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China Threatens India


In a news report the following headline stood out loud and clear… “Ladakh: Standoff between Chinese and Indian armed forces.” By Andrew Backhouse from News.com.au

“The two world’s most populous countries are engaged in a tense military standoff. And the dangerous situation is being watched closely.” (i)

(i) https://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/military/ladakh-standoff-between-chinese-and-indian-armed-forces/news-story/f99ce1c56f06959c3e48264861c8bfed

“In the freezing heights of the Karakoram mountain range, a dangerous power play is unfolding. (i)

“The armed forces of China and India are engaged in a standoff over the Line of Actual Control (LAC) at Ladakh. The demarcation line separates Indian-controlled territory from Chinese-controlled territory and was formed after the 1962 Sino-Indian War that China won decisively.” (i)

The disputed Himalayan border was the main cause of the war.” (i)

“Now a new conflict has erupted”. (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… I am not surprised by Communist China’s new grab to expand its power of control over Indian Territory. In 1962 I was a young teenager 13 years old and at that time I new nothing about India and China. Most of my history education was focused on Australian History in my younger years Primary School and on Ancient and Modern History during my early High School Years. I never heard my parents talk about this war between Indian and China hence, I suspect Australian Newspapers did not publish articles on this part of conflict history. Certainly, a research study is required. Whether I live long enough to do that study is the question, as I am now 71 years-of-age.

One thing is clear… China started the Sino-Indian war under the leadership of Communist Dictator Mao Zedong which no doubt was a sequel to China’s invasion of Tibet in October 1950. Mao will go down in freedom valued history as an evil man responsible for the murder of millions of Chinese people and others that Communist China waged war again. The disturbing part of Communist China’s history is that Xi Jinping is capable of becoming even more evil than Mao. Why? Because Jinping is obsessed with creating a Military Power to threaten all other Nations with a Military Force that will focus in its plans on starting World War III. Such a war can only end in a ‘Nuclear Winter’ for half of the globe, North, South, East and West of China.

For insight… https://www.whyguides.com/why-did-china-invade-tibet.html

Mao Zedong (1893-1976) was the paramount leader in 1962 & 1950, when he launched invasion of edge of India in 1962 and invasion of Tibet in 1950. Mao held office from 1st October 1949 until his death in 1976. The tragedy of China began in October 1949 when the Chinese lost their right to live free. This must be an important history lesson for every Nation that accepts and tolerates oppressive dictatorship ideologies like Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and Islam. All four ‘Belief Systems’ must be eliminated from Planet Earth and throughout the Universe, that is if we succeed in colonizing other planets. Watch out for China in the space race, they will extend the boundaries of Communism into the outer limits. China must be freed. The fiction of sagas like Star Wars is a very serious possibility if our technology expands and Communist Empires seek to dominate Space. Communism and Socialism must be stopped head-on.

Mao Zedong founded the ‘Communist Party of China’ the political ideology which quickly strangled a free China under the control of despot tyranny. Mao also founded the ‘Red Guards’ to use physical force to oppress the unarmed people. He created a ‘People’s Liberation Army’ which is a wrong thinking name for an army. Liberation from what? What is liberating about being freed from freedom values? The word ‘Liberation’ means the action of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, and oppression. In other words, the use of the word ‘Liberation Army’ was a deliberate deceitful con by Mao to manipulate the people. The army did not liberate the people it did the opposite. The Army and the Red Guards oppressed the people and murdered millions and cruelly imprisoned others. The Red Guards destroyed much of Chinese Cultural Heritage. True to Communist history which started in Russia in 1917 Mao made the workers slaves of the State.

In December 2019 eight Professional Chinese Doctors wanted to warn the world of the existence of Coronavirus 19. Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades arrested the Doctors and they disappeared. They were suppressed because they were falsely accused of “Spreading Rumour and destabilizing society.” Thus in the months to follow, the world suffered by June 2020, 7.7 million became ill around the globe and a known Worldometre logistic of 428,337 by 13th June 2020 died. A crisis around the globe in the rise of jobless poverty struck the economics of every society. All this misery was caused by the Chinese Communist Parties system of evil oppression of truth. Thus misery invaded the world and Communism is the culprit cause of such suffering.

Today’s young people in Australia, United States, Canada, and Europe are often very naïve and don’t recognise the serious danger of anti-freedom Socialism and anti-freedom Communism. America made one serious mistake it should not have ever legalised the existence of Communism in a ‘Free World Nation’.

‘Totalitarianism’ allowed to exist in a free Nation is a bad societal marriage that will always trigger violent demonstrations and internal politic conflicts, as often happens in American Societal History.

Mao also founded the ‘United Front’ to help him oppress dissidents by approving of minor parties that work under the control of the Communist Party of China and also work in harmony with the Communist Chinese ‘Federation of Industry and Commerce.’

Presently in 2020 via the ‘United Front Work Department’China has succeeded in infiltrating Australia in multiple fronts through politics and business on a mission to infiltrate governments and media. The tentacles of the United Front have spread into our Universities, Parliament and Corporations. The ‘United Front’ is also accessing Australian and American technology. There is no doubt that China uses trade deals, and investments in Australian Property and gives Donations to greedy traitorous politicians. China pushes hard to economically infiltrate more of Australian territory to takeover, control of Australia.

‘Insanity of Greed’ submitting to Chinese deals will destroy the freedom values of Australia and China is betting that greed will become their asset. ‘Insanity of Greed’ is a ‘Trojan Horse’.

Mao also created a ‘Normal University’ which is another misused title because the word ‘Normal’ can mean anything good or bad, it simply conforms to a standard that may be right or wrong, true or false, good or bad, just or unjust. The prejudice in a ‘Normal University’ in Communist China will be teaching pro-Communism and anti-freedom ideas.

When Mao created the ‘National Art Museum of China’ it would be a biased art museum that supports Marxist mentality and rejects any items that defend freedom values.

Mao founded the ‘Agricultural Bank of China’ in 1951 in Beijing to strengthen Communist China’s economic growth and survival and to control the people’s economic behaviour in favour of Communist China. This bank has branches throughout mainland China, Hong Kong, New York, London, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Sydney, Singapore, and Seoul. Which gives the Communist Chinese plenty of opportunities to infiltrate the economics of other Nations. There is no honour amongst thieves.

Let the buyer and seller beware when dealing with Communist China.

I wrote to a friend early this morning when he raised some concerns about politics in Australia and the USA. He observed that the Democrats in the USA were behaving like the Labour Party in Australia. Both have been infiltrated by anti-freedom Socialism.

I tabled the following remarks…

I extract this quote from the IPA in this current quarterly book publication… “Those who want more spending, continue to vote for parties of the left.” # All the demands for handouts from Governments comes from the young that cannot live without benefits. I know young ones that refuse to work. The system supports them. When Socialism takes control, the so-called equality benefits will vanish, and dictatorship will rule as Communism takes control. Foolish are today’s young.

My friend replied… “Perfectly correct quote, we can all see it happening, give me, give me.”

# Quote tabled by Matthew Lesh IPA Adjunct Fellow, in important treatise titled ‘Not Quite Right’. Recorded in Volume 72/1 Autumn Edition of ‘IPA Review’ cover subject “The Way Back to Human Flourishing and Prosperity.”

The IPA is the Institute of Public Affairs founded in 1943. It is the most advanced academic intelligence in Australia that defends the human right to 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’. During my lifetime I have read volumes of academic papers and the IPA has proven to be the smartest team in Australia. We don’t always agree with each other on all ideas, but I stand loyal to the IPA as a proud member because this organisation rejects Socialism and stands for ‘Freedom Values’.

List of presidents of the People’s Republic of China.

Back to India’s Conflict with China…

Now you shall know why I sidetracked from India and looked at Mao overview history and the threat of Communist China to Australia. The following news information opens our eyes more…

“Last month at a mountain pass of strategic importance, the two sides began dropping stones and also physically beat each other, according to Chinese media. At least four Indian and seven Chinese soldiers were injured.” (i)

“Thousands of Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers were quickly rushed into Ladakh.” (i)

A.I. comments… There goes that misused word ‘Liberation’ by Communists which oppresses people and does not liberate them.

“The Chinese military responded by erecting shelters, building concrete bunkers, and setting up camps in the strategic high-ground. This is in areas that had been under Indian control.” (i)

“The move reportedly caught India by surprise.” (i)

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said “large numbers” of Chinese troops had crossed into India’s side of the LAC.” (i)

A.I. comments… Chinese Media cannot be trusted as being truthful, and that includes the ‘Global Times’. The very fact that China had invaded the lands of India on the border proves that the clash was not the reason more Chinese troops rushed into the region. Communist China had planned that move and this is evident by all the cement bunkers they built and by their strategic move to set up camps in the high ground. China deliberately set the Indians up for a conflict.

Communist China wants to expand its territory into India. Xi Jinping wants to invade large sections of India and make it a dominion of China. This reminds me of the Ancient Roman Empires aggressive moves to conquer other lands and make it a part of its empire with no concern about right and wrong.

“India responded by rushing troops to the Galwan River Valley in northern Ladakh and the Pandong Tso Lake in central Ladakh.” (i)

“According to Indian media, unusual activities were first noticed a few weeks before the clash” (i)

A.I. comments… This reality of existent ‘unusual activities’ weeks before the clash was evidence that Communist China was planning to invade and take control of land owned by India.

“Mobile phone coverage was also cut in most of the frontier villages in eastern Ladakh, fuelling rumours of possible armed conflict.” (i)

A.I. comments… This is something we homo sapiens engaged in the use of ‘Electronic Evolution’ of the Internet, Wi-Fi, and Mobile/Cell/Smart Phones must develop a backup survival strategy. We have not given enough thought to the dangers of communication links being crashed into a state of non-operation during conflicts and wartime. When activity stops phone coverage caused by enemy invasive activities it affects the emotions of the people who are cut-off by inability to communicate with others.

A Magnetic Storm can shut down an entire city, everything electrical just stops operating. Even Motor Vehicles, Trains and Water Pumps, cease to work. Imagine the danger and disaster if a country invents an ‘Artificial Intelligence Magnetic Storm Weapon’, the danger and destruction it could do to an entire city during war.

We must work hard towards the cessation of the ‘Habit of War’ and to succeed in doing that we must cease all trade with ‘Totalitarian Nations’. That’s right refuse to engage in the trading activity of imports and exports with Nations that oppress their people by denying them the eternal human right to 100% ‘Freedom Values’ in speech, choice and equality.

To stop the ‘Habit of War’ we must boycott all ‘Totalitarian Nations’ and cut-off all trade supplies in and out of that Nation. There is no other way to free oppressed people except by the imposition of poverty which forces them to rebel against the tyrants in a fight for freedom. The history of freedom was built upon the tough courage of ‘Freedom Resistance’ movements. There is no other better way. All tyrants must be overthrown by force. That is the sadness and tragedy of the fight to survive free. Peace can only begin when ‘Totalitarianism’ in all its form is eliminated. There is no place for cowardice in a world that wants to live free.

Remember, ‘Lest We Forget’ that all Nations need wealth and food supplies to build themselves into a Nation capable of defending itself during war conflicts. This means that when we in the name of ‘Insanity of Greed’ do trade with ‘Totalitarian Nations’ to strengthen their prosperity, we are also strengthening their military growth in preparation for war against ‘Liberty Based Nations’.

History has proven that many societies have been defeated in war simply because they ran out of supplies and did not have the wealth to finance a war victory. Often, they were conquered because the society was not prepared for self-defence battle.

Make no mistake about it, Communist China is focused on strengthening its wealth, self-sufficiency in industry and technology and its military might and prowess. And is focused on expanding its territorial control over other Nations.

We must hold Communist China accountable for its ‘Totalitarian’ oppression of its people. Likewise, we must hold Saudi Arabia and Iran accountable for their oppression of its people. We cannot ever trust leaders of a ‘Totalitarian’ Nation.

“The Chinese “ingress into the Galwan River valley opens up a new and worrying chapter,” Ajai Shukla, a former Indian military officer and a defence commentator, wrote on his website.” (i)

A.I. comments… Indian people have freedom of speech on websites and Social Media, but the Oppressed Chinese people do not enjoy such privilege of ‘Freedom of Speech’ they must be very careful what they say in public life, lest they be persecuted, gaoled or executed by the ‘Communist Thought Police. This is why the West is very foolish to support anti-freedom ‘Socialist Politically Correct Dictatorship Harassment Ideas’. Activism that is focused on enforcing ‘Political Correctness’ and ‘Censorship’ cannot ever be trusted.

‘Global Times’ reported… “With China-India co-operation, India will enjoy a peaceful international environment.” (i)

“But if the two countries face a showdown on the border issue, the entire Himalayan region and the Indian subcontinent will face instability. No external force can change this. Maintaining peace along border areas and friendly co-operation is in line with the two countries interests.” (i)

“The Global Times also warned China had an array of new weapons it could deploy.” (i)

“China’s new arsenal includes weapons like the Type 15 tank, Z-20 helicopter and GJ-2 drone that should give China the advantage in high-altitude conflicts should they arise”, it stated. (i)

A.I. comments… In other words, what the propaganda Communist Chinese Newspaper the ‘Global Times’ is saying… “India will enjoy a peaceful environment if they submit to China’s demands and give Communist China ownership control of the entire Himalayan region and sections near the border which belong to the Indian Subcontinent. Without a doubt, backed by threats Communist China wants ownership of those regions.

It is only a question of time before China invades Nepal. Communist China is testing India first before it launches invasion of Nepal.

If India does not submit to the dictatorship demands of ‘Communist China’ the ‘Global Times’ has made it clear that China will use violent force against India to gain control of Indian Territory that China wants to conquer.

India cannot afford to submit to Communist China’s dictatorship because after the temporary peace settlement, China will again several years later advance forward to gain control of more Indian Subcontinent Land. Communist China wants ownership of India, Australia, all of South Asia and all of the South Pacific. It is time to ban all trade with Communist China and to Isolate China from the rest of the World and toss Communist China out of the United Nations.

Global focus must be to free all of the Chinese people from the Oppression of anti-freedom Communism.

It was great to read the following courageous statement…

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also responded strongly, stating: “If anyone violates our sovereignty or tries to make India bow its head, this country will respond with force.” (i)

“High-level talks between China and India were due to take place overnight in a bid to reduce tensions.” (i)

A.I. comments… The talks will not achieve anything. ‘Global Times’ has made it clear Chinese aggression will not backdown and that the tensions shall continue until Communist China wins. China’s problem is that this conflict could trigger a war involving many other Nations supporting India’s rights to the land being grabbed by China. And China despite its growth in Military Strength is not yet ready to fight a World War III to satisfy its greed to takeover other lands in other Nations. Having said that… we must not lose sight of the fact that China wants to spread Communist control over our Nations. Communist China must be stopped, and the people must be freed from Communist Despot Dictatorship.

The good news is that India and Australia are becoming stronger allies and have signed many agreements in trade and strengthening defense ties and are establishing cooperation in Indo-Pacific maritime concerns. The signatures on these agreements were recorded by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The two countries Australia and India have agreed to give each other access to both Nations military bases. This is a good agreement for Australia and India, but China will not like it. Communist China is already angry with Australia for refusing to walk away from Australia’s friendship with USA. And now India and Australia are stronger allies. China’s threats to Australia during May 2020 has backfired and China now has mud on the face. Xi Jinping President of Communist China has lost face by bully threatening Australia and India.


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