Sexual Harassment in School Education is not acceptable

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Sexual Harassment in School Education is not acceptable

On the 9th November 2020 a brief news report by Kelsey Wilkie for the Daily Mail Australia tabled a disturbing education cultural trend, as children become prey to the ‘Socialist Pressure’ of striving to teach that a Gay person is normal and that Heterosexual character is not natural. The title of the subject… ‘Furious parents’ blast ‘creepy’ gender fluidity test asking young teenagers ‘when they discovered they were straight’. (i)


“Parents have been left outraged after Year 8 students were given a ‘creepy’ survey questioning their sexuality.” (i)

“The students from Kirrawee High School in southern Sydney were given the questionnaire as part of personal development, health and physical education studies.” (i)

[The Questionnaire] “… is designed to help straight people understand the questions often asked of gay and lesbian people and appreciate how intrusive they can be.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… The meaning of the word ‘straight’ was extended by homosexuals to mean that the average person is heterosexual. Personally, I prefer to use the word ‘heterosexual’. The word ‘straight’ used by homosexuals is the lazy definition for them.

Back in the early 1970’s when I was working in Sydney as a ‘Purchasing Officer’ in my first young executive job, I met people working in the office, who were Gay and Lesbian. I never asked them such unnecessary intrusive questions. Most decent people don’t do that. Prying into others personal business is not acceptable behaviour by codes of decency and good manners. Whoever dreamed up this questionnaire has no respect for personal privacy.

I remember my father telling me how he was harassed by a homosexual on a Train when he was 16 years of age working for the NSW railway. He was in a crowded train standing up, holding onto a rail when a homosexual ran his hands over his fingers and gave dad a creepy horrible feeling. After that experience dad always hated homosexuals. And yes, they are homosexuals that is the correct name of those who reject natural heterosexual lifestyle.

In my generation and my parents and grandparent’s generation… ‘Gay’ meant happy, not homosexual. Gay was a common name for girls in the 20th Century. It was also used as a short form of longer names. Then in the mid-Twentieth Century homosexuals changed the name of their sexual orientation to ‘Gay’ to make them happy and acceptable to a world that was resistant to homosexuality in all religious books, like the Christian Holy Bible, the Torah and the Koran. I was accused of ‘Blasphemy’ between 2003 to 2010 by Christians, some chanted, “I trust in the Bible!” I know many Christians still hate LGBT people. Muslims certainly hate Gays.

If they are wrong, then the texts in the ‘Holy Books’ is wrong, which proves that all of the so-called ‘Holy Books’ are not the word of God. Now that I have upset the apple cart leaving all the rotten apples on the ground, let’s get back to the rest of this education incident.

“… shocked parents contacted One Nation MP Mark Latham to complain about the ‘completely inappropriate and outrageous’ questions the Daily Telegraph reported.” (i)

The Heterosexual Questionnaire was created in 1972 to help heterosexuals understand how a gay person is often treated and aims to demonstrate how unpleasant such questions can be.” (i)

A.I. comments… I was only 23 years of age in 1972, and I never saw any such Questionnaire floating around. It must have been archived because no one in those days would listen to such self-pity garbage thinking. Obviously, the Questionnaire was created by a Gay, striving to prove that they were normal as nature intended. Problem is that such sexual deviations is different in evolution to the natural process in most forms of life, which is founded upon creation of male and female forms.

The LGBT mission to push such Questionnaires upon Heterosexual children in schools is ‘Sexual Harassment’ focused on making children feel guilty about their boy or girl natural human biology. Such bully educational tactics is not acceptable behaviour, not now, not ever. It is not their fault that adult LGBT people are stressing over their sexual orientation choices.

“Offensive questions include asking if their sexuality is a ‘phase’ and implying people like them are more likely to suffer mental health problems.” (i)

“Mr Latham slammed the test as ‘creepy’.” (i)

“As if you’d want your 13-year-daughter to be answering these questions to some male teacher – what, when, and how you decided to be heterosexual?” he said. (i)

“It’s creepy. You’re trying to shame the kids for being heterosexual to make a point that no one should shame anyone for being homosexual.” (i)

“Latham said the test was ‘pushing gender fluidity’.”

A.I. comments… Latham tabled a good point. The inappropriate test invented by Gay and Lesbian mentality, is striving to unsettle student thinking and make their heterosexual self-confidence unstable by encouraging them to feel guilty about being a boy or a girl with natural attractions to the opposite sex. Such bully tactics by the LGBT world is not acceptable behaviour and must not ever be tolerated.

“The young students were also shown a video called ‘The Sexy Sliding Scale’, presented by American TV star Bill Nye, which explores gender identity and claims there is a ‘kaleidoscope’ of gender.” (i)

“Mr Latham said the video was also inappropriate to show to such young students.” (i)

A.I. comments… One Nation MP Mark Latham is correct. Such videos are not suitable for children. As I tabled previously, ‘Cosmic Law’ teaches that all children need to enjoy seventeen complete years of innocence before they become 18 years-of-age to begin a life of adult responsibility.

Nye has a tendency, to be overzealous about his ideas and forgets the importance of identifying the appropriate ages of people before such ideas are delivered for careful thought.

NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said the department will review the school’s Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) learning materials.” (i)

“She said the material was not suitable for or relevant to any Year 8 PDHPE class.” (i)

A.I. comments… If the Minister of Education says it’s not appropriate for Year 8, then we must ask the question who approved the presentation of such a Questionnaire for students? And what was the biased ‘Sexual Orientation’ of the person that tabled the delivery to students? Was it a misguided ‘Heterosexual’ teacher or a LGBT person with a mission to convert more Heterosexuals to their LGBT way of life?

I have not read any comments about the incident by the Kirrawee High School Principle. Was he aware of the class education Questionnaire? Did he approve it? Or was it delivered to students without his knowledge? This is a serious concern about the wholesome wellbeing of student’s mental health, who should not be forced to face questions that only adults should resolve.

The answers to such questions are easy for happy Adult Heterosexuals, they don’t need to answer such questions. And as for unhappy adults, they need to focus more on what makes then unhappy, and during a large percentage of their time, stress will not be about their sexual identity it will be about other personal concerns.

During my high school years in the early 1960’s, all of my mates in a ‘Boys High School’ and the girls in a near ‘Girls High School’ were not even thinking about whether they were Gay, Lesbian or Heterosexual. (We boy & girl met each other at School Dances and at Bus Stops.) The problem did not exist because society was not pressuring us to review our sexuality. We knew we were a boy, or a girl and that knowledge was comfortable for all of us. Most of us enjoyed a happier childhood backed by good parents and a sense of innocence, because we were not harassed by the need for sex education. We knew about how babies were created and born and that is all we needed to know as children. Our lives were happier, because we were able to live free in happiness, enjoying a sense of achievement in our activities. The thrill of learning, of games, of music, of entertainment, of friends and family was all that we needed.

Children do not need to be bullied by the excessive education force of identifying their sexual orientation, it is not needed and not acceptable behaviour.

Today’s societal pressure is being created by false knowledge ideas that we do not need in our lives.

Now let’s look a bit closer in overview of Bill Nye ideas on sexual identification.

Coming soon… a review of his science attitude on sex and his disturbing idea that ‘Children’ can choose their gender by 3 years old. You don’t mind if for the welfare of children, I challenge this concept.

The Offensive Questionnaire…

These embarrassing questions are ‘Sexual Harassment’ of children, designed to make children feel guilty about their own human biology and to make their emotions unstable and unhappy.

Notes: Kirrawee High School is located adjacent to the Royal National Park in Sutherland District. The address is… 19-21 Hunter St, Kirrawee NSW 2232. The school was opened in 1966 and now caters for approximately 1,200 students. Most of the children attending this high school are continuing their education from three local Primary Schools in Gymea Bay, Grays Point and Kirrawee. (PS. I enjoyed a lot of great times during two decades of my young years at the ‘Royal National Park’ and did a lot of business deals in this region during my Senior Years.)

The Principals Message was tabled by Paul Owens…(ii)


The current relieving Principal is Greg Munsie (November 2020)

Allan Ivarsson comments…

There does not appear to be a comment made about this unacceptable Questionnaire by the Principal. This amazes me, because the first head responsibility of children’s behaviour and education is held by the Principal.

Instead the public comment recorded in the media came from the NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell. The problem is that the Minister said, “the material was not suitable for or relevant to any Year 8 PDHPE class.”

So what is wrong with this statement? The Minister failed to identify whether she would approve of such ‘sexual harassment’ questionnaires to be given to older years students.

‘Cosmic Law’ on Sexual Orientation’ says… Click Here to Read.

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