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Back in history, as many of you know, during the times of the ‘Christian Crusades’ against Islam, Christians called Jews ‘Infidels’ and Jews called Christians ‘Gentiles’. Christians did not recognise Jews as equals in Britain or throughout Europe. And as far as Jews were concerned, though they lived in Britain and Europe, they had no country, because Christian anti-Semitism ruled against them, and because Islam drove them north out of their land in the ‘Middle East’.


In the period time of 1417 in Southern Germany… the following historical reality was tabled… “And there were the Jews, with the conical hats and the yellow badges that the Christian authorities forced them to wear, so that they could be easily identified as objects of contempt and hatred. (i)


(i) Source: “The Swerve” How the World Became Modern, chapter ‘The Book Hunter’ by Stephen Greenblatt 2011, a must-read excellent book, an entertaining history of one moment of time, from old scholarship highly skilled handwritten transcriptions to the evolution of the beginning of printing press methods. And equally as important insight, is the discovery of an Ancient Great Roman Poem, by Lucretius (099 BC-055BC) containing valid thoughts, which apply to the evolution of the 21st Century and other ideas, which expand our understanding on our eternal quest for truth. And there is more for those that enjoy an adventure in thought, history and ideas. First read by Allan Ivarsson in 2016.


After reading Fox’s Book of Martyrs and the ‘Satanic Verses in the ‘Old Testament’ and all the other evil things Roman Christians did to human beings, yes both Catholics and Protestants, is there any wonder why I am no longer a Christian, as I was raised during my childhood years?


Refer my 2007 treatises titled “The Shameful Behaviour of Roman Christianity still hangs over us” & “Satanic Verses from the ‘Old Testament’ Christian Bible.” 


Teenage Hitler in the beginning did not know what a Jew was, until after his mentors trained him to hate Jews, thus brain-wrecked, Hitler grew up and fought, driven by hate, to purge the Jews in Europe. The struggle stage had been set, once again, as surviving Jews returned to rebuild Israel. For more detailed understanding, read history. Yes, I know, Britain is deemed as being part of Europe, but I talk about Britain separately, because it is an Island, and is not part of mainland Europe. As most educated people know, Britain is the founding parent of the creation of Australia. And I cannot comprehend why British leaders allowed themselves to be suckered, into joining the pro-Islam totalitarian European Union.


The Mormon Church i.e. the Church of Latter-Day Saints, adopted the word ‘Gentiles’ to mean all non-Mormons, that is the unbelievers. As many know, the Muslims call all unbelievers ‘kafir’ which means ‘vermin’ unbelievers.


A myth being taught by many leading activists against Islam is that the Western World is a Judeo-Christian world. Western World history, since the creation of the Roman Church is founded upon the evolution of Christianity, not Judaism. True enough, throughout Western history Jews lived in Western Nations, and made excellent cultural, business and scientific contributions, but they were constantly persecuted by Christians (i) & (iii) and were denied freedom of speech and were treated as inferiors. Anti-Semitism thrived amongst Christians right up into the 1980’s and still exists amongst some Christians into the early 21st Century. The Jews in the West lived quietly amongst themselves and made no real effort to assimilate with Christians, because mostly they were rejected. The 1947 Gregory Peck movie ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ identifies some of that reality.


We can’t blame Jews for being hesitant and indifferent, by refusing to oppose the anti-freedom invasion of Islam in the West, as many have criticized Jewish leaders’ refusal to get involved in the conflict. After all, for nearly 2,000 years the Jews have been forced to live quietly, being constantly bullied and oppressed by Christian anti-Semitism and 1400 years of Muslim anti-Semitism.


It is interesting to note that the Jews do not proselytize their creed, but both Christians and Muslims do. Obviously being a Jew is better than being a Christian or a Muslim. The moderate Jews have clearly more inner peace, like Buddhists do, than Christians and Muslims.


In addition, the creation of ‘Modern Liberty Values’, founded first in America, was not launched by die-hard Christians. Today’s freedom values were created by courageous irreligious persons, plus Agnostics and Atheists, Deists and Unitarian ideas that valued belief in the creation of secularism and liberty for all. If we humans had truly followed the middle ages path of Christianity, we would all still be living in an oppressed religious existence, and science would still be struggling to be heard.


Benjamin Franklin was the first prominent American Deist and the most universal American of his time.” (ii)


David L. Holmes 2006


(ii) Source: “The Faiths of the Founding Fathers” by David L. Holmes 2006 – an excellent Kindle book read.


For centuries before the secular values of ‘Liberty’ became a reality, Roman Christianity supported the rule of dictatorship. In other words, Christianity approved of ‘Totalitarianism’ and even practiced for centuries the injustice of cruel punishment and murder of the unfortunate that dared be different defiantly, or by curiosity questioning.


One of the evils created by the Roman Christian Church was that for several centuries, it was a capital offense for any Christian to convert to Judaism. And fanatical Christians and Muslims have had the audacity to accuse the writer of being arrogant. Blue Light rejects the word ‘Arrogant’ as listed in 2010 “Gasoline Words”; but if the word ‘arrogant’ was true it would be correct to say that all religions and cults are the most arrogant belief systems in the world. By what right do they have, to execute nonbelievers? God is love and does not condone cruelty, torture or death penalty. The 6th Commandment, a cosmic law delivered by God of Creation through the Jew Moses, clearly states, “Thou shalt not kill.”And yet Jews, Christians and Muslims constantly throughout history have disobeyed this cosmic law, killing each other, and then expect eternal life. ‘Pretend Christians’ enthusiastically killed Christians who converted to Judaism. Even now most ‘Jihad Muslims’ hate Christians and Jews, as instructed in the Koran and given the opportunity…will kill them. In fact, Christians, child, teenager and adults are often killed in the Middle East by ‘Jihad Muslims’ just for wearing a Christian Cross around their neck.


Where is the constant ‘outcry’ by Christians in the West complaining about Western Governments failure to fight to stop the continuous persecution, rape and cruel murder of ‘Coptic Christians’ in the Middle East? That is right… silence pervades the West… Christians say very little and fail to fight for their own collective Christian belief system. “Silence is Approval”. Meanwhile the persecution and destructive invasion of Coptic homes and churches continue, unchallenged by the West.



Hitler did not start anti-Semitism. Christianity started anti-Semitism, and Muhammad copied Christianity. Hitler and Islam mass-produced satanic holocausts. The true blame for the Jewish holocaust is linked to the past dark side of Christianity. And anti-Semitism continues carried forward by Islam. Recap: As a young teenage boy, Hitler did not know the word ‘Jew’ and was taught to hate Jews by mentors. The teachers that taught Hitler to hate Jews, started the holocaust by their teachings of bigotry.

That fact does not mean that Hitler is blameless- on the contrary, he should have had the natural intelligence to understand the difference between right and wrong and should have rejected anti-Semitism just like ‘Paedophile Muhammad’ should have rejected anti-Semitism and should have had the decency to know the difference between right and wrong. Both men, Hitler and Muhammad, did what they did, because they were obsessed with their own vanity and determination to rule others, and didn’t give a damn about the difference between right and wrong. In short, both these creeps, suffered from a lack of caring humane moral consciousness, being locked into lust for power and dominance over others, like all evil dictators.

Meanwhile many ‘Fundamentalist Jews’ are obsessed with the vain notion that they are the chosen people. The three Abrahamic belief systems are guilty of creating a large percentage of all the global conflicts for the last three thousand years. Starting in the Middle East with Abraham, the ignorance has gradually spread to engulf the world. It’s time to declare philosophical ahimsa challenge against these three misguided Abrahamic creeds, often in parts, clinging to satanic belief systems. It’s time to have the courage to say enough is enough; it’s time to learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

I have no doubt that the Ancient Jews, believers in Abraham and Moses, had no idea that the catalyst evolutionary religious process they had set in motion, would trigger the loss of millions of lives over the next 3,500 years. Ideas good and bad, true and false, evolve like a snowball rolling down a mountain side, getting bigger and bigger, destroying life caught in its path. Even good ideas will destroy life, when forced to fight bad ideas. The reason for a person’s thinking and behaviour is their ‘Belief System’.

When one compares the Abrahamic creeds with Buddhism, the peaceful philosophy of Buddhism is far superior to that of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. And even Albert Einstein a brilliant Jew, was honest enough to recognise that fact.

Judaism evolved into a forked path choice, a diversion spinoff creation of Christianity was born. Jesus a good kind Jew, rejected some of the Judaism teachings. Two roads of ‘Belief System’ choices now existed. Christianity travelled left, even more, dumping the peaceful values of the original Christianity, taking aboard violent thinking to become “Roman Christianity” which led Europe into a terrible Dark Age, in which Philosophy and Science originally started by the Ancient Greeks, was abolished for idiotic anti-freedom of speech reasons of Apostasy, Blasphemy and Heresy. Meanwhile during these centuries of darkness in fixed dogma ideas, Judaism chose the right path. Ancient Judaism and Roman Christianity, inspired the creation of reckless Satanic text extracts, which evolved further into a jumbled very dark patchwork mishmash called Islam, invented by a vain fool called Muhammad, recorded in the Koran.

How do I know that Christianity chose the left path? The evidence exists today that Christianity by its obsession, with once upon a time historical cruel intolerance to all unbelievers, changed in modern times to misguided tolerance and forgiveness, submitting to the ‘Totalitarian Left’ again and again, which includes anti-freedom Socialism politically correct mentality, and anti-freedom apartheid Islamic mentality. Christian leaders have a modern historical habit of not standing up against all forms of Totalitarianism, be it political or religious.

As the centuries passed, Judaism broke up into different levels of belief system from Orthodox to Moderate. Christianity broke up into early Christian sects simply following Jesus, not following the ‘Old Testament’ and not yet even the ‘New Testament’. These sects gradually vanished as the birth of the ‘Roman Christian Church’ evolved later to become known as Catholicism. Discontent broke up Roman Christianity into the creation of Protestantism, which in turn through more disagreement broke up into numerous Churches. Meanwhile, Islam broke up into a conflict between Sunni and Shiite and other Islamic sects also evolved.

I have not studied the history of Judaism closely, but I believe the age of cruelty which once thrived in Judaism, i.e. burning people, stoning people to death etc. ended centuries before the birth of Christ. I believe that the belief system of Judaism was more humanely and scientifically far more advanced in evolution process of ideas, and understanding, than that of Roman Christianity, which wandered off course into absolute dark wrong unjust thinking, followed by an even more evil creed, the way of anti-freedom apartheid Islam. If time opportunity avails, I shall study Jewish history more closely down the track, to discern fiction from fact, as honesty deserves the right homework. My one concern is the insanity of modern “Ultra-Orthodox Jews” that in Israel even prey upon good moderate Jews and no doubt given the opportunity would practice the same unjust wrong ideas in the West. Such behaviour is not acceptable, not now, not ever- more about that reality later.

So much for truth…not even believers in these three creeds could agree as to who is right and who is wrong. The real answer is that all these creeds are wrong. Not content to just respect each other’s variances in belief, Christianity and Islam, over the last 1400 years set out head-on to kill any person that dared reject their belief, and thus the evil of these two proselytization creeds possessed by ‘satanic dark thinking’ rose, creating a lifestyle of misery, suffering and insane madness all in the name of worship of an imaginary ‘God Creator’ that absolutely, yes most definitely does not exist.

This statement is not Atheism, it is just a simple reality of fact. For proof now exists that a ‘God Creator’ does not exist. This does not mean that God does not exist. It simply means the true nature of God is far more spiritually powerful than the religious imaginary violent cruel punishing creator, as taught in falsely claimed infallible holy books.

The one serious difference between Christianity and Judaism and Islam is that the Qur’an the book of Islam instructs all Muslims to kill all unbelievers. The Torah and the Bible do not table such insidious instructions. Thus, this makes Islam a very dangerous evil ‘Satanic Belief System’ and consequently by the dark instructions in the Koran, Islam is absolutely the common enemy of every person that values ‘Liberty’.

Myth and false knowledge when enforced by Satanic Belief Systems, does become tyrannically evil. Why would anyone trust the Satanic Verses in these three Abrahamic belief systems? The answer is ’yes’ they do, but only by the process of intellectual laziness, apathy and naïve comfort zone collective dishonesty. The consequence is enforced ignorance, imposed against those that with open minds can recognise the truth, and thus do reject false knowledge. Even seemingly nice people cling to such ‘Dark System Beliefs’.

As a young person, I was guilty of the same ignorance. I was raised as a Christian. It took an accident and being given three hours to live to wake me up from my mythical dreamtime world. Fortunately, my questioning mind and my trust in God, led me away from Christian darkness into the light of God. Gradually I learned that God was the essence of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Consciousness’ -the eternal reservoir of knowledge, and from then on I began to evolve gaining new insight. Gradually I learned P.I. that Worship of any deity, is in fact a pagan practice.

Forget about the exclusiveness of the Abrahamic creeds beliefs as defined in English Dictionaries. A pagan is defined as being a person without any religion, being irreligious or being a member of a polytheistic religion or any other religion, other than Christianity, Judaism or Islam. This old 20th Century definition suggests that every ‘Belief System’ that is not a ‘Abrahamic Creed’ is Pagan.

This vain definition is wrong. A Pagan by ‘Blue Light’ Gaia Dictionary definition is any person that worships a God or many Gods. Atheists, Buddhists and Cosmicists are not Pagans. Christianity, Judaism and Islam are pagan creeds. Worship of any kind of deity is a ‘Pagan Practice’.

A lot of Abrahamic believers will get upset by this Cosmic change in definition of the word “Pagan”. But you know, it does not worry me, for the history of these demanding creeds, over hundreds of years, had the bully vanity to brain-wreck imposed trained thinking on others, which looked down with contempt on every person that they called a pagan. Not much different than the contempt Christians had for children out of wedlock called ‘bastards’. Well now by evolution process that trend will change. Except that Cosmicism will not waste proselytizing time trying to convert true believers to recognise reality. Such effort is a waste of time, let them have their fantasy world of imaginary make believe.

When we die as Lucretius correctly identified, we all end up in the end, the same way. Death should not be feared, only the way we die, justifies reasonable fear. However, to achieve eternal life, one must ascend to live a life of kindness, consideration, courtesy, integrity and ahimsa lifestyle, be thou a human animal or a non-human animal. God is Love and non-violent and does not recognise those that are cruel to life and those that focus on the deliberate murder of life, to satisfy their own greedy lustful obsessions.

Self-defence and the right to eat is naturally reasonable, but that is all.


“After the American Civil War of 1861-1865, members of the Democratic Party (United States) organized the Protestant-led Ku Klux Klan (KKK) organization and began engaging in arson, beatings, destruction of property, lynching, murder, rape, tar-and-feathering, whipping and intimidation via such means as cross burning. They targeted African Americans, Jews, Catholics and other social ethnic minorities. (iii)

“Vehemently Anti-Catholic Klan members, had an explicitly Protestant Christian terrorist ideology, basing their beliefs in part on a “religious foundation” in Protestant Christianity. The goals of the KKK included, from an early time onward, an intent to “re-establish Protestant Christian values in America by any means possible”, and they believed that Jesus was the first Klansman. From 1915 onward, Klansmen conducted cross-burnings not only to intimidate targets, but also to demonstrate their respect and reverence for Jesus Christ, and the ritual of lighting crosses was steeped in Christian symbolism, including prayer and singing hymns. Within Christianity, the Klan directed hostilities against Catholics. Modern Klan organisations remain associated with acts of domestic terrorism in the US.” (iii)

(iii) Source:

Also, read on Internet…

A.I. Comments: Here we go again… Christianity flying sideways into dark regions of evil wrong thinking. Jesus did not approve of the use of violence period. And Buddha did not approve of the use of violence 500 years before the birth of Jesus. An additional overview chapter about the history of the core evil of the KKK, needs to be added to the book… Fox’s ‘Book of Martyrs’, if Foxe was alive today I know by his disgust of misuse of the Bible, that he would approve of such an added chapter. The truth is the Protestant KKK is no better than the Catholic Christian Inquisition during the Dark Ages, both are evil ideologies, just like Islam is an evil ideology.

Calling ‘Christianity’ Christianity is incorrect. For Christianity is ‘Roman Christianity’. ‘True Christianity’ vanished after ‘Roman Christianity’ was created. In recap: the original ahimsa Christians that followed Jesus did not follow a Bible, because the bible did not exist. They simply followed the teachings of Jesus, which rejected many violent teachings in Judaism and Ancient Roman ideology. And that includes many ‘Satanic Verses’ in the Old Testament that were actually adopted from the Torah.

The KKK claimed to be re-establishing ‘Christian Values’. I see those words ‘Christian Values’ used even in comment lines in Australian local and mainstream city newspapers on occasions by citizens. ‘Christian Values’ is like ‘Moral Law’ they keep changing and shifting in value standards, generation after generation. No one really lives true to ‘Moral Law’ and ‘Christian Values’, because the definition of what is moral and valued, keeps changing. The ideas of ‘Moral Values’ and ‘Christian Values’ is wide open to personal interpretation and is invented as a guide by believers, and that shift of misguided thinking existed in the evil ‘Christian Inquisition’ and still exists in the evil KKK. And even evil Islam is locked down like Christianity into inferior thinking false knowledge ideas of what is ‘Muslim Values’ and ‘Muslim Moral Values’. No one agrees, they will never get ‘Moral Law’ right, because it lacks the foundation of pragmatic common sense which exists in ‘Cosmic Law’. Without ‘reality-based ethics’ moral law cannot ever be accurately defined as being true and correct wholesome values.

The KKK claim Jesus was not a Jew… that claim is a lie… Jesus was a Jew.

The KKK is a ‘Totalitarian Gangster Organisation’ pretending like the ‘Christian Inquisition’ to be ‘Christians’. The insidious behaviour of the KKK which ignores the ahimsa teachings of Jesus in the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ proves that the KKK is nothing more than just a seditious ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Belief System’.

Any members of the KKK that claim they are a moderate non-violent KKK group opposed to the violent thinking and behaviour of other KKK groups are not too bright. If you love peace and don’t believe in violence than leave the evil organisations that subscribe to anti-freedom apartheid violence and yes Muslims that claim to be peace lovers, this equally applies to you. Become an ex-Muslim to live in peace, become ex-KKK to live decent in peace. If you are not willing to divorce yourself from dark thinking wrong belief systems, then either your claim to want peace is a lie or you are a coward afraid to walk away from wrong thinking; and that is hard core reality.

Like all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ the KKK has been outlawed by ‘Cosmicism’.

Cosmic Law states… “Thou shalt not accept or tolerate ‘Totalitarianism’ in any form.”

So-called ‘True Christians’ don’t agree with each other, just like so-called ‘True Muslims’ don’t agree with each other and so-called ‘True Jews’ don’t agree with each other. The truth is… not one of these Abrahamic Creeds has ever established a united fixed dogma understanding. And the reason for this failure is that fixed dogma ideology of any form, religious or political, cannot not ever establish concord and unity, because just like ‘Atheism’ they are wandering belief systems trapped inside a prison of their own creation that causes their minds to think incompetently and are consequently, incapable of ever establishing truth and justice for all.


The Amish despite its misguided thinking has a better more peaceful, almost non-existent ‘homicide history’ than any other sect of the Abrahamic Creeds. Makes us think about belief systems, doesn’t it? But then that later statement, is only true unto people that think like philosophers and scientists with open, always questioning minds, on a genuine quest for truth. But there are downsides of Amish thinking, and one is too much genetic in-breeding and rejection of advanced education past basic 8th grade. Another is belief in never fighting; the Amish would be wiped out if they lived in a Totalitarian society. For to be a man, whether we like it or not, sometimes we must fight. No intelligent person likes to fight or wants war, which by pragmatic common sense must be avoided as much as possible. But sometimes pragmatic survival common sense, also demands the necessity of fighting for the right to live free in peace, and that is hard core reality.

The only hope for mankind is to learn the way of ‘Cosmicism’as a companion to Science, using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ which is dynamic, open minded, capable of thinking outside the square, knowing no limits, no final truth, recognising that all truth and valued proven path knowledge is eternally forever expanding.

As part of this process we need to read widely to comprehend the big picture and as a part of this “Jigsaw Piece” learning I encourage you to read the book “The Swerve” by Stephen Greenblatt as I tabled earlier. I don’t want to spoil the excellent writing style of Greenblatt, but further to my previous writings, identifying historical cruelty and murder by Christians, against non-Christians and even against other Christians, I do want to table one incident out of centuries of cruelty by Christianity, which makes the evil “Islamic State” look kind at times in comparison, and this is the paragraph that I extracted from the book. There is more to this tragic story, but it is suffice to say that a very caring man, a scholar seeking truth supported the ‘Copernicus’ assertion that the earth was not a fixed stationary planet in the centre of the Universe, but was in fact, a planet that orbited around the sun. Now we know today that this is true, but the evil Roman Christian Church rejected this idea using the cruelty of ‘Apostasy, Blasphemy, Heresy Law’ and without much ado about nothing, taking it foolishly seriously as being a heinous idea, the Christian Church did cruelly kill many people that dared challenge the wrong thinking of the Roman Christian Church. Reread my 2014 treatise called “Flat Earth” to understand in overview the history of ideas. But for now, I leave you this extracted paragraph from Stephen Greenblatt’s book “The Swerve” about hard core reality, a truth that a large percentage of modern day Christians refuse to face.

We start after “Bruno” a scholar of wiser learning that recognised the truth tabled by Copernicus, trapped in a course of persecution events to follow, after eight years of trial, charged of heresy by the Church, in Italy, with the following paragraph extracted from the Chapter ‘Swerves’ which tabled a disturbing death at the insidious hands of evil Roman Christians…

“On February 17, 1600, the defrocked Dominican, his head shaved, was mounted on a donkey and led out to the stake that had been erected in the Campo dei Fiori. He had steadfastly refused to repent during the innumerable hours in which he had been harangued by teams of friars, and he refused to repent or simply to fall silent now at the end. His words are unrecorded, but they must have unnerved the authorities, since they ordered that his tongue be bridled. They meant it literally: according to one account, a pin was driven into his cheek, through his tongue, and out the other side; another pin sealed his lips, forming a cross. When a crucifix was held up to his face, he turned his head away. The fire was lit and did its work. After he was burned alive, his remaining bones were broken into pieces and his ashes- the tiny particles that would, he believed, reenter the great, joyous, eternal circulation of matter- were scattered.” (i)

Thus, ended a cruel excruciating death by a brave Scholar that defended the truth, he was correct in thinking. His scattered ashes did return to the eternal circulation for the common sense, which the Roman Poet Lucretius taught, is a significant part of Cosmic Reality.

And of those Christians that cruelly murdered Bruno, upon their death, their souls vanished without a trace, and their satanic spirits wandered forever, around the eternal darkness of the Cosmos, never finding “eternal life”- their cruelty in life damned them for all eternity.

Source: Kindle & Paperback Book in Colour… ‘Flat Earth’.

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