First Woman to become U.S. Commander Of Pacific Air Forces

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Parachute Training USA Air Force




Parachute Training USA Air Force

Should a person appointed leader of Airforce Combat have done mandatory Parachute Training?

This history treatise was first published by Allan Ivarsson in his 2017 book ‘Combat Women’. This history is important for generations to come, because as a ‘Philosophical Belief System’ question… the issue of whether women should fly into combat is a very serious and very important question.

Many feminist women will immediately say, “Yes in the name of Equality, women should fight in combat on the ground, on water and in the air.” Problem is that most of these feminists are all mouth, no guts. They have never served in the military and more importantly have never fought in a war, in combat. Their pro-war for women, is a point of view that is not worth a damn.

Likewise there are foolish men that will say, “Women want equality. Give it to them let them fight in combat.” Problem is these men have never fought in combat, most have never fought in the boxing ring or in a street fight and taken a beating, they are all mouth, no guts.

Our opinions are not worth much if we cannot back it up by experience. Education is important but it is not enough. Far too many educated people have no hands-on experience in the subject they claim to have expertise. Clever is important but it alone is not good enough. Many degree qualified people are clever in finishing their course, but prove to be incompetent in hands-on skills, in management decisions and in completion of project targets which must be performance measured. Far too many Politicians and CEO’s shoot ideas from the hip and cannot deliver results. That incompetence in performance delivery is not good enough.

Credibility is founded upon integrity and delivery of results.

As I indicated in previous treatise on the Question should women fight in combat? … real men who have fought in combat have stated clearly that war is hell and is no place for women.

Now this paper is an essential question should women, “Fly into Combat?”

And “Should a person male or female who has never fought in combat, on the ground, on the sea, or in the air, be appointed leader of combat strategy and commander of Military Forces?”

Commonsense says, “A person who is not combat experienced, does not have a clear understanding of what they are ordering military personnel to do.”

General Lori Robinson retired from the Air Force on June 7th, 2018. This is her story for philosophical history because she was the first woman to become a U.S. Commander of Pacific Air Forces.

The Question shall always stand for new generations, “Should women fly in combat?”


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As I have said many times in my writing, without Chivalry, our society is not worth much. And we should be persistently striving to eliminate the ‘Habit of War’, not striving to perpetuate war by adding to the negative state of war, by including women in combat.

air-force MISSILES USA

Missiles USA

First Woman to become U.S. Commander

Of Pacific Air Forces


This brief subject review was tabled by A.I. because of the constant question should women fight men, in combat, on land, sea or in the air? Also, the other reason is that it has been alleged that Air Force Lt. General Lori J. Robinson has no flight experience. Her very impressive biography link further below indicates that is not true.



Extract from Robinson’s biography/profile

Flight Information

Rating: Senior air battle manager

Flight hours: more than 900

Aircraft: E-3B/C and E-8C (i)


The no flying experience allegation was secondly tabled by BNI based upon what she had read further hereunder…

The ‘BNI’ headline read…

“Barack Hussein Obama accelerates his ‘emasculation jihad’ on the U.S. military”

BNI using sarcasm/irony in last question sentence wrote… “He (Obama) chose a woman who had never flown a plane to head the Air Force in the Pacific and now has nominated her to be first woman to lead the U.S. Northern Combat Command. He ordered that women be allowed in front lines combat and in the most elite Special Forces. Now he has nominated an openly gay man to be Secretary of the Army. What’s next – a tranny to head the Navy?” (ii)


BNI an excellent website dealing with reality, made an interpretation of news error… the below report suggests that traditionally Pilots have commanded war-fighting components. But there is no suggestion that Robinson has never flown a plane. On the contrary, she has more than 900 hours’ flight experience. The article simply identified that Robinson was not a combat trained pilot. When we look also at the history of test pilots, who launched in rockets into outer space, during the early years of the space program, it becomes clear that significant specialist flying skills and fitness levels are required, which Robinson does not possess. The real issue in question, is that Robinson has never flown a plane in combat conditions and thus has never been under attack in the air by the enemy. Without that knowledge and experience, how can she wisely lead the Air Force in the Pacific in times of real war? Theory Strategic War and Real War are two entirely different scenarios. She might be quick thinking in theoretical strategy, during peace conditions, but without true experience in combat, what confidence can we have that under fire she can deliver the right decisions and performance results?

Secretary of Defence Carter, who enthusiastically approved Robinson’s appointment, approved and encouraged by Obama, has never served in the military and has never fought in war. For that matter, Obama, has never been in the military or in a war. We are getting too many politicians as Presidents and Prime Ministers that have never served in the Military, which is very important experience.

The other issues of Gays in the military is a separate subject, just like ‘Gay Marriage’ which is outside the planned scope of this cosmic philosophy book. Perhaps I may review it further down the track in another cosmic philosophy book.

In a brief news report the following headlines flashed…

“Highway to the danger zone” Obama picks non-pilot to head Air Force in Pacific

This was tabled by Rowan Scarborough, The Washington Times July 17, 2014 (iii)

Scarborough wrote…

“The White House has picked the first female general to head the Air Force in the Pacific, which will make her the first non-pilot to command air power in such a large theatre of operation.” (iii)

“The Pentagon announced this week that Air Force Lt. General Lori J. Robinson has been nominated for promotion to four-star general and as commander of Pacific Air Forces, the Air Force component of U.S. Pacific Command. It is a major combatant command whose air, ground and naval forces have broad responsibility for security in the Asia-Pacific region. Her nomination was sent to the Senate for confirmation.” (iii)

“Officials said pilots historically have commanded Air Force war-fighting components for the Pacific and for U.S. Air Forces Europe: Air Forces Central, which covers the Middle East and Afghanistan; and the 1st Air Force, which is part of Northern Command and protects U.S. skies.” (iii)


More headlines… (A.I. abridged article to critical path information.)

“First woman to lead top-tier U.S. combat command named; will lead nation’s air defenses”

By Dan ElliotAssociated Press – May 13, 2016 (iv)

Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado.

“Air Force General Lori J. Robinson on Friday became the first woman to lead a top-tier U.S. warfighting command when she took over as leader of the North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command in Colorado.” (iv)

“Robinson – one of just two female four-star generals in the Air Force – was installed during a ceremony attended by Defense Secretary Ash Carter; Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff; and Canadian minister of defense Harjit Sajjan.” (iv)

“During the ceremony at a hangar at Peterson Air Force Base, Carter praised Robinson as a strategic thinker capable of making split-second, life-and-death decisions.” (iv)

“He also said Robinson and her husband, David Robinson, a retired two-star general, understand the difficulties military families face.” (iv)


General Joseph Dunford born 1955, nicknamed “Fighting Joe”, has a good military, highly skilled background. Service branch: United States Marine Corps. He rose up the ranks from Second Lieutenant in 1977 to Brigadier General in 2004, Lieutenant General 2008, to General in 2010. Meanwhile, Carter has no such military background, but he suits Obama’s leadership style, which avoids having strong military leaders on his staff, lest they disagree with his soft submissive negative policy management style.

Harjit Sajjan, born in 1970, in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India, Religion, Sikhism served in the Canadian Army, 1989-2015, he achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. As stated above, he is now the Canadian Minister of Defense and assumed this office position on October 19, 2015 reporting to Prime Minister Justine Trudeau.

Sajjan was sent during his military duties, four times during his tour of duties, once to Bosnia and Herzegovina and three times to Afghanistan. He was wounded during his service in Bosnia. His history is interesting and worth reading as a homework assignment. Once again, we have a military background as Canadian Minister of Defense, no such luck in USA, with Carter, who has no such experience and no such background, or with McConnell that supports women being compelled to register for the draft. The weak leaders with no military combat experience, are too often willing to sacrifice others, to satisfy their own power obsessed vanity.

 More news confirmed the appointment… (A.I. abridged article to critical path information)

“Air Force general makes history as first female combatant commander”

By Douglas Ernst – The Washington Times – May 13, 2016 (v)

“Air Force Gen. Lori J. Robinson made history Friday by becoming the first female combatant commander.” (v)

“A ceremony was held in Colorado to make the transfer of power from outgoing Adm. William Gortney to the four-star general. North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), and U.S. Northern Command in Colorado will both answer to Gen. Robinson.” (v)

The world is more dangerous and North America is increasingly more vulnerable,” Gen. Robinson said from a Peterson Air Force Base hangar after taking command, Stars and Stripes reported. “I accept the watch.” (v)


Original Source of this Treatise, void of images: Book COMBAT WOMEN by Allan Ivarsson available at in Paperback & Kindle.

U.S. Airforce Biography

Profile of General Lori J. Robinson

Very impressive education and experience, Robinson’s amazing rise in rank and assignments, from 1982 to 2016, suggests that her rise was not a political movement, but was definitely, a rise founded upon her proven path high level performance skills.

Military political appointments may have worked too often in pre-World War II ages back to ancient times. But today’s technology is so complex, dynamic and rapidly changing that no one can politically bluff their way through rising up the ranks, without getting egg on their face, if they are incompetent. Today’s technology demands, in the Military, is unforgiving and does not tolerate political incompetence. Skills must be proven path true and credible, for a leader to survive.

Of course, that observation is not true about Politicians, CEO’s and Education Leaders, the opposite is true, the quality of good leaders is deteriorating, because these types of leaders are too focused on greed for money and power, and don’t value pragmatic common sense in philosophy, unless there is a greed advantage involved. And far too often, they don’t care about doing the right thing by the people, if there is no political economic advantage on the table.

That is where the evolution of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ comes into the political game, it is time to calmly and accurately identify truthfully, the greed clowns and purge them from the market and replace them with truly honorable men and women that care about the people and care about doing the right thing, and are more genuinely concerned with the honour of delivering great high-performance results, than gaining fame and fortune.

All a University degree does, with some specialist important exceptions, is verify a person has some ‘degree’ of intelligence, but that does not mean they have real pragmatic intelligence, and it does not mean, they are an honourable caring person, and it does not mean that they truly have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, which is the highest most important level of intelligence in the universe.

A classic example is Robinson’s educational assignments experiential history. Her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, was a good educational foundation in communication training, but her real excellence is the rising evolving consequence of her on the job education and experience. True enough, she continued with more important foundation education, but all that important education was correctly focused on leadership, management, security and strategic studies, including Air Force Fighter weapons training, her achieved Masters degrees, verified her specialist training in subjects applicable to the importance of Air Force Military training. The interface of her education and training was all about military. The greatest teacher is on the job experience, backed by relevant education. How a person responds to such challenges, and how they receive and use knowledge, identifies the strength and character level of the person. On the job performance always identifies the true character and ability of an individual. Results and failure cannot hide, inevitably the truth becomes evident and self-exposing.

Robinson’s Profile biography history is too detailed for publishing in this philosophical historical review. It is recommended that those who want to know more about this amazing woman, do their own research homework. The Air Force Biography link is amazing insight into her history of professional performance.


 Lori Robinson Born 1959 in Summary:

Lori J. Robinson is a United States Air Force General, who was (in 2016) Commander of Pacific Air Forces; Air Component Commander for United States Pacific Command; and Executive Director, Pacific Air Combat Operations Staff, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. The Pacific Air Forces command has responsibility for Air Force activities spread over half the globe and supports 45,000 Airman (2016 logistics) serving principally in Japan, South Korea, Hawaii, Alaska, and Guam. (vi)

As stated previously… General Lori Robinson retired from the Air Force on June 7th, 2018. (vii)



A.I. further comments… The appointment of Robinson suggests clearly that there is a proven path place for women in the Airforce. So far, the argument for women fighting in combat on land, does not carry the same positive conviction. There is a significant difference between fighting in the air and fighting in combat on the ground.

However, in the case of Robinson, who has no pilot combat flight training experience, the theoretical, no doubt excellent skills, she developed by a proven path of performance, in peace time conditions, does not necessarily prove that she will be competent in real life hard drama theatre of war. This fact, would make even the best Airmen, feel apprehensive and seriously concerned, in the event of being involved in a real war.

One thing Robinson has proven is that there is a place in the Airforce for capable women flyers, after all they are not required to fight hand to hand combat on the ground, and flying skills and fighting in the air is backed not only by the skills of the pilot, but is also backed by reliable planes and weapons and staff on the ground, being perhaps a competent team of both men and women. Such a scenario is no different to men and women working together in the Business World in offices and education etc.

Hence, it is more than accurately reasonable to identify that there is a definite career place for women in the Air Force and Space Program. But nevertheless, it is a valid concern and correct argument that a person leading the Air Force man or woman, should have Combat Pilot experience, to truly comprehend reality under fire. Perhaps Robinson, by her proven path dynamic career path, will prove to be the exception, there are always exceptions to every rule, when an exception proves itself to be true.

But let’s not get too excited about thinking the same way of women in combat in the Army. The reality of combat on land, is vastly different to the reality of combat in the air. The one serious handicap problem with women in air combat, is if they get shot down over enemy territory and survive bail out, landing safely. Women are more likely to suffer worse abuse than men, when caught as a prisoner of war. The risk of sexual abuse and rape is very high for women.

Allan Ivarsson 2016/2020







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