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Socialist Kamala Harris now rules America. Think about why this is true…

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Read what Professional Writer Allan Ivarsson wrote about this tragic victory and what it really means, below slide comments…

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Allan Ivarsson comments…

Socialist Kamala Harris now rules America. Think about why this is true…

“78 year-old Joe Biden does not have the intelligent energy levels to lead a country. He will serve as a puppet to Harris.”

“Anti-Freedom Socialism now rules America.”

“Over the next four years, watch carefully all American Government decisions. Global Freedom is now on the table, at a high risk of being lost.”

“Aussies stay alert!”

Communist China is cheering the narrow victory of the Socialist Democrats in USA. This fact reveals that Australia is now more vulnerable to threats by ‘Communist China’. In fact the entire area of the South Pacific and Southern Asia, including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Australia and New Zealand, is now a target for ‘Communist China’ takeover.

We cannot rely on a Socialist America to come to our aid. Why? Because Socialism is Marxism and is the transition step towards becoming Marxist Communism.”

This election of Socialism proves that 50% of American youth are naive about Socialism and do not care about their right to live free. Such is their stupidity. The good news is that these idiot young Americans will suffer misery when they learn the hard way that Socialism is not a fairer system as many fools believe.”

“Karma/Result/Consequence will come down hard upon every person that rejects ‘Freedom Values’ and chooses the acceptance of ‘Totalitarian’ rule.”

“The below slide I have posted several times in the past… jumps out with a message about the crazy thinking of many American youth.

“I have no compassion for people that willingly sacrifice their right to live free. But I am very concerned about all the innocent people that value their eternal right to live free.”

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