‘Communist China’ Using Water as a Weapon against Southeast Asia

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The longest river in Southeast Asia is the Mekong, 4,350 km. Originating from the Tibetan Plateau, Mekong river flows down through the Himalayas via southern China into Southeast Asia. It travels through six countries, China, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam before flowing into the South China Sea. The problem is that passing through Communist China, the Marxists have decided to control the water supply into the other five countries, often deliberately denying then a full volume source of water for their agricultural needs.

Watch the videos, it is just the beginning of an ahimsa ‘Cold War’ with ‘Communist China’ and its disgraceful behaviour of using water as a weapon to control five other countries.

Xi Jinping President has proven that he is a self-centred man with no honour. He and the ‘Communist Party’ has a persistent bad attitude of lying to all other Nations around the globe.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

According to a report in 2016, China has built 87,000 dams. Why does China need so many dams? Because it wants to turn water into a weapon.

Published July 21 2020

The flood waters are testing ageing dams in China. According to a report, as many as 94,000 dams in China face the risk of a collapse. Such a situation could put millions of lives at risk.

Published July 22 2020
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