Support ‘Cold War’ with Communist China but not against traditional China itself that wants to live free.

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Panda wants to live free from oppression in Central China

China started a ‘Cold War’ in May 2020 with Australia & America by its ‘Totalitarian’ bully thinking and behaviour. Now it is the duty of every ‘Freedom Loving’ person to fight the ‘Cold War’ delivered by Communist China by tabling the wrong thinking and behaviour of ‘Communists’ and send a message loud and clear there is no place on planet Earth for the rule of anti-freedom Communism. Let the good people of China who value their right to live free in a Democratic Capitalist Society be ‘Freed’ from the oppressive dictatorship of ‘Communism’ to enjoy 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’ provided their freedom does not deny others the same right to live free. In other words, no one has the right to misuse freedom privilege by denying others the same rights.

 Allan Ivarsson 2020

Support ‘Cold War’ with Communist China but not against traditional China itself that wants to live free.

Anastasia Lin born in China delivers an excellent truthful speech in a House Debate in Canada. Lin left China at the age of 13 years moving to Canada.

Watch and listen to this important speech, which is an excellent message to every person that values their right to live free.

“If the Chinese Communist Government does not treat it’s own citizen with any respect… why should us in the West expect ourselves to be treated any differently.”

Anastasia Lin 2020

Democracy & Freedom Values rejected by Communist China…

A ban was placed by Xi Jinping and his Communist comrades on import of Norwegian salmon simply because a Chinese rebel Liu Xiaobo that rejects Communism and defends democracy as a campaigner won the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo in 2010. He was denied by China to receive his Nobel Peace Prize. L.X. sadly died at the age of 61 years from liver cancer in 2017. He spent a quarter of his life behind bars in China for being an activist for freedom. Liu Xiaobo was a writer and political commentator and a non-violent activist against Communism- he courageously fought for freedom values.

Wikipedia recorded… “Liu’s writing is considered subversive by the Communist Party of China, and his name is censored. He called for multi-party elections and free markets, advocated the values of freedom, supported separation of powers, and urged the governments to be accountable for its wrongdoings. When not in prison, he was the subject of government monitoring and he was also put under house arrest during times that the government considered politically sensitive.”

His story is amazing and needs more reading.

Source of Liu Xiaobo was recorded in overview in the below treatise… Click on to read…


Freedom Values starts with 160117


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