It looks like President Trump was right about fraud in Postal Votes in different States… but there is more updates…

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Allan Ivarsson Supporting ‘Pro-Freedom Values’ Donald Trump even if he is defeated by anti-freedom Socialist Democrats takeover of America. Any American and any Australian that votes for a Socialist Government is equally as ‘Nuts’ as those people who supported Hitler and Lenin and Mao.


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BNI Update…

Trump Vows to Fight for Election Integrity

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YouTube one day later, took down the truthful 33 minutes Fox Report as part of its censoring policy of the Truth. It seems anti-freedom Socialism is succeeding in getting control of restricting ‘Freedom of Speech’ in America.

This link gives you the first important 8:37 minutes of an interview by FOX that anti-freedom of speech YouTube failed to censor. This Video replaces part of the information tabled on Fox, but 25 minutes of important information is still lost to censorship.

Video Subject: Ms. Powell, Mr. Fitton, Mr. Dobbs discuss “The Scorecard and the Hammer”

Votes found dumped under rocks.

To learn more about the dangerous anti-freedom threats of Islam…

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