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Mindfulness is not a psychological process as many misguided thinkers defined in the 20th Century. Mindfulness is an inner peace spiritual process founded upon an altruistic ahimsa commitment to always strive to do the right thing in thought and action.

A.I. 2018

The excellent spiritual symbol of Jesus, the Cross of ‘Courage & Sacrifice’ represents his ahimsa altruistic guiding ‘Cosmic Message’. We don’t need to be part of an organised fixed dogma religion. What we need is “Freedom” to love and share goodness and truth, in a spirit of kindness and goodwill, founded upon the inspiration of inner peace.

An accurate image of what Jesus & Buddha looked like does not exist. All created images are simply nice speculation images of what people like to imagine is reality.

A.I. 2018

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Tree of Enlightenment


(Revision 1: 2018)

By Author

“Vision unfolds Self-realisation”

The Scholar sat quietly on a ‘banana’ deck chair, located upon his lawn near his front garden during the eve of autumn 1985. He felt concern, should he continue with his manuscript, or should he quit? It was more than two years since his second wife left him. In fact, it was closer to three years. The Scholar felt very lonely and knew in his heart that the average woman would not accept his industrious activity and countless hours of writing into the early morning often till near dawn. The Scholar laid back in an inclined position on his deck chair and gazed into the star-filled heavens. An hour passed. Close to his location, three empty beer cans laid scattered on the lawn. Nothing had changed in his mind, he still felt troubled, and he had not resolved his problem. He glanced at the three Resch’s Pilsener aluminium cans. “I’ll pick those up in a minute,” he thought, “and put them into the recycle bin.” The Scholar searched silently in his mind, softly speaking to himself, “Messenger of Love, where art thou?”

Closing his eyes, inner peace filled his soul. His spirit floated into stillness. The sound of rest pervaded the atmosphere. Nothing moved, save the spirit within his soul. The eyes of his inner consciousness beheld a man cloaked in red, hovering in the heavens. “Scholar of Life! What disturbs you this night?” the towering transcendent figure asked. “I know not,” the Scholar replied, “what truly troubles me, I just feel empty, troubled by all the violent conflict in the world, and disturbed by all the false knowledge which people claim is the truth. What is the answer?” “Ahimsa is the answer,” the Messenger answered, “for those persons who do not live the way of Ahimsa, there is no answer. Only by living non-violence, shall the answer evolve and become clear.” Listening to his spiritual guide, the Scholar was patient, for he knew that truth, only comes to those persons, who are patient, flexible in mind, and open objectively to all information, which can lead to enlightenment. Fear and ignorance creates violence. The way of truth is non-violent. “It has been truthfully written millenniums ago,” said the Messenger, “ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. I will take you to a land far beyond. Now look before you!”

The Scholar opened his eyes and viewed himself by the river near a tree different to anything he had ever seen before. Beyond, high above, a full moon brightly reflected the sun’s light rays. A sense of awe passed through the Scholar’s soul as he observed a thin veil of blue light encompass the tree.

“Do you recognise the river?” the Messenger asked.

“Yes,” the Scholar answered, as he quickly glanced around the area, recognising their old favourite willow tree. “There is our conversational ground over there. But what is that? I have never seen that tree before.”

“You are once again seeing the Blue Light of Eternal Power,” the Messenger responded, “that tree is of the past, the present, and destiny. There near two thousand five hundred years ago before its semi-protection from the wind, the rain, and the sun, I came to terms with threefold power- birth, life, and death. Through the spirit, self-realisation grew within me.”

“Born a prince, as a young boy I had almost unlimited material wealth. I did not know of old age, sickness, death and unhappiness. For these things had never existed in my life. My father protected me from the world of evil and tragedy until one day as a young man I became exposed to a new dimension of experience. In this moment I learnt the meaning of illusion, reality and truth. Before the Bodhi-tree, I was born again, enlightenment came, and I gained wisdom and learnt the true nature of knowledge. This is the tree of vision, which you now see. I have transmitted your free spirit in your soul back two thousand five hundred years into an important movement of time. Through the spirit of the enlightened one, once again, I the Messenger within self, joined the spirit of man with God, the way of Good, Order, and Direction, and became a further expansion of Satori within self.”

“Born again?” the Scholar queried, “do you claim reincarnation?”

“No,” the Messenger replied, “there is no reincarnation. This idea is a myth, being false knowledge. By born again, I mean my spirit of enlightenment, expanded again with new insight, linked once more by a refreshed addition of new understanding. All this expanding consciousness comes through a link to the cosmic reservoir of knowledge, intuition inspired by God of Creation, through ahimsa feeling. Intuition is the insight within self, which is only truly served when love, kindness, and goodwill, is the guiding light of all thought and action. When we are born again, our spirit of new insight is melded with other spirits of previous insight, and thus we expand our knowledge within past self. I entered into a new region of understanding. Through this experience we are born again. Intuition is in fact a process of channelling. I know this concept seems at first overwhelming, but be patient, with insight, when you think about it logically, it is actually pragmatic, being down to earth. Satori, awakening, enlightenment, comprehension, understanding, will unfold within thee. You do not need faith, what you do need is positive conviction that truth can only come by being receptive to the third alternative, that which comes through channelling, intuition within self. Know thyself, is a true axiom, know thy universe is a valid goal, know thy lack of knowledge and thy need to expand forever in new insight, is the beginning of constantly being born again. There is no limit, except that inhibition which you set upon yourself. The wiser always strive past their previous limitation.”

“As a prince of truth, I am not a God, or a man sent from heaven. I did not come with supernatural powers to be accepted by blind faith motivated by fear. In this moment of new awareness I sought to teach not why we live, but how to live in peace and find real happiness of the spirit through the state of Nirvana. Know that I am born only once in mortal life. Yet I am born again and again in spirit, for spirit is infinite, it knows no limits, and is always reborn with new insight given to me by those persons who teach new profound levels of cosmic consciousness. I am of the spirit of love, I become one when I allow myself to be melded with the essence of ahimsa truth given by others, that revelation which has always existed, and shall always exist, available to anyone who believes.”

Starting to feel slightly bewildered the Scholar exclaimed, “Are you not the Jesus I recognised earlier by the marks on the palm of your hands?”

The Messenger showed the Scholar his scarred hands, “Yes, I am he as you can see, but now let me show you something else.”

The Scholar watched the Messenger walk into a triangle of blue light. Standing beside the tree, the Messenger suddenly vanished. A voice of silence called out, “Scholar come forth and see me for that which I am.”

A soft whistling sound, breeze flowing gently, followed the cessation of voice. Mesmerised by the vision, the Scholar cautiously entered the blue light. Enchanted, he instinctively knelt down inside the boundaries of expanding insight to view more clearly the tree of enlightenment. Within the spirit of serenity, a human form began to appear. The clarity of this figure gradually improved until all form features and colour became visibly clear. The Scholar quickly recognised a bald man, with a rolled protruding stomach, half naked, seated in a cross-legged lotus position, padmasana, the perfect posture, for aiding the expansion of mental purity through meditation. In deep spiritual consciousness, he sat in the perfect balance of body, mind and spirit in front of the Bodhi-tree. Awareness touched the Scholar’s spirit; three seconds passed, the man of eternal wisdom, vanished. Suddenly a man with a crown of thorns upon his head appeared nailed to a cross. Blood trickled down his forehead and cheeks. In a softly spoken tone, a sound of silence reached out, “Do not hate them, they know not what they do.” Three seconds passed, the crucified man disappeared. A moment later, the messenger materialised in front of the Scholar. Instantaneously the blue light faded away, until it ceased to be visible.

“Where is the Bodhi-tree?” the Scholar asked.

“It has gone back to its place in reality,” the Messenger answered, “rise now and see the truth, now do you understand?”

Standing, the Scholar cried out with joy, three tears trickled down his cheeks, “Oh Lord, Leader of Right Direction, Master of Truth, Messenger of Love, Defender of Freedom, thou art truly the Enlightened One.”

“So it is through cosmic consciousness, you are of Jesus, you are of Buddha. They were two different people, and yet by their love, kindness, and peace, they melded their spirits and became one. By their love, kindness, and peace within self, we become one with them, through the Enlightened Messenger within self. Their inspiration channelled through God of Creation, became with us, as we channel through God Cosmic Consciousness, the link to us all.”

In this tranquil atmosphere of higher consciousness, the Scholar felt very much at peace. Without warning, a whirling, whistling, swirling, wind created confusion, and then there was nothing.

When the Scholar awoke from his deep sleep, the first thing, which caught his eye, were three discarded empty beer cans laying on the lawn.

It came to pass…

The Scholar of Life grew closer to ‘Cosmic Consciousness’. He continued his quest for understanding. The Messenger of Love grew in spirit, within his spirit. Gradually merging more and more, they became one, as can all persons who join with the power of love. During his journey through life, the Scholar’s soul expanded in wisdom, he learnt the truth about existence.

On the 15th August 1987 the Scholar met his current wife Jan, and they became melded as one for life. Both Allan & Jan years before they met, had walked away from fixed dogma Christianity. The very important guiding ahimsa teaching, by both Jesus and Buddha stands united as a ‘Cosmic Message’. The story of this channelled insight interwoven with dreamtime fiction, is a philosophical message, enlightenment insight, moving towards ascension. And the lifetime success of the Scholar’s marriage still stands happily united in old age in 2018.

Think about the cosmic message where wisdom exists… that is your eternal mentor.

Source: ‘Blue Light’ book of ‘Cosmic Messages’ published in Sydney/Grafton in 2003. Section Reincarnation Fiction or Fact? by A.I. This book without illustrations, was withdrawn from the market in 2010 by the author for revision rewrite of sections and redirected into other books with new added material.

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