USA: A Wise Black Man delivers a Wisdom Message to a misguided White Woman

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Feature Image: Prophesy… Anti-Freedom Socialism wants to destroy Mount Rushmore Monuments, after destroying all Historical Statues & all War Memorials throughout America. ‘Jihad Muslim’ fanatics support this objective. Stay alert and fight to save America from the tyranny of Marxism & Fanatical anti-freedom Islam.

A Black Man tells a White Protester foolishly opposing Donald Trump the ‘Dark Truth’ about Marxist ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

He accurately stated, “There is a problem within the African-American Community & it needs to be addressed.” (African-Americans make up 13% of Population).


Foolish Ignorance cannot ever successfully stand up against Truth.

Far too many protesters lack ‘Emotional Intelligence‘ & common-sense logic. Most Demonstrators lack good communication skills, which consequently identifies that they don’t have the skills to speak the truth. Their belief system is riddled with errors in thinking. And that is easy to discern by any person that treasures ‘Freedom Values’ and has good communication skills.

The protest signs in this video reveal how vanity controls people’s minds, motivated by ego they want people to cheer them, not comprehending that what they are really doing is promoting anti-freedom Socialism, the enemy of freedom values.

Street Demonstrations are an abuse of ‘Freedom Privilege’. Why? Because most protesters are focused on pushing bully tyranny to satisfy their own voice, desperate to dictate to others what they are allowed to think and do. Protests traditionally are about tearing down ‘Freedom Values’ to oppress everyone else that disagrees with their thinking chants and rants.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

PS. The first protests in history were about fighting for the right to live free against tyranny. They were justified protests. The right to live free is an eternal human right.

But now in the free world, motivated by anti-freedom Socialism and anti-freedom Islam, all of the protests are about tyranny striving to overthrow freedom values. Such protests are a deliberate abuse of ‘Freedom Privilege’ and such anti-freedom protests must be outlawed to protect the existence of freedom values. 

Only Socialism refuses to outlaw such street protests.


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