Cosmic Law on Sexual Orientation

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A School in NSW was identified recently as being guilty of giving 13 year-old-children a ‘Questionnaire’ asking them about their sexuality. The details of this concern is for another day.

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Cosmic Law states…

8. Thou shalt not teach sex education in Primary and High Schools, without the right of parent approval of the course of instruction.

9. Thou shalt respect the right of parents to teach their children Sex Education.

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Sexual Orientation…

52. Thou shalt continue to physically define every child from birth as being a ‘Boy or Girl’.

53. Thou shalt not describe any child as being anything else other than a ‘Boy or Girl’.

54. Thou shalt not ‘Sexually Harass’ a ‘Boy or Girl’ during their childhood years by asking them their sexual orientation.

55. Thou shalt not question a ‘Child’s Sexual Inclination’ during their first complete seventeen years of childhood. A child’s wrong behaviour is the only concern for society.

56. Thou shalt remember that a child does not become an adult until their eighteenth year.

57. Thou shalt not teach children their right to choose their sexual orientation in any sex education approved by parents during school education years.

58. Thou shalt remember that it is a criminal offence by ‘Cosmic Law’ to sexually harass a child in anyway, including demanding children to answer a ‘Questionnaire’ about their sexual orientation.

59. Thou shalt remember that this ‘Cosmic Law’ also applies to answering questions on a child’s sexual orientation in a ‘Children’s Court.

60. Thou shalt remember that Orientation in this perspective means an adult’s basic attitude, beliefs, or feelings about this subject.

It must be noted for history records…

Sexual Orientation Tests

Society has gone mad in the early 21st Century, stressing over a person’s sexual orientation, encouraged by the backward inferior thinking of Psychology.

Key in the heading words ‘Sexual Orientation Tests’ and search engines on the Internet will display a range of crazy testing which naïve adults do to convince themselves of their sexual orientation that they are not boy or girl. This self-research testing does more harm than good. Many children at school feel embarrassed to answer such personal questions. The ‘Sexual Orientation Tests’ convinces people that they are not naturally a boy or a girl and thus for life makes many of them unhappy about themselves.

The rule of life is ‘Know thy own self’, by using common-sense thinking, void of worrying about what thou sexual orientation is. Such tests are not needed. Living life true to your own ahimsa feelings, is what is needed. And a calm ahimsa ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ void of ‘Optimism’ and ‘Hope’ is the key to a happy successful life.

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