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Faith is belief without proof or evidence, which may be strengthened by autosuggestive conviction in one’s own trust and understanding of self. Faith in friends and family is an extension of faith in self. Faith in the ‘Eternal Power’ which we call God is a feeling of conviction. Such faith often does not examine right or wrong. Logic or lack thereof, combined with emotion and feeling, in any multiple of composite reactions inspired by autosuggestion, creates faith in those things, which a person needs to believe. Confidence is essential, instinct for right direction is indispensable, but faith is not essential nor is it necessarily an asset. Faith, which is blinded by a desire to believe, is not motivated by sound reason. Nor is such blind faith supported by logical behavioural action, which affirms to be morally just and right in attitude. Faith can work for evil motive just as easily as it can uphold that which is good. Faith is not that power which inspires the will to give and take love, for that which is shared comes from the spirit of caring feeling, that state of elated awareness which seeks to share a common need of love.

Faith is but a single power of one kind…

Life does become tense and burdened when fear expands between individuals, but faith will not change this situation and release the pressure of imminent conflict. Only honesty, trust, and caring kindness can dispel conflict and replace it with peaceful spirits of goodwill.

Faith only becomes true and wholesome in value, when it uses the power of constant autosuggestion and believes in the value of non-violence, spiritual love and infinite creative goodwill. Confidence is the keynote, the parent of faith in oneself.

Most people have a reasonable amount of confidence in self. The degree of strength in feelings of confidence is relative to the life experiences, education, training, health and natural instincts of the individual. Faith can be blind and lead the way to evil and disaster faster than it can find the light of good.

Do not place your faith in claimed masters of truth; for they are only teachers of higher understanding, like all humans they are fallible. Remember this single fact… teachers are also human beings, and many have experienced a great deal of tragic error in their lives to gain the insight which they possess. As to whether they’re teachings are wise or not, are a matter of individual interpretation and appreciation. It is suffice, to say unto those persons who believe love and non-violence is a teaching of truth; if a person proclaims himself or herself as a saviour, wise and all-knowing master, then that person is false unto spiritual love being true only as leaders of Satan’s egotism, deceit and darkness. Good claims cloaked by evil vanity leads to death of self.

No person is wise, some people are simply wiser, but no one past, present or future, is wise. Only vanity claims to be all knowing and wise. Look to the example of Jesus, he did not claim to be a saviour; it was other people who made the false claim that Jesus is our saviour. Such is the myth of wrong translations imposed upon us by generations of misguidance. Such is the false knowledge we have received by blind faith. No man or woman, can successfully define those things of the spirit which are states of feeling, beyond logic and emotion, beyond science and known reality; for that which is of feeling is a plain of awareness, not illusion nor of reality, but rather of insight. True feeling is a spiritual dimension, which is inspired by convictions of peace and caring awareness, a state of feeling which never really confirms itself as being of truth; for that which cannot be substantiated is simply theory, an opinion, an idea, yet to resolve itself.

Of those thoughts, which are expounded by philosophers and poets from both the east and west, especially when they constantly disagree very little shall prove it. Feeling cannot be substantiated by evidence, when fact does not yet exist. Both poetic meditative thought and the premise of positive conviction are not worthy of conflict, even when it insists of itself to be the highest of the highest truth.

Those persons who claim to be manifestations of God are in fact simple food for Satan. Such is the tragedy of “Meher Baba Mentality”. Eastern and Western extremism too often mislead the latent potential of such persons into believing they have found the elixir of life. The solution to many riddles of existence will never be completely resolved in scientific terms or through fields of faith. Only those things, which are of proven science, can be used as evidence. All else is but thoughts, vague in essence, and in this light of understanding, faith the power, which can inspire good constructive growth and development beyond the plains of reason and imagination; can also create evil destructive decay and desolation.

Faith is easily misguided by its entity, the essence of all that which is of itself. Faith is a form of sight which often inspires blindness and envelopes the spirit of conviction with erroneous perception, whereby critical reason and logic is rejected and truth is ignored, and good and evil is played against each other, in the quest for substantiated faith.

Any person, who follows masters without question, will not recognise the latent divinity that is within their own self. Whosoever blindly follows masters will destroy their inner self. Gone will be the potential within their spirit. Gone will be the expansion of creative inner consciousness. Gone will be the essence of all that is good.

Faith should not be regarded as the antithesis of critical reason, but it is wrong to think of faith as the unfailing guide of critical reason. Faith is not capable of thinking upon logic and thus being a reliable guide of reason, for faith is a feeling, it is not an emotion, nor is it logic. Faith is a guiding light only to those persons who feel confidence in the exposition of their convictions. Faith is reliance, trust and belief in a founded doctrine. Faith is a factor of confidence in a conviction void of material proof. Faith inspires loyalty, honest dedication, and sincere intention. Right or wrong is not relevant, for faith follows that which it believes is right, even if in truth, it is wrong. Faith can be blind. Faith often rejects material truth made available by scientific proof. Faith can bind assurances between groups. Through this unifying factor, the collective of common faith becomes more powerful and persuades the weak to join forces. During this state of awareness, individuals different from collective faith will on occasions suffer persecution and sometimes death. Too often, through review of history and past thought, it is learnt by new descendent generations, that the lonely, courageous individual ancestor was right, and the collective of blind faith was wrong. So much for faith!

Faith can be creative and fruitful, but it can also be barren, ineffective and meaningless. Faith does not always recognise logic and reason. In accordance to its own feeling, faith manipulates logic and reason as tools to justify the basis of its own faith. Wandering in circles, faith too often becomes lost in its own rambling. All philosophical, poetic and musical recordings, which fail to support love, freedom, and peace, can be considered as being pure nonsense void of valid substance and useful logic.

Have faith in yourself, in so far as have confidence. Have faith in truth in so far as it teaches the revelation of love and goodwill. Have faith in action in so far as it achieves peace and non-violence. Have faith in opportunity in so far as it creates constructive goals. Have faith in things of honest caring exposition, which strengthens the quality, and standards of human existence. Never have total faith in loose forms of interpretation and generalisations, which are debatable ideas that cannot be substantiated. Avoid faith in feelings, which reject scientific evidence, ahimsa methods, and the principles of love, freedom, and peace.

Despite the dangers and pitfalls, faith is a valuable feeling, a beautiful power of infinite strength when inspired by love. In this context here lie the limitations of faith. For faith is infinite only in awareness by belief; and finite when linked to logic and reason. Faith is infinitesimal when involved in argumentative debate and conviction, which lacks concrete proof. Such is faith it cannot even prove itself by valid free feelings of inner conscious peace inspired by spiritual love. True to the end, faith is just a feeling.

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