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The Way of Inner Peace


(Revision 1: 2018)

By Author

In 1950 China invaded Tibet, the mystical land of inner peace where the light of Buddhism seemingly shone the brightest. The philosophy of Buddhism evolved in Tibet from the late 700 A.D. Today, as many know, in this 21st Century it is known as ‘Tibetan Buddhism.’ In response to the violent invasion, many persons promptly left their homeland. Amongst the citizens who fled the highlands of Tibet were monks and lamas, messengers of time, who during their arduous journey and resettlement in other nations of the world, bravely and boldly, shared their philosophy with others in Western Countries. The message of Buddhism has been gradually evolving in the West over the last 200 years through messengers from India and Asia. But it was the spread of Tibetan Buddhism, which accelerated the growth of Buddhism in the West over the last fifty years.

It is strange how in past centuries during the era of Imperialism, Christian missionaries invaded other countries converting tens of thousands in Asia/India & China and the Pacific Ocean regions to the way of Christianity. And now in the later part of the twentieth century many dissatisfied persons in the West have converted to Buddhism the ‘Most Great Peace’ philosophical religion. Who is converting whom? East becomes West? West becomes East? It is inevitable East and West will merge to become one. In the background floundering in medieval violence, desperately trying to be heard, is Islam a thorn in the side of Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism and many other ‘Belief Systems’. Judaism flows along quietly content to be limited to its own people, unperturbed by the growing universal realisation that this religion is shrinking as a percentage of world population enthusiasm. The ‘Age of Universal Awakening’ has begun. During the millenniums to follow Islam and Christianity will shrink, and Buddhism will merge to become one- with the way of Cosmicism.

High in the Himalayas, a snow-protected retreat, for thirteen hundred centuries, the people of Tibet lived in reasonable peace. Whilst the rest of the world battled in poverty, disease, and counter invasion, war and peace struggling against each other, Tibetan life flowed simply unaware of the rest of the world’s struggles. Most persons throughout the rest of the world for centuries were ignorant of Tibet’s existence, and amongst those persons who had heard of Tibet, the messages they received were shrouded in myth, magic, and mystery. Such is the way of knowledge, when the flow of information is vague, incomplete, and uncertain. So it is…we must be careful what we believe, and ensure we are not too quick to become encased in fixed dogma and limited ‘blinkered’ thoughts.

The way of Tibetan Buddhism is the way of non-violence, the way of inner peace, the way of compassion, the way of love and kindness. The Chinese army murdered and tortured Tibetan civilians, lamas, monks and nuns. The Chinese army has killed over one million Tibetans- a peace-loving non-violent race of people murdered by a violent loving army. (ii) Thousands of Tibetans are still in prison camps, denied the right to freedom. Life in Tibet, once for centuries, bliss on earth, is now very harsh, backed by cruelty imposed by the oppressors. China fought hard to destroy Buddhism, but their success was limited to one region. Unwittingly by their own stupidity, China had not learnt from the annals of man’s history. You cannot stamp out wisdom. You cannot destroy truth. And violence cannot defeat love, compassion, and inner peace. In the end despite the losses and suffering, the violent are vanquished and the people of inner peace win. Victory inevitably comes through peace, and defeat comes through war. Short victories in violent action are always defeated in the end. It is amazing how humanity fired by mass warrior patriotism has failed to understand this reality. How can nations be so stupid?

A sad reality exists, if you desire to live the way of inner peace, the way of compassion, the way of love and kindness, you must remember well- never forget it, that peace and freedom is fragile whilst violent people exist. Therefore to ensure that peace wins, and reigns true, our philosophy must always be pragmatic, founded on the concepts of love, freedom, and peace, and defended by zero tolerance towards the violent. This means we must be prepared to fight for peace.

We must be prepared to die defending the right of all persons to live in peace. We must not tolerate crime, or invasion. A country invading another nation is not just an act of war against that nation. A country invading another nation is an act of war against all humanity. Such invasions must be fought by protest, and when necessary by counterforce to whatever degree of force is necessary to force the invasion into retreat. Likewise, a criminal invading another person’s life and home, is an act of war against all humanity. Such crimes must be fought by protest, and when necessary by counterforce to whatever degree of force is necessary to stop the criminal. Soft methods do not work when you are dealing with the violent. Criminal Force must be met by increased degrees of counterforce. Mercy can only be given in victory, not before. [This is the edge of madness, but when you are dealing with the violent and the evil, tragically, there is no other way.]

This is Cosmicism, the way of non-violence backed by a reckoning. The invasion of Tibet is all of humanities responsibility. We must learn from the lesson and never tamely submit to oppression, by nation, or by crime.

And now with this understanding let us now journey into channels of wisdom and open our hearts to the way of inner peace…

First, we must go past the level of Buddhism and recognise their principles of compassion is essential to the wholesome development of moral/ethical sense which guides our standards of conduct, our understanding of right and wrong, and gives us cosmic values which become the light of our conscience. We must regulate our actions to ensure we always behave with honour and live true to our conscience. In short- our conscience must be our spirit guide, strengthened by our communication link to GOD Cosmic Consciousness.

We must go past the moral/ethical training of Buddhism and recognise that no one can truly have ‘Total Inner Peace’ whilst we live in a world of violence. What we can have is ‘Relative Inner Peace’ and we can work constantly towards the elimination of violence and the improvement of ‘Quality of Life.’ Only through determined persistent positive effort, and continuous improvement in codes of conduct and work practice, shall we improve quality of life for ourselves and all humanity. ‘Total Inner Peace’ shall come to the world when we achieve ‘Global Ahimsa Unity.’

We must get rid of the backward inferior thinking mentality “I’m all right Jack, it’s dog eat dog world, shit happens, as long as I’m okay who cares.” Such selfish negative attitude blocks us from achieving the very goals we desire to attain.

Any person, who feels ‘Total Inner Peace,’ is ignoring the violence, and crime in the world. Apathy the way of uncaring concern that is indifference, encourages evil to thrive and thus ‘indifference’ is void of honour. [This is one of the Achilles heels of Buddhism. Another Achilles heel of Buddhism is their belief in reincarnation.]

So, the path to ‘Inner Peace’ begins by recognising the sad existence of violence and crime and accepting the harsh reality we must begin by a ‘Zero Tolerance’ towards violence and crime. We must approach these global problems with counter-defence and corrective action, but before we commence such activity we should develop ‘Relative Inner Peace’ within ourselves. We cannot succeed in the elimination of violence and crime if we fail to live by example. We must be patient with ourselves as well as with other ahimsa persons. We must recognise that which we have the power to change, and that which we do not have the power to change. We must learn to develop serenity in ourselves and accept that which we cannot change. This acceptance should not be in an attitude of indifference, but should be in an attitude of patience, with a determination to find a collective solution. We must always recognise that as a part of humanity our contribution no matter how small and insignificant it may seem; is in reality a major contribution and plays a significant role in the collective development of humanity, social achievement, and universal cosmic consciousness. If truth exists, self-realisation is real, be like a dog with a bone, and never let go of a valid principle- but be sure beyond all doubt that right is truly right. Too often in history the so-called right has become wrong. We must check our understanding every day of our life. And unlearn our inhibitions, fears, and mistakes.

Now we are ready to explore the secrets of inner peace. Did I say secret, well in reality it is not a secret, because we can gain access to the information. Knowledge is often a secret because we deny ourselves this insight by our own lack of initiative. We must research knowledge through self-exploration, education and training. Insight does not just happen it comes through effort in channelling, research, and advice.

Thought Bubbles are automatic thought. (iii) These instantaneous ideas suddenly pop into our head. Often, we let these ideas slide. Contemporary people living in a fast moving pace, may quickly jot down an idea, a brief shopping list, a to do activity, a person to ring, a bill to pay, an urgent repair to solve. But creative people usually make quick notes of their immediate thoughts, so they do not forget for a different reason. They record their brief notes for reference at a later time or date. Inventors and researchers use their ideas to pursue a goal, a quest for increased understanding and the achievement of a created solution. All inventions evolved in part or full from thought bubbles. Writers of stories, poems, and songs often are inspired on the moment with ‘magic feeling’ a sense of awe, love, peace, encouragement; a living cosmic awareness of existence natural and unnatural in all its depth, glory, and sadness. Goodness, beauty and truth shine forward, inspiring the thought bubble to link to the beholder and expand within rising higher and higher into cosmic consciousness- not recognising any limits. So, it is… people who record thought bubbles give themselves immediate inner peace by letting go of the concept, they then are free to live in meditation or in action without frustration, without the gnawing feeling they failed to do something, which felt important. Even if later you decide not to keep the thought bubble and thus throw away your writing, the effort of recording brief notes frees your mind. And releases your spirit, relaxes your body, and gives you the freedom to expand your thought bubble at a later date, or abandon the idea, and throw it in the garbage bin. When you discard an idea always feel confident you do not need it and inner peace will stay with you.

Doubt followed by deeper doubt encourages frustration to thrive and thus blows away the spirit of inner peace. The mind must relax- let go of three negatives: obsession, clinging attachment, and inhibitions. When the mind tosses aside the three negatives, inner peace flows inward, the light of peace radiates outwardly, and joy fills the spirit and the soul with a sense of cosmic wonder. Humour, laughter, love, flows naturally. Enthusiasm permeates existence and all present feel the sensation, regardless of how they respond.

The way of Cosmicism is the way of inner calm and the way of good behaviour. Inner peace shall gain the opportunity to grow within you when you confidently believe violence is wrong, and unjust force is an action of bad behaviour. Cosmicists’ everyday of their life calmly, gently and patiently work towards expanding inner peace within themselves- they constantly review their own awareness, seeking increased expanded understanding. A person who calls himself or herself a Cosmicist and does not commit to the vigilance of inner peace and non-violence is not a Cosmicist. Cosmicism teaches to be proactive and not reactive. Proactive is one of the hallmarks of good behaviour. Reactive is one of the benchmarks of bad behaviour.

Let us take a brief look at the following case study, a brief extract from an excellent book. We may not agree with everything written in a book, nevertheless good understanding can still expand within us, for and against ideas, which allows us to grow in inner peace if we retain the conviction…agree to disagree in peace. Calm discussion is wholesome. Fury discussion is unwholesome.

Lama Surya Das recorded the following incident, an excellent case study… “Once, when Allen Ginsberg was in Colorado to do a one-month solitary meditation retreat, he told his lama, Trungpa Rinpoche, that he was going to bring little notepads that he would keep by his meditation cushion so he could write down the beautiful haiku that would flash into his mind after many hours of meditation. The lama said, ‘Can I see your pads and pens?’ When Ginsberg displayed the tools of his literary trade, the lama snatched them away, saying that the reason to go on retreat and meditate is to stop collecting and holding on to all those transient thought bubbles. He exhorted Ginsberg simply to be aware of the ongoing process of transparent awareness itself, rather than getting caught up in collecting the flotsam and jetsam of the mind and continuously rearranging its contents in the display cases of artistic ambition.” (i)

The lama’s behaviour however good the intention was wrong. By the process of ‘snatching’ and ‘chiding’ the student, the so-called teacher behaved badly, and failed by higher understanding in transmitting the right message by example. In short by a negative obsession and clinging attachment to an idea the lama lost sight of the right way of behaviour and displayed a reactive example and failed to be proactive. However good the intention, is not relevant, when the way of aggressive reaction is used. A good message must always be taught in a proactive way, and this is wisely taught in all good management seminars on the art of good people skills. Every human being no matter how peaceful they may feel is capable of becoming reactive. It is this realisation which alerts Cosmicists to practice the way of proactive calm and inner peace every second of their life. In other words, Cosmicists throughout their entire life have a quiet calm self-imposed review process of ‘checks and balances’ backed by corrective action, to ensure they are always living ‘The eye of calm in a storm.’ These reviews beginning through conscious effort, and time consuming thought, shall change from self-imposed checks upon self, to evolving habits which pass conscious effort and become instinct, natural habit, free of effort, free of outer consciousness, totally motivated by inner consciousness, a natural discipline free of limitations. The spirit and the mind, meld with the body, to become one proactive life form past all previous comprehension. Actions no longer are reactive, or impulsive. Actions are proactive, and spontaneous in natural control. Inner peace lived by example is the greatest teacher. There is no such thing as a guru. We are all pupils, students, and scholars, nothing more, nothing less. In the case study it becomes profoundly clear the so-called teacher lost the plot and defeated his good intentions. The ignorant would not have recognised this error, and would have proceeded to foolishly revere the teacher, instead of looking closer at the behaviour and ascertaining such incorrect reactive action.

Good is not fulfilled by wrong behaviour, regardless of however good the intention. Good always rises from good behaviour. And bad always falls from bad behaviour. Good is proactive. Bad is reactive.

So how would a Proactive Cosmicist have handled this situation? Addressing the student the Cosmicist teacher spoke, “Thought bubbles are essential to the success of ‘Creative Visualisation.’ The use of thought bubbles backed by pragmatic rationalisation is necessary for creative advancement of cosmic understanding. But the purpose of this training is meditation, the way of clear meditation. The natural art of inner peace linked to the cosmic senses of goodness, beauty and truth allows the spirit, mind, and body to meld as one in harmony with the universe, consciousness, and revelation. And thus, expand upon the essence of self with creation and all that is one of a thousand-thousand endless forms. Seeing, feeling, and hearing peace in nature, the wonder of the senses, the way of inner peace- an extension of self-linked to nature releases transcendence. Witnessing existence in the highest awareness transcends all reason, all finite comprehension, and takes the free spirit to new levels of insight past spirit, soul, and body, as we currently know it into another dimension. An entity so infinitely vast, so full, so mysterious, that awe itself bypasses its own sensation and takes the spirit of cosmic consciousness to a new present, a higher self-realisation. Return to previous lower level consciousness is no longer possible. Further than your imagination, a new experience transcends all previous concepts, a new awakening, reoccurring, forever a new awakening, radiating upon its own essence, a limit does not exist.”

“There is a time for thought bubbles the way of creative visualisation, and there is a time for simple joy of meditation in harmony with God, Gaia, and Humanity. Let the flow of Buddha expand within you- this is true constant rebirth, which is not reincarnation, but is expansion of cosmic consciousness linked to the eternal reservoir of knowledge which knows no limit. The magic of eternity begins within. Now relax feel the pleasure of being silent. Sense all the goodness, beauty, and truth of nature’s wonders. Feel the spirit of the universe, alive with a constant eternal heartbeat. Witness the phenomena of the universe in all its glory and live its peace.”

“Please put away your pads and pens and focus on the mystery of existence. Enjoy the tranquillity of meditation. Feel the serenity, the magic, the beauty of inner peace through meditation- the spirit of the universe through cosmic consciousness linked to self.”

“Fear not thoughts without a thinker; through meditation, all thoughts of love and peace, shall always rise higher above the present sphere of time, flowing into timelessness, forever expanding upon its own essence. All dimensions shall link to each other through Nirvana. And Karma shall meld with Satori and the ‘Heart of Cosmic Consciousness shall meld with thy spirit and soul, until all melds as one. In your highest awakening thou shall live Nirvana a ‘Cosmic Light’ embracing the ‘Spirit of Cosmic Consciousness’ Satori and Karma as one. Inspired by ‘Karman Meditation’ free of a ‘Blank Mind’ mystery reveals its essence, its entity, its reality. Something beautiful happens…”

(i) DAS, SURYA ‘AWAKENING THE BUDDHA WITHIN’ by Lama Surya Das ‘Eight Steps to Enlightenment- Tibetan Wisdom for the Western World.’ Publisher Bantam Books– Transworld Publishers (Aust) Pty Limited Moorebank, NSW Extracts Page 101, 102. First Published in 1997 in Australia & New Zealand. First read by Allan Ivarsson in 1999. ‘Wholesome reading too good to ignore.’

(ii) The Chinese did not like it when Japan invaded China in 1939. And yet China invaded Tibet in 1950. We all in every nation hate being invaded. We are willing to fight to the death to be free against invasion. Throughout history resistance against invaders has always existed. No one surrenders meekly. We the nations hate invasion, and yet every nation has a tragic history of invading other countries. How stupid must we become before we learn to reject the evil of invasion. Remember well the old adage… “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

There is a possibility the descendants of the ‘Chinese Invaders’ under the leadership of Democracy will get caught in ‘Apology Fever,’ a 20th Century Fashion, and apologise for their ancestors evil behaviour. To these destined Chinese descendants I say this… “Apologise for your children’s behaviour because you are responsible for the next generations actions, but you are not responsible for your parent’s actions; and you certainly are not responsible for the wrong actions of your ancestors. Never apologise for bad behaviour of your ancestors. Do commit to eliminate a repetition of wrong history. Do aim to improve the quality of life for all generations. Do fight for equality, freedom, and peace.”

(iii) 90% of my philosophical writing is jigsaw puzzle collections of ‘Thought Bubbles’ “automatic writing”, received from ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ as ‘Cosmic Messages.’ Which is why, using ‘Channelling’ I never suffer from writer’s block.

Cosmicism draws upon wisdom and truth from many texts, including philosophy, science, poetry etc. Cosmicism is open minded and does not believe in throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Cosmicism does toss out false knowledge belief in deities and reverence/worship process.

Source: ‘Blue Light’ book of ‘Cosmic Messages’ published in Sydney/Grafton in 2003. Section Nirvana Spiritual Peace, by A.I. This book without illustrations, was withdrawn from the market in 2010 by the author for revision rewrite of sections and redirected into other books with new added material.

Inner Peace

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