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God of Creation

Part One


It has been said in many ways…

God exists or does not exist; whether we believe or not.

What is true?

Humans are Spiritual People, but how and in which way?

There is Something Out There…is a common thought.

It is foolish to try and draw, craft or paint an image of God …for God has no image of any form; and the best way to understand this is that ‘Consciousness’ ‘Magnetism’ and ‘Electricity’ cannot be seen, but their presence can be sensed.

When the voice of God is used in some film stories, it is often linked coming from above, a voice emanating from a source of light through the clouds or through the light of a galaxy of stars. This fictional presentation of a ‘God Creator’ can also be viewed as ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, God of Creation, a voice we silently hear within ourselves, seemingly coming from above. We cannot draw a picture of God, nor can we identify the exact direction from which the sound of silence comes, but we can sense a voice within, being received through channelling, via our soul, that which is our mind. This communication process through the spirit within us, linked to the eternal spiritual force of the Universe that which is ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, has no one direction source, for the source of all knowledge, comes from every which way, from the cosmos, coming from the eternal reservoir of all knowledge, which is infinite, a receiving and sending transmission process that knows no limits, no exact origin, forever expanding, forever seeking, forever sharing, forever giving, forever linking to those finite cosmic intelligence forms that instinctively seek to enjoy cosmic communication. But all such insight and awareness are only true, when the insight received is one of love, peace and kindness delivered in a spirit of goodwill, for all to enjoy as guidance wisdom of what to do and not to do, the way of higher truth and inspiration.

To unlearn ‘False Knowledge’ is the hardest thing we can do; it is difficult to toss it out of our head. But the real problem is, what is false knowledge? What is true? What is false?

Words are limiting and for that reason we must always endeavour to ‘Think Outside the Square’ with very ‘Open Mind’. Easier said, than done.

I know your ‘Belief System’ claims you are right, but think what if you are wrong? There is so many different ‘Belief Systems’ most if not all, are wrong. Therefore, the only thing we can be sure of, is that God is Love, God is Peace and God is Kind.

But even that belief is founded upon faith and not upon proven path fact.

For that reason, we can be sure of one thing…whether we are Atheist or Believer in God…that the path of oppression, cruelty and violence leads to ‘Eternal Death’ -a dimension of ‘Darkness’ that never sees the ‘Light’.

A ‘Higher Power’ within self, interfaces with the ‘Infinite Power’ of the Universe, but that is only true when we feel the power of Love and Peace and live true to its character and essence.

Most of us around the globe generation after generation, believe that ‘There is a Higher Power’. Some believe this power is a God Creator. Others believe this power is simply an eternal spiritual guide. Some people believe that God is simply nature. And some believe God does not exist. Others believe it is extra-terrestrial advanced intelligence.

American dollar bill note currency, tables what most people believe…

“In God We Trust”.

American Atheists have in the past foolishly filed lawsuits to try and have the words… “In God We Trust” removed from all American currency…naturally they were rejected, their lawsuits correctly dismissed, because the printed statement on the notes had no impact on their lives, except in their own over sensitive minds, founded upon beliefs, which was hell-bent on dictating to the majority that they should not trust in God.

This silly Atheist dictatorship behaviour, Marxist Totalitarian mentality, is the flip side of silly Theist dictatorship behaviour, Fixed Dogma Totalitarian mentality that wants to force religion down our throats. Both ‘Totalitarian Behaviours’ are equally guilty of dictatorship tactics and must not be allowed to get away with their anti-Liberty tactics.

Society would sink fast in decline if we get rid of ‘Liberty Based Secular Government’. Marxism or Religion or Fascism or any other ‘Fixed Dogma Belief System’ must not ever be allowed to rule the people, for such a tyranny of locked ideas would destroy freedom of speech and freedom of choice. Majority rules, under a secular democratic freedom-based government, is the only justice law system that will ever work for the wholesome wellbeing of a society. This fact must be repeated, again and again, unto every new generation, with such monotony that society never ever forgets the true foundations of successful ‘Liberty’. If the individual disagrees with the majority, then they must simply calmly through ‘Freedom of Speech’ try to encourage others to think about what they believe. But until majority agrees to change in thinking and belief, right or wrong, majority rules… that is the foundation of a good ‘Free Society’.

Without this political societal system of ‘Freedom of Choice’, we can only experience unjust ‘Totalitarian Oppression’, and no person in their right mind would accept ‘Tyranny’ –only insane thinking stupid people prefer dictatorship instead of ‘Freedom’. Even the animal kingdom is not that stupid and does also treasure freedom.

Atheists are like Theists, neither are as smart as they think they are when they support ‘Totalitarian’ thinking and behaviour. It is one thing to disagree, it is another thing to try and force our ideas upon others. It is okay to use persuasion, it is not okay to use force. And far too many lawsuits used by Atheists and Theists alike are focused on enforcing dictatorship, and Islamic Leaders specialise in filing lawsuits to bully others into submission. The use of lawsuits for bullying dictatorship control over others, is evil process behaviour.

Blue Light believes that God is Love, God is Peace, God is Kind and therefore God is always ‘Non-Violent’. God is only within those persons that live the way of love and peace and kindness, by rejecting the way of totalitarian violence against others.

Blue Light believes that God is Good, Order and Direction.

You Must Decide on what you believe that maybe true; no one can do it for you. Exchange of beliefs and ideas simply helps us understand each other and come closer to the essence of ‘Cosmic Reality’.

Whilst human kind is gradually evolving towards the end of blind faith, it shall be millenniums’ ahead before such a consequence becomes a reality in the average human mind. In fact, until we can answer the question, “Where do all ideas come from?” we shall still instinctively have faith in the existence of some higher power, even if we are not confident in how to define or describe its nature and character.

Atheism even though they may be correct, that there is no God of any kind, has no chance of ever becoming a majority based societal belief system, simply because it is human instinct to ask the question, “Why? Who, What, When, Where, How?” When we don’t understand, for peace of mind, it is easier for humans to invent a fairy tale answer, than to live with the reality that we don’t know, and shall live our life never ever knowing the answer to our natural instinctive question, “Why? How?”

All ‘Belief Systems’ have failed to inspire world peace void of the habit of war. Now along comes ahimsa values ‘Cosmicism’ strengthened with open mind, eternally dynamic recognising no limits, no final truth, no end to learning…content with living faith in recognition that God is of the Creation and is not a design intelligence creator; founded upon the clear understanding that evolution and chaos is a natural eternal process, existent throughout the universe, in organic and non-organic form, alive or dead.

One of the biggest problems the world now faces, is the issue of what we believe about ‘God’. Tragically the disagreements about God have over the last 5,000 years of human history resulted in constant wars, and the murder of countless millions of people around the globe, in numerous civilizations, past and present.

“Diversity is only true when ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ is allowed to exist as a ‘Human Right’. Those creeds that are anti-freedom, are enemies of ‘Freedom’ and in the interests of protection and preservation of ‘Freedom’, it is absolutely essential that we always stay vigilant and that we always reject those ‘Dark Belief Systems’ that seek to destroy our right to live ‘Free’. #

# This ‘Diversity’ paragraph was posted with a freedom electronic image against blue sky by the author on the 16th April 2015 circulated to global friends.

Comment sent by e-mail to me, by my good Canadian friend, on this statement…

“I see that diversity can be good, bad or neutral: For instance, nasty diseases are negative diversities, as are destructive ideologies.”

Dr. Elsa Schieder Canada 16th April 2015 … PhD Psychology, Sociology, Literary Studies.

Author’s same day, response in speech marks…

“Yes, I agree, destructive ideologies are usually very ‘Totalitarian’, those that are not anti-freedom usually disintegrate over time.”

“And nasty diseases are to me more a consequence of evolution process going wrong, during chaos process, destroying life that potentially is good, be it plant or animal.”

Proof exists in countless volumes of information that the ‘Dark Creed of Totalitarian Islam’ is completely focused on violent conquest of all non-Muslims, and the destruction of ‘Freedom of Expression’, and for that reason Islam must always be rejected and fought head-on. If ‘Totalitarian Belief Systems’ are allowed to exist, the world shall never know peace and mass murder of the innocent shall continue. Islam must not only be stopped- The dark false knowledge of Islam must be completely closed.

Every person generation after generation must decide for themselves what they believe. The road of choice is wide and a forked road between freedom and totalitarianism, becomes evident by our decision.

One soul road to the right is the road of ‘Spiritual Light’ the way of Love, Freedom Peace and Kindness.

The soul road to the left is the road of ‘Spiritual Darkness’ the way of Hate, Oppression, Violence and Cruelty.

We are all accountable for what we believe…choose wisdom and live good Karma.

The Cosmicist ‘Gaia Dictionary’ reveals that the word soul is the synonym of the mind. And that the word ‘Heart’ is the synonym of the ‘Spirit’. And that the spirit of existence is housed inside the soul/mind. Our spirit is eternal- deemed true in many perceptions and upon death our spirit is released from our mind to eternally exist- open to many numerous perceptions. The Soul Dies– a statement that upsets Christians no end, because they cannot comprehend that the soul and the spirit are two different dimensions of existence. Nor can Christians comprehend that the word soul is just a communication name-tag and that all existence is ‘nameless’. But then a large percentage of belief systems will struggle to comprehend this sentient sense of cosmic consciousness.

I was amazed by the number of ignorant vindictive ‘Christians in Grafton NSW Australia’ that attacked me verbally between 2005 and 2010 when I ran an ‘Education Bargain Book Store’ simply because I sold my test pilot ‘Blue Light’ book with the words on the cover…The Soul Dies. Christians went bananas’ accusing me of ‘Apostasy, Blasphemy and Heresy’. Church groups talked behind my back pointing towards that ‘Blasphemous Man’. I know because customers that supported me came in and told me what was being said. I was also attacked at markets between 2003 and 2005. The ‘Christian Inquisition’ in a non-violent way still exists.

Those that follow the path of ‘Light’ do care about others; those that follow the path of ‘Darkness’ only care about self. Thou can discern the nature of a person and the reason for their behaviour by their ‘Belief System’ or lack thereof.

Caring people strive not to get involved in ‘Mob Violence’ [though it’s not always avoidable] -uncaring persons go ‘Berserk’ attacking indiscriminately people and property, abusing and destroying in a state of out-of-control emotional frenzy.

Any ‘Belief System’ that encourages the use of premeditated violence and cruelty in the name of ‘Totalitarianism’ is evil, in every sense of the word, and is void of ‘Emotional Intelligence’.

The rule of life is…know a person’s ‘Belief System’ to determine whether they are potentially good or bad, friend or enemy, and remember always ‘Trust is earned not given’.

During ages of ‘Tyrannical Oppression’ ‘Mob Rage’ achieved very little in the process of overthrowing tyranny; mob rage usually acts like a wild fire eventually extinguishing itself; and tyranny still thrives. All good change through the ages came through well organised above ground and underground ‘Freedom Resistance Organisations’ that acted calmly and unemotionally, using decisive methods to create victory over tyranny.

Thus, it can be seen that the way of courage using the power of inner peace, love and caring concern for others, strengthened by commitment to the protection and preservation of freedom and peace, is always the correct path.

When man discovered how to make fire, questions were asked, and the evolution of false knowledge began…

God is not the Creator. Unlearn such misconception. God is of the Creation. Understand this difference, and you shall begin to elevate your insight past your current perception. #

Allan Ivarsson 1994

# Source: Blue Light A to Z ‘Mystery’ Published 2003 republished in COMPENDIUM V 2019

God of Creation

Part Two


(Revision 1:2017)

By Author

‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ is love of wisdom, quest for truth, living in the light with uninhibited open-minded spiritual feeling for cosmic reality.

Blue Light is the way…

The more a person with philosophical intelligence studies pragmatic philosophy, history, science and the lives of past human beings, creatures, and the way of cosmic existence in all aspects, it becomes clearer beyond all doubt that a ‘God Creator,’ does not exist.

The ideas that the lord give`th and the lord take`th a life, and that a death is the will of God, and that God moves in mysterious ways is adage belief system nonsense. It is not the will of God that someone suffers or dies. It is not God who takes a life. God is not a killer. God is love. God does not move in mysterious ways. These immature adage belief systems are conjured by naïve limited minds trapped by their own inhibitions, fear and negativity, afraid to face the hard-cosmic reality that a ‘God Creator’ does not exist. Because of self-centred lusting for heavenly eternal existence, a dimension of pleasurable paradise, religious believers desperately cling to their phony false knowledge dreamtime belief system. They are the losers.

A Spiritual God does not exist, which can physically protect and create. Such an idea is a naïve wish-list dream. A God Mentor can only give wiser spiritual guidance, helping the receiver to improve the quality of their survival opportunities. But there is no final guarantee, an element of luck, and natural cosmic law also plays a significant role in our survival.

A ‘God of Creation’, a ‘God of Love’, exists in ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, because the communication process called channelling works. We know that God is Love, because of the wisdom given unto us through cosmic channelling. We know that love does not create cruelty and violence. We know that love does not wish to hurt or impose in any way, suffering and death upon that which we love. Therefore, given that God is Love, there is no way that God would will death and suffering. We also know that love is not bitter, envious, jealous, hateful, vindictive, and is not avenging. Love does not revenge. # Love does give kindness, gentleness, compassion and goodwill. God is love…thus ‘God is of the Creation’.

A creator of a violent existence in which all life preys upon each other is not an act of love. Imagine the terror of being torn apart or eaten totally alive. This is what most creatures, including insects, suffer as their inevitable fate. Believe it or not, the instinct for survival is equally strong in all living creatures, including microscopic. Nothing wants to suffer or die.

I have watched large green frogs in my home territory, at night, catch large moths in their mouth and eat them alive. The moth struggles to escape trapped by the jaws of death. Like every living creature, the moth wanted to live free and suffered a cruel death.

I have watched large arboreal Kookaburras, Australian tree kingfishers, a laughing jackass with a cackling cry, fly down at sunrise, and catch a large green frog and brutally bash it to death upon hard ground, again and again, before flying away with its body to eat it. I have seen and heard large green frogs, scream out, when attacked by a creature, to be eaten alive, the sound of the screams of the terrified green frog is like the sound of a human baby crying out for help. And we are told that we must worship a God Creator of such violent cruelty to enjoy heaven/paradise. Truly human beings are vain and self-centred when they cling to belief in such false knowledge nonsense.

Many humans are kinder and more caring than the ruthless jealous God is, of the Torah, of the Koran and the Old Testament Christian Bible. No caring parent would impose upon their children a life of eternal hellfire regardless of what wrong they did. In the absolute worst evil scenario, a parent might authorize a death penalty of their children for evil crimes they committed, so they ‘rest in peace’. But a caring parent would never impose eternal hellfire torturous cruelty. And neither would good society, we have evolved away from such evil behaviour as a majority rule process. Only tyrannical minds still try to impose cruelty.

It is time for religious fanaticism and the associated violence to end. It is time for the end of fixed dogma belief systems. It is time for the world to wake up and toss all false knowledge into the garbage bin. Get rid of false knowledge and the associated immature fixed belief systems, and tyranny will diminish by over ninety percent. It is time to open the mind and recognize infinite cosmic reality.

God is Love.

God is of the Creation like us.

Communication with God is eternally linked to the dynamic process called channelling.

A ‘God Creator’ does not exist. This deductive reality can be proved in so many ways. When we open our eyes, our heart and mind and see cosmic reality as it truly exists, this consciousness is not frightening; it is incredible- something beautiful happens.

Atheism that speaks calmly and logically can table evidence that ‘God Creator’ does not exist, the evidence exists not in a formal scientific presentation of proof, as Theists demand, but the evidence does exist, by logical observation, in so many ways which Theists are afraid to recognise. In fact, it is not up to Atheists to prove that ‘God Creator’ does not exist, it is up to Theists to prove ‘God Creator’ does exist, and that is where Theism unravels, because in the end their only proof is ‘Faith’ and the end of ‘Blind Faith’ is evolving, as more and more people realise that all religions and cults are wrong and that their ‘Belief Systems’ are riddled with countless reams of false knowledge, phony information. That does not mean wisdom does not exist inside ‘Belief Systems’, for wisdom must never be discarded with false knowledge, which must be dumped into the garbage bin. The job of a good cosmic philosopher and a good scientist is to sift out the false knowledge garbage and keep the proven path facts and the wisdom and the reasonable theories, still under investigation, until they prove or disprove themselves.

To believe in Science is not having faith in science, as some foolish Christians have claimed in criticism of those that reject religion, preferring to recognise science. Faith in a religious creed is ‘Blind Faith’. Blind Faith in Science does not exist, because Science must always be challenged to identify whether they are right or wrong. Religions don’t like being challenged and for that reason are following ‘Blind Faith’, which is their fixed dogma creed. Science is not a fixed dogma, it is a dynamic quest for truth, a subject tool for finding knowledge facts, which are supported by discovered proven path cosmic laws, which truly rule the Universe, and the structure of life in all its infinite forms. To believe in Science is not faith in science, because ‘Blind Faith’ does not like to be challenged and corrected, whereas science welcomes challenge, investigation and correction in understanding of the truth. And thus, science has more courage than religions, in its eternal quest for increased understanding.

Until Atheism can answer that one question… “Where do all ideas come from?” …they cannot reject the existence of God in total. A form of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ does exist in the universe, channelling works, and until we understand why, we must accept that ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ is an infinite communication link between our finite minds and the infinite Universe. Since everything in reality is nameless, it follows logically that a name only helps us communicate in understanding, and thus the name God an acronym, meaning ‘Good, Order & Direction’ is an appropriate name, and since it is clearly obvious that a ‘God Creator’ does not exist, then it logically follows that the nameless communication ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ in the Universe is ‘God of Creation’ just as we and all life and all existence organic and non-organic is ‘Of the Creation’, which is infinite and has always existed. Only forms have beginnings and endings within the Universe, the synonym of Creation, a process that has no beginning or ending; even big bangs, is just a changing form inside a Universe, which has always existed. I wonder how many people can really comprehend this? Time will reveal reality…can people truly learn to think outside the square? I believe the answer is yes. But the question still stands…

“How many?” and the answer stands through evolution process, as society expands its open mind thinking, the number of people that comprehend ‘Cosmic Reality’ shall expand.

It should be noted as a recap reminder that the way of ‘Cosmicism’ changes and adapts to new evidence and when Atheists can accurately answer that one question with conclusive scientific evidence than the definition of what is ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ must change, but that too must be accompanied by a scientific understanding, beyond a shadow of doubt, as to why does channelling work?

# Author’s Note: In anticipation of those persons whom respond to the statement… “Love does not revenge”. If someone hurts or kills a friend/family member, it is not ‘Love’ which is seeking revenge, which some people call seeking justice. The quest for revenge/justice is not driven by love, though love exists for the victim, the quest for taking down the criminal is motivated by outrage, i.e. anger, disgust, hate, unforgiving loss, deep distress and determined obsession to see the criminal face a reckoning, for his/her unjust crime against an innocent person that deserved the right to live free in peace, void of abuse of any kind. Hence, Love does not revenge, but anger does seek revenge. And ‘God of Creation’ is not motivated by anger, and thus expects humans to resolve their problems using calm thinking the way of ‘Emotional Intelligence’.

There is a red fine line between the meaning of the words ‘revenge’ and ‘justice’- a question of perception and interpretation in belief and argument.

To learn do not stay totally focused on one subject. To learn seek to gain a good overview of as many subjects as humanly possible. The more you know in the overview, the better your chance of seeing the great cosmic picture. Do not make conclusions, when you see only a few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, we need all the pieces to view the total cosmic map of all existence, in every dimension of vision and thought, physical and spiritual, consciousness light and dark. Understanding of reality starts with an open mind. Things are not always what they appear to be; sometimes they turn out to be something entirely different. The dimension of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Consciousness’ shall evolve way past even the current comprehension of the introducing writer, Allan Peter Ivarsson.

This is only the beginning of a lifetime quest. Remember no matter how much you learn, the infinite nature of ‘Blue Light Essence’, is constantly expanding and all that we learn reveals the eternal reality… Blue Light is to be continued. There is no limit; there is no end to learning.

Philosophy is the love of wisdom and is committed eternally to the quest for truth. Those persons whom refuse to study philosophy in all its points of view, right and wrong, light and dark, true and false; are by their lack of interest in truth and wisdom, losers. These people can through their ignorance be conquered, manipulated, enslaved and defeated.

Their lack of higher wisdom and truth makes it easy for tyrants to control them. Their failure to learn P.I. makes it easy for a person with philosophical intelligence to beat them. A person with philosophical intelligence, together with good communication skills and good project management strategic skills, backed by the ability to sell by objection, can beat naïve inferior thinkers locked into fixed dogma, in the cosmic domino effect, chess game. Check mate- you’re out. Only fools refuse to open their mind and seek higher truth and the getting of wisdom. The losers deserve what they get. Intellectual philosophical laziness is a concrete sign of personal stupidity. Get smart and learn the infinite way of cosmic philosophy, which knows no limits. Learn channelling- it works.

The savage skies of earth and the savage nature of earth has in the natural process of chaos, order within disorder, caused countless moments of destruction. Savage weather, lightening, typhoons, cyclones, hurricanes, floods, hail storms, blizzards, tidal waves, excessive heat and cold have all struck down life constantly during earth’s life cycle. Volcanoes, earthquakes, mudslides, quicksand, tar pits, and sandstorms have all shared in delivering gruesome cruel deaths of all existence, caught in the path of Gaia’s thundering movement.

The very fact that countless millions of life species, including humans, have perished millennium after millennium, proves that God is not the creator. And that God is of the creation like us. A ‘God of Love’ would not create such cruel destructive forces. A ‘God of Love’ would not will the death, pain, and suffering and total miseries that savage skies and savage earth inflicts.

‘God of Creation’ is our spiritual guide, our wisdom medium, and the essence of our conscience. ‘God of Creation’ is the ‘Commander-in-Chief’ of the entire universe. But God does not have the physical force power to protect us- there are no angels. If we survive or perish, it is simply a matter of good and bad luck. The death of many good people, including famous singers, musicians and actors, who died in plane crashes is testimony of this fact. Even now as I record this document, it is God my spiritual guide who is telling me what to write. The proof is that my communication skills are simply not good enough. I do not have degree qualified academic training, or the education to record these notes without God’s guidance.

I did not pass the High School Leaving Certificate, I failed in English, and I have never completed or passed any formal educational yearly courses as an adult. I have never been trained by anyone in the art of writing. Nor have I ever read any books about it. When I left school, I could not write very well, and was not very good in constructing philosophical thoughts. My word power knowledge was very weak. My spelling was fair, but not good enough. I had no understanding of punctuation rules, I still don’t know grammar rules. My skills in writing grew through God of Creation guidance, my mentor.

In Senior Years, I was successful in Public Speaking, Seminars, and Corporation Business writing, because God of Creation trained me.

Defiant, I have overthrown all traditional IQ logic, I succeeded in life far better than a large percentage of people that passed High School exams and have University Degrees. In fact, when you truly learn my unplanned dynamic fast-moving history, you will learn that I have done more than the average person ever does. True enough, many great people have delivered incredible achievements and are even cleverer than I, but how many have lived such a variety of life, rising and falling, facing death several times, enduring intense pain and suffering for over forty years, and still succeeded?

I didn’t plan any of my life, I just lived the challenge, as guided by God of Creation, my mentor.

God can advise us on how to improve our survival chances, and God constantly sends us cosmic messages of guidance, warnings, and advice. God often sends commandments not to rule us, but rather to set wholesome survival standards of behaviour, which help improve the quality of our life, and which helps protect us from evil and natural disaster. If we do not listen and obey the common-sense cosmic law commandments, we do pay the price for our stupidity. Many times, we are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, or we are in the right place at the right time. This is the element of luck. God guides us, but God cannot protect us, because God is not the creator.

Any religious person that refuses to recognise this truth, is naïve and misguided, and because of their fixed dogma beliefs is intellectually handicapped, thus becoming an inferior thinker. This is fact- whether you are offended or not. It does not matter how nice and good, a person seems to be, the hard reality is that denial of cosmic truth is an act of stupidity. Until we change the way we think and learn the way of philosophical intelligence, we will never stop the habit of conflict and war. Until we learn philosophical intelligence, we will never truly understand the ‘Mind of God of Creation’.

People that are offended do not have ‘Emotional Intelligence’. Those with ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ are not offended by anything; in other words, they are not shocked by comments and they do not feel offended, they are comfortable with the cosmic philosophy of ‘Agree to disagree in Peace’.

Over millions of years, God has talked to people all races, around the world through the process communication frequency called channelling. Gods knowledge is vast, complex, highly technical, infinite and far more advanced than the human mind. God knows that to talk to people at Gods intellectual level, would cause absolute confusion. People would simply not understand Gods communication. Hence, God talks to people at their intelligence level and at their level of ability to understand. As education and intelligence levels expand and improve, God then increases communication with more detailed understanding. Everyone has different special abilities and God recognizes our talents and communicates to us accordingly. We all receive different information, which collectively contributes to the evolutionary progress of society. Danger exists when we reject wisdom.

One of the reasons why man’s history has so many religions and mythical beliefs, is because throughout earth’s history, tribes and civilizations around the planet all evolved differently in variations of understanding. Some expanded knowledge faster than others, and when they could receive more advanced insight with understanding, God gave them information and additional guidance. Many received Gods information and used it wisely. Others rejected Gods guidance and instead chose their own ideas, which were not wise.

Even the Native American Indians and the Native Australian Aborigines, Polynesians and all other global tribes received messages from God. God tabled knowledge at a level that they could understand. Christian missionaries called these tribes’ heathen, but in fact the missionaries were sadly too often trapped in their own fixed dogma and limited thinking. Fixed dogma is a sign of vanity and self-denial of higher truth. These missionaries did not really comprehend the infinite wisdom message of the ‘Ten Commandments’ and the ‘Sermon of the Mount’. They did not really understand the full cosmic meaning of these guidance messages of light. These incomplete cosmic messages are not just words or rules; they are guiding spiritual light messages of the right wholesome path. When you think carefully about these words, you can identify something about the mind of God. And through this discernment, you can also identify which verses in the bible are in fact Gods word, and which verses are in fact not Gods words. Fixed dogma thinkers trapped in their own simple-minded vanity, will never be able to comprehend God’s truth. Many tribes like some Native Americans and Native Australians, understood God’s message in a different light at their level of insight.

God intends to continually feed us more knowledge and insight, in accordance with our ability to receive such information. God guides scientists, explorers, teachers, philosophers, doctors, nurses, musical minds and adventurers to name just some groups. It is the interaction and evolution of good knowledge handed down by God to humans, which are helping humans advance and evolve to higher levels of intelligence. Civilizations, which ignored God’s wisdom and failed to learn philosophical intelligence perished.

God no doubt, told Darwin about evolution of species, and advised him that humans were now ready to learn higher levels of technical insight. Only fixed dogma religious vanity opposes God’s guidance on evolution. Whilst some of us do recognise God’s messages, others do not realise they are being guided by God. You can always identify God’s truth by the fact that God is Love, and that God is not the creator, and is in fact of the creation. You can also discern right and wrong by the ‘Ten Commandments’ delivered by Moses and by the ‘Sermon of the Mount’ delivered by Jesus. Some are not listening to God and are listening to Satan and this includes ‘Pretend Christians’. You can easily sort true and false into light and dark. Light cosmic messages are from God. Dark cosmic messages are from Satan. God knows all.

But remember there exists a misleading trap of misguidance. The wisdom of the ‘Sermon of the Mount’ is valid. But the words are interwoven by writers that claim Jesus talked about heaven and the kingdom of God. This is probably true, given the fact that Jesus was a Jew, raised to believe in the Torah and God and heaven. Science did not exist with great strength and advancement, the age of Ancient Greek exploration in philosophy, mathematics and science had faded out in knowledge, during the Middle East existence of Jesus and his followers. Hence, it logically follows true that all Jews believed in God and heaven, and thus true to variation of beliefs, Christianity evolved believing in the same bottom line reality.

Takeaway the false knowledge belief in God Creator, heaven and eternal kingdoms, and the true Cosmic Message of ‘God of Creation’ makes more sense, as being excellent guidance wisdom.

It must also be remembered that courageous Jesus saw wrong in Jewish and Roman law and tried to correct it in his ‘Sermon of the Mount’ teachings. But he did not reject all the teachings of Judaism, Jesus only rejected those which he deemed were founded upon wrong thinking and thus Jesus the true believer, philosopher, delivered extensions of new cosmic insight to encourage the expansion of a better world of kindness, love and peace. Unfortunately, the dark history of ‘Roman Christianity’ did not respect and listen to the guidance of Jesus. This is evident by the history of Christian abuse, violence and extreme cruelty, which thrived over eighteen hundred years. Original good Christian beliefs faltered, after the rise of Roman Christianity, which too often has been proven to be dark, not light thinking behaviour.

The values of Christianity have become very questionable and it clearly was the rise of humane values, the individual humanitarian, living the caring way of humanitarianism that paved the way for the evolution of a more caring society. This evolution process of higher goodness, was not just a Christian thing, or a Jewish thing, it was a consequence of caring that existed in Buddhism and Jainism, even stronger than in Christianity and Judaism, and it was a consequence, which existed even in the minds of people like atheists that did not believe in ‘God Creator’. Humanitarianism in all its good wisdom and messages was channelled by ‘God of Creation’ around the earth to people from every walk of life and thus gradually, the change in human thinking evolved towards a better path. But we are not yet truly free, for evil dark dictatorship bully thinking still threatens us that strive to live free in the spirit of love, peace and kindness.

And one of the most insidious bully tactics used by Judaism, Christianity and Islam, yes that is right, all three Abrahamic creeds, have a guilty track record of using the abusive words ‘Apostasy, Blasphemy and Heresy’ to destroy all rejection, of their false knowledge beliefs. I have witnessed many times the nuttiness of Christians being offended by criticism and rejection of their beliefs. Some, void of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ go into a rage, some spit the dummy, and cut off all communication with critics, and some are so childishly offended that they refuse to communicate with an unbeliever, once upon a time pal friends, giving them the silent treatment. Not too far into the past, unbelievers were killed by all three creeds. Only the insanity of Sharia Law Islam, as instructed in the Koran, still wants to kill unbelievers and all Muslims that are deemed guilty of ‘Blasphemy’. Thus, evil still rages and threatens us.

The way of Buddhism and Jainism has proven to be far kinder than the way of the Abrahamic creeds.

There are verses in the Old Testament, which are claimed to be the words of God, and the instructions of Moses. You can discern immediately that these violent aggressive verses are not Gods words, because God is Love. You can identify that many verses in the books of Moses are not the instructions of Moses, because Moses tabled Ten Commandments, and the 6th Cosmic Law stated clearly… “Thou shalt not kill.” Moses was a good person, and those evil persons who claimed that Moses authorized “killing” are liars, who disobeyed the 9th Cosmic Law, that states… “Thou shalt not bare false witness.”

Now, I will repeat this reality, many times, because it is a very important concern.

We humans evolved like other intelligent species in the universe, into a highly technical society, only because we were guided by ‘God of Creation’. We didn’t make it because of religious leaders, we made it because of great courageous people, great thinkers who listened to God’s instructions and overruled religious fixed dogma false knowledge rules. We would not have ever evolved past ape stage without God’s channelled guidance. Until all religions toss false knowledge, fixed dogma, and limited thinking into the garbage bin, they will never come to know the ‘Mind of God’.

To know God, one must first open one’s mind and link to God’s infinite insight and wisdom which knows no limits.

If you believe in God, then you will know that channelling works. If you reject channelling, then you do not truly believe in God. Pretend belief and real spiritual belief are two entirely opposite things. Talk to God, but always remember God’s advice is pragmatic, wise and always nonviolent. God is spiritual calm and God lives in the light. If your cosmic messages are not of the light, these messages are not from God. In your conversations with God you can channel in silence, verbally aloud, through prayer power or by meditation or by automatic writing. The channelling process is easy, there is no effort involved, and whatever works for you is okay. Avoid ritual process, simply channel, when you feel a need.

If you are an atheist and claim to not believe in God, ask yourself this question… “Where are all my light and dark ideas coming from? If a spiritual God does not exist who have I been talking to in my thoughts?” You can’t suggest that you don’t get thoughts and great ideas. Your mind is not always blank- not even in your dreams. We to be wiser must first admit to our self that ideas do come from either God or Satan. Our wisdom depends on our ability to discern that which is a message from God or not.

Always remember that the names God and Satan are simply name tags. ‘Spiritual Light’ and ‘Spiritual Darkness’ that is light and dark cosmic consciousness is nameless. We use names to help us communicate understanding with others and with our own thoughts. All of us and all existence are nameless. When you can grasp this and the way of ‘Blue Light Essence’ you are closer to learning the ‘Mind of God’.

Open mind is the way of God. Fixed dogma is the way of Satan. Open mind lives in the light. Closed mind lives in darkness. The religious do not understand this cosmic reality. Religion is used by Satan to enslave people in darkness.

Nature is neither good nor evil. Nature simply does its own cosmic thing that which is a natural chaos process of order within disorder. We humans, in fact, all life species are simply victims of getting in the way of nature’s progressive and dynamic path of constant eternal change. Existence in all forms is born, lives and dies. But nature of creation, like God of creation never dies. Nature and God Cosmic Consciousness always exist and knows no beginning and shall never experience an end.

As difficult as it seems to grasp, this is hard reality. And we must somehow learn how to avoid collision with nature’s instinct, which is to act and react as cosmic forces attract, repel and challenge each other.

Now some people cannot accept the fact that the Universe had no beginning. Yet those same people believe God has always existed and had no beginning. What is so hard about understanding that ‘God of Creation’ and the Universe, including ‘Life Essence’ has always existed; and that only form of existence changes, and has a beginning and an end?

It is often said that we should respect nature, but that is first true in the sense of survival instinct for self-preservation. We should always feel a sense of awe and wonder at the complex forever changing realities of nature. And we should fear its fury with apprehensive cautious respect as an instinctive wisdom for survival guidance. Nature does not respect any life form or us in universal existence. For it knows only its own instinct to react and deliver that which is the essence of its existence. And when the forces of earth’s existence are destroyed by supernova and collision of galaxies, so too shall the entity of Gaia nature on earth disappear, as Gaia solar forces rule supreme and change the course of existence within the universe.

To survive galaxy changes, humans must through technological advanced knowledge learn how to constantly space travel, terraform and colonize other planets. Without philosophical intelligence humanity will not succeed. However, to succeed in space, we must also learn to terra form our deserts for practice and wholesome expansion survival of humans on earth.

Remember we do not have to praise God. God is not vain and is not seeking praise. We do not have to worship God. God is not vain and is not seeking worship. We do not have to fear God. God is not vain and is not seeking to rule by fear.

God is love and only asks us to love God and trust in Gods guidance. God only asks us to serve God by following Gods rules of wisdom and doing the right thing always throughout our life’s journey.

By loving and trusting God and by serving goodwill unto all existence, we are in fact serving God. Obedience of Gods cosmic laws is survival common sense.

Do the right thing and live by Gods guidance, and by our own conscience, as developed by Gods leadership. Wisdom is Gods essence, without it we are lost and will never learn philosophical intelligence.

The Christian Bible contains many verses of wisdom and goodness that which are words of God living in the light. But the Bible also contains many verses of ignorance and evil, that which are words of Satan living in darkness. Christian fanatics have chanted to the writer “I trust in the Bible”. These foolish naïve thinkers are lost in dimwitted fixed dogma. Their thoughtless naïve limited thinking makes them inferior in intelligence. They will never learn P.I. -they are not smart enough. Truly smart people with P.I. will trust in the wisdom of God and know how to separate light and dark cosmic messages. To trust in those satanic verses which are recorded in the so-called ‘Holy Bible’ is the height of absolute ignorance and stupidity.

Any person who claims that the entire Bible is the word of God is a deliberate liar or a naïve fool. God’s words and Satan’s words are both recorded in the Bible. Read the book; start with the books of Moses and if you cannot figure out which are the satanic verses you are not that bright. Know that the ‘Ten Commandments’ and the ‘Sermon of the Mount’ are ‘God of Creation’ words, despite translation errors and original belief system mistakes. Any verses, which contradict and do not obey these commandments, are in fact satanic verses. All Christian leaders need to wake up and recognise the truth.

Remember, it was limited thinking lower evolved beings that collated and recorded the bible verses. They were not smart enough to separate and distinguish consistently the difference between God’s wisdom and Satan’s evil. For this reason, they unwittingly created generations of confusion and misguidance, which inevitably divided the world into constant religious disagreement. The path out of this chaotic conflict is to redefine word meanings as in the Gaia dictionary, and to extend word meanings, and to explain the true nature and mind of God. God is not happy by the world’s constant misunderstanding of cosmic messages. God told Moses and people did not record God’s guidance correctly. God told Buddha and people did not record God’s guidance correctly. God told Jesus and people did not record God’s guidance correctly.

God told me to write it all down to help eliminate handed down verbal error process.” Now throughout history many of us humans have made that claim that God told us to write it down. All the religious books and many religious songs and poems were all inspired by God. Naturally we believe it, where else do our ideas come from except from ‘Conversations with God’ and automatic writing as guided by God. Now here lies the ‘Cliffhanger’ how come ideas that supposedly came from God, were in fact dark thoughts, as for example like many texts in the Bible, the Torah and the Koran? It is clearly true that mankind is the problem, man has not understood how to separate light thoughts from dark thoughts and has not yet learned to discard all dark thoughts, which are in fact not messages from God, but are ‘Satanic Verses’, which does exist in so-called ‘Holy Books’ falsely called the complete word of God, YHVH (Yahweh), and Allah. [In fact, Jews foolish in their thinking, are not allowed to utter the word name God in any form.]

Such man-made ignorance and stupidity clearly cannot identify the truth of goodness, when they do not have the courage to discard false knowledge, that which is far too often dark ideas that perpetuate evil thinking and behaviour.

Until we have the courage to reject all dark texts in our own backyard of thinking, how can mankind expect to stop the violent anti-freedom ‘Islamization of the World’? To stop evil, we must fight by example, with good values founded upon truth. No one will listen to us, if we revere texts as the word of God, which are clearly ‘Satanic Verses’. Christians and Jews that complain about the evil of ‘Islamic Doctrine’ need to wake up and clean-up their own dark beliefs, interwoven with valid wisdom, founded upon common sense.

In short, all the so-called ‘Holy Books’ need a complete scale down which removes all dark evil passages, that which is correctly called ‘Satanic Verses’.

But of course, we know that religious leaders and their followers will never have the courage to correctly revise all ‘Holy Books’ and thereby remove all ‘False Knowledge’ garbage texts. Hence, it is easy to accurately forecast that the end of blind faith is coming, and all three Abrahamic Creeds shall perish… Christianity will be the first to fall, because the plain fact is that Jesus is not coming back and that is easy to prove…the evidence exists in the New Testament, verifying that fact.

Wisdom stands eternally true and cannot be disputed by intelligent persons. But evil can be challenged constantly. Trust in the bible? – No way! Trust in the wisdom of God- you bet absolutely! Anyone who does not trust in God’s wisdom is not very bright. Those religious fanatics who blindly believe in the satanic verses recorded in the Bible do not impress God. God is love and for this reason God does not condone or authorize the process of murder for whatever reasons.

One of the hidden messages in the original Blue Light test pilot book is the tabled reality of how easy it is for a person to write a book and call it the word of God. #

Those who label others or themselves as prophets and manifestations of God are liars. Clear the cobwebs of religious fiction, false knowledge that is misleading generations of naïve thinkers. In the Blue Light test pilot book, a mixture of fiction and fact, you will also find many passages of wisdom. # If you have philosophical intelligence you will be able to separate fiction, fact and wisdom. Dummies, who will not read Blue Light works, can be conquered by those who have P.I. The slaves of generations to come will be those persons who refuse to learn philosophical intelligence.

# The author, withdrew this test pilot book from sale for revision and rewrite breakdown, to be added with new material, which is now being published in Kindle & Paperback books, as at 2017. Even the first Kindle book, published in December 2016, was unpublished, replaced by this fourth series core book, which you are now reading. The 2017 ‘Blue Light Defiance’ Kindle/Paperback series is the key foundation of all evolving ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ for centuries to come. Other, writers will contribute in generations to come. Simply, reject ideas which negate ‘Cosmicism’ foundations of pragmatic wisdom and freedom values.

‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ is a dynamic process, it must evolve and adapt with the companionship of science, wisdom, reality-based ethics and freedom values and equal rights, for all ahimsa humanity and all ahimsa animal life forms.

We all have choices to make throughout our life, and with a little bit of luck and care, we can reasonably control our destiny. No one has total control, for nature has its own chaotic rules. Some of us are selected by God to do special jobs. But these jobs are only true if they are wholesome, caring and nonviolent, which helps humanity improve quality of life for all. Fortune and misfortune can impact upon our lives. But a wholesome open-ended dynamic belief system, which is adaptable to hard reality, can rise above every obstacle and solve every challenge- time is timeless, in the end solution comes whether we see it or not.

Will power, persistence, determination, discipline and positive conviction together with enthusiasm and effort is the key to victory. Always ‘walk with a million dollar walk in the face of defeat’, ‘sell by objection’, and using ahimsa methods, give no quarter to evil and false knowledge.

Conviction must find the golden middleway balance, between being wisely adaptable, flexible, forever expanding insight and being unsurrendering, not rejecting ‘Liberty’ and proven path truth.

Religion and cult is not proven path truth. The only road to follow is ‘Open Mind Wisdom’ walking throughout life strengthened by ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

A lot of people live their lives never thinking clearly about their ‘Belief System’. Christianity and Islam tell us that not everyone goes to heaven/paradise, many end up in hell. In fact, in Islam more women end up in hell than in paradise, it seems men are deemed by Islam as being better than women. Well I guess it takes ‘balls’ to believe that crap.

In Christianity, we are told a lot of people end up in hell. I remember as an infant child being frightened by this prospect not knowing whether I was going to make it to heaven or not…so I must thank Christian leaders for terrorizing me.

The amusing part about this sad illogical belief system, is that even now in this year of 2012, a lot of people on Facebook social media and in conversation talk about their love ones now in heaven, be it a child, son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. They talk enthusiastically naively looking forward to the day they shall be with them again in heaven. They never think that they might have gone to hell. Only others go to hell, not them, their friends and family. That’s the crazy logic of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Definition of ‘God of Creation’ Review Point


At this point we need a stop check on our thinking. I use the convenient communication nametag word ‘God’ the way of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’-the way of ‘Spiritual Communication’ as a ‘Spiritual Communication Guide’ to identify the existence of an eternal infinite ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ a ‘Spiritual Medium’ forever expanding ‘Mind of God’ –a silent eternal ‘Cosmic Radio Station’-a communication centre, a reservoir of knowledge and truth that sends and receives silent messages of light wisdom that can be verified as being wise and true by the karma delivery of proven path fact and subsequent goodness that radiates outwardly through the light to all decent thoughts giving us, each new generation, the insight and values we need, to survive in a natural universe of evolution process.

The word ‘God’ is just a convenient nametag for the way of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ the way which is nameless.

I know that the use of the word ‘God’ is not liked by Atheists, including clever Sam Harris, but global society is not yet ready to let go of the word ‘God’, hence it is wiser in evolution process of change in thinking, to simply redefine the meaning of the word God, to reflect the true nature and character of God, not as being an imaginary punishing creator, but rather being ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ the eternal spirit of creation. Once society as a majority comes to understand this higher level of truth, the backward wrong thinking of religion and cults will vanish and help us as a majority move towards a better-quality world of true humanitarian caring and peace, the only roadblock we must defeat is all those greedy atheist and theist totalitarian creeps that want to rule others.

As I stated earlier… “Blue Light is not a religious work. All references to God are tabled in a nonreligious presentation as a Cosmic Philosophy.”

Blue Light focuses on the truth. Not everyone wants to hear and believe in truth. Many are afraid of the truth, which is why false knowledge belief systems like cults and religions survive. Even Atheism is guilty at times of inventing false knowledge fixed dogma. Blue Light focuses on the truth, with a strict sense of responsibility, to get it right every time to the best of one’s own ability. Truth has no concern for cowards who dread learning the truth. Without truth, honesty and integrity in every which way, we are nothing. Those whom choose money and power over truth, are intellectually weak human beings- their wealthier status is an illusion. A poor person who chooses truth over money and power, is a far stronger character, than those wealthy persons that choose false knowledge and deceit to retain money and power.

The inferior thinking people of this world are those whom cling to false knowledge and don’t have the courage to accept hard reality truth. Truth may be disturbing, but it is better to face it head on.

To solve a problem, first we must recognise that it exists.

Prove beyond a shadow of doubt, I am wrong, and I will change using corrective action- as the first rule of evolution learning, is to be dynamic and open minded, able to constantly think outside the square, being not afraid of pragmatic intelligent adaptation.

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