Let’s put 18C to the test…

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18C Web threatening freedom can be broken, simply by use of ‘Cosmic Law’

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Let’s put 18C to the test…

 Section 18C of the 1975 Australian Racial Discrimination Act is a re-enactment of ‘Blasphemy Law’

18C Anti-Freedom of Speech Gangster Legislation


The e-mail letter image copy tabled at end of this brief treatise, was received by Allan Ivarsson from the Australian Labor Party on the 7th February 2017. Personally, I have no respect for Turnbull, he is in bed with anti-freedom Islam, just like the Labor Party and the Greens.


But not all Liberals share Turnbull’s conviction and perhaps not all Labor MP’s support tolerance of the dictatorship of Islamic doctrine.


The tragedy of the Australian Labor Party is that it was once decades ago, a great genuine ‘Worker’s Party’. But that political sincerity no longer exists. The Labor Party today has been infiltrated and corrupted by Anti-Freedom Socialists, whom have also infiltrated the Greens.


But the thing that truly bothered me in this letter was the deceit tabled by Tony Burke MP Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Australia.


He uses the ‘Racist Card’ deliberately to stop ‘Freedom of Speech’. In other words, even when people speak the truth, they must be silenced per Labor and Green Policy.


Use of the gasoline word ‘Racist’ has the same bully impact as the use of the gasoline words ‘Apostasy, Blasphemy and Heresy’. They are designed to silence the truth. In much the same way, the gasoline word ‘Islamophobia’ is also used to bully people into silence.


Tony Burke states… “Families should be able to go on picnics and feel safe. Individuals should be able to catch public transport without fear. In our multicultural country, people should expect to live free of racist abuse.”


Allan Ivarsson comments… Every person that treasures ‘Liberty Values’ in ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ void of harassment, persecution and bully abuse, agrees with this statement by Burke. Problem is that T.B. is using this truthful feeling in a manipulative way, wrapped up in false knowledge deceit, to sucker people into believing that anti-freedom of speech clause 18C is acceptable.


Tony Burke whinges in his statement… “Section 18C makes it unlawful for someone to “offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate” someone because of their race or ethnicity. But now, the law is under attack.”


The truth is that being denied criticizing ideas, including religions, because it offends someone, means that 18C is also ‘Blasphemy Law’. Different anti-discrimination words are used in legislation and in subject title, but the reality is true, it is still a form of ‘Blasphemy Law’. And that type of evil legislation is not acceptable, not now, not ever.


Constantly people keep tabling the right of people to ‘Freedom of Religion’. Seems reasonable, but Islam rejects ‘Freedom of Religion’ as instructed in the Qur’an, as verified by Hadiths, and enforced by anti-freedom apartheid Sharia Law, which is enforced in Saudi Arabia, the heart of Islam. So how does ‘Freedom of Religion’ work when Islam rejects ‘Freedom of Religion’? Where does the right to ‘Freedom of Religion’ exist in totalitarian Saudi Arabia?


Yes, 18C is correctly under attack, because past incidents, indicate people have been prosecuted and deliberately persecuted, even when they were innocent of any deliberate abusive intention and even when their brief statements were not tabled with nasty intent. They were simply bullied, because they raised a valid comment, a valid concern. And like the gangster nature of 18C law, people and prosecuting lawyers, jump on the bandwagon to attack people to satisfy their obsession for greed and their dark thinking twisted minds. These bully legal battle incidents are on record and are well documented for anyone that wants to do their homework, to read the facts. But Burke, true to his stupidity and limited mind thinking, sees nothing wrong with this 18C Gangster Legislation, which is in fact another type of ‘Blasphemy Law’.


18C is not about feeling safe in public, in picnic grounds, on the streets and on transport because throughout Western History, criminal laws help protect citizens in every good country, from being physically attacked. 18C does not protect us from abuse, other criminal laws do that job.


Tony Burke is a liar.


In September 15, 2012 Muslims rioted in a Demonstration protest in Sydney, it was reported at the time that “only eight people are expected to be charged”, even though many police were injured and abused by aggressive hoodlum ‘Jihad Muslims’. Six Police were injured. The ugly violence is not acceptable, and Australian citizens were denied the right to safely walk the streets of Sydney, as violent abusive Muslims raged in mass attack. Criminal Law deals with these crazies. 18C does not do a damn thing to stop such abuse and did not prosecute all the Muslims that did in fact, disobey 18C legislation.


Once again death threats were carried on banners by Muslims stating clearly… “Behead all those that insult the Prophet”. Yes, this is not the first time, banners have been carried in Australia, Britain and other Nations making “Death Threats” but the people are never arrested and permanently expelled from the Nation. In fact, they don’t get fined, or even gaoled for such offences. 18C does not arrest Muslims, it only arrests and persecutes non-Muslims.


Tony Burke falsely concludes… “While the Liberals are busy protecting perpetrators – let’s stand together to protect all Australians from racist hate speech.”


A.I. comments… Burke lied true to his dishonest mentality. The Liberals are not busy protecting perpetrators. In fact, some idiot Liberals have been protecting the preservation of 18C legislation and are equally as guilty as the fools in Labor and Greens that support the enforcement of 18C, which is a disgraceful bully anti-freedom of speech legislation.


Let’s put 18C to the test. If 18C is the correct rule, why has not all Muslim Clerics been prosecuted in Australia for teaching the Qur’an to all Muslims? The Qur’an is riddled with ‘Hate Speech’ against all non-Muslims. The very fact that Muslim demonstrations threaten us with violence and death threats of ‘beheading’ is proof that Muslims are literally obeying Qur’an instructions.


If 18C is correct, why isn’t the Qur’an on trial for Hate Speech and Death Threats?


The reason no action is taken using 18C legislation against all Muslim Clerics, Imams, Grand Mufti etc. and against the Qur’an, is because all politicians that support 18C legislation are in fact cowards. Their failure to condemn the Qur’an Hate Speech, whilst enforcing 18C proves beyond a shadow of doubt that all politicians that support 18C are not only absolute hypocrites, but they are also cowards. And the lowest critter on this earth is a coward.


Cowards cannot be trusted to do the right thing.


Authors Note: The brief treatise on ‘Let’s put 18C to the test…’ was published on e-mail to Global Friends on the 8th February 2017.

The 1975 Australian Racial Discrimination Act & Let’s put 18C to the test, were published in the 2017 ‘Insanity of Hate’ book. Amazon.com and later published in COMPENDIUM I.


Yes, like all evil anti-freedom of speech laws around the globe, the Australian Government and Opposition Parties, using 18C want to silence the Australian non-Muslim people.

Muslims are protected by 18C they are free to speak, using ‘Hate Speech’ as directed by the Qur’an.

Non-Muslims are not free to speak as directed by 18C 18B & 18D.

Justice & Freedom no longer prevails in Australia.

The banning of ‘Freedom of Speech’ became the ‘Death of the Lucky Country’ Australia and the decline of Australia will continue, until the evil anti-freedom of speech laws 18C & 18B & 18D are rescinded.

To save Australia and return it to the status of the once ‘Lucky Country’ we must ban every form of ‘Anti-Freedom of Speech’ Law in Federal & States and stop anti-freedom Islamic Immigration into Australia. Only ex-Muslims should be allowed to migrate to Australia. There is no place for anti-freedom belief systems in Australia. Every form of ‘Totalitarianism’ must be outlawed.

Anti-Freedom ‘Sharia Law has been banned’ by ‘Cosmic Law’ and any person, organisation or political party that proposes acceptance of ‘Sharia Law’ is an enemy of their Nation.

Read ‘Freedom of Speech’ & ‘Freedom of Choice’.





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