There are three points of time, The Past, The Present, and The Future. The Past is Always the ‘State of Memory’. The Present is Always the ‘State of Sensation’. The Future is Always the ‘State of Anticipation’.

The Past is a memory, a conscious realisation measure, relative to the Present, only by the valued memory of the joy, sadness, and guidance, which it offers.

The Future is a vision, a conscious speculation measure, relative to the Present, only by the valued anticipation, the positive inspiration, which it offers, or the feared anticipation, the negative reservation, which it forewarns as prophetic probability.

The Present is a sensation, a living consciousness, continuous instantaneous momentary measure, relative to the Present by constant experience, existing unto itself, by itself, for itself. Joy becomes complete when the Present is shared with others, God, Gaia, and Humanity.

The ‘State of Now’ is ‘Timelessness’, an instant of time, which never moves, but keeps expanding its essence. Only the forms within that ‘Instant’ move. All products of ‘Change-Form’ move from one instant to another instant. Timelessness does not move. Time is simply the measure of movement. Timelessness stands still, for the time is always ‘The Now’. The Future Never Comes and The Past is Always Gone.

There is a ‘Universal Present Moment’ at every point of Space; in other words, there is a ‘Universal Now’ throughout the Universe. The ‘Creation’ is ‘Timeless’.

There is a ‘Creational Present Moment’ at every point of Space, in other words, there is a ‘Creational Now’ throughout the ‘Creation’, which is openly infinite. The Universe is Timeless.


This is only as ‘One Total State of Relative Existence’…in reality unto an individual personal living experience, there is not a universal present moment at every point of space. Now is relative only to your point of view. Suppose you wanted to see another point of view of now far away in space or even just one kilometre away out of sight. Well, you would never see it. When you reach the location of another point of now, it is no longer the point of the now that you were in when you left that point of now, to reach the point which you had hoped to experience as an equal moment. The moment has gone. Change has moved from one instant to another, and yet the present stands still. Only form moves from frame to frame. In a flicker of an instant, form changes in the state of timelessness. Thus, the universal present moment at every point of space, is only true by relative analysis, of the total state of infinite existence.

The individual can never fulfil by experience, or totally comprehend the infinite nature of time and timelessness. Such is the finite limitations of organic existence. Only through the infinite power of spiritual light, can comprehension extend itself past the finite line. Transcendence through the state of Nirvana is the key. Time is a threefold state of measure: “Distance, Movement, and Dimension”. A changing relativity springs from the state of measure. All existence is relative and reversible, both physical and spiritual. Understanding expands…

The Mind is the Soul. Its best realisation is fulfilled by the level of its emotional intelligence in harmony with open objective rational thought, forever evolving in understanding, always checking itself by pragmatic analysis, which by experience becomes common sense. The Way of Ahimsa encourages us to move in the right direction, and to achieve the right goals, and attain the right inner peace. The Mind’s Intelligence and Creative Visualisation, all aspects, is strengthened by the Soul’s Spirit of Feeling for Goodness, Beauty and Truth, and by the health of its organic physical support. Threefold is existence. When the mind is united with infinite consciousness, the spirit within the soul slowly expands and guides its levels of intelligence towards higher stages of development. This changing response in-turn leads the cycle of life into new experiential phenomenon.

Within the Universe, a Change-force of threefold ‘3R’ activity exists… Relativity, Repulsitivity, and Reversitivity. Relativity is threefold… Attraction, Steady State, and Creativity which is Expansive Existence. Repulsitivity is threefold… Separation, Steady State and Creativity which is Expansive Existence. Reversitivity is threefold… Reversion, Unstable, and Destructively Creative which is contractible existence being contrary to steady state expansive creativity. Relativity and Repulsitivity in Duality are positives. Reversitivity in Singularity is a negative.

Existence in all forms is in a constant state of change. Time stands still in the State of the Universe. Time changes in the State ‘of Creation’. Time is a threefold state of measure. Timelessness has no measure. The Universe has no beginning or end. The Creation has always existed. God is the Cosmic Spirit ‘of Creation’. In other words, God is not the Creator, God is of the Creation, like all existence physical and spiritual, is of the Creation. God is Cosmic Consciousness. God is Good, Order, and Direction. Cosmic Consciousness is forever expanding. God is forever expanding. Light power is expanding. The Spirit of God is within all Souls who feel the conviction and inner peace of this truth by feeling.

Now is the instant in which all existence moves. Now never changes, but the movement within the frame of now does change. The instant universal frame is a steady state of the now present. Frames of activity within this steady state are subject to change. One can measure change. Now cannot be measured. The steady state of timelessness cannot be measured:

Timelessness is infinite,

Timelessness never changes,

Timelessness does not move.

How long is now? The answer cannot be measured, for everyone’s measure of now is a variable. All answers are neither right nor wrong, they are simply Timeless.

A form of existence can travel at a fixed speed to a point, and return at the same fixed speed to its original starting point. What has passed? The present state of timelessness has not altered. Only the forms within the state of now have changed. The measure of travel is equally relative to the measure of change at its starting point. Time analysis is a measure of distance, movement, and dimension. Time is equally relative to time reversal.

The Universe is not the result of a ‘Big Bang’. The Universe is of infinite existence- no beginning, no ending. Physical Change-force has resulted in collisions of systems and creation of cyclic Big Bangs. The Creation is a two-fold state, in a threefold state of Relative-Repulsive existence and Reversal existence. Organic and Non-organic form exists and perishes. Organic form has its own independent mobility. Non-organic form has no independent mobility, and is totally dependent upon either, organic form to move its position or change-force reaction by changing pressure, combustion, and friction. The Steady State is two-fold – Relativity and Repulsitivity. The Change-force is threefold Relativity, Repulsitivity, and Reversitivity. The Twofold State of organic and non-organic existence realises its full potential through the third alternative of consciousness. Organic shaping depends upon the medium of the spirit. Non-organic shaping depends upon the medium of organic action, or the medium of change-force. The Universe is an infinite phenomenon, which simply is that which has never been anything but, that which it simply is, the ‘House of Creation’. The Universe is the Creation.

Are we going round in circles? No! The Universe is not a circle. The Universe is the essence of a circle. The Universe is seemingly Chaos in action, and yet it is not. The Universe is infinite, is timeless. The flow of existence within the Universe is eternal in change-form, of the Creation.

Form, the state of constant change, comes from nothing, expands and returns to a state of dissipated nothing. Though it’s difficult to comprehend, nothing does exist, and is in a constant state of change. Nothing is an intangible form. Nothing expands upon its own reversed state into something. Such is the phenomenon of change.

The window of the mind is the viewfinder of the camera, which suffers from parallax error. In other words, the viewfinder does not see exactly what the single lens reflex camera sees. The window of the finite mind experiences distortion and often loses its sense of reality. Only the experienced state of spiritual cosmic consciousness can correct the parallax error of the mind. Humans are not yet advanced enough to recognise the total parallax error within their souls.

Change is a state of motion within a frame of existence. The Universal frame is of timelessness. Change-force motion can be time measured. The intangible spirit is the link to understanding levels beyond finite comprehension. The spirit is a threefold state of consciousness, which releases its creativity by unlocking the souls’ apprehensions, inhibitions and fears. Inspired by the spirit of Love, Freedom, and Peace, the Soul can travel beyond all known comprehension.

The State of Cosmic Consciousness is forever expanding. God is forever expanding. Cosmic Consciousness is within us. God is within us. The State of Cosmic Consciousness is the spirit of creation from which we can draw our insight, and contribute our understanding. All good ideas of truth come from God. All revelations return to the Godhead. Universal Consciousness is the ‘Spirit Well’, the Reservoir of life giving guidance for all intelligent organic existence.

With these simple understandings of Time, Creation, and God, the reality of Existence and the Universe unfolds the essence of Time and Timelessness: –

Time is simply a measure.

Time measures Distance, Movement and Dimension.

Timelessness is Now, Present State, Infinity.

Timelessness is Omnipresent “Present in all places at the same time.”

Relative Time is the finite interface in Timelessness.

Relative Time is Now, Present State, Finite; and is not omnipresent.

Relative Time has a sense of instinctive life, potentially infinite in spirit.

Spiritual expansion is the link between Time and Timelessness, the nature of Creation beyond the comprehension of current 20th Century Earth.

God, Existence and Timelessness are ‘of Creation’.

Source: 2018 Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ by Allan Ivarsson published at Amazon.com in Paperback and Kindle. Previously published in 2003 book ‘Blue Light’ which was withdrawn from sale by author in 2010 to be interfaced with other subjects in the COMPENDIUM Series.

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