There is nothing Democratic about Marxist anti-freedom Socialism

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The American Flag True to the Constitution Stands for Freedom

The Evil Treachery of Violent Threats

There is nothing Democratic about Marxist anti-freedom Socialism

Democracy is just a temporary tool to manipulate people into blindly submitting to the Dictatorship of Socialism, which is the transition step to Communist takeover, void of Democracy and ‘Freedom Values’.

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There is nothing Democratic about Marxist anti-freedom Socialism

Reason for my Post…

All the report details of Trump’s investigation struggle into alleged vote fraud, will vanish and be forgotten in history. And so it should fade out. New younger generations to come… need to know quality truthful history. The false knowledge half-truth, confused conflict on what was fraud and what was not, will never be clearly and accurately discerned. Not even Trump, Biden, or the FBI, will ever know the truth.

However, a lesson stands clear that the American election system needs a complete study investigation to identify how to protect Democracy from being corrupted by electronic Voting Machines that can be manipulated.

Furthermore, it is clear that the use of Mail Voting should be banned and that in the light of how voting by mail can be easily duplicated and corrupted that ‘Compulsory Voting’ must now, not ever be compulsory. Take note Australia.

Thus Americans, Australians and all Nations need to change the way they think about voting methods and compulsory voting. In Socialist Countries, votes can easily be corrupted, and a classic historical example is the treasonous government against the rights of the people to live decent in Venezuela.

Only God will know who the evil deceivers are and for their crime and betrayal of the American people they will be held accountable by Karma and for disobedience of ‘Cosmic Law’ which eternally rules the Universe.

Eternal Death is a ‘Dark Stream Place’, it is not Hell Fire, it is far worse. When an evil spirit after death is trapped in the dark stream, all spirits caught in the stream shall travel light years away into a ‘Black Hole’ where the spirit vanishes forever.

Don’t believe me… that’s okay. But remember to enjoy ‘Eternal Life’ not non-existent Heaven or Paradise, ‘Where Something Beautiful Happens’, thou must always ‘Live in the Light’ and be forever altruistic, kind, and non-violent. Thou have the eternal right of self-defence that is all. Those who impose Cruelty, Torture and Death upon people shall be trapped in the ‘Dark Stream’ after death of body. And those who make ‘Death Threats’ shall also perish into darkness after their own death.

The wisest path for every person is to learn and teach ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ the most advanced intelligence in the world.

The purpose of my writing is not to warn people about the ‘Dark Stream’ after death, if they have any sense of caring decency they should know right from wrong. What happens to people that refuse to ‘Live in the Light’ is their problem not mine.

My focus is to deal with violent threats and death threats and remind the world that disobedience of ‘Cosmic Law’ guarantees the result/consequence of Karma.

Only fools refuse to believe in Karma.

Think very carefully using ‘Emotional Intelligence’ before you do the wrong thing to other people, animals non-human and to your environment.

Wisdom and truthful caring always strive to be nice and kind, respectful using good manners and strives for life to always do the right thing.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

‘Messenger of Time’

Master Link on Cosmic Law

Master Anti-Freedom Socialism

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