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Allan Ivarsson Courteously Writes to a Muslim on BNI

Ghulam says…

September 11, 2020 (i)


As a Muslim, I have to deal with a great amount of suspicion from ignorant dickheads.

I don’t know why you want to keep me on your blog, and I am not banned yet. You said you are a non-progressive Islam-hater. I’m not going to change my pro-Islam views. In fact they’re cemented even further after reading some of the imbecilic comments on your blog.

Have there been any other Muslims before me here? Why haven’t they educated you properly on Quran? At least some would have mirrored my views

Allan Ivarsson comments… Non-progressive means ‘Resistant to Change’. In Disease it means… ‘a static condition’. ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is not resistant to change provided such change is founded upon common-sense and supports the truth in logic, wisdom and history and scientific fact.

I must agree with this Muslim on this remark… “imbecilic comments” … Muslims and Non-Muslims often on the Internet make foolish comments founded upon lack of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and lack of logic and education. Opinions are not worth much when they are statements void of knowledge and understanding. But even then… our ideas of what is ‘imbecilic’ and who is a ‘moron’ is founded upon our ‘Belief System’ thinking which may be right or wrong. In other words… ‘stupidity’ can be just a point of view.

I have a rule, I have always lived by… I never have an opinion about a subject that I have not thoroughly studied. If in doubt about a subject or concern, I back off… and go and do some detailed research study, until I understand the science, history, and philosophy of the subject… then I may have an opinion. Or if the issues are still too complex… I avoid an opinion and go and do more study homework.”

As for the idea that many of us are not educated about the Qur’an. I have read the Muslim Qur’an & the Christian Bible, and I am not impressed with many of the ‘Satanic Verses’ in both books. Blind religious beliefs that don’t have the courage to criticise wrong thinking beliefs in any creed or philosophy is not wholesome for society and simply agitates conflict and encourages more injustice and unnecessary violence.# It is not smart to blindly accept violent texts and anti-assimilation texts as the ‘Word of God/Allah’.

# Now you might think that criticism and rejection stating the ‘Truth’ does agitate people… you are right. But it is wiser to put the truth on the table then to hide and say nothing. “Silence is Approval.” And saying nothing about wrong thinking and wrong behaviour is irresponsible and leads to acceptance of injustice and harassment. Different ‘Belief Systems’ in disagreement will always agitate each other in any society and cause conflict and injustice, hence, to resolve a conflict which will never go away until people have the courage to calmly think with open mind outside the square of the square, truth must be tabled. And that means that calm spiritual courage must say it the way it is and strive for peaceful ahimsa solutions. Not easy but it can be resolved if the world learns the most advanced intelligence in the world called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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This is my response to the Muslims remarks…

Allan Ivarsson says…

September 11, 2020 (i)

Ghulam, you said it… “I’m not going to change my pro-Islam views.” That sums up reality. We are in opposing views. And our mindsets will not change. (on Islam)

I read the Qur’an in 1984 and was disgusted with all the violent ‘Satanic Verses’ I read in the book. I reject ‘Sharia Law’ & ‘Blasphemy Law’, all enforced by ‘Islamic Doctrine’.

We are enemies not because we have opposing ideas. We are enemies because ‘Blasphemy Law’ & ‘Sharia Law’ are ‘Totalitarian’ ideologies in conflict with ‘Freedom Values’.

You support ‘Totalitarian’ Doctrine, which is why we will always be in conflict. Neither of us will submit to the other.

Australia & America are ‘Liberty Based’ Nations there is no place for ‘Totalitarian’ Ideologies like Communism, Socialism, Fascism and ‘Sharia Law’.

And there is no place for anti-freedom of speech laws like ‘Blasphemy Law’ which persecutes people Muslim & Non-Muslim that dare speak freely.

Neither of us will ever agree with each other.

You are free to live in an ‘Islamic Totalitarian Nation’. Those of us who value the right to live free in speech, choice and equality will never be able to live free in a ‘Sharia Law’ enforced society.

Those that try to enforce a ‘Totalitarian’ Ideology Political, Religious or Philosophical will always be opposed. There is no place for anti-freedom ‘Belief Systems’ in a Western Free Country, not now, not ever.

Thus conflict will always exist while ‘Totalitarianism’ strives to assert itself.

The fight for freedom against dictatorships has existed for the last ten thousand years around the globe in every past culture and will continue until ‘Freedom’ rules and oppression is wiped out by evolution process.

That is a fact that shall always exist, because most people want to live free.

If ‘Blasphemy Law’ was banned in Islamic Nations, many Muslims would leave Islam and choose freedom values than to live under the tyranny of ‘Sharia Law’.

Many Muslims in the West have already left Islam.

The Muslim by Birth that Rejected Islam

And now for my additional response…

Az gal says

September 11, 2020 (i)

Impossible. They are brain washed or inbred. Usually both.

A.I. observed ‘Impossible’? The word ‘Impossible’ is not used by my ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ thinking. Thus I responded…

Allan Ivarsson says…

September 12, 2020 (i)

Az gal, there are Muslims in the West that have become ex-Muslims. The only reason more Muslims are not leaving Islam is because of ‘Blasphemy Law’. They naturally fear the violent punishment if they try to leave. ‘Sharia Law’ punishes them often very cruelly.

They are not all brainwashed or all inbred.

This is why I have been fighting the existence of ‘Blasphemy Law’ in Islamic Nations & in Western Nations.

Buzz says…

September 12, 2020 (i)


A.I. Note: Amen means… ‘So Be It’. Amen is a word of ‘Biblical’ Hebrew origin. The word ‘Amen’ implies the end. But it really means ‘So Be It’, in other words what is said is deemed as being true, even when it is not true. In prayer finished with ‘Amen’ it means that the deliverer of the prayer to God, believes that God has listened. Whether God responds to the prayer or not is another question of believing by faith or not believing. On the other hand when we learn the truth about ‘Channelling’ which I have written about in my collected works you can discern a different point of view in understanding outside the square of theism, atheism & New Age thinking. I have also written about the valid concern… “Where do all ideas come from.”

A.I. comments… I added my response to the above remark… too often over the last decade, I have observed the false allegation that all ‘Muslims are ‘inbred.’ That idea is not true. Inbreeding does occur around the globe in societies, but as population explosion has been happening since the beginning of the 20th Century inbreeding is lowering. History reveals that inbreeding between cousins was common during past centuries even amongst Christians. It is foolish to unjustly accuse all Muslims of inbreeding, this idea is not true. Because of the polygynous behaviour of Muslims, including their history of sexual abuse of female slaves, inbreeding was even lower. That does not mean we should condone slavery. We must condemn slavery and all human trafficking with the contempt it deserves. And it is true must countries today that permit polygyny are Muslim-majority countries. But never forget that the Mormons are founded in USA upon belief in polygyny.

If the myth recorded in the Bible that Adam & Eve were the first humans created by God is true, then it means that the entire human race was founded upon inbreeding. But fortunately we now know, that is us scientific thinkers, that evolution process is the foundation of all life’s creation process, which has always existed throughout the Universe, in much the same way the Universe has always existed. The Universe and all life forms keep evolving and changing, nothing in any physical form is permanent and lasts forever. That is the reality of all existence. ‘God of Creation’ the great spirit of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ has always existed, just like the Universe has always existed, just like the elements of all life has always existed. I published more about this chaos character of existence in other past writings. Read my collected works to know my insight.

Here’s the ticket to higher understanding even through evolution process all life begins through inbreeding, including the evolution of human form which evolved into higher intelligence called ‘Homo Sapiens’.

‘Philosophical Intelligence’ rejects the wrong thinking and behaviour of ‘Polygyny’ and ‘Polyandry’ that which in multiple sexual interface variations is called ‘Polygamy’. The most common form of multiple marriage relationships throughout human history is ‘Polygyny’.

Many other species are polygynous in behaviour, not all. Cattle/cows for example are polygynous, they rely on a bull to serve them. Most humans eat red meat created by polygynous behaviour.

Wisdom says that the survival of human society to slow down population explosion, must be Monogamous.

There are many species that mate for life as one loyal monogamous relationship, including some birds. It seems instinctive genetics through evolution process has influenced variations in behaviour in all animals, human and non-human. This is also true of altruism; many non-human animals have evolved into altruistic animals whilst many other animals are not altruistic.

Read 2018 ‘Animal World’ illustrated in colour in 2019 book ‘COMPENDIUM IV’ by Allan Ivarsson, a must read, great educational experience, published by Amazon.com in Quality Paper Collector’s Edition Paperback and also in electronic book Kindle, both in colour.

‘Philosophical Intelligence’ says inspired by a truthful statement by Albert Einstein that to survive we humans must change the way we think.

My God is non-violent and does not condone violence, torture, and cruelty.

Reference in part for comments…

(i) https://barenakedislam.com/2020/09/10/keyboard-jihadis-threaten-david-wood-with-a-deadly-charlie-hebdo-ending/

“We that are on opposite sides… will never agree.”

“Our disagreement is ‘Freedom versus Tyranny’ – it’s that simple.”

The End… for now… but ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ is always to be continued…

Remember ‘Cosmic Law’

Scroll through above ‘Cosmic Law’ link for expanded understanding.

First start with… Cosmic Law on Death Threats

‘Cosmic Law’ states…

“Thou shalt not make death threats nor shall thou threaten to cruelly harm an animal – human or non-human.”

“Thou shalt not kill.” Source: Ten Commandments.

Cosmic Law on Human Rights… Values of Decency.

Cosmic Law on Hate Speech & Satanic Verses

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