It must not be forgotten that Ayatollah Khomeini (1902-1989) issued a fatwa against India-born author Salman Rushdie in 1989 calling for his assassination after Rushdie published his book ‘Satanic Verses’. Rushdie was accused of ‘Blasphemy’ against Islam; and Khomeini in the fatwa gave the instruction to all Muslims around the world that they must execute Rushdie and all those involved in the publication of the book. Such was the evil of Ayatollah Khomeini.


Introduction Source…


Satanic Verses from the ‘Old Testament’ # Christian Bible…

Which are not the word of God.


Think calmly when you read this…emotional overreaction void of pragmatic logic is a sign of stupidity…

“For everyone who curses his father, or his mother shall be put to death; he has cursed his father or his mother, his blood is upon him.” #

# Leviticus 20:9

A.I. comments… Whilst most parents are usually good parents, some unlucky children are sired by evil parents. In this case respecting such evil parents is not acceptable. And what sort of evil mind would sentence children to death for cursing their parents? Children may need reasonable slaps to stop rudeness, disobedience and disrespect, whilst they are under the age of eighteen years- but as an adult, children have the free right to walk away from their parents if they so choose. This Leviticus 20:9 satanic verse should have been deleted from the Torah & The Bible, by Jews and Christians.

PS. Those inferior thinking Psychologists, weak minded do-gooders and lawmakers that support legislation banning, of reasonable slapping of children, are evil thinking people. There is a big difference between reasonable slapping of a child and brutality. Inferior thinkers are so stupid, they don’t understand the difference. My teenage children used to say to me back in the 1990’s that they preferred a quick slap for their wrong action than a lecture. Ask a child what they would prefer, being reasonably slapped, forced to sit on a stool in a corner, or forced to face a corner standing for several minutes, or being locked inside their room like a prisoner, and most will prefer the slap to get it over and done with.

When I was in High School in early 1962, I got the cane three times in second year and I deserved it, that was my rebel year, the teachers quickly sorted me out. And it hurt, my fingers were bruised, but I got the message and self-corrected my bad behaviour. What do I think of detention? I would rather the cane.

My wife Jan, as a child once missed the school bus, in the early 1960’s, because of psychology detention process, the teacher failed to first contact the parent…the consequence…when Jan arrived home late as a young teenage girl…excuses were not accepted…she was punished further by the slap…such is the way of the detention process, without parental authorisation.

I was never punished by my father for getting the cane, as far as he was correctly concerned, I had received my justice punishment and no further action was required. You see in our day, parents respected the teachers right to discipline the children, subject to the fact that punishment was not cruelty. And teachers using the cane, were not cruel…though it hurt a bit. It did deliver the right warning message… “Don’t do it again”.

As for all the inferior thinking fools banning the reasonable use of the cane and the reasonable slap, not one of these idiots has real courage. And that is easy to prove, challenge them to a fair fight in the boxing ring under ‘Marquis of Queensbury Rules’ and most will refuse, with excuses, as to why they cannot fight, being yellow scared, deserving the ‘white feather’.

In addition, all these inferior thinking fools are quick on false courage, in demanding the banning of slapping and the cane, and not many, if at all any, of these naïve dummies, has the courage to publicly denounce the approval of wife beating in the Qur’an. Not one is regularly openly fighting to oppose the violent Jihad Teachings in the Koran. But then that is what cowards hiding behind backward Psychology do, mouth off against reasonable slapping when they are living in a safe society audience, but oppose Islam, which is not so safe? …they run yellow scared and hide rather than speak up. Such is the cowardly way of two-faced hypocrites.

“If a man commits adultery with the wife of his neighbour, both the adulterer and the adulteress shall be put to death. The man who lies with his father’s wife has uncovered his father’s nakedness; both of them shall be put to death, their blood is upon them. If a man lies with his daughter-in-law, both of them shall be put to death; they have committed incest, their blood is upon them.” #

# Leviticus 20:10-12

Whilst adultery is wrong and foolish, such an ahimsa wrong act, between consenting adults, does not deserve punishment of any kind- and certainly not death. Eighty percent of all divorcees would be executed if such an evil Torah/Bible law were enforced. The 7th Commandment clearly states “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” This cosmic law channelled by God of Creation to Moses was given to guide people away from emotional self-destruction. God Cosmic Consciousness guidance, knew that happiness between couples demanded a dimension of total loyalty to each other. Less than this is self-destructive of the relationship.

On the other side of reality, if couples are not happy together in relationship, then they should separate. Religious inferior thinking fanatical fools, often accuse those that are divorcees of being guilty of adultery. This thinking is false knowledge injustice. It is far wiser for couples to divorce than to stay together in an unhappy marriage.

One of the reasons so many Muslims support the existence of slavery, is because under Islam, adultery is punishable by death. To get around this sex restriction problem, Muslim men can have more than one wife and can collect sex-slave non-Muslim women, so that they do not break the ‘Islamic Law of Adultery’. Which is why it’s imperative, for all sex-obsessed Muslim men, to conquer all non-Muslims, so that they can kill the men, including husbands, and then force their wives and girlfriends to become sex-slaves which can be owned, bought and sold for profit. The idiotic mentality of a large percentage of Muslim women, is that they approve of this sex-slave system. ‘Silence is Approval’. These inferior thinking Muslim women are enthusiastic, to share their husbands with other wives and slaves. Do these Muslim women support this, because they want a break from sex with their husband, whom is no good in bed, being a selfish taker? Or do these Muslim women approve of sharing such promiscuity, because they are victims of FGM and thus don’t enjoy the sexual act? Or do these Muslim women support this, just because they are so oppressed, they have been controlled so long, they don’t know how to say no to such insidious beliefs? Whatever the reason, the Muslim women supporting Polygyny and slavery are in fact insane for tolerating such apartheid anti-freedom Islamic Sharia Law rules. The Muslim men don’t lose, they win all the way. Muslim women are the losers. But as the adage goes… “Stupid is as Stupid Does”.

It is not wrong for a man or woman to leave their spouse, if the marriage is unhappy and irreconcilable. Yet ancient teachings claim that divorce is adultery. The Roman Catholic Church outlawed ‘Divorce’ and has a history of harassing couples whom separated. That idea is wrong and did not come from God. Such dark ideas came from chauvinist men, who were wrapped up in their own vanity and need to control women.

It is not adultery to honestly leave a marriage. It is only adultery, if a person secretly has a sexual relationship, whilst still married. Society in the 21st Century calls this ‘cheating’ which means being dishonest with your partner.

If a married couple decide to live an ‘open marriage’ in which they are honest with each other about their sexual relationships with others, including spouse swapping, it is not adultery and it is not cheating…but it is a very unwise foolish practice, because in the end such a marriage relationship will inevitably breakdown. For the true instinct of two people ‘in love’ is to bond as one for life, and if that conviction does not exist, then sooner or later the relationship will breakdown, and both open marriage partners will separate forever.

These issues of concern are not about morality, they are about ‘Reality Based Ethics’.

The meaning of morality keeps changing century after century, being different in numerous cultures, because there is no correct definition of what is moral and what is not moral. It is far wiser to dump thinking about things in terms of morality and think more pragmatically using common sense as to what is right or wrong by the guidelines of ‘Reality Based Ethics’.

Even Nudity is not about morality, to be naked is not immoral, its rejection in public, is more about pragmatic common sense and societal propriety, including cleanliness, using ‘Reality Based Ethics’ as a guideline founded upon ‘Cosmic Law’.

To understand ‘Cosmic Law’ learn more about ‘Cosmicism’ in future readings, to view its nature and character, and how it is determined to be a truthful foundation.

 The 6th Commandment clearly states “Thou shalt not kill” that means also no law shall be enforced by death penalty. If you cannot understand this reality, then you are not too bright.

It must be noted that the murder of people for adultery, including stoning to death and burning alive, which are very vicious cruel punishments, is still enforced by evil Islam, through ‘Sharia Law’, and Western Politicians true to their cowardice, never publicly denounce such evil behaviour. There is no global outcry, except by the ‘Freedom Resistance’ against Islam. The United Nations and the European Union also in bed with Islam, say nothing against evil Sharia Law punishments. Saudi Arabia, the heart of Islam, is just as guilty of evil killing punishments, as any other Nation that enforces torture, cruelty and the ‘Death Penalty’.

Politicians are more concerned with ‘Climate Change’ which they cannot ever control, then they are about the suffering of people caused by evil dark thinking belief systems.

Not one ‘Muslim Cleric’ publicly denounces punishment for adultery, which proves that all ‘Muslim Clerics’ are enemies of kindness, decency and freedom of choice.

Christians and Jews against Islam, will denounce these evil cruel adultery punishments enforced by Islam. Yet not one ‘True Christian’ or ‘True Jew’ will ever accept accountability for the historical fact that it was Judaism in the Torah, followed by Christianity in the Old Testament that taught evil Muhammad to kill all adulterers. Muhammad got his basic evil training from the insane teachings of Fundamentalist Jews and Fundamentalist Christians. And that is absolute fact. Only liars would deny that reality.

Incest and paedophile behaviour is evil and destructive between adults and children. And to protect the rights of children, who all deserve a young life of innocence, laws must exist to protect children and their right to live free of sexual abuse.

Incest between consenting adults is like adultery, it is unwise and destructive of family relationships. But it is not evil. It is not immoral, it is simply extremely unwise. A lot of people cannot get their head in thinking, around this reality. If two members of a family are stranded on an island for life, cut off from the rest of the world forever, do they abstain from affectionate sexual love? Or do they share each other; to fulfil a natural need for love and affection? The answer is obvious; in society incest between consenting adults is very unwise, being destructive of family relationships, and this makes it wrong, but it is not evil. And certainly, does not deserve punishment and persecution. Such attacks against consenting adults are acts of evil.

It must always be remembered that according to the Bible texts the myth of ‘Adam and Eve’ and their descendants were the result of inbred consensual sex between brothers, sisters and cousins; this reality as the descendent story evolves was approved by God Creator. Even today inbred marriage is common amongst Muslims and once was common amongst Christians, through arranged marriages to cousins. Common sense must prevail, incest must not ever be given the ‘Green Light’, but likewise incest must never be prosecuted against two consenting adults.

Of course, in reality… ‘Adam and Eve’ is a mythical story and truth is that mankind evolved true to the life cycle of evolution process, but in the beginning of evolutionary form change, there must be a point of time, when all new creatures evolved in offspring through the activity of incest.

“If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death, their blood is upon them. If a man takes a wife and her mother also, it is wickedness; they shall be burned with fire, both he and they, that there may be no wickedness among you. If a man lies with a beast, he shall be put to death; and you shall kill the beast. If a woman approaches any beast and lies with it, you shall kill the woman and the beast; they shall be put to death, their blood is upon them.” #

# Leviticus 20:13-16

The Bible and the Torah clearly says no to homosexual behaviour and yet in the 20th and 21st Century C.E. churches are divided. Some Christians accept same sex relationships others do not. Something is either right or wrong. And those who claim to trust in the Bible, cannot approve homosexuality. Such is disgusting hypocrisy afraid to identify incorrect instructions and delete it.

God did not table in the initial ‘Ten Commandments’ an instruction, which states “Thou shalt not enter into same sex relationships.” Personally, the idea of same sex relationship sends me cold. But to punish homosexual and lesbian behaviour between consenting adults is an act of evil.

And Islam is guilty of this evil- Muslims execute Gays in Islamic Nations, including evil Saudi Arabia, the heart of Islam, and the United Nations says nothing…which proves the dream of true justice ‘Universal Law’ established by the United Nations is nothing more than a dimwit wish list.

Sexual activity with non-human animals is clearly sick behaviour and should be condemned and prosecuted as cruelty to animals. Animals deserve the right to be free of sexual abuse. But putting people to death for wrong sexual behaviour is an act of evil. And a beast does not deserve death, because of disgusting choices made by a man or woman. Trust in the Bible no way! And any person who cruelly kills someone by use of fire is an evil abomination.

“He who blasphemes the name of the Lord shall be put to death; all the congregation shall stone him;” #

# Leviticus 24:16

Now we know where Muhammad got this evil idea from… First from the Judaism Torah and Second from the Christian Bible… Blasphemy under ‘Sharia Law’ is punishable by death. The idea was not tabled by Allah or a God of any other name; the idea of killing people for ‘Blasphemy’ was created by evil men.

Stoning people to death is a very evil act. God of Love has not ever condoned such cruel behaviour.

“He who kills a man shall be put to death.” #

# Leviticus 24:17

Such is the hypocrisy of such Torah/Bible/Koran texts. It is okay to cruelly murder and kill people for adultery, homosexuality and blasphemy, but it is not okay to defend yourself against someone trying to kill you. A countless number of people have been executed for accused murder, during the last five thousand years, when in fact it was self-defence. Societal law is often an ass.

And the final right reality is that the sixth commandment says “Thou Shalt Not Kill” … go figure where is common sense in ‘Belief Systems’?

It cannot be over emphasised, the 6th valid Commandment in the Ten Commandments proves that all of the ‘Satanic Verses’ in the Torah, the Bible and the Koran are not words of God or Allah and are absolutely evil verses.

“So, Moses spoke to the people of Israel; and they brought him who had cursed out of the camp, and stoned him with stones. Thus, the people of Israel did as the Lord commanded Moses.” #

# Leviticus 24:23

This verse Leviticus 24:23 lied… ‘God of Love’ did not give such an instruction. And Moses did not authorize such evil behaviour. The proof lies in the 6th Commandment.

“If there is a betrothed virgin, and a man meets her in the city and lies with her, then you shall bring them both out to the gate of that city, and you shall stone them to death with stones, the young woman because she did not cry for help though she was in the city, and the man because he violated his neighbour’s wife; so, you shall purge the evil from the midst of you.” #

# Deuteronomy 22:23-24

Never mind that the man may not have known she was betrothed. Never mind that the woman may have been betrothed by the father without her consent, which was often the forced evil custom in all Abrahamic creed cultures.

Never mind that the couple may have been genuinely truly in love. Never mind the girl may have been raped. In Islam, ‘Honour Killings’ are often focused on the cruel execution of a woman, whom was raped by several men. She is deemed guilty not them, for allowing a gang to rape her. Such is the evil mentality of the ‘Islamic Belief System’. And such was the ancient Jewish and Christian evil mentality, as instructed by the Torah and Bible.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all approved murder and stoning to death, such is the evil of these belief systems. Only modern law has challenged their satanic thinking. Not one of these creeds has deleted these evil text instructions from their so-called ‘Holy Books’.

Authors Note: You may wonder why I use the words ‘Belief Systems’ instead of ‘religions’ the reason is that Judaism and Christianity are religions and Islam is a cult. Mankind has constantly made the mistake of calling Islam a religion; Islam is not a religion… Islam is a political ideology cult, disguised as a religion. It is incorrect to group together the three Abrahamic belief systems as three Abrahamic religions.

 The difference between the Koran, Bible and Torah is the fact that the Koran instructs all Muslims to kill all unbelievers that refuse to submit to Islam. No such similar instruction directed towards Christians in the Bible or Jews in the Torah, tells them to kill all unbelievers of their ‘Belief System’. However, all three so-called Holy Books do contain many evil ‘Satanic Verses’.

“He whose testicles are crushed or whose male member is cut off shall not enter the assembly of the Lord.” #

# Deuteronomy 23:1

In other words, if you have an accident, battle injury or lose your testicles to protect you against prostate cancer, you cannot enter heaven. Can you believe this biblical brain-dead nonsense? Trust in the bible? No way!

“No bastard shall enter the assembly of the Lord; even to the tenth generation none of his descendants shall enter the assembly of the Lord.” #

# Deuteronomy 23:2

No wonder children born out of wedlock were persecuted by evil Christians and evil Jews. Such was their devil religious behaviour. God is love and did not ever hand down such satanic instructions.

A disgraceful history existed in the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th Century, and no doubt for many centuries before, when hundreds of thousands of children that were deemed by Christians as illegitimate ‘Bastards’ because they were born out of wedlock, were persecuted, shunned, abused and even sexually raped. A large percentage of these children, became child labor slaves and tens of thousands, in one period were taken from their mothers as stolen children, and shipped from Britain and Ireland to Australia to suffer more abuse. The adults behind this evil behaviour were Christians. Christianity has evil in its history, more than goodness, because of the ‘Satanic Verses’ in the Old Testament. This is one of many reasons why I am no longer a Christian.

The words, ‘illegitimate and illegitimacy and bastard’ applied to people born out of wedlock, are evil bully words that were used by evil Christians, to intimidate those children for their entire life, treating them as inferior human beings. When in fact the evil Christian Bullies that supported the enforcement of such ‘Bastard’ Satanic Verses in the Bible were the evil ones. Trust Christian values? No way!

The ‘Australian Aborigines’ justly claimed they were victims of being ‘Stolen Children’ by the Christians, but they were not the only victims, other races and cultures suffered the same abuse, including white children.

All this evil behaviour was inspired by evil texts in the Torah and the ‘Old Testament’. “Trust in the Bible”? No Way!

There are a lot of other satanic verses in the Bible and the Torah. The above are just some examples.

# Source: Old Testament Revised Standard Holy Bible 1952 C.E.

God did not channel these ‘put to death’ instructions. Moses did not table these instructions. And the proof lies in the 6th Commandment; “Thou shalt not kill.”

The persons in ancient times, whom claimed that these execution instructions came from God, as delivered by Moses, are evil liars. Just like Muhammad lied, when he claimed that Allah, instructed Muslim leaders to execute people, for whatever reasons, as guided by the Koran. And only idiots believed it. The person who made these false claims also disobeyed the 9th Commandment, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”

All satanic verses should have been deleted from the Bible, but century after century; pathetic inferior thinking Roman Christian leaders did nothing. And to this day – they are still pathetic.

Trust in the Bible no way! To trust in the total Bible and the total Torah is an act of evil. Only certain passages in the Bible teaching love, peace and wisdom can be trusted. The wiser learn to know the difference. If anyone chants “I trust in the bible,” tell him or her, “if that’s true then you are evil and cannot ever be trusted.”

Jesus a Jew, did not embrace the ‘Old Testament’, it did not exist in his time, he simply came to alter some of the teachings which he recognised were wrong in the Torah, thus the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ was tabled. In fact, early ‘True Christians’ followed only Jesus and his teachings. Recap: The Bible did not exist. It was the creation of the ‘Roman Christian Church’ that started to corrupt the teachings of Jesus and his original message by adding the contradictions of the ‘Old Testament’ that Jesus rejected. This is evident by the actual message tabled by Jesus.

Even Albert Einstein a proud Jew, the most intelligent man on ‘Planet Earth’ during the early 20th Century, did two thousand years later, reject both Judaism and Christianity, as well as Islam, recognising that Buddhism was closer to greater wisdom than all the other Abrahamic Creeds.

‘Paedophile Muhammad’ corrupted the teachings in the Torah and the Bible twisting them to suit his own devious criminal objectives. In short, the Koran is a mishmash of twisted ideas, inspired in part by the wrong teachings in the Torah and the Bible. Consequently, all the evil behaviour that evolved from the ‘Satanic Verses’ recorded in the Qur’an, Bible and Torah is directly responsible for all of the cruelty and violence that was actioned in support of such evil mindless teachings. The ‘Abrahamic Belief Systems’ have done a lot of extreme damage to the wholesome survival of humanity. Reams and reams, volumes of information exist to prove that fact. In fact, the amount of absolute evidence that identifies the consequences of these ‘Satanic Verses’ is so deep and lengthy in reading that it is almost overwhelming for the specialist student and certainly is for the average light reader.

If religion had not ruled during the last 2,500 years since the beginning of Greek Philosophy- the Quest for Truth and Wisdom, then Philosophy and Science, would have successfully expanded more rapidly as companions, and the world today would have been more advanced in technology, peace and harmony, and by now would have been closer to settling upon Mars, as a stepping stone ‘Space Station’ for space exploration, and terraforming further in outer space.

Obviously, the extreme cold conditions and the huge variance in gravity on Mars compared to Earth, has serious implications in the ability of life being able to return from Mars to Earth, and impacts upon the question, can life that has evolved at our earths constant gravity rate survive out there? As our bone density structure and muscle performance weakens at lower gravity levels like on Mars. Through reconditioning and adaptation process, humankind can probably adapt to Mars lower gravity, but return to earth after biological adaptation, probably not. Science will solve this dilemma, through the advanced evolution of technology. Including solving many other serious survival issues like oxygen and food/liquid supply and protection from solar radiation etc. But first to truly succeed, we must all walk away from religions, especially the Abrahamic Creeds, the wiser path is to live with ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ as a companion to Science.

The fixed dogma mentality of false knowledge religion has a lot to answer for its insidious crimes against humanity.

A person’s ‘Belief System’ is the reason for their thinking and consequent behaviour- that fact is simple to understand.

Allan Ivarsson © 2007/2017

Source: 2017 Book ‘Insanity of Hate’




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