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The Way


“Cosmicism does not try to convert anyone to our way of thinking. Simply give a person the opportunity to pick up the message and run with it. If they stop and read the message, this is good. If they choose to practice the teachings in the message, this is great. If they choose to live the truth in the message, this is beautiful. All Ahimsa messages of Love and Peace are eternal.”

“The way cannot be accurately defined. The way is instinct, felt, sensed, and lived. There is no true definition of the way. The way is one of a thousand, of ten thousand, billion, choices, all united are the way.”

“If people ask me for advice, I will give it to them. But I will not waste my time giving knowledge to people, who do not want to receive it. Those persons who choose ignorance as their way cannot be helped. Offer them once the light of life, and if they reject it, simply walk away, and say no more.”

“You may have power, but if you do not live the way, you will have little understanding of what to do with it. I am called a ‘Master of Truth,’ but, I am not a master, I am only a scholar, a pupil, and a student; this is the way.”

Allan Ivarsson

Scholar of Life

“It is an awakening within the spirit; he who knows it, is unable to reveal it by words; and he who knows it not, will never think upon the compelling and beautiful mystery of existence.” (i)

Yusif El Fakhri 1908 as said to: Kahlil Gibran 1883-1931

“The Tao that can be spoken of is not the real way.

That which can be named is only transient.

The nameless was there before the sky and the earth was born.

The named is the mother of the ten thousand things.

In nothingness, you will see its wonders.

In things, you will see its boundaries.

These two come from the same origin, although they have different names.

They emerged from somewhere deep and mysterious.

This deep and mysterious place

Is the gateway to all wonders.” # (ii)

“The Tao is empty.

However, if you use it, it can never be exhausted.”

“The Great Tao flows everywhere.”

“Because it does not consider itself as great,

It can accomplish that which is great.” # (ii)

Lao-Tzu, Tao-Te Ching

# ‘Cosmic Truth’ Beautifully Translated by Eva Wong 1997.

“Words are limiting.

Better to weave with the simple ones, close to the senses.”

“Love is an Attitude” (iii)

Walter Rinder 1970

“The infinite power of nameless cosmic consciousness lives within us all when we choose to use its insight and live within its light. Nameless cosmic consciousness flows in timelessness; an eternal dimension where yin and yang merge to become one infinite spirit, ‘it,’ a nameless spirit, ‘Shenchingchi,’ cosmic essence, passive and active vitality, receptive to light, non-receptive to darkness. ‘Chichingshen,’ that which is called God.”

Allan Ivarsson

Gaia Dictionary Synonyms & Meanings

a) The Way (English) – Tao (Chinese), Nirvana (Sanskrit), Nibbana (Pali), Bliss (English) {noun} The Way is Spiritual Awakening.

b) Lao-Tzu, Tao-Te Ching means – ‘Old wise one (teachings) the way of essence.’

c) Shen – Spirit … Ching – Essence … Chi – Vitality …. Ying – Passive …. Yang – Active


(i) GIBRAN, KAHLIL A TREASURY OF KAHLIL GIBRAN …Edited by Martin L. Wolf, 1951, New York City. Translated from Arabic by Anthony Rizcallah Ferris. Publisher… William Heinemann LTD London This edition first published in Great Britain in 1974. First read by Allan Ivarsson in 1974. ‘Love is in the air, a message Gibran felt true in living spirit.’

(ii) WONG, EVA TEACHINGS OF THE TAO by EVA WONG ‘Readings from the Taoist Spiritual Tradition’ Selected and translated by Eva Wong. 1997. Publisher…Shambhala Publications, Inc. Boston, Massachusetts First published in 1997 in Canada & United States. First read by Allan Ivarsson in 1999. ‘True Satori- this book is essential to your library.’

(iii) RINDER, WALTER ‘LOVE IS AN ATTITUDE’ by WALTER RINDER Publisher…Celestial Arts Publishing (1970) California First published in 1970 in the United States. First read by Allan Ivarsson in 1973. ‘Beautiful inspiration close to the senses.’

Source: Nirvana records ‘Blue Light’ A-Z published 2003. The Way republished in 2017 ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ Amazon.com

“A World of Peace will always be Humanity’s Goal.” *

* The above stated valid truth identifies the essential goal of humanity that is only achievable by learning the highest intelligence level in the universe…and that advanced intelligence level is called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Fiction is useful pure entertainment when we stay alert with open mind and do recognise philosophical wisdom and truth when it is tabled.

* Source: Spoken by fictionalised character H.G. Wells [inspired by past real life ‘Wells’] in the Season Two ‘New Adventures of Superman’ American TV series called ‘Lois & Clark’ 1995 Episode 18 titled ‘Tempus Fugitive’ Starring Teri Hatcher, Dean Cain, Lane Smith, Eddie Jones, K Callan and Justin Whalin.

It is reasonable to table issues of concern and to raise objections, but we don’t win by whingeing. We win by using common-sense pragmatic ‘Corrective Action’ founded upon ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, using ‘Can Do’ persistent determination, a willpower to win that refuses to surrender to failure and always backs itself by wisdom.

Success is not victory, success is living the challenge. If we don’t try, we don’t do, and if we don’t do, we don’t achieve. Failure and defeat is not being unsuccessful, if we are wise enough to just use it as an experiential training step to rise above such setbacks. Learning by our bad experiences and our wrong decisions, guides us to become wiser, but that is only true when we have inner peace within ourselves, and live true to our convictions of open mind, always thinking outside the square, in an eternal dimension of calm feeling.

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