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The Gods


One of the major false knowledge claims stated by naïve fools is that ‘Christians and Muslims’ all worship the same God. That idea is a lie. The character of Allah in Islam and the character of God in Christianity, is entirely different.

Two Gods are fighting each other for supremacy over the other. But it gets even more complex in conflict, because the God in Judaism is different in character to the Gods in Islam and Christianity.

Thus, amongst the Abrahamic creeds we have three different Gods fighting each other to rule over planet earth. Choosing which God to support is like going to an election to vote, which donkey do we pin the tail on? But it gets worse, the God in Mormonism is different again. And when we add all the numerous types of Gods that exist in Hinduism… the heavens, the paradise, where all Gods are believed to exist, becomes a very unstable, highly emotional place, as they fight each other. The Pantheist Ancient Roman Gods, and the Ancient Greek Gods, made stories of conflict more exciting, than the boring monotheistic Gods. The ancient ‘Sun Gods’ of Egypt burnt to a crisp and crumbled, as astronomy evolved. The great spirit of the American Natives of past times, made more sense in character, than all other Gods, being closer to nature and eternal self-realisation in this life, in transition into the next spirit world.

But being of Scandinavian background, I personally, like the fun and dreamtime spirit of the Gods of Valhalla… their fictitious ideas… were founded upon belief in courage, love and great times, in battle, in adventure and in the next world.

Naturally, as all believers of every Monotheistic creed knows, all enemies go to hell-fire and all believers go to heaven/paradise. Does that mean that the God winner out of three, casts all enemy unbelievers into hell? “Gee I just made it to heaven, but my God was defeated, now I am in hell… Damn, I backed the wrong God. What a bummer. Oh boy… it is getting hot down here… talk about hot foot… ouch.”

Source: ‘Flat Earth’

Avoid Hell in Life by always striving to…

‘Do the Right Thing’ …

Live Ahimsa Love, Peace, Kindness, Consideration, Courtesy & Honour.

Don’t offend the Gods by believing in the wrong one.

It is easy… reject all fixed dogma religions… choose ‘Open Mind’

Live 100% “Free in Speech, in Choice and in Equality”

There is no such thing as eternal hell fire after death, a God of Love would never authorise such cruelty to be imposed on any creature, human or not. But there is such a thing as hell in life, created by ‘Totalitarian Cruelty’.

All creatures, human and non-human who live the ahimsa way of altruistic spirit giving and sharing kindness, love, peace and goodwill are the only spirits that will enjoy eternal life, which is not heaven or paradise. It is a communication dimension of spiritual peace and has no body form; be content to know that eternal life has no description… something beautiful happens.

Death is simply eternal sleep of the body, there is nothing to fear in sleep, but something beautiful happens to all spirits that treasure love, peace and kindness and do the right thing, always sharing goodwill with all altruistic creatures that live true to caring nature.

“Trust is earned not given”

Be good and live true to self.

The adage is correct…

“Do unto others as you expect them to do unto you.”

Always strive to be nice.

Read ‘My God’ for inspiration…

“Something Beautiful Happens”

To all who have the courage to live free from Fixed Dogma with… ‘Open Mind’.

Well it’s time for me to enjoy my mystical ride upon the sea of fantasy…

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