Borderless Dangerous Ideas

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Feature Image: Cobwebs are Borders created by Spiders

This ‘Borderless Dangerous Ideas’ presentation was posted as a 2017 ‘Postscript’ to another subject… Published in 2018 Paperback book COMPENDIUM III printed in colour on quality paper, by BLUE LIGHT PUBLICATIONS. It is also available in Electronic Kindle book.

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Borderless Dangerous Ideas


 Soros versus Trump



Imagine a world without borders where animals, human and non-human, could wander where they like. A world void of defined regions of self-protection, where dangerous and peaceful creatures, human or not, can wander freely. How safe would ahimsa creatures feel?

A borderless world assumes all creatures, human or not, are kind and considerate, and would not hurt anyone and would always do the right thing. Utopia? There is no such thing.

Survival common sense prevails. We need borders for self-protection. The movement of animal herds and even schools of fish and flocks of birds, identifies the existence of mobile borders, the inner circle of life, surrounded by an outer circle of life, a border wall to reduce risk of being attacked. Individuals travelling alone without border protection, are the most vulnerable of all. The instincts of all creatures understands naturally this dangerous reality.

Imagine a world of no Passports, no identification control in a human world, which naively believes all humans are kind and considerate and honest. Where no one will deliberately hurt anyone else. Heaven? No such place exists.

Without borders society would live in worse Chaos and Conflict, the ancient way of tribal conflict, invasion and takeover of territory would be a never ending way of disastrous existence. It was hard enough for wandering tribes to exist in way past ancient times, before agricultural cultures evolved, changing the way humans united together.

Genocide in smaller population numbers was a constant reality, in a world without borders. In a global world of huge population numbers, genocide would increase to horrific proportions, millions would be senselessly slaughtered in a continuous process of madness. People killing each other, all motivated by idiotic crazy fixed dogma beliefs in disagreement with each other.

Is that the world we humans want to create? No Way! A wholesome ‘Free Society’ must have borders and simple common-sense laws that protect the human right of people and all non-human animals to live free, in peace and security.

A country without borders is a country gone insane.

Allan Ivarsson 2018

Imagine an Insecure World with no Border Control


No Borders.

Anyone Considerate or Dangerous can walk through unchallenged.

Security? Safety? As a Constant? Not likely… in the end conflict and chaos would rule.


## msn news reported on the 20th January 2016 the following…

“Billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros on Thursday reiterated his belief that US President-elect Donald Trump is “an imposter and con man and a would-be dictator.”

“Soros, 86, said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that he is convinced the president-elect will fail.”

“He stands for that other form of government, which is the opposite of any open society. It’s really better described as a dictatorship or a mafia state.”

“Soros said Trump “would be a dictator if he could get away with it,” but that US institutions are strong enough to prevent that scenario. He also said the ideas that guide Trump are “inherently contradictory” and that those contradictions are embodied by his advisers.”

“Uncertainty, he said, is “at a peak” right now.”

A.I. comments: The source of the msn news report, was Business Insider Australia, Portia Crowe who referenced George Soros discussion about Donald Trump and how markets are reacting, it is claimed, to the president-elect. Soros spoke to Francine Lacqua at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on “Bloomberg Markets”.

So, what’s wrong with Soros allegations? Soros and Trump are both wealthy businessmen and calling either a con man is a mindless tactic. Strike one against Soros. But here is the truth.

Uncertainty is not at peak yet, and has nothing to do with Trump, it has everything to do with the constant rapid rise of ‘Totalitarianism’ in many forms throughout the West, since 2000 C.E.

As I recorded earlier… in BL Defiance 2016…

Both Soros and Clinton share a vision of an ‘Open Border’ World with acceptance of increased Muslim Immigration and diminished U.S.A. global power.

George Soros wrote in 1998 his goal, when he wrote… “The sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions.” #

Such a mission of control over the people, would destroy all individual freedom and become a giant dictatorship ruling the globe. An Open Society of Globalisation Borderless existence would absolutely create a closed society, to every individual, destroy their freedom, and make them slaves of the state, ruled by dictatorship International Law. Soros is the dangerous thinker, not Trump.


And Hillary Clinton has made no secret that she reveres Angela Merkel who in bed with the European Union, and its open border policy, has started the destruction of Western Europe by encouraging Islamic Invasion and support of anti-freedom Socialism.

In short: Soros has made it clear that international law must control states in the West in all Nations, and by using borderless process, create the power destruction of every Nation in the West, including the United States of America.

It is George Soros not Donald Trump that is desperately striving to become a dictator, by the deliberate destruction of the entire Western World using Globalisation, Borderless strategy to smash all Western Freedom and make every Nation and every person subordinate to International Law, a planned global dictatorship designed to rule the world.

Soros mentality is not only greedy but is also insane against the essential values of freedom, which needs self-protection in every Nation, throughout the entire Western World.


Borders keep our home security in check, just like individual properties, the homes of people need fence border protection lines, to define a sense of ownership and rights of individual ownership.


Borderless ideas like Soros, interfaced with ‘Globalisation’ mentality places the human right to individual freedom in great jeopardy. George Soros mentality is filled with dangerous ideas. Let people who desire to live free be very careful about accepting dark thinking ideas coming from the mouths of greed, like Soros.


## Note: This record has vanished from the Internet. MSN has a habit of deleting its news records for future reference. MSN clearly does not have confidence in their own history records.

Author’s Note: ‘Borderless Dangerous Ideas’ was first published on e-mail to global friends on the 22nd January 2017. And published 2017 in book ‘Insanity of Hate’ without images.

Imagine the confusion and conflict that would thrive if properties and reserves for wildlife did not have borders.

Remove the fences on properties like in the below photograph and answer the question. “Without Borders, who has what right to do what and when, true to the values of ‘Freedom’ and ‘Security’?






We need Borders to Protect a ‘Freedom Valued’ Society from Invasion by a ‘Totalitarian’ Society.


Open Borders… Borderless Countries… increases the risk of Invasion by Dictatorship ‘Belief Systems’.

Always say “No” to Borderless Countries.

Protect your right to live free by establishing borders.


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