DAY 1 – 8/24/2020

Melania Trump 2020: “I Believe that we need my husband’s leadership now more than ever.”

Americans Vote for Donald Trump

Australians, New Zealanders & Canadians Cheer Donald Trump’s Fight to Protect & Preserve ‘Western Civilization’ “Freedom Values” by keeping American strong in “Liberty Values”.

There is no place for ‘Totalitarian Ideologies’ like Socialism & Communism.

Watch Live: Excellent Speakers chosen by President Donald Trump

Important Duration of Presentation 2:25:58

When I first watched this important series of speech by talented young people and Senators the video had reached 73,361 views, the following day it had reached 241, 313 views and is still climbing.

I encourage every American & Australian & New Zealander & Canadian to watch this important beginning of a presentation to fight for the Protection and Preservation of ‘Freedom Values’ by cheering and supporting ‘Donald Trump’. We must wipe out the dangerous threats and attacks of Anti-Freedom Socialism that evil Marxist Force which is often called the left.

There is no place for Socialist Democrats leaders like ‘Joe Biden‘ and Running Mate ‘Kamala Harris‘ who by their policies and dangerous anti-freedom thinking must be stopped from ever being elected.

The majority of Americans must be wiser and reject the evil oppression of Socialism. The entire Western World will fall if America loses its eternal right to live free.

Socialism will be replaced by Communism the parent of Marxist Dictatorship. Both political levels of violent chaos ideologies must be wiped out… there is no place for such evil tyrannies in the Universe.

Socialism & Communism are “Assaults on Capitalism”. Without Capitalism we as a society cannot live free and escape the hardship of poverty and famine.

Socialism Destroys Freedom

Quality of Life needs Freedom to live void of Persecution and Oppression.

A scary Biden World will result in violent destruction of society.

Watch all the speeches, listen carefully to all presentations of important ‘Truth’s and always remember without ‘Freedom’ we will have nothing but oppression, suffering, terrible misery and be constantly threatened by cruelty and death because that is what Socialism & Communism does. Millions of people around the world since 1917 have been murdered by Communism & Socialism.

There is no place for Socialist ‘Cancel Culture’ or Socialist ‘Political Correctness’. 100% “Freedom of Speech” must prevail… the right to speak is an eternal human right and no one has the right to silence speech.

One good thing that really excited me is that this RNC revealed that many young people still treasure freedom values and do reject the bully tactics of anti-freedom Socialism.

One thing that amazes me about Donald Trump is his persistent energy levels at the age of 74 years… it is clear to me that his passion to protect American Liberty and improve the quality of life for all Americans is the strong driving persistent ambition of Trump, who is focused on consistently improving the quality of life opportunities for all Americans. And in the global background Trump strives to protect Western Civilization from the tyranny of ‘Totalitarianism’.

I have supported Donald Trump since July 2015 refer my book COMPENDIUM IV for exciting images reviewing ‘Donald Trump Images History’ I am the only person on this planet that did this style presentation.

Even I underestimated Donald Trump’s amazing energy levels for his age. I thought by the second term that he would be slowing down, by the aging process… but I was wrong, and I have during my life known men & women who have had strong energy levels into their eighties.

The way Donald Trump calmly handles stress is incredible.

In COMPENDIUM III I published ‘Prophesy of Donald Trump’ my record of forecast dated 3rd March 2016 that he would win the election and he did as I said he would. Other Trump history is also recorded in this excellent book. Including the false claim by ‘Sam Harris’ that ‘Trump is Terrible’. Allan Ivarsson deals in opposition of Harris remarks.

The COMPENDIUM Series are designed to give the world history & philosophy interfaced with images in colour.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Gallery of Images

Charlie Kirk 26 years First Speaker

Matt Gaetz 38 years U.S. Representative for Florida
Don’t Miss their Speech Presentation…

These two ladies are a great team…

Senator Tim Scott 54 years Senator for South Carolina since 2013

Donald Trump Jr. 42 years – Great to learn of his loyalty to his father’s fight for ‘Freedom Values’ and caring about the American People’s right to enjoy ‘Quality of Life’ privileges.

Re-Elect Donald Trump – Vote For Trump


Important Upgrade of Military Defence

Care for Veterans

Donald Trump President of the United States of America

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