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Comments by Allan Ivarsson and BNI on Socialism

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Comments by Allan Ivarsson and BNI on Socialism

But First…

Three Cheers for Ex-Muslims for having the courage to leave ‘Sharia Law’ Islam.

Source Report… ‘Avalanche of Apostasy from Islam’ October 2, 2020 by BareNakedIslam.

Subtitle Headline… “More and more Muslims are seeing the light despite the threat of execution for apostasy.” (i)

One comment flashing back to an overview of forced conversion in the 18th Century…

X Muslim here from Novi Pazar, Serbia. My ancestors were Christians who were forcefully converted due to not being able to pay the Jizya during the Ottoman Empire’s Rule of Serbia in 1755. Our local mosque has all the conversion documents until this day of all the surrounding villages from Novi Pazar which today comprises of 85% Muslims.” (i)


The following video by David Wood tables more comments by ex-Muslims who left Islam choosing to convert to Christianity. Although I am no longer a Christian, until people have experienced the advanced ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ I have enjoyed, I would recommend all Muslims to convert to either, Judaism, Buddhism, or Christianity. These belief systems paths despite ancient errors have settled down to becoming today peaceful ahimsa belief systems.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

Anti-Freedom Socialism

BareNakedIslam says…

October 2, 2020

I really wish all those people singing the praises of Socialism would research what it really is and what it leads to.

Allan Ivarsson says…

October 2, 2020

I feel the same way BNI, I think of these people as being not much different to apathetic people, they are intellectually lazy. The educated can defeat them.

I am off-side with old school friends and workmates because of my defence of Donald Trump and my rejection of Socialism.

But if I have to walk alone… defending truth… I will.

BareNakedIslam says…

October 2, 2020

Allan, my best friend from college and for decades afterwards stopped talking to me when I started this blog 12 years ago.

Allan Ivarsson says…

October 2, 2020

Yes BNI, it is sad when we lose friends because we have the courage to stand for truth.

I think it has always been this way in history… we don’t know our friends until the test of conflict of ideas has been tabled.

At least 10% of the people in different European countries supported Hitler during World War II and betrayed their family and friends. It is heart-breaking to experience betrayal.

At the end of the war when Germany was falling, these traitors made a last stand fight and joined Germans to oppose the freedom fighting forces. They knew they no longer had a country and must fight to the death. They were because of this reality the toughest fighters even tougher than the Germans. Most died in battle.

And true to form like all despots… Hitler did not have the courage to join the last battle stand and die in battle. Such is the traditional cowardice of most despots.

Allan Ivarsson says…

October 2, 2020

Thank you BNI for your valid concerns… I agree. The fight against Communism and Islam is an obvious necessity to a lot of people, not all, but Socialism is breaking our Western Societies down and the young ones are very naive about Socialism, many in Australia & America and other countries think it is a fairer system. That idea is a lie… and I have several times told believers in Socialism go and look at Venezuela history before and after Socialism.

Worse than this Socialism is being sold in our Universities and even High Schools as a good political system.

I remember once when I was a 13-year-old boy in 1962, my history teacher told us that Socialism was a good thing. I went home and told my mother what he said, and she told me reality and not to believe such nonsense.

Australia & America shall stand united.

BareNakedIslam says…

October 2, 2020

WOW! Way back in 1962? I didn’t even know what Socialism was until after college I don’t think. The subject never came up.

Allan Ivarsson says…

October 2, 2020

BNI, I only stumbled across it then, but never thought about it again until I read the Karl Marx ‘Communist Manifesto’ in 1984. The same year I read the Qur’an. It was then I decided to develop an independent philosophy that was capable of dealing with every form of ‘Totalitarianism’. Thus ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ evolved.

I didn’t want the world to misunderstand my objective so I interfaced it with messages of love and peace that understood that to live free and enjoy peace we must have the courage to oppose every form of ‘Totalitarianism’.

By 2007 my dynamic ideology had been created. The rest thereafter is philosophical history.

To learn more about the dangerous anti-freedom threats of Islam…

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