Handshake the Cultural Dilemma

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Feature Image: Even dogs like to shake paws. Muslims hate dogs because Muhammad hated dogs. Many dogs have loyal altruistic feelings like many humans, something which ‘Jihad Muslims’ refuse to understand.

Handshake – To be a Citizen of a ‘Freedom Culture’ Men and Women must Respect each other by ‘Handshake’ Courtesy… it is called ‘Good Manners’.

Other Cultures do not agree.


Daily Mail reveals story titled… ‘Court rules Muslim doctor who refused to shake woman’s hand as she presented him with citizenship certificate has lost the right to become a German.’ By Tim Stickings, dated 19th October 2020. (i)

“A Muslim doctor has been denied German citizenship after refusing to shake a woman’s hand when she gave him his certificate.” (i)

“The 39-year-old Lebanese national was on the brink of becoming a German after living in the country for 13 years, completing his medical studies and passing a citizenship test with the highest possible mark.” (i)

“But he failed at the final hurdle after refusing to shake the hand of the female official at the ceremony in 2015, leading state authorities to deny him citizenship.” (i)

“Five years later, a court has backed their decision – saying the man’s ‘fundamentalist’ views were at odds with his integration into German society.” (i)

“The man can now appeal the decision to a Federal Court.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This incident proves that anti-freedom Islamic Doctrine is not compatible with ‘Freedom Values’ in the Western World and that the acceptance of Muslim immigrants is a serious anti-freedom mistake.

The fanatical values of Muslims will never be compatible in a society that values ‘Freedom’.

This incident also proves that having high I.Q. is not worth much when it is obsessed with anti-freedom beliefs. I will never trust a Muslim doctor or a Muslim nurse, because they are not true to the Hippocratic Oath, because the Qur’an instructs them to never make friends with Christians, Jews and all other Infidels, in other words, the Qur’an teaches all Muslims to never care about unbelievers, and make friends with them temporarily to try and convert (revert) them to Islam.

The Muslim man moved to Germany in 2002 and in 2012 he applied for citizenship and signed essential paperwork vowing to uphold the constitution and reject extremism. But his signature represented a lie, because he still lives true to his Islamic Beliefs that his first loyalty is to Islam not to Germany. He proved that reality by refusing to shake hands with a woman.

“… the court in Mannheim said the handshake incident was incompatible with the constitution’s guarantee of equality between men and women.” (i)

“If the applicant refuses to shake hands for gender-specific reasons which are incompatible with the constitution, there is no integration into German living conditions,’ they said.” (i)

“The court said that handshakes had deep roots in Western culture, including as a symbol of reaching agreement.” (i)

“Handshakes are common greeting and farewell rituals that take place regardless of the social status, gender or other personal characteristics of the people involved and go back centuries,’ the judges said.” (i)

(i) Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8854519/Muslim-doctor-refused-shake-womans-hand-denied-German-citizenship.html?

A.I. comments… Thus Germany identified the importance of the ‘Handshake’.

Opposition by Islam in the West is gradually being weakened by their totalitarian demands. Islam will not succeed in conquering the West. Our ‘Freedom Resistance’ to their dictatorship demands is high.

Our worst anti-freedom danger is anti-freedom Socialism and the expansion of ‘Communist China’ dictatorship by its trade and investment in the West.

Remember, it was Socialism that encouraged the invasion of Islam so that the West would be weakened, giving a joint effort by Socialism and Communism to rule the world. It is Communism that will wipe out anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’, but that achievement will not help the free world, because under the rule of ‘Communism’ we all would still lose our freedom.

We must all have the courage to reject ‘Sharia Law’ in every Nation.

Socialism strategy is to give out free welfare to every gullible self-centred citizen that wants free benefits. But the smarter people know, nothing is free, benefits means loss of freedom and when Socialism is ready the welfare shall be withdrawn as Communism is allowed to conquer us. Don’t be naïve oppose all ‘Totalitarian Ideologies’.

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