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Which God?

‘Child Brides’ by Allan Ivarsson was Published in 2019 Paperback book COMPENDIUM IV printed in colour on quality paper, by BLUE LIGHT PUBLICATIONS. It is also available in Electronic Kindle book.

God Creator


A lot of Atheists over the decades have made case statements against belief in God. Whilst in the valid right of ‘Freedom of Speech’ every person has the right, if they so choose, to reject belief in the existence of God, much to the chagrin of religious people, it is a waste of time trying to convince naïve people that their imaginary God Creator does not exist. In fact, many religious people, including fanatical Jews, Christians and Muslims are easily, childishly offended, by those persons who reject belief in God/Allah. Too often these idiots scream “Apostasy, Blasphemy and Heresy” in a bully style tactic to force those that reject ‘Belief in God’ to submit to their dictatorship ideas. Such is the hoodlum nature of people that use the ABH gasoline words.

Cosmicism does not make cases against belief in God Creator. Cosmicism simply says the evidence exists in volumes that God Creator does not exist, and when necessary comments about reality, but the religious cannot see it, because their belief system is trapped in a prison mindset of fixed dogma, hence they are genuinely blind, they cannot see reality. We cannot convince intellectually lazy people to open their minds to see the truth. People that cling to fixed dogma refusing to think with open mind outside the square, are intellectually lazy, no matter how educated they may be in other subjects.

Obsessed with determination to sell volumes of false knowledge, the religious will continue to go to great lengths to publish volumes of phony statements and only the naïve believe in such religious nonsense.

I once heard a Christian say of a book, written by a Christian, in which the book described briefly how the Christian had died, gone to heaven and then recovered, living once more, to enthusiastically talk about the experience of coming back to life from heaven. The naïve Christian woman said to me in 2008, of the Christian story, “It must be true…he is a Christian.”

Stephen William Hawking the brilliant Theoretical Physicist and Cosmologist and author of many excellent books, was accused of ‘Heresy’ for suggesting that a ‘God Creator’ probably does not exist and that the Universe and all its laws can be explained by Science, even though science acknowledges that whilst they have learnt volumes of truthful understanding, they still have a lot more to explore and understand about reality.

Galileo and Copernicus were also both accused of ‘Heresy’ and they proved to be correct in what they said. Far too many people have been cruelly executed by Christians and Muslims on charges of Apostasy, Blasphemy and Heresy during history, such is the evil of anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’. Just as young people, even teenagers in the West today have been savagely fined and persecuted by lawsuits, for simplistic comments on social media Facebook criticising ideas, including religion, so too in history, has careless youth in comments been executed for ‘Blasphemy’, simply because of some trivial verbal comment.

I have no doubt that bully hoodlum fanatical religious thought police will attack me head-on accusing me of Apostasy, Blasphemy and Heresy for claiming in my opening words… “Proof exists that God Creator does not exist”. This is not Atheism, this is Cosmicism.

Politicians that establish ‘Blasphemy Law’ to squash ‘Freedom of Speech’ are more than just abusive bully hoodlums, they are in fact gangsters. And their pious beliefs are instantly negated as being a lie, when they use physical force and abuse to silence others.

Stephen Hawking in the field of science is very accurate and truthful in his understanding of physics and cosmological reality, but he made one mistake statement, Stephen Hawking suggested that “Philosophy is Dead”, in his documentary presentation titled the “Grand Design”, inspired by his 2010 book of the same subject title, with co-author Leonard Mlodinow. On this idea, Hawking is wrong. He is not a Philosopher, and consequently does not comprehend the full power and importance of philosophy as a companion to science. Neither science or philosophy can survive without the other. Both are essential to the eternal quest for truth. ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ is focused on working closely with science, including amongst many other concerns, dealing with the irresponsible behaviour of religious fanatics and even atheist totalitarian fanatics and new agers etc. that refuse to think with open mind outside the square.

Hawking believes that “The Universe is governed by the Laws of Science” and I as a ‘Cosmicist’ agree with Hawking, which is what I called ‘Cosmic Law’ in 1981 and what Einstein called ‘Immutable Law’. But ‘Cosmic Law’ is more than just about ‘Laws of Science’, as the reader moves forward, into my ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ manuscript, you will I hope, come to understand where my cosmic vision is expanding to, in harmony with the continual expansion of the Universe.

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Of course, I disagree with Hawking’s politics, for example, he believes that the UK (Brexit) should not withdraw from the European Union # because it will damage the UK’s contribution to science as modern research needs international collaboration. This thinking is obviously nonsense. Britain being free of the Totalitarian EU is essential to the recovery and rebuilding of British identity and as part of this reality, Britain will continue as they did before the creation of the EU, to contribute to the evolution of science; of course, this is only true, if Britain is not “Islamized”, because the very nature of ‘Islamic Belief System’ rejects many ideas of proven truth science, because it makes the teachings in the Qur’an very fallible.

# Read ‘European Union’ including the concern of ‘Brexit’ in my Kindle or Paperback book ‘Flat Earth’.

Stephen Hawking is a specialist, he is very clever, but he is not yet smart, because he clearly does not understand political reality, and because he is not a philosopher, this is his handicap. I am handicapped by my lack of mathematical skills, but nevertheless ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ allows me to understand Cosmology and Science, without the need to understand the Mathematics, that fact, gives me a dynamic edge, because I can use ‘Cosmicism’ to understand law, business, economics, politics, history, science etc. without being a clever skilled expert in those subjects. I can specialise and at the same time think dynamically, outside the square on any subject. I can walk in cold, know nothing about a subject and adapt and change using the cosmic power of complete open mind, void of fixed dogma of any kind.

Meanwhile, ‘Cosmicism’ stays focused on the ‘Big Picture’ of forever expanding infinite reality.

Sam Harris said in his excellent 2004 book title, which I read in 2014, “The End of Faith” which I add… is evolving, is gradually coming.

Natalie Angier, New York Times said…

The End of Faith articulates the dangers and absurdities of organised religion so fiercely and so fearlessly that I felt relieved as I read it, vindicated, almost personally understood.”

Richard Dawkins in his excellent 2006 book titled “The God Delusion”, which I read in 2012, challenged the arguments for God’s existence and more.

Clair Tomalin wrote… “There is not a dull page in Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion, a book that makes me want to cheer its clarity, intelligence and truth-telling.

No doubt many religious people do accuse Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins of ‘Heresy’ etc. but then what’s new? Such mindless fanatics have been raging against open minded thinkers for several millenniums, in both Monotheistic and Pantheistic societies.

Go forward to the article titled “Apostasy, Blasphemy, Heresy” for more insight, published in my Kindle or Paperback book ‘Insanity of Hate’.

Postscript 2017

Abrogation is often used for the Bible & the Qur’an. When I read the Qur’an in 1984, I was horrified by what I read, which is why I turned against Islam and started learning more about its insidious doctrine and history.

The difference between the Bible & the Koran, is that the Koran teaches Muslims to overthrow all unbelievers and kill those that refuse to submit to Islam. Those instructions in the Koran are very clear.

The six hundred years of the ‘Christian Inquisition’ history of cruelty, makes the ‘Islamic State’ look kind in comparison. The Bible has never taught Christians to kill others, all that past evil kill/torture persecution behaviour by Christians, was launched by Roman Christianity. The early Christians before circa 300 A.D. when Roman Christianity began to take control, did not have a Bible, Old or New Testament, it did not exist. They the devoted Christians, simply followed the teachings of Jesus on the Sermon of the Mount and the instructions of the Ten Commandments. Most early Christians were Jews and some Romans, awed by Jesus that converted to Christianity.

All the evil death penalty ‘Blasphemy Law’ crap was started by Judaism, adopted by Christianity, and then adopted by Muhammad. Death applied in early times to anyone who converted from one Abrahamic Creed to another.

The evil ‘Satanic Verses’ in the Old Testament, taught by the Torah, became the cruel killing foundations of Islam; Muhammad copied the same ideas.

Christianity & Judaism claims these kill verses were books of Moses. That idea is a lie. The sixth commandment, tabled by Moses, “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, proves that Moses did not teach these other cruel punishment texts. Someone else, unknown, falsely used Moses name, to sell their own fanatical religious obsessions. And Muhammad an ignorant goat herder, wrapped up in his own vanity, copied these ideas to become part of his Islamic teaching.

Anti-Semitism was started by the Roman Christian Church, and both Muhammad & Hitler copied the Christian Hate of Jews. When Hitler was a young teenager, he did not even know what a Jew was. It was Christian Mentors that taught Hitler to hate Jews.

Insane Islam is the evolved creation of disgraceful wrong teachings in Judaism & Christianity.

If Buddhism was the global religion/philosophy, all this past violence would not exist. Einstein a Jew recognised Buddhism and rejected a God Creator that rewards and punishes people.

Now Muslims are claiming Einstein was a Muslim, which is a lie, so they can claim the glory of his discoveries, were tabled by Islam. In short, Islam wants to alter history.

As Orwell said… “Who controls the past, controls the future.” That is Islam’s mission to control the past by deceitfully changing history records.

A person’s Belief System is the reason for their thinking and behaviour. It is not about Psychology, it is about beliefs.

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