical than trying to show a murderer how wrong they are, by allowing them to live?”

Thor 2008

Such is contra thought. Both sides of ideas can seem true.

Think about it…Anthony Maait is right, but not for the reason of his statement! Thor is right, but again not for the reason of his statement. There is a higher reason for abolition of the death penalty and it is not about trying to make an evil person that has no caring conscience, feel guilty and remorse for their evil crime. And it is not about releasing a person after a few years in jail, when the victim is never allowed to live free.

Is God illogical? Or could it be more to the point that the Bible verses, which approve death penalty, are in fact not Gods instructions. Men wrote these satanic verses to satisfy their own evil dark thoughts. They falsely claimed it as being words of God/Allah to give them power to control others. ‘Paedophile Muhammad’ used this same deceitful trick in the Qur’an.

God of Love is just. And would never authorize the right to use the death penalty or any other form of cruel punishment. Until all satanic verses are deleted from the Koran, Bible and Torah, Satan will always hide Gods truth.

God is Love and for that reason should not be feared. God is not vain and for that reason should not be worshipped. God is the way of good, order and direction. And for that reason, God should be served by always living honourably, striving to do the right thing, living in the light of goodness. God is not a jealous God, contrary to the false claim in the Bible. God rejects jealousy and envy as being dark forces motivated by vanity and self-centeredness. The act of worshipping God is in fact an act of idolatry. God does not want to be idolized. God wants to be loved and respected. God wants us to listen to God’s advice given in the spirit of light.

When a victim is murdered, often very cruelly, which is extremely painful, their life is ended forever. They do not get any more second chances. The victim has been cheated out of the right to live in peace, and the right to live free and safely, and the right to enjoy life happily. By the process of justice, the evil culprit, the murderer should be denied the right to life. It is not about revenge, or punishment, it is about true justice. No one has the right to kill another human being except in self-defence. Our natural response is why should a murderer be allowed to live when they denied someone else the right to life? In principle, our anger and indignation are correct.

But a higher ‘Cosmic Law’ as taught by God of Creation clearly states… “Thou shalt not kill.” And this includes enforcement of the death penalty.

Life imprisonment is worse than death. And God knows that the worst thing, which can happen to any life form, is the experience of imprisonment. This is worse than death. The real evil is a system that allows a murderer to walk free after a few years in prison. Such a soft system is an act of high treason against the free world and all victims. The culprits who created this soft walk-free system are the politicians, inspired by backward excuse system coward psychology. Judges and parole board officers are simply managing weakly defined laws. The real treasonous people are the politicians, who say and do nothing, and do by their apathy allow murderers to walk free. Every politician who has the power to alter unjust legislation and does nothing, is an enemy of the free world.

Unfortunately, God will not tell us what punishments should be enforced for wrongdoing. Cosmic Laws simply tell us what not to do. God leaves punishment decisions to society, and only tables behaviour guidelines.

Some people have said we don’t have the death penalty because we are civilized. Such statements are a lie. A civilized world does not commit acts of war, acts of violence and destruction. A civilized world does not enjoy horror books, bloodlust games and horror films for entertainment, in much the same way as the Ancient Romans. We have a long way to go before we become civilized. And only through ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ as a majority can we hope to become civilized.

Fear of punishment, imprisonment and fear of death, makes most people think twice before doing the wrong thing. Only the uncaring and the desperate with nothing to lose, will commit a crime regardless of the risk of potential severe consequences. And of the uncaring they deserve no quarter. In a society with good social welfare aid, there is no justification for criminal acts of desperation. In a good society, only the uncaring without honour are capable of serious crime. The adage is true… “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”

If a society does not have a good social aid, welfare support system, then society must in the name of doing the right thing, fix it and ensure justice and wellbeing exists for all decent ahimsa human beings.

There is no excuse for crime in a society founded upon welfare social aid commitment to help all in need. Zero tolerance, truth in sentencing, mandatory sentencing must always be the punishment. To do less than this is an act of uncaring concern for the victims of crime. To do less than this is an act of betrayal of justice. To do less than this is an act of dishonour.

 Punishment is about deterrence and protection of society. Punishment is not about reformation. Punishment is simply about penalty for wrong acts of behaviour and is about sending an absolute universal message that every person is accountable for their actions.

Prison is simply a safety net to protect society from repeat offenders.

Psychology is useless. The reason criminals commit crimes is because of their false knowledge belief system. No one can reform another human being. Reformation and corrective action is a self-motivated effort. We should offer goodwill education opportunities and skills training benefits to non-serious crime offenders that gives prisoners the opportunity to establish self-correction ability, in preparation for when they are freed from prison; but if people don’t want to learn, there is nothing more we can do. When others refuse to learn; all that we can do is enforce good behaviour rules, when they step outside the boundaries of decency, into a world of unacceptable bad behaviour, they must face a reckoning.

Any person guilty of murder, rape, gang rape, serial rape and serial paedophilia, must never ever be released from prison. Such persons do not ever deserve the right to live ‘Free’ –their victims were denied the right to live free in peace. The scars of victims never go away, they are haunted by it, for the rest of their lives, even into old age.

A soft society is a weak society. A cruel society is an evil society. An unjust society is a pathetic cowardly society. The fine red line demands the scales of justice be balanced correctly always. An unwholesome society is soft, cruel and unjust. We in the world are still striving to create a wholesome society. And until the majority learns ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ such a society will not become a reality. Unwholesome societies inevitably perish, in the wake of their own apathy. This reality is a consequence of ignoring Cosmic Law, which has always existed.

Religious people all cling to the worship of their God Creator. They are right, all others are wrong. If we cannot educate religious people to open their mind and step outside the box, to learn hard reality, what hope have we got of educating criminal minds who likewise are not interested in learning truth and higher values? Until religious people learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, many criminals will never seek to learn a better way.

During the last fifty years of the 20th Century ‘Capital Punishment’ i.e. ‘Death Penalty’, has become a very contentious issue in the ‘Western World’. Global society in the 19th Century and before going back millions of years has always enforced the death penalty, often unjustly and cruelly.

In the past a tougher, zero tolerance more absolute society in all cultural forms supported capital punishment. Penalty was absolute, if you murdered another human being you were executed- it was that simple in result. Unfortunately, tragically for some people, justice was not always just; many persons were innocent, being victims of false accusations and lack of provable evidence. Many innocent persons have been executed throughout history for crimes they did not commit.

The Jewish Torah, the Christian Bible and the Muslim Koran all approved enforcement of death penalty. Jews, Christians and Muslims all approved the death penalty. Now society is saying that these Abrahamic belief systems are wrong. And thus, society is really saying that ‘God Creator’ is wrong. And society is correct. Because Jews, Christians and Muslims were wrong. So much for the goodness of ‘God Creator Religions’. This issue proves that the holy books contain satanic verses. And since we know that ‘God is Love,’ we also know that a God of Love is not a creator, but rather is of the creation process like us. Until you can grasp and understand this difference you will never be truly smarter.

What this truly reveals is that a believed ‘God Creator’ does not exist and thousands of millions of ignorant people, have been worshipping an imaginary God that has never existed. Science has helped us understand this truthful reality. And yet millions of people still naively, very foolishly worship an imaginary God, now that fact identifies how foolish, so many people are. People that refuse to make the effort to learn higher truth are lost and if they will not listen, don’t waste time trying to explain reality to them. Fools that refuse to learn and upgrade their skills are on their own in their own self-created stupidity, there is nothing more that people with P.I. can do for them. Just walk away and leave them to live in their fantasy world, in the end reality will bite them one way or another. We cannot save those whom refuse to save themselves.

Early man instinctively introduced the hard rule of death penalty in every society primitive and advanced, to protect the survival of society. Abandonment of this barbaric rule would have encouraged an increase in the rite of murder. Now with modern methods and new scientific discoveries, the knowledge, which was given to us by God of Creation, we now have better ways of controlling the evil act of murder.

Our methods are better but are still not good enough. A new evil has crept into the social system. That is, the victim is dead, and murderers are walking free. Murder under cosmic law, the 6th Commandment is an act of high treason against humanity. And the release of proven beyond all doubt murderers is likewise an act of high treason.

And the persons deemed by God who are responsible for the release of murderers back into society, is not judges or parole board officers. God of Creation holds all politicians accountable for allowing soft loophole legislated laws to exist, which allow murderers to walk free. These politicians are guilty of high treason against humanity, and by their apathy are enemies of the free world. Zero tolerance towards murder, also means zero tolerance towards the release of murderers. Using ahimsa methods, such politicians deserve no quarter.

In this 21st Century we humans still live in a timeframe since man first walked upon earth, which is the ‘Age of War’. Other ages existed under this age umbrella of human time, but we humans still have not escaped the habit of war. And we will not escape this habit, until the whole planet all nations is a true ‘Liberty’ secular democracy, and ninety five percent of the global population has learned the mandatory education training of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. Then and only then will humanity ascend into the ‘Age of Peace’ the question is when?

Society will not learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ as a majority, until the myth of all religions is eliminated, by open academic tabling of cosmic truth, using ahimsa methods, giving no quarter to naïve religious fanatics and their false knowledge mythical beliefs.

Personally, I believe the death penalty is kinder than life imprisonment never to be released. For I do not fear death- life imprisonment, loss of freedom is far worse than death. Though I sometimes argue in disagreement with God Cosmic Consciousness… God of Creation has made Cosmic Law clear… “Thou shalt not enforce the death penalty.” And no doubt God’s Cosmic Law is correct, for God of Creation is far wiser and smarter than I. Putting personal emotions aside, I am sure God understands better the real reason for this Cosmic Law.

Cosmic Law also states… “Thou shalt not release a proven beyond all doubt murderer back into free society.”

Disobedience of Cosmic Laws is an act of treason against God of Creation. Thou shalt know which laws are true by the common-sense light in which they are written.

Humans are faced with a social question…which punishment process do we enforce for all murderers?


  1. Execute all murderers?
  2. Life imprisonment, never to be released of all murderers.
  3. Allow a self-claimed reformed murderer the right to walk free after a few years in prison? [Whilst the victim gets no such opportunity.]


Yes, for question two is the correct answer. No, for questions one and three is the correct answer. What is the check for guidance? God’s Cosmic Law is correct. And what’s more…God’s Cosmic Law is pragmatic, just and universal common sense.

Cosmic hard reality is true. Penalties are deterrents for societies protection, and fines, community service, and imprisonment are for the protection of society, from those fools not deterred. Only those persons that fear loss of freedom are truly deterred. And no one can reform anyone. A person must reform themselves by their own initiative and self-determined persistent application to be better. All society can do is give them education opportunities. They must by their own effort and will power do the rest. Finally, our belief system or lack thereof determines why we do what we do. It has nothing to do with psychology. It has nothing to do with the sub-conscious. All thinking and behaviour is about the conscious. We are what we learn and what we believe. Ignorance, myth and apathy are our enemy within self.

Punishment: Death Penalty Recap

Every religious person that is offended by the following essay comments does not have ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and is not a good believer. If a person religious or not, Atheist or not, makes the effort to study the character of Jesus the man, the great mentor teacher, you should notice that Jesus was the eye of calm in a storm and was always a man with ‘Emotional Intelligence’. And when Christians become indignant, furiously angry at criticism and rejection of Bible passages, they prove that they are thinking wildly like ‘Jihad Muslims’ and accordingly are hypocrites and are not truly loyal to Jesus. For a self-claimed pious Christian that does not live in behaviour like Jesus is not a true Christian. History has proven again and again that many Christians are not ‘True Christians’ and are in fact evil, or bordering by behaviour close to becoming the right hand of evil.

Recap: Ever since the elimination of the death penalty in many countries, ‘Western Society’ has been involved in a great debate for and against the death penalty. The Abrahamic belief systems, Judaism, Christianity and Islam all approved the death penalty for their entire history, based upon authorization in the Jewish Torah, The Old Testament of the Christian Holy Bible and the Muslim Koran. If these beliefs were true, then the death penalty cannot ever be abolished. The so-called ‘Holy’ books all authorize the death penalty.

The Qur’an/Koran is an evil book that makes the evil ‘Mein Kampf’ book by Adolf Hitler look angelic in comparison to the insidious Koran.

The ‘Bible and the ‘Torah’ books contain many valid pragmatic wisdom texts, which are interwoven in chapters riddled in part with ‘Satanic Verses’ that is, mythical false knowledge laws and wrong violent ideas that were not tabled by God but were in fact invented by dark thinking men. Trust in these books? No way! Trust in the wisdom recorded in these books? Yes absolutely! Problem is that most religious people are not smart enough to separate false knowledge ideas from wisdom.

If by Moral Law it is totally wrong to enforce the death penalty then it proves that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all founded upon many false knowledge evil instructions. And that fundamentalist religious people that strictly follow so-called ‘Holy Book Law Texts’ cannot be trusted to protect and preserve the flame of freedom, truth and justice.

It may be argued using ‘Marxist Mentality’ that legislated law should close all ‘God Creation’ places of worship. Certainly ‘Anti-Freedom Communism’ has no hesitation in banning religion. However, true ‘Liberty’ in ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ has no right to deny people the right to believe in an ‘Ahimsa Creed’. And likewise, ‘Freedom of Speech’ gives people the right to criticise and reject such ‘Belief Systems’, without fear of being abused and bullied, simply because they disagree with such beliefs.

I emphasise the words ‘Ahimsa Creed’ because ‘Islam’ is not an ‘Ahimsa Creed’. Islam is in fact an ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Totalitarian Bully Gangster Violent Jihad Creed’ and its Gangster threatening behaviour, is far worse than the Mafia, and must not only be closed down, but must be banned throughout the Universe.

Freedom of thought is misused when it clings faithfully to fixed dogma false knowledge belief systems. We are not truly free until we are divorced from all religions and cults.

“Islamic terrorists killed Avijit Roy, the talented Bengali scientist, writer, freethinker in Dhaka tonight. We are living in Dark Ages.”

 Taslima Nasreen

On Twitter 26 Feb 2015

Cosmicism, the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ the way of ‘Living in the Light’ is the only way out of the Dark Ages.


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