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This Medannuation Societal Health System will strengthen the Quality of Life for every person in a country which has implemented its Policy, Procedure and Commitment to do the Right Thing by all people in their Nation.

It is up to every person in ‘Team Spirit’ to make this important Vision achievable.

Allan Peter Ivarsson January 2017

Allan Ivarsson 2017

Welcome to the Dimension of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ – a world of thought with a difference.

‘Blue Light’ … In every Nation, our ‘Societal Health System’ is of Paramount Importance and is essential to the wholesome wellbeing of a country and its people.

Due to high levels of immigration process, legal & illegal, and tourist visitations, moving around the globe, it is essential to protect each country, from infectious evolutionary migration of diseases, and other serious inflictions that can seriously destroy the heart of a country, if good controls do not exist.

However, this is not the only concern, traditional health problems from birth to death, including disasters, natural or by accident, do continuously threaten the wholesome wellbeing of humans.

To protect ourselves heavy costs, substantial amounts of money is needed in financial cover, which the average person cannot afford immediately upon demand, and this causes major emotional concerns, when unexpected tragedy strikes their lives. And this financial risk increases through aging process, as well as accidents and disasters.

Therefore, it is essential that every Nation have a high standard ‘Health Care’ process in place, which is financed by the collective population of each country, to ensure responsible care and concern exists, when people become victims of nature’s bully harassment, caused by genetic imperfections, evolutionary changing microbes, natures disaster trends or simply accidents, by negligence or complete stupidity.

To add to societies impacts, is the constant backward human mentality obsessed with insane hate, crazy prejudice and emotional vanity, and the ‘Habit of War’.

Emotional Stress caused by foolish conflict, can impact upon the wholesome wellbeing of people’s lives. To counter this negative thinking and behaviour the advanced thinking of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ must be taught in all High Schools and Universities.

Such stress can inadvertently make people physically ill. But even with P.I. there is one physical aspect of life that threatens to pray upon us all sooner or later, and that danger is something every adult and child of school age understands.

Valiant people in Rescue Operations and Combat, often risk their lives to help save and protect others from injury. And sometimes, tragically too often lose their own life or become maimed for life.

Our degree qualified Politicians around the globe, are currently too limited in their thinking and lack the pragmatic survival instincts to truly care for the complete human rights of the people. This negligence in lack of wisdom must change.

Major criticism starts at University Training, which has failed to emphasis at the top of the list the very important process of ‘High Level Health Care’.

Good care is not enough, medical aid must be able to finance such eternal demand, generation after generation, and thus it becomes necessary for the global creation of “Medannuation” as a top priority concern and action.

The ‘Hippocratic Oath’ is very important, but it is not just an essential Doctor’s and Nurses oath, it is a standard of conviction that must feel true to its eternal values, even in personal conscience and compassion, by every human being living true to its values, to the best of their ability.

Politicians in every Nation must change their mindset, and need to stop bickering amongst themselves and focus on the ‘National Good’ for the People, ensuring that Medical Aid and Protection always exists as an essential service at the ‘Highest Standard’, constantly seeking to progressively improve itself, as new technology keeps upgrading itself, helping the growth of better quality of life standards for every human being.

It is the duty of every human being to care for the common good and welfare of all persons. This duty is a matter of conscience, compassion and common decency, to stand united with all people, working for the wholesome wellbeing of human kind.

To do less is unthinkable.

Copyright © Allan Peter Ivarsson 2017 NSW Australia


This booklet is dedicated to all persons that have the courage to think outside the square of the square, and through open mind, recognising no limits to learning, do continuously strive to learn more on an eternal road of self-improvement, which knows no limits and is founded upon ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ walking with the grace of calm ‘Emotional Intelligence, always exploring the dimension of eternal ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Allan Peter Ivarsson 2017

1984-2024 Evolution period of ‘Cosmicism’

Released in the United States of America

First Edition

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Cosmicism the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ a new beginning…

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‘Blue Light’ Defiance Series… The most controversial books ever written, since Charles Darwin ‘On the Origin of Species’.

The controversial Kindle Books published in 2017 are ‘Blue Light Defiance’ series titles… Combat Women, Flat Earth, Insanity of Hate and Philosophical Intelligence, by Allan Ivarsson NSW Australia.

The below booklet subject Medannuation, is a recommended implementation financial societal self-help control procedure, for every altruistic caring Nation, that believes that the good welfare of the people should be more important than the good gain of the one.


1984-2024 Evolution period of ‘Cosmicism’

All ‘Blue Light Defiance’ records…Categories…

Societal Health System


Cosmic Law… Medicare, Hospitals, Bulk billing and Private Health Insurance

What is Medannuation?

How it works- Medical Cover

How It Works- Income Payment Tithe

Calculation for Purposes of Taxation

Management Overview



Age Pension

Cosmic Law… Pensions

To understand ‘Cosmic Law’ you need to read Kindle Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Cosmic Law information now available on Website for a temporary period of time.


The Vision Published December 20th 2006 in Local NSW Newspaper… 


Societal Health System

(A Recommended Process)







A Recommended Societal Government Process


Create a Guaranteed Protection of all Human Health Rights

The overview below concepts in the Medannuation paper were conceived by, and authorised for publication by Allan Peter Ivarsson, NSW Australia, founder of ‘Cosmicism’, the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, in 2003. This Medannuation document recommendation, is not copyrighted, and is given to the world, for free reference and use.

Australia has an excellent ‘Medicare’ health welfare system, the best in the world. All other Nations would be wiser to copy/adopt this important health welfare system for the protection and care of all citizens. However, even Australia needs to upgrade Medicare to the level of Medannuation, not altering the foundations of Medicare, but rather improving the benefit scope of health care and in addition establishing more contribution fund raising to finance health care for all persons of all ages. The contribution income for financing Medicare, does not belong to the Government, it belongs to the People, and may not ever be used for financing anything else other than ‘Health Care’. It is in fact an act of high treason to use funds assigned to ‘Health Care’ for any other purpose. Governments are forbidden to use ‘Health Care’ funds for any other purpose. And that ‘Humane Regulation’ applies also during times of war. The word Medicare should still be used under the subject heading Medannuation.

The word Medicare is now a Universal Word, for use by all Nations.

Unfortunately, even in Australia, there exists evil politicians that want to privatize Medicare and take away from the people their natural human right to the best health care throughout their life.

Every politician that seeks to privatize ‘Medicare’ is an enemy of the state, and by ‘Cosmic Law’ it is an act of ‘High Treason’ against God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World’ to ever ‘Privatize Medicare’.

 Cosmic Law states… Medicare, Hospitals, Bulk billing and Private Health Insurance.

  1. Thou shalt not privatize ‘Medicare’.
  2. Thou shalt ensure that all Hospitals have a 10% excess capacity in available beds to cover emergencies.
  3. Thou shalt ensure that all Hospital Waiting Times are prompt in service.
  4. Thou shalt ensure that all Hospital Car Parks are free admittance.
  5. Thou shalt ensure that Private Hospitals are funded by Medannuation.
  6. Thou shalt ensure that all Medical expenses are bulk billed.
  7. Thou shalt accept that there is no place for Private Health Insurance in a truly honourable, caring humane thinking and good behaviour society.
  8. Thou shalt recognise that Medannuation is the best choice for the wholesome well-being of the people.

Medicare/Health Care is a human right and belongs to the people not to governments, the governments duty is to care for the wholesome wellbeing of the people, to do less is a criminal action against the people.

What is Medannuation?

The health and quality of life, prosperity of humanity, clearly requires the support of Medannuation. So, what is Medannuation? Medannuation is Medical Aid and Protection for Life. The concept of Medannuation is in financial management, very simple. In short it uses the KISS method, ‘Keep it simple silly’.

How It Works- Medical Cover

Every person from the time they start work, until they retire, pays into a Medannuation National Government Fund. Payment into this fund guarantees each person, rich or poor, for life the following benefits…

  1. All Medical Expenses are 100% covered. No payments required from personal pocket. This includes doctors, specialists, hospital cover, and ambulance fund cover. It includes cosmetic surgery, required as a result of accident. It does not include cosmetic surgery as a result of vanity.
  2. Income protection for temporary injuries. In the event of accident, an income equal to the average National Wage, shall be payable to the victim until they are fully recovered, and have been certified by a doctor, they are fit to work. In the event, they are finding it difficult to gain employment, when they are medically fit to work, they shall be covered by social dole benefits, founded upon the countries welfare system. This income shall be subject to taxation and welfare laws of the nation.
  3. Income protection for permanent disability. In the event of accident, or incurred disease/illness, an income equal to the average National Wage, shall be payable to the victim for life. If the disability is of a level, where the person is able to earn a supplement income, the person shall be required to complete taxation income statements in accordance with the laws of the nation. The combined income shall be subject to taxation rules.
  4. Income protection for military personnel. In the event of permanent disability during the course of duty, an income equal to their rank of military income, shall be payable to the individual concerned for life. This income shall be adjusted as required, with an increase, in line with current working standards.
  5. Income protection for ‘Rescue Services Personnel’, which includes Police Forces, Fire Brigade, Flood Rescue, Disaster Rescue, and Ambulance Medical Corps, including Doctors and Nurses. In the event of permanent disability, during the course of duty, an income equal to their current income, shall be payable to the individual for life. This income shall be adjusted as required, with an increase in line with current working standards.
  6. Cosmetic surgery requested for reasons of vanity, shall be paid out of the pocket of the individual, who hired medical skills to process request. Medannuation does not cover cosmetic surgery for reasons of vanity.

How It Works- Income Payment Tithe

Every person from the age of first employment, shall pay 10% of his or her income into the National Medannuation Fund. Rich or poor, it is a mandatory payment. The higher your income, the more you shall pay into the fund, equal to ten percent of your income. You can live with caring peace of mind, that your higher contribution is helping the needy, the disabled and the unfortunate. With respect to health and medical services, wealth must be distributed by need, and all persons in a nation are entitled to the best of medical care when urgently required. This system applies to both wealthy and poor folk.

Calculation for purposes of Taxation

Each person’s income shall be managed using this simple formula as follows:

  1. Total Gross Income Before Taxation
  2. Less 10% Medical Tithe payable automatically by deduction from wages/income to Medannuation Fund. (This is in reality a medical tax, imposed on each person to finance national medical cover.)
  3. Sub Total Gross Income Before Taxation
  4. Less Taxation payable against the subtotal gross income.
  5. Net Income after payment of Taxation, payable to the employee.

Medannuation process is different to Superannuation, it is owned by the collective Nation of the people, and not by the Individual, or by the Government. The Government is only the caretaker, responsible for managing and supporting the humanitarian Medicare Care Process for all individual and collective needs, which also includes the building and upgrade of Hospitals, Medical Centre’s and provision of essential services/aid equipment. The ‘Medical Tax’ contribution figure must appear on the salary/wages payment slip. And on annual group tax certificates, before the subtotal taxable level figure.

Over the years, the accumulative growth of ‘Health Care Funds’ will be able to finance the building and upgrade of Hospitals, Medical Centre’s and Medical Equipment. The only thing needed by Government is the use of pragmatic common sense.

Management Overview

A Medical Government Department shall manage the ‘Medannuation Fund’ and system, with a close link to the Taxation Department. To setup the fund, the Government may choose to lend an interest free sum, to the MF, until the MF, is functioning properly and has become self-reliant. The MF shall then gradually pay back, this interest free loan to the government. After fifty years of operation, the financial growth of the Medannuation Fund should be at a high level, where excess funds can be used to finance upgrades of National Hospital requirements, and no longer need to draw upon traditional taxation budget sources. Governments shall not have the right to draw funds from the MF, for any other purpose, other than Medical reasons. Legislation shall protect the National security requirements of the Medannuation Fund.

Law Suits

The current Lawsuit system is out of control. People are abusing the lawsuit system, including lawyers. Cases are constant, whereby people unjustly launch an action to sue someone, to claim medical and income cover. There have been court cases, whereby the application process has been just, but the method and the amount claimed is wrong and unjust. The result: injustice bites the prosecuted. ‘Public Liability Insurance’ is destroying our way of life. There are too many issues and real event incidents to table in this paper. Injustice is rife. Both parties get unfairly hurt, the victim and the prosecuted. Essential services, social and sporting activities, are at risk of becoming redundant. Changes have to be made. The implementation of Medannuation eliminates the need for Medical lawsuits and Income claim lawsuits.

Laws governing work practice safety have been implemented, and correctly are being reviewed and upgraded, to ensure National Safety of all workers. Such regulations should be extended to social safety practices. In the event, a company or government department is negligent; Medannuation may investigate a claimant’s request for income. And shall fine the organisation, who has been found negligent in matters of Occupational Health and Safety. The fine shall be in a regular monthly payment amount, equal to the income amount, payable by Medannuation Fund to the accident victim claimant. In the event a business enters receivership, Medannuation debt shall be paid first, (this shall be legislated law), before all other debts are tabled for recovery.


‘Private Medical Insurance’ cover does not work justly. Insurance Companies do benefit. And the only people who truly benefit, are those persons who can afford to make the high payments. The rich are off the hook easily; they can afford to pay their medical needs, out of their own pocket. People, who have been making payments to Medical Insurance for years, making very few claims, have paid out tens of thousands of dollars. Suddenly they are made redundant, they lost their job, can no longer make the payments. All the money they paid is lost. Because they cannot pay the premiums any longer, they are immediately without health cover- this is not acceptable. The amount of payment demanded is too high for low-income earners, and for pensioners and the unemployed. The end result is that people in need are not covered. And are trapped in a never-ending cycle of destitution. The ten percent tithe is a fairer just system, for rich and poor.

Current Government medical care systems traditionally do not tax enough, and consequently taxpayer’s funds are indirectly being misused to plug holes in balancing financial deficits. We are still paying a too high general tax, and we do not have the guarantee of 100% Medical cover, nor do we have income protection. In the current system when people are young, they are not smart enough, or disciplined enough to cover for their medical risks, by alternative special account term deposit savings. And even if they were so disciplined in medical savings provision, greedy unjust divorce processes, can destroy the ability to afford medical aid. And when people become old and truly do need the medical protection, they cannot afford it. And the low income employed, is still vulnerable to accident and health risk, and definitely cannot afford cover. Medannuation is the only solution to this national problem.

In addition, far too many military personnel, accident on the job, or injured in combat, fighting for their country are often neglected in medical support, after they are forced for health reasons to leave the military. Such neglect of our essential valiant military personnel is not acceptable, not now, not ever.

There are numerous cases of valiant military personnel, after the end of their combat service, becoming homeless on the streets of different Nations. That end result, neglecting our military service people, who fought for their country, who later find themselves homeless and neglected, without proper income and health care protection is an absolute disgrace, and such a state of national negligence, is not acceptable, not now, not ever.

And there are tragic cases of military personnel that committed suicide after they left the service, because the system failed to provide them with re-establishment support adjustment, to civilian life. We must as a society change the way we think and become more health focused humane in our thinking and behaviour, in all Nations around the globe.

It is time to change the Medical Protection Process and Upgrade the System.

       It is time to give the people 100% Medical Cover for Life.

       Smart organizers can make this work. We will all benefit.

It is up to you the people,


Fight for the implementation of Medannuation.

It is the humane decent duty of every country, to look after its people, ensuring a reasonable welfare process exists for all pensioners, all disabled persons, and the genuine unemployed seeking work opportunities. And equally as important, every human being deserves health care aid as a mandatory right.

In many countries, good wholesome welfare systems do not exist. The elderly is shamefully neglected. This disgraceful scenario is not acceptable.

In many countries, the elderly is forced to work in poor health until they drop dead on the job. This situation is a disgrace and is not acceptable. It is the duty of every Nation, to protect their people both in retirement and in medical cover.

Any government that refuses to care correctly for its citizens is not a decent nation and must be reprimanded for their negligent attitude and behaviour.

Age Pension

Finally, in today’s world, the average physical health of people, calls for the pension retirement of sixty-five years. This strategy must be an optional freedom of choice decision, for some people truly feel stronger and healthier than others at the same age, and therefore may choose to work longer into their early seventies.

Furthermore, the young under the age of 65 years, deserve first opportunity in job applications, and when job shortages exist, it is wiser to encourage pension age people to retire to make way for the young.

A leader of a Government Department or a Corporation, does not have good enough energy levels after the age of seventy years, including Politicians, and should stand down. It is a fact of human existence into this 21st Century that the young from twenty years, until fifty-five years have the highest energy levels, and from this age range, the best leaders shall compete for the leadership and support positions. This reality ensures the progressive evolution of a wholesome society to protect the quality of life wellbeing of all people, all ages in a good society.

This guideline standard should only be altered, if science finds a way for average human beings to live longer in health and energy levels of mental and physical health. At this point of time average quality of human health, starts to decline after sixty-five years. For many that decline begins sadly far earlier.

In addition, many volunteer retirees do freely give service to the community, by their choice, based upon their natural skills ability and health capacity. These valuable important community service functions would be lost, if idiot governments insisted that every person cannot retire before their 70th Year. The Pension must always be available by the 65th year of a person’s life.

This volunteer process by people of all ages, helping the community in a vast range of difference work services is called ‘Social Capital’. And is a very important community process, which strengthens the wholesome wellbeing of a healthy ‘Liberty Based Society’ founded upon the essential values of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’.

The younger deserves their chance for employment opportunities. The elder, deserve care, in their aging years. This is societies essential commitment to decency.

Cosmic Law states… On Pensions

  1. Thou shalt ensure that every human being has the right to receive the ‘Age Pension’ at the age of 65 years.
  2. Thou shalt ensure that every human being genuinely in need of a ‘Disability Pension’ does receive the right income pension according to their needs.
  3. Thou shalt remember that ‘Duty of Care’ is an essential human responsibility towards all genuine in need.
  4. Thou shalt not pay welfare benefits to people capable of working, when job opportunities do exist.

Some people say I have a dream

And I say…

I have a Vision

Allan Peter Ivarsson 2003

Blue Light to be continued…

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