China, Beijing Threatens Australia Once Again… Why?

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Feature Image in China: Communist China does not practice or respect the wisdom and ahimsa teachings of Buddhism.

“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.”

Elvis Presley (1935-1977)

China, Beijing Threatens Australia Once Again


Because Canberra is correctly sending military forces to Exercise Malabar, war games. The Military Forces exercise includes India, Japan, and USA.

In response, Dictator China threatens to bring in more sanctions on a number of key Australian exports, to punish us by the use of their gangster style bully tactics.

Additional inserted comments by Allan Ivarsson… Specialist ‘Freedom Watch’.

The report by Levi Parsons for Daily Mail Australia, dated 7th November 2020, brings the Beijing threat out into the open for public view. The important news flash warning is titled, ‘You will pay’: China issues remarkable threat to Australia as Beijing warns of ‘Tremendous’ economic damage if we continues to ‘side with the US’ – as they prepare for another round of crippling trade sanctions’. (i)

“A strongly worded editorial in the Communist Party mouthpiece, China Daily, blasted the Morrison government for ‘aggressively sending warships to China’s doorsteps’ as part of Exercise Malabar.” (i)


As everyone around the world now knows… COVID-19 pandemic, which originated in Wuhan China, was released by the incompetent ‘Communist Chinese Government’, who knew about the disease in November 2019, and did nothing until they were exposed in February 2020. By then because of the irresponsible thinking and behaviour of the ‘Communists’ the world suffered, thousands of deaths and even more suffering in health and financial ruin. And this is not the first time the ‘Communist Chinese’ have released infections dangerous to the world.

“Several reports suggested all Chinese companies have been instructed by the Communist Party to stop buying Australian products, but there has been no official sanction.” (i)

“This includes barley, sugar, red wine, timber, coal, lobster and copper as Beijing looks to turn the screws on Australia’s largest export market, worth $150 billion.” (i)

We are worrying about $150 billion export loss to China. How smart is that? When China is responsible for destroying Australian lives and costing us, losses of $213 billion plus, driving Australian financial position deep into the red, sinking our country further into debt.

The following rough-cut logistics at Oct 6th, 2020 compliments of the Internet, stated… “The 2020-21 Budget includes $98 billion in response and recovery support, which included $25 billion under the COVID-19 response package and $74 billion under the (ii) jobmaker plan.

The cash deficit in 2020-21 is expected to be $213.7 billion (11% of GDP).

(ii) On March 30, the $130 billion Job-keeper Package was announced to run to September 27, 2020 and now has been extended until 28th March 2021.

Monthly logistics do vary in different reports and months because of real life changes in rises and falls of business buying and selling opportunities in a recession market caused by COVID-19 impacts upon our society.

  • Slide copy of Source: ‘Australia & COVID-19 The Economic Story So Far – August 2020’ by Roy Morgan August 18th, 2020. (ii)


By April 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns cost 1.6 million Australians their income thanks to job losses (around 8 per cent of Aussies lost their job). Refer (iii) ‘Communist China’ is directly responsible for this job loss, economic disaster.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics… Unemployment rate peaked at 7.5% in July 2020 during the pandemic and reduced to 6.9% by September 2020. The unemployment increased by over one third over the last year to 937,400 close to one million adults. (iv)

For more information read (iv)


Stop worrying about export losses to Gangster Communist China. $150 billion export market can be recovered by exporting to other Nations instead of China. We have lost over $213 billion in Government expenditure caused by China’s COVID-19. In addition the loss of businesses being forced to close down because of Corona Virus has hurt Australia substantially. We don’t owe ‘Communist China’ anything.

‘Communist China’ betrayed us just like they betrayed their own people and the people of ‘Tibet’ and no doubt the people of ‘Hong Kong’.

Trust a ‘Communist’ never, not now, not ever.

“The Malabar naval exercises are normally a trilateral military event, involving the US, Japan and India and have been running since 1992.” (i)

“The last time Australian warships attended the Bay of Bengal exercise was in 2007 and it angered Beijing, causing India to withdraw their invitation to Canberra in following years.” (i)

This constant bad behaviour of ‘Communist China’ that has no sense of ‘Anger Management’ and common-sense ‘Emotional Intelligence’ is a typical behaviour of Marxist Communist mentality that constantly throws a tantrum and behaves like a spoilt brat striving to hurt others when they cannot have their wicked way with freedom value countries.

The ‘Communist Party Gangster Dictatorship’ is focused on expanding its territory of control over the region of the ‘South China Sea’ and to the West past the Himalayan border. And wants to encase all Nations in the areas of Southern Asia including the ‘Bay of Bengal’ and also extending South to the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand, and East to Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan.

The entire region is under threat by ‘Communist China’. Hence all of the region must unite against ‘Communism’ and reject Marxism with the contempt it deserves.

The future of Australian export market must be with India, not China whilst China is a ‘Communist Nation’. We Aussies can make better safer progress by trading with India in preference to China.

Never submit to the coward bully dictatorship of the ‘Chinese Communist Party’.

The propaganda Communist media ‘Global Times’ also threatens Australia in its articles, I have written previously about this scumbag news media that lies to the Chinese people. It is not just the China Daily.

There are more important responses by Australians for you to read in the Daily Mail (i) report.

Communist Media on behalf of the ‘Gangster Communist Party’ often warns Australia to get rid of its friendship with the United States. Why? Because China fears the USA and wants control of our Country.

We have been friends and allies of USA since World War I and we will not ever cease to be friends whilst both Nations live free. ‘Communist China’ can go to hell.

As I wrote previously…

“We owe the good Chinese people that want to live free in Australia and in China the support that is necessary to oppose Communism and its evil oppressive doctrine.” (v)


“We must encourage China to become a ‘Free Nation Democracy’ to help build a safer more peaceful world. Until China frees all of its people, we cannot ever feel safe from the threat of a World War with China. Communists are greedy and ambitious they do want control of Australia, and the South Pacific and South Asia and as much of Indian Territory that they can take. This ‘Totalitarian Greed’ for expansion will not stop until the people of China are freed from the oppression of tyranny.” (vi)

“Let foolish Aussies beware of trading with China, lust for greed may be Australia’s downfall if it does not lift its game and become 100% Self-Sufficient in Industry, Primary & Secondary.” (vi)

“China needs to get rid of its Communist Ideology and free the Chinese People and allow them to live under the rule of Democracy, true to upholding ‘Liberty Values’. Then and only then will China ever succeed in becoming a true friend of other freedom valued Nations.” (vi)


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