Turkey: Golden Retriever suffered vicious cruelty.

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Feature Image: ‘Golden Retriever’

Puppy ‘Golden Retriever’

Golden Retrievers are even-tempered, intelligent, affectionate dogs. They are playful and gentle with children when looked after with caring kindness. They tend to be easy going with strangers and other pets. They are not barkers and thus are not by instinct guard dogs.

Neglect and abuse will make a ‘Golden Retriever’ aggressive and this is understandable because these dogs are no different to caring human beings who can turn to aggressiveness and frustrated anger if mistreated and abused.

Treated well, Golden Retrievers are patient, friendly, smart, and easy to please. Supported by lots of love, plenty of exercise and good basic obedience training, they are an excellent family pet.

Backed by right training Golden Retrievers are hard workers and reliable as assistance, search, and rescue dogs.

With this understanding it is difficult to discern the nature of the two characters involved in the below story that would callously, cruelly mistreat such a potential natural kind loving animal.

Turkey: Golden Retriever suffered vicious cruelty.

Animal Cruelty tolerated by Muslim Politicians, including Erdogan have failed to enforce legislation to stop such crimes. Change in Political Thinking and Behaviour is now urgently essential. But under Erdogan it will be difficult to achieve.



A very disturbing stressful story was posted by Tim Stickings for Daily Mail Australia dated 20th November 2020 titled ‘Golden retriever has its front legs HACKED OFF by its Turkish owner after his neighbour broke the dog’s limbs to stop it attacking his chickens.’ (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This animal story needs to be posted in the history books of Animal Cruelty as a warning message that animal cruelty must not ever be tolerated and those individuals found guilty of acts of animal cruelty, beyond all doubt, must be punished by a minimum of five years imprisonment. We must stamp out animal cruelty around the globe. Torture and mistreatment of animals by ‘Cosmic Law’ is a crime.

Both the neighbour and the owner of the dog are guilty of cruelty to this dog. I know Muslims traditionally hate dogs, because inferior thinker Muhammad hated dogs, and that many Muslims have in the past been very cruel to dogs and other animals, but such cruelty must be stamped out by zero tolerance laws, which prosecutes people that are allegedly guilty of being cruel to animals. Why the owner of the dog, would neglect the dogs broken legs for three days, before cutting them off with an axe makes me wonder why he would want a dog. Golden Retrievers are beautiful dogs when looked after kindly with good training. Why didn’t the owner immediately take the dog with broken legs to the vet? Why didn’t the owner immediately file a complaint about the neighbour’s cruelty calling for prosecution of the neighbour. Where is the proof that the dog was harming chickens? What fencing exists to protect the chickens? Why was the dog allowed to roam off home property? These are questions that need to be answered by law investigation to identify causes in wrong thinking and behaviour that needs to be dealt with head-on to stop the injustice of cruelty imposed upon animals.

This is the overview report of the tragic story of a dog that suffered unjust pain and misery because of the wrong thinking and bad behaviour of an owner and a neighbour. Read…

“A golden retriever had its front paws hacked off with an axe after it was blamed for attacking a neighbour’s chickens in Turkey.” (i)

“And as for the man who steals and the woman who steals, cut off their hands in retribution of their offence as an exemplary punishment from Allah. And Allah is Mighty, Wise.”

Chapter 5:38 Qur’an Translated by the late Maulawi Sher Ali 1955.

And thus the dog accused of attacking chickens lost his front legs as instructed by the Qur’an, in the minds of Muslims.

The problem is that I have previously proven in my 2017 book ‘Flat Earth’ that Allah did not dictate the Qur’an. The entire book was invented by the dark thinking mind of Muhammad. It is easy to prove that Allah did not dictate the Qur’an. Read ‘Flat Earth’.

“Pamuk, as rescuers have called the badly-injured dog, was left ‘writhing in pain’ after having her front legs severed and later suffering an infection at a veterinary clinic.” (i)

“Turkish animal rights group HAYTAP said the furious neighbour had broken the animals paws before its owner amputated its legs, wrapped them in box tape and eventually took Pamuk to the vet.” (i)

“Rescuers said the dog had a ‘very painful and very long treatment process’ ahead of it, while the vet said it might be impossible to attach prosthetic legs.” (i)

“The animal rights group said three-year-old Pamuk had tried to live in her injured state for three days before her broken legs were amputated.” (i)

“Pamuk, whose treatment costs are covered by HAYTAP, is currently struggling with intensive infection in a private clinic where we have taken her,” the group said. (i)

“…the poor dog… is waiting for a very painful and very long treatment process.” (i)

“You can be sure that at HAYTAP we will endeavour to do our best. We cover all her expenses. We will keep you updated in the coming period.” (i)

“The campaign group also called for Turkey to toughen its laws against animal abuse, accusing politicians of stubbornly shutting their eyes to the brutality.” (i)

(i) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8969323/Dog-legs-HACKED-Turkish-owner.html?

A.I. comments… I doubt that Erdogan will do anything, he is a fanatical ‘Jihad Muslim’ and does not care about dogs and kindness to animals because Muhammad did not like dogs and was not kind to animals. The best thing that could happen to Turkey is that the Turkish people get rid of Erdogan and focus on rebuilding a free Turkey and maintaining ‘Secularism’ void of the dictatorship of ‘Blasphemy Law’ and the increasing threat of ‘Sharia Law’ overtaking ‘Secularism’.

It has been reported that HAYTAP advises municipalities and governments on legislation to improve animal rights. It met Turkish prime minister Erdogan in February 2011 and obtained his commitment to take action, regarding animal rights.

HAYTAP is striving to have the laws in Turkey changed regarding cruelty to animals. The current Animal Protection Law No.5199, does not provide strong enough punishment for animal abusers. Under current law in Turkey, cruelty to animals is considered to be a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine, with no jail time and no mark on a culprits criminal record.

It is now 2020 nine years after HAYTAP spoke to Erdogan in 2011, and nothing has changed the law deliberately walks soft with creeps that are cruel to animals. Thus Erdogan is a great pretender of saying he cares about the rights of animals, he lied to HAYTAP, he did nothing to upgrade protection of animal rights.

Turkey: Animal Protection Bill Law no 5199


This law is an incompetent waffle law. It needs to be rewritten in a common-sense decent format for citizens to understand in much the same way as the Commandments of ‘Cosmic Law’. Laws which are designed to be understood by only Lawyers and Judges are incompetent documents. Laws should be easily understood by citizens in recorded presentation. Over complex legal presentation fails to pass forward understanding to the public. And that reality makes the legal presentation incompetent.

When we examine more clearly the law as it was published in 2004, it is a better presentation superior to the above presentation. But nevertheless that legislated document is not something that many citizens would know exists. Hence ignorance thrives and common-sense decency does not exist in the minds of people that don’t have altruistic sense of decency. Besides of which the Qur’an authorises the use of cruelty. And it is ‘Blasphemy’ to disobey the Qur’an. Thus a simplified presentation of law is needed in ‘Cosmic Law’ format posted on Billboards for the public to read. With penalties for disobeying the law. Cruelty to animals will decline when laws and punishment are posted on public Billboards.

It should be noted that I reject the use of ‘Religious Sacrifice’ of animals which is approved in this law. Read ‘Fourth Chapter’ ‘Slaughter of Animals

Religious Sacrifice of animals must be outlawed.

ARTICLE 12The slaughter of animals will be carried out, taking into account the special conditions required by religious rules, without frightening or startling the animal, in the least painful manner possible, in line with the rules of hygiene and as quickly as possible under the method used. It will be ensured that licensed persons carry out the slaughter of animals. For those who wish to make a religious sacrifice, the slaughter of animals in as quick and painless a manner as possible in line with religious provisions, hygienic conditions and environmental cleanliness, the slaughter places, the persons who are licensed to slaughter and other related issues will be determined by the Ministry in charge of the Directorate of Religious Affairs, having obtained the opinion of the Ministry and related organizations and institutions.

Click Here to copy PDF of Law.

For me, this law is easy to read, but still a large percentage of citizens will not be able to accurately read and comprehend what it is saying, thus to them it is just waffle difficult read. And most citizens cannot afford lawyers, hence they are at the mercy of the legal system. Thus as I said earlier, we need Billboards with ‘Commandment Rules’ and mandatory brochure handouts when buying animals and the punishments must be recorded easily to understand.

The Punishment Fines in this legislation are not very well written in a clear presentation.

“According to the news site Milliyet, the dog was taken to a private veterinary clinic where it underwent emergency treatment.” (i)

“Meanwhile, the police opened an investigation after the animal’s legs appeared to have been cut off with an axe.” (i)

“Veterinarian Mustafa Kanat said: “It seems the dog’s legs were amputated with a sharp instrument. The rest of the bone is not in a good state and it may not be able to wear prosthetic legs.” (i)

“I think the dog may be able to move around in a wheeled walker and use its hind legs. But I am really sorry, there are no words to say.” (i)

“In footage from the clinic, (the ‘writhing in pain’ dog) is seen snapping at the vet after he touched it near one of its amputated legs.” (i)

A.I. comments… I saw the dogs understandable reaction to the intense pain on video. I have lived with pain in my left leg 24/7 after a bad broken leg accident in 1975 at the age of 26 years of age. I know what intense excruciating pain is… my left ankle joint was shattered and has three screws in it. I have not ever been able to run or jump since 1975. I have done more during my life on a bad crippled left leg, enduring intense pain than most people do on two good legs. My persistent ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ since 1969 has given me the iron-willed strength to never suffer from depression, negativity, or the weakness of ‘Optimism’, and has motivated me to never submit to difficult hardship, and economic setbacks, and treat rare failure as just an important learning curve, a challenge to move on and do better. I have never experienced writers block because I use automatic writing, a channelling method.

Sadly, this unhappy dog will never enjoy the physical world as I did, because his world is all physical and is restricted more than a paraplegic.

Tears in my heart, disturbed me, when I think of the unnecessary cruelty this ‘Golden Retriever’ has suffered and will endure for the rest of its life.

The Turkish gendarmerie investigation will continue. Sadly, no arrests have been reported yet, and we can only wonder why there was not immediate arrest activity. Is it because Islamic Law does not care about cruelty to animals? That is a probable reality. Don’t rely on Erdogan, he wants Islamization of all Turkey and the surrounding other Nations territory. He does not care about animal cruelty. Erdogan only cares about building another ‘Ottoman Empire’ (1299-1923 C.E.).

The Sunni Islam ‘Ottoman Empire’ was well-known for its cruelty to humanity. They constantly destroyed churches true to Islamic dictatorship. The ‘Ottoman Empire’ was founded in Anatolia, which is the location of now called Turkey.

Read ‘Cosmic Law’ on Animals.

Click Here to Read.

This is a great inspiring truthful message song. But be wise, remember ‘Trust is Earned, not given.” And there are neighbours that cannot be trusted, therefore keep your mind alert and open and be careful who you trust. Walk the way of kindness, but stay alert.

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