Never Ending


A trace of white light flowed through the regions of space. Reflecting luminous feeling, the start of its existence vanished as two stars of light collided. Forces of change exploded into stardust. A blanket of bright fleck, seemingly embracing the universe, spread its halo of light; in this transition of changing form, a new arrangement of scattered direction, expanded the light of its power.

Through this moment of vanishing existence, one state gone, a new form beginning, the essence of its old light continued to travel through space never ceasing, travelling forward, seemingly forever looking for a body of unifying mass to align its reality into a new state of existence. Part of its power reflected back to the source, travelling once more towards the infinite hearth of its reality. Part of its power stayed upon its new home of increasing strength, adding to the fuel of existence, creating a new kind of transitory form. A deep awareness unfolded when the third part of its power, the light of boundless destiny, passed by the point of no return and finally vanished, out of sight. Though the sphere had died, and though previous life could not see its generation of radiating light, nevertheless, the light from the star of past entity, still existed, and was still travelling through the flow of changing transition. Other bodies in front of its direction, could still see the illumination which life behind had once seen… the light was not of first cause, it had no beginning, or end, for its power of light was simply the omega and the alpha of itself. Such is the nature of all power. The light within our consciousness is of that power, not creative in finite sense, but of the creation in its infinite revelation; the essence of that which it is, which it becomes, and which it was, the cyclical state of its own self. The Id of its consciousness is the light of its character, the indescribable state of the cosmic spirit which has no true mathematical equation, and which realises its transitory truth in the finite state of consciousness.

As bodies die and new fields of energy evolve, new life flows forward from one transitory form to another, never ceasing, simply changing. Through this finite state the ‘Id of Infinite Consciousness’ comes to life, to unfold a moment of need for self-realisation. In this state God develops within.

Author’s Note 2012: I discovered over the years that a lot of people did not understand the above cosmic reflection. So I decided to table this information to give readers something to think about when they explore Blue Light A to Z, and Astronomy, Pre-History and Natural Evolution Process in the Universe of Chaos- order within disorder. Advanced thinkers shall easily understand; the rest have the ability to understand, when they upgrade their education and expand open-minded awareness.

This reflection starts at the obvious astronomical physical level based on reality, which all cosmic philosophers and astronomers do understand. The second interfaced level is the ‘Spiritual Universe’ that links to the evolutionary process of life; this dimension of existence Physical and ‘Spiritual Universe’ is forever evolving, sometimes slowly and quietly, and at other times loudly and dynamically. Through life’s adventures and experience through questions in mind, God develops within; and becomes linked to our consciousness in the way we perceive the nature and existence of supreme power. Higher understanding only becomes true, when we sense the wonder and natural way of cosmic existence forever evolving, knowing no limits, knowing no final truth.

Source: 2018 Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ by Allan Ivarsson

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