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100% “Freedom of Speech” gives people the right to freely think and speak, only evil people reject the eternal human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’.

‘Thought Police’ are enemies of ‘Liberty Values’ and consequently must be banned.

Allan Peter Ivarsson 2018

“Freedom is Fragile and must be protected by every generation.”

“Freedom is like taking a bath…

You have to keep doing it every day!”

Florynce Kennedy (1916-2000)

American Lawyer

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A Bully Totalitarian Gasoline Word

Used By ‘Jihad Muslims’, Marxists and the Naïve to Silence Critics of Islam.


(Revision 1:2016)

By Author

Below also deals with the word ‘Islamist’

“I refuse to use this term ‘Islamophobia’, because those who use this word are trying to invalidate any criticism at all of Islamist ideology. The charge of ‘Islamophobia’ is used to silence people.

Manuel Valls 2015

Prime Minister of France

Manuel Valls full name is ‘Manuel Carlos Valls Galfetti’ he was born on the 13th August 1962 in Barcelona Catalonia, Spain. His father is Spanish and his mother Swiss. He has been the Prime Minister of France since 31st March 2014. He was the Minister of the Interior from 2012 to 2014. He assumed office as Prime Minister on 1st April 2014. He is a member of the ‘Socialist Party’. His thinking does not reflect consistently with being a ‘Socialist’. It has been said that he does not like to be called a ‘Socialist’ and that he once suggested that the word ‘Socialist’ be dropped from the party name, in other words, rename party. I have not seen yet any verification that this is what he truly said. He was first elected to the National Assembly of France in 2002. He moved to France as a teenager and joined the ‘French Socialist Party’ (PS) ‘Parti socialiste’ in 1980 at the age of 17 years.

Valls resigned on 6th December 2016, so he could stand in the French Socialist Party Presidential Primary in 2017. Later in the day of 6th December, President of the Republic, Francois Hollande appointed Bernard Cazeneuve as Prime Minister.

The next French Presidential Election in 2017 will determine the fate of France, as to whether they continue to accept Islamic Invasion or stop it. Hollande stated on the 1st December 2016 that although he is eligible to run for a second term, he would not be running for re-election. He considered that his approval ratings by the French people was too low. Clearly, the French People are not impressed by all the violent abusive problems, caused by the Muslim invasion in France.

Francois Fillion of the Republicans and Marine Le Pen of the National Front are currently strong competitors. However, Emmanuel Macron of the movement En Marche (EM), founded in April 2016, who claims to be “neither of the right or of the left” suggesting a central political belief system, may have strong potential in running for election as President.

It should be noted that both Manuel Valls and Benoit Hamon of the PS are competing against each other for the seat of President. It will be a disaster for France, if either of them win the election. However, it seems that Hamon is now the lead contender for the seat, as he has received a higher percentage of support votes by PS members than did Valls.

There are several other candidates running for election as President, but I hope Marine Le Pen is elected, for right now, she appears to be the only candidate that will have the courage to stop the Muslim invasion and to leave the anti-freedom totalitarian European Union.

Author’s Note: 2017… Marine Le Pen did not win. A poll claimed that Emmanuel Macron was supported by 63%, against Le Pen’s support of 34%, before the final election. Macron won the election by 66.1% against Le Pen 33.9%. And assumed office as President on the 14th May 2017. Sadly, ‘Islamization of France’ is rapidly growing stronger, and I have not seen any evidence that the seemingly nice guy methods of Macron are stopping ‘Islamization of France’. Le Pen would have been more aggressive against Islam, and frankly internal administration problems will never be satisfactorily fixed, if anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ succeeds in taking control of the country. I believe the people foolishly voted wrong, nice people don’t win fights against ‘Totalitarianism’.

Whilst I, A.I. in the name of protection and preservation of ‘Liberty’ do strongly reject the ‘Belief System’ of Socialism, which in foundation thinking is in the beginning, a soft version of Marxism, a transitional social state which is focused on the overthrow of Capitalism and freedom of speech and the denial of freedom of choice, gradually shifting towards societal acceptance of harsher ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Communism’…I do agree with Valls rejection of the word ‘Islamophobia’.

It has been suggested by some that the origins of the word ‘Islamophobia’ is ‘somewhat murky’ and that it was invented by Muslims in the 1990’s to force all criticism of Islam to be stopped. Some believe the launch of this word began in the UK and others think it started in the U.S.A. These beliefs are false knowledge.

As I indicated in my essay titled ‘Hate’ dated 2015, ‘Cosmicism’ does not like the word ‘hate’, but it is reasonable and okay to ‘dislike’ ideas and people and other creatures and belief systems. Prejudice against Muslims may seem repulsive, but it is a reasonable feeling of absolute distrust and disgust, because the belief system ‘True Muslims’ follow, and revere is absolutely totalitarian and thus rejection of Muslims by people that value ahimsa freedom-based beliefs is completely valid and understandable.

The same reality exists with Communists, as the belief system they revere is also totalitarian, though it is usually atheist inclined, not theist or other types of beliefs. Criticism and rejection of Islamic and Communist and Socialist and Fascist doctrine, is essential for the protection and preservation of ‘Liberty’, to do less is an act of absolute stupidity.

Only naïve ignorance and greed that values the existence of dictatorship single state control of the people, would reject the essential freedom of speech right of people to lampoon ideas and criticise other ‘Belief Systems’. Without the right to live free in speech and choice, we are nothing more than slaves to the greed and lust of the state and such an existence is no different to a herd of cattle being controlled in preparation for slaughter, when such a demand is called upon.

A Libertarian is duty bound to always oppose Liberticide. Liberticidal belief systems are enemies of ‘Liberty’ and must always be stopped. And thus making ‘Islamophobia’ a criminal act is an evil action, just like the creation and enforcement of anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’ by any creed is an evil action.

I wrote in my 2015 ‘Multiculturalism’ treatise the following extract… “It should be noted as a matter of historical record that Ed Miliband supported the destruction of ‘Freedom of Speech’ in 2015 by the enforcement of ‘Blasphemy Law’…which if enforced by Miliband’s public goal, was to make ‘Islamophobia’ a criminal act. In other words, any person that criticised or rejected ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Totalitarian Islam’ could be unjustly persecuted, prosecuted, fined and gaoled for having the courage to table the ‘Dark Truth about Islam’. Fortunately, this insidious Labor Leader Ed Miliband [UK] was defeated by Cameron, whom despite my justified criticism of Cameron, is a far better person than Miliband. In fact, because of his anti-freedom of speech policy, Ed Miliband is deemed by ‘Cosmicism’ as being a global enemy of ‘Liberty’.”

Ed Miliband has been blacklisted by Cosmicism.

And now for reality…

The word ‘Islamophobia’ is another ‘Gangster Gasoline Word’ like Blasphemy, Apostasy and Heresy. It appears to have been coined in French language, with inimical meaning against Islam, by a Muslim convert around 1916, but it was not until the 1990’s that the original modified French word translated into English, was used regularly by ‘True Muslims’ and is now used by ‘Jihad Muslims’, and the left Marxist ‘Politically Correct’ to bully and harass all persons that have a valid grievance and a good reason for rejection of Islam.

The word ‘Islamist’ means a Jihad activist or supporter of Islamic militancy, founded upon the fundamentalist teachings of Muhammad in the Qur’an. The sole use of the word ‘Islamist’ is too often used by writers to suggest that there are two Islam’s. That idea is false knowledge, there is only one Islam and it is as taught in the Qur’an, founded upon militancy against all unbelievers.

Daniel Pipes USA suffers from ‘Two Islam Syndrome’ thinking mentality, he naively believes Islamists and Muslims are two different Islam’s. Any politician that believes in Pipes thinking about Islam, does not have much between the ears.

Daniel Pipes foolishly refuses to recognise the excellent, much needed, website ‘Bare Naked Islam’ that searches the world for important information daily, working hard as an American Jewish website activist, striving to pass forward to worldwide readers the ‘Dark Truth about insidious Islam’. As a collective global presentation of reports about wrong thinking and behaviour of non-Muslims and Muslims, BNI does a great, very important passing forward informative job. That does not mean, because we readers support BNI’s excellent exposure of reality that we agree with all her comments, nor does it mean that BNI agrees with all of reader’s views, including mine. We all have one thing in common, we are standing united against ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Islam’, agreeing to disagree, with each other on some tabled ideas, striving to establish collective united informative understanding about hard reality and the importance of reality-based ethics. #

# [The excellent words ‘reality-based ethics’, was coined by Canadian Dr. Elsa Schieder in 2012.]

Inferior thinking politically correct minds and ‘True Muslims’ incorrectly call BNI a racist site. The regular readers are a mixed bag of dislike to intense dislike to hate * of Islam but given the hate speech in the Koran and the over one hundred anti-assimilation, anti-freedom of speech, Jihad ‘habit of war’ texts in the Koran, a person if they are truly honest with reality, cannot blame non-Muslims for their counter-aggressive responses against Islam and all ‘True Muslims’.

We the West, our ancestors, fought a World War II (1939-1945) against anti-freedom German Nazism and anti-freedom Japanese Imperialism, so why wouldn’t all activist persons, myself included, that value ‘Freedom in speech and choice’ not oppose anti-freedom apartheid ‘Islamization of the West’? Of course, we would, because it is pragmatic survival common sense.

*Note: as previously recorded in essay ‘Hate’, the author rejects the intense self-destructive attitude of ‘Hate’, the good reasons are tabled in this 2015 essay.

Oppression of women is an apartheid ‘habit of war’ mentality, as taught in the Koran. War comes in many forms and bully male chauvinism focused on ruling women and denying women the right of equality is a ‘habit of war’ oppressive activity.

The truth is… if Muslims don’t like the abuse and violence launched by ‘Jihad Muslims’ then they should publicly stand up and denounce such ‘Jihad Muslim’ activity and should denounce all of the satanic verses hate speech in the Koran. Their silence indicates that quietly they approve of ‘Jihad’ violent activity against non-Muslims, for the fact of saying nothing, correctly verifies that “Silence is Approval”.

“Politically correct analysis [on the subject of Islam] is morally insane.” #

Sam Harris 29th January 2015 #

Sam Harris has used the word ‘Islamist’, I noted that fact in a 13:32 minute YouTube video presentation, published January 29th, 2015. However, Harris was not suggesting that there are two different Islam’s. Harris ‘Freedom of Speech’ focus was on one Islam and the core reason why politically correct naivety, must be abolished and replaced by truthful reality. Harris emphasised by my perception that even Muslims must turn the searchlight inwards and acknowledge the truth about Islam’s insane belief system thinking, which is, as we have all known for decades and descendant centuries, is founded upon totalitarian ‘Sharia Law’ which is founded upon the Koran and Hadiths, the Sunnah example of War Lord Muhammad, which in turn is strengthened to survive, by the cruel enforcement of oppressive anti-freedom of speech, ‘Blasphemy Law’. Now these are not Harris’s exact words on the video, they are my words, but the honest understanding perception of reality, is the same recognition, which we both hold to be truth. And the problem of all this violence, abuse and conflict is directly founded upon the misguided beliefs in the oppressive false knowledge Qur’an.

The invasion of Islam in the West in the later part of the 20th Century, into the 21st Century has created a ‘Polarization Effect’ of all ideas, virtually dividing the Western World in two, for and against ‘Islamization Process’. This division between Muslims and non-Muslims, is made worse by the thinking of the politically correct leftist belief system, which naively claims that Islam is just another religion and is no different to other religions. Such insane thinking by the oppressive left, proves that human beings are not yet collectively smart and do not truly recognise the importance of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ as an essential eternal human right, which Islam demands be destroyed.

I saw two photographs on the Internet of American Muslim women with covered faces holding handwritten placards, one said, “Freedom of Speech Not Freedom to Offend” and the other said, “Stop Discrimination against Muslims”. So, what is wrong with the logic in these sign statements?

The first fact which ‘True Muslims’ do not comprehend is that the very true value of ‘Freedom of Speech’ is the right to disagree, which is the right to offend others that do not like what is being said. Without the right to criticise and reject ideas and behaviour, ‘Freedom of Speech’ would not exist. And without ‘Freedom of Speech’ we end up with an oppressive society that is ruled by dictatorship telling us what we can say and not say and do. Such a society is ‘Totalitarianism’ which is exactly the enforced conformity that Islam demands as instructed in the anti-freedom of speech Qur’an. Hence, it is clear, the Muslim woman holding the sign “Freedom of Speech Not Freedom to Offend” supports the destruction of ‘Freedom of Speech”. This negative anti-freedom demand by Islam is not acceptable in a ‘Liberty’ based world, not now, not ever.

The other sign stating, “Stop Discrimination against Muslims” is a very dishonest demand. The Muslim holding this sign true to her hypocrisy, refuses to denounce all the discrimination hate speech verses in the Qur’an against all unbeliever non-Muslims. This Muslim woman is demanding submission to Islamic anti-freedom, apartheid dictatorship doctrine. It is not Islamophobia to reject the insidious demands of these Muslim women that represent true Islamic Dictatorship thinking. It is pragmatic common sense to reject the demands on these two signs. ‘True Muslims’ use Western Freedom of Speech rights fighting to shutdown ‘Freedom of Speech’… now how insanely stupid is that? Yes, true…the wrong dark thinking of these women trained by backward inferior thinking Islam, is insane. For to reject the human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ is insane.

The essential values of ‘Freedom of Speech’ in a secular democratic government is not compatible with a theocratic government like Islam, not now, not ever. There is no true harmonious place for Islam in the West, because Islam refuses to respect and recognise the important values of secular ‘Freedom of Speech’ void of abuse and violence. In short, the nature and character of the ‘Islamic Doctrine Belief System’ true to the synonymous character of Muhammad, reveals accurately that Islam is not a religion of peace and shall never be peaceful. The truth is that Islam even kills their own kind, Muslims killing Muslims is tragically too common. Sadly ‘True Muslims’ cannot recognise that all the misery coming into their lives is a consequence of them, following a very wrong dark belief system, which constantly engineers all their misery and suffering, and will not cease, until they Muslims, have the courage to walk away from Islam, as many have wisely done and declare themselves to be ex-Muslims.

The words ‘Jihad Muslims’ and ‘True Muslims’, all believers in the Qur’an and the violent example of Muhammad, identify the existence of only one Islam, which is a more accurate meaning than that of the word ‘Islamists’, which wrongly suggests two Islam’s exist and that Islamists are not true Islam. The plain fact is that the Islamic State’ is true Islam and is doing exactly what Muhammad did, except that Muhammad did not have guns and explosives. Idiots claim that the ‘Islamic State’ being Islamists, is not true Islam, and is just a radical version of Islam. Fools naively believe that a moderate Islam exits, but that idea is a lie, there is no such thing as a moderate Islam as the instructions in the Koran will not allow the existence of a moderate Islam.

The words ‘Jihad Muslims’ and ‘True Muslims’ are interfaced representative of the existence of one Islam only. One is focused on activism force; the other is silently supportive of the use of Jihad force.

The demand for imposition of ‘Sharia Law’ in the West is a ‘Jihad Force Action’.

Recap: For that reason, there is no such thing as an ‘Islamist’. There is only one Islam, there is no such thing as a moderate Islam. And Islam is true to the synonymous character of Muhammad, a radical anti-freedom apartheid belief system, which is not compatible, not now, not ever, with the values of ‘Liberty’ in freedom of speech and freedom of choice. The creed of Islam must be outlawed from all ‘Liberty’ based societies.

Islam is not compatible with the Liberty values of a free society and that is fact. ‘Freedom of Speech’ does not deny ‘Freedom of Religion’ when religion respects the free speech right to criticise and reject religious beliefs.

However, those creeds like anti-freedom apartheid Islam, and the Christian Inquisition that still exists in a ‘Cold War’ type, which demand the enforcement of anti-freedom of speech Blasphemy Law, is not true respect for ‘Freedom of Religion’.

Islam openly rejects ‘Freedom of Religion’ as rejected by ‘Sharia Law’ as the heart of Islam, Saudi Arabia has proven, throughout its history to the present early 21st Century.

The fair justice balance between the right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Religion’ shall never exist whilst ‘Blasphemy Law’ exists. And many Christian countries still do enforce ‘Blasphemy Law’ and Censorship of ‘Freedom of Speech’. In other words, Christians agree with Muslims that ‘Blasphemy Law’ must be enforced. But what Christians cannot comprehend, due to their naïve foolish thinking, is that the existence of ‘Blasphemy Law’ makes Islam stronger and as their population increases in strength, ‘Blasphemy Law’ gives Islam the power to conquer Christianity and wipe it out. How stupid are Christians that refuse to outlaw ‘Blasphemy Law’ in every Constitution in every Nation?

There are ‘Jihad Muslims’ & ‘True Muslims’. ‘Jihad Muslims’ openly action violence and abuse against all non-Muslims. ‘True Muslims’ that believe in the Koran, Hadiths and the example of Paedophile Muhammad are the silent supporters of all ‘Jihad Muslims’. There is only one creed species in Islam and it is called ‘Muslim’.

An ex-Muslim is a wiser person than a Muslim. A Muslim is a true believer in ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Sharia Law’. There is no such thing as two Islam’s. Islam is not a religion of peace, because Islam is founded upon the ‘Habit of War’ as taught in the Koran.

It must be said again and again until people wake up to the truth…there is only one Islam and even ‘Recep Tayyip Erdogan’ the 12th President of Islamic Turkey, since 2014, a ‘True Sunni Muslim’ rejects the idea that a ‘Moderate Islam’ exists. Erdogan finds it offensive to call Islam, ‘Moderate’.

Rejection of ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Totalitarian Jihad Islam’ is not a casual walk away process; it is an absolute valid intolerance of a political dark belief system that uses religion to gain political dictatorship control of the people. This political belief system was designed and developed by Muhammad a ‘War Lord’ focused entirely on his ego maniac desire to conquer all others, to satisfy his own vain obsession for absolute power and control of every living person. This obsession has been copied and exercised for 1400 years since Mohammed’s death by ‘Jihad Muslim’ Cleric’s hell-bent on gaining and preserving the same oppressive control over all others, Muslim and Non-Muslim.

This fanatical abusive obsession by Muslim Clerics to dictate to mankind, is absolutely a ‘Gangster Method’ and all ‘Muslim Clerics’ that demand the enforcement of ‘Blasphemy Law’ and ‘Sharia Law’ and absolute obedience to all Surah’s in the Qur’an, are nothing more than extremist hoodlums of the violent Gangster type and that is an absolute fact!

If we put the ‘Qur’an Jihad Instructions’ on trial for ‘High Treason’ against God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World’ -watch the black feathers of Muslim Clerics crow loud as their vulture instincts attempt to sweep down upon those that speak openly and honestly against ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Islam’.

The Islamic belief system is founded and driven by the goal of destroying freedom of expression in speech and choice to ensure that every person submits to the will of Islam and is forced to live under the yoke of permanent tyranny ruled by the fear of torture, cruelty and death.

The purpose of the constant use of the invented word ‘Islamophobia’ is to, as from the 1990’s, intimidate every non-believer into submission. This bully process is a deliberate gangster tactic to oppress other people, its key focus is to conquer everyone and force them to submit to Islam. Mainstream Media and many Politicians, CEO’s and Professors of Universities are afraid to openly reject and speak against disgraceful ‘Islamic Teachings’ and consequently these cowards choose the Marxist path of ‘Political Correctness’ rather than face the truth about enemy ‘Islamic Doctrine’.

“Accusations of Islamophobia are used ‘too often’ to stifle debate and criticism, many Muslims in the west use Islamophobia as a penalty card against free speech, whenever there is any kind of criticism of Muslims.” (i)

Raheel Raza 2011

(i) Source: BNI Internet Blog dated 29th September 2011 Subject: ‘Raheel Raza, a Muslim, argues against the existence of ‘Islamophobia’ with CAIR-Canada’.


BNI reported… “Author Raheel Raza has been sued for calling Muslim extremists, ‘extremist’, and she currently is on the Top Ten List of the ‘World’s Most Hated Muslims’ (by other Muslims).” (i)

Clearly ‘Jihad Muslims’ hate Muslim Raheel Raza, but many ‘True Muslims’ that are not actively engaged in ‘Jihad’ do also reject Raza, which proves that many ‘True Muslims’ whom are silent sleepers that seem nice are in fact supporters of ‘Jihad’.

Question: “How do we tell the difference between a Muslim that looks nice and peaceful, compared to one that is capable of Jihad violence?” Answer: “We cannot ever tell the difference, which is why survival rule number one for all non-Muslims, is ‘Never Trust a Muslim’.” If genuine peace-loving Muslims exist and are upset by this rejection, the solution is simple, leave Islam and become an ex-Muslim, by speaking against Islam, against the Qur’an and against ‘Sharia Law’. How easy is that corrective action? It just takes courage to walk permanently away from Islam that is all.

Rejection of Mohammed, the Koran, the Hadiths, Sharia Law and all Islamic doctrine is deemed by ‘Jihad Muslims’ as being ‘Islamophobic Thinking’ and in Islamic dominated countries it involves cruel punishment by violent persecution and often is enforced by the Death Penalty under the evil ruling of anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’.

One thing troubles me that despite the goodwill softer version of Islamic thinking held by Muslims Pakistani Canadian Raheel Raza and Egyptian American Dr. Tawfik Hamid, they still cling to the idea of keeping the ‘Islamic Belief System’ alive. Raheel Raza wants to become an imam one day. She is in a sense, a feminist Muslim. The core heart of Islam is the reverence of ‘Paedophile Muhammad’ an insidious person, proven beyond all doubt, to be a cruel violent war lord during his existence. And such an evil person like Muhammad must be identified in absolute terms for the inhumane creature that he was. Reverence of such an evil man is not acceptable thinking and behaviour, not now, not ever. For that reason, people enthusiasm for creation of a moderate Islam, shall never work and once good people like Raza and Hamid have passed on, there will not be a constant supply of decent new Muslim leaders to stop Islam returning to its true nature and dark evil character, which is the synonymous thinking and behaviour of Muhammad.

The only solution for protection and preservation of ‘Liberty’ is for Islam to be driven into extinction, as an unacceptable belief system in any form. There is no such thing as a moderate Islam, the true historical nature and character of Islam will not ever allow a moderate version of Islam to exist as a constant. A poisonous scorpion will never change its character, and neither will ‘True Islam’. For that reason, I only trust ex-Muslims, those persons that no longer believe in Islam and do proudly call themselves ex-Muslims. I no longer call myself a Christian and I now proudly call myself an ex-Christian, because that is what I am.

Partial Recap: The word ‘Islamophobia’ evolved with obsession from the 1990’s but its’ constant use began after the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States, when criticism of Islam accelerated. In response ‘True Muslims’ and politically correct inferior thinkers, attacked critics of Islam, falsely accusing them of suffering from ‘Islamophobia’.

‘True Muslims’ by totalitarian nature do not accept criticism or rejection of their belief system. This failure by Muslims to peacefully accept rejection, demonstrates significantly that Muslims lack ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and this fact is governed by the hard reality that Mohammed was not a very perfect person and did not have ‘Emotional Intelligence’. That historical fact is easy to prove.

A person’s behaviour is directly in response to how they think, founded upon their ‘Belief System’. Behaviour is not about psychology, it is about belief system.

Islamophobia is claimed to mean… “Irrational fear of Muslims and Islam; it is hatred, dread, and prejudice against Islam and Muslims.” This abusive dishonest label is designed to intimidate, bully and coerce all persons that criticise and reject Islam. It is not ‘irrational fear’ to reject Muslims and Islam. In fact, the fear, dread and prejudice against Islam is justified, based upon volumes of proof existing in the Koran, Hadiths and Sharia Law and 1400 years of Islamic history all linked to the evil lifestyle of Mohammed. For any person that values ‘Freedom’…it is survival common sense to completely reject Islam.

BNI a website blog accurately stated in their advertising header… “It isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you”.

The practice of exclusion and discrimination against Muslims, motivated by dislike, is understandable, because of the ‘Dark Dictatorial Belief System of Islam’ subscribed to by Muslims as mandatory; and is constantly demonstrated by Muslim belief and behaviour that they hate all Kafirs, vermin, i.e. infidels us non-believers; and are as a consequence intolerant of our criticism and rejection of Islam; and are thus focused on forcing us to convert to Islam by total submission as instructed in the Koran.

Islam’s refusal to genuinely assimilate demands by survival necessity that all non-believers in the ‘Free World’ do by response exclude Muslims and must discriminate against all Muslims. This tragic survival necessity is caused by the phony totalitarian belief system created by evil Mohammed and all ‘Muslim Clerics’. All non-Muslim politically correct thinking persons, true to Socialist thinking that accept and tolerate Islam, are in fact by their stupidity, enemies within. They are enemies by their submissive foolish inferior thinking and must be given ahimsa no quarter by using truthful words, in ahimsa academic cold warfare. They shall in the long term be defeated, because their belief system is founded upon false knowledge.

Contrary to what some idiots claim rejection of Islam is not a ‘social anxiety’ founded upon false fears; it is in fact, a valid fear and concern founded upon the ‘Dark Truth about Islam’. The human instinct to feel valid fear and concern when facing a poisonous snake is no different to the valid fear and concern when facing ‘Jihad Muslims’ that have only one goal and that is to attack and destroy all opposition in its path.

This reality has already been demonstrated by ‘Jihad Muslims’ in London and throughout Europe and in Australia, Canada and the United States of America that threaten by demand in ‘on the street protests’ with written placards and verbal abuse, the destruction of the ‘Free World’ and death by beheading of all persons that insult Mohammed, the Koran and Islam.

‘True Muslims’ have openly announced their commitment to conquer the West and force us all to submit to the ‘Dictatorship Rule of Islam’. All other ‘Freedom of Choice’ belief systems are targeted for forced elimination, no exceptions.

During all these incidents over the last few years, most politicians in ‘Western Government’ said nothing and did nothing to permanently expel/exile these evil seditious enemy ‘Jihad Muslims’ from the country- such is the cowardice, treachery and treasonous behaviour of these inferior thinking politicians.

Silence is Approval and by a politician’s refusal to exile seditious ‘Jihad Muslims’ they have demonstrated that they are in fact enemies of the State and consequently are enemies of the people.

The opposition to Islam is totally focused on the ‘Dark Belief System of Islam’ and its 1400 violent ‘habit of war’ history still raging with no end, which is founded upon intolerance, hate, and violence towards all non-believers.

All dreamy academic reasons, tabled by waffling inferior thinkers, falsely accusing all opposition against Islam as being ‘Racist’ and ‘Islamophobic’ are completely off-track. ‘Freedom Resistance’ against Islam is all about rejection of Islam’s core anti-freedom apartheid cruel violent intolerant belief system, and that is why the majority against Islam do aggressively reject its insidious beliefs.

Islam is also opposed because of its oppressive often violent mistreatment of women and little girls. Islam’s apartheid view that women are property with no rights, that they can be divorced, replaced by other wives, and denied education, job opportunities, and equality in marriage and property ownership rights, aggravates even more the non-believers disgust with Islam.

The fact that ‘Jihad Muslims’ kill each other proves that belief in Islam makes people insane and it proves that Islam is not a ‘Religion of Peace’ not even amongst Muslims. The Sunni and Shiite hate each other and are hell-bent on wiping out their opposition, until one Islamic sect survives to rule. Regardless of which Islamic sect survives, both are committed to the destruction of all unbelievers.

The approval of child brides, honour killings and genital mutilation seals the fate of all Muslims. Discrimination and intolerance against Islam shall be enforced and shall continue to be launched generation after generation, again and again, until the belief system called Islam becomes extinct. There shall never be peace or assimilation whilst Islam thrives, because the Islamic belief system as instructed in the Koran, rejects peace and assimilation with infidels, and for that reason, conflict shall continue, and those persons that scream ‘Islamophobia’ shall be condemned incessantly without ahimsa mercy.

Any politician that attempts to squash ‘Freedom of Speech’ by legislation or attempts to prosecute critics of Islam, shall automatically be charged with ‘High Treason’ against God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World’ by ‘Cosmic Law’ and shall be recorded forever in history, as being an enemy of the World.

No one can sue the history books, they exist forever long after everyone that existed in a society are dead. History records go forth tabling the truth, and evil tyrants of history are identified forever as evil persons, not worthy of respect of any kind. Such is the Karma of ‘Paedophile Muhammad’ he shall always be remembered, as a vain vicious ruthless sex crazed evil man of the worst and lowest kind that ever walked upon planet earth.

In 2012 CAIR executive director ‘Dawud Walid’ a dedicated inferior thinking ‘Jihad Muslim’ that supports the bully implementation of Sharia Law, falsely said that “Islamophobia is a national illness and Muslims have been ‘racialized’ by America, apparently trying to make Muslims the new Blacks.” Walid speaking with ‘Gangster Intent’ made this deceitful false knowledge intimidation allegation to viciously force Americans into accepting Islam.

Dawud Walid has been blacklisted by ‘Cosmicism’ as an enemy of freedom.

The goal of CAIR (‘Council on American Islamic Relations’ allegedly linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhoods agenda of forced ‘Islamization of the Globe’ and the destruction of freedom) is to conquer the United States of America and replace the Constitution and the American Law and Order Justice system with ‘Sharia Law’.

Muslims use the word ‘Islamophobia’ to destroy freedom of speech against Islam. The suggestion by Walid that Americans are trying to make Muslims the new blacks is an evil lie; trained in ‘Taqiyya’ the ‘Islamic Art of Deceit’ Walid works towards disarming Americans and the ‘Free World’ to allow the fast expansion, invasion of Islam, void of resistance.

The problems of conflict between ‘Whites and Blacks’ in American history is well documented and understood; slowly, but surely, valiant persons all colours have worked together over the last two hundred years to eliminate racial prejudice.

The subject of Islam is not about race; Islam is about creed; and the global battle of Asian, Black, and White Muslims fighting Asian, Black and White non-Muslims, proves that fact. Any person that accuses someone of being ‘racist’ for opposing Islam is an evil liar of the lowest form. It is emotionally unintelligent inferior thinking, to suggest the opposition to Islam is racism.

Dawud Walid including CAIR, is deemed by ‘Cosmicism’ as being an enemy of the ‘Free World’. Never trust any person that accuses others of ‘Islamophobia’.

And for that reason, CAIR has been blacklisted by ‘Cosmicism’.

It has been suggested that the word ‘Islamophobia’ was created in the early 1990’s to shutdown criticism of Islam, but truthfully, the word was in use before 1990, even though the use of the word was tabled more frequently in the 1990’s and even far more constantly after 2001. Since the Muslim Brotherhood was not founded until March 1928 in Egypt, it is obvious that they did not coin the word. It is not clear whom and when changed the spelling slightly from ‘islamophobie’ to ‘islamophobia’, but at this stage, I believe it was Edward Said, until proven path evidence proves otherwise. As mentioned in more insight below, the term ‘islamophobie’ was first used by Dinet a convert to Islam, written in 1916 and published two years later.

As I, A.I., the founder of the concept called the ‘Gaia Dictionary’ in 1991, published in overview in 2003, I would have just used the French ‘islamophobie’ spelling in the dictionary, but now that both spellings are operational, both French and English spelling are included in the dictionary.

Denise Brahimi French biographer, of French Alphonse Etienne Dinet (1861-1929), whom converted to Islam in 1908 and changed his birth name to an Islamic name in 1913 ‘Nasreddine Dinet’, used the French word ‘Islamophobie’ in 1984, a year before Edward Said recorded the word in 1985 in English, ‘Islamophobia’. A trail of recorded use of the word ‘Islamophobia’ began in 1991 in articles and journals, too many sources to waste time listing. It has been suggested that Muslim academics in the UK coined the word and others claim that the Muslim Brotherhood coined the word in USA. All these various claims are false. Though it is true that Muslims took advantage of the word and started to use it frequently to bully the West into silent submission to Islam. And it is true that inferior thinking non-Muslims started to frequently use the word ‘Islamophobia’ to bully all opposition that rejected their naïve backward thinking.

The ‘Gasoline’ word ‘Islamophobia’ after 2001 evolved quickly into constant common usage as totalitarian thinkers increased use of this oppressive word to kill ‘Freedom of Speech’. Muslims did not coin the word ‘Islamophobia’ for devious purposes as some have alleged, the history of the word origin which goes back to 1916, verifies that fact, but nevertheless, both Muslims and many Non-Muslims are now using the word ‘Islamophobia’ with insidious intentions, to force people to submit to the dictatorship of ‘Islamic Doctrine’ and that is fact…and any person that claims this is not true is an absolutely, low down dirty liar.

Islam is an ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Totalitarian Belief System’ and that fact is a very good reason why people reject Islam in total. As the website header ‘Bare Naked Islam’ correctly states… “It isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you”. And for the benefit of those fools that think ‘Islam’ is not a killing machine, get off your butt and learn the ‘Dark Truth’ about ‘Islamic History’, including in India, the entire ‘Belief System’ is founded upon the ‘Habit of War’ against all unbelievers, and that is absolute fact. Islam is not a ‘Religion of Peace’ and that is the ‘Plain Truth’.

It is often claimed using different structure of words that the ‘Islamophobia Industry’ is engaged in a full-scale organised campaign against Muslims and Arabs. That idea is a lie.

The global campaign is only against the insidious belief system called ‘Islam’. The genuine ‘Freedom Resistance’ is not against Arabs, for many Arabs are Christians, Atheists, Bahai Faith and other beliefs. In fact, many Jews going back far enough into ancient history are in common ground with Arab ancestry. Even the Christian Bible in the ‘Old Testament’ despite all its historical mythical errors, identifies the common beginning of ancient races in the ‘Middle East’ region.

There are many Muslims that want to leave Islam, but cannot and are trapped inside its insidious doctrine, which demands by the ‘Islamic Sharia Law of Blasphemy’ that any Muslim trying to leave Islam must be executed, in much the same way as many prisoners captured by ‘Jihad Muslims’ and originally by Muhammad himself, were beheaded when they refused to convert to Islam. Worse even more, are family members that want to live free western lifestyle but cannot because other ‘True Muslim’ family members persecute and threaten their life with honour killings and then there are those Muslims that want freedom but are simply afraid of being cut-off from their family forever.

It is imperative that ‘Blasphemy Law’ be outlawed around the globe, to give people freedom of choice to choose their own ‘Belief System’, which is not founded upon the ‘Habit of War’.

This fight is not against all Muslims, many ex-Muslims that had the courage to leave Islam have tabled proven path testimonies that they have assimilated well with ‘Western Society’ and some of these ex-Muslims are leaders in the ‘Global Freedom Resistance’ coming out into the open as whistle-blower’s tabling the absolute truth about evil Islam.

Now all of those ‘Jihad Muslims’ and ‘True Muslims’ that support forced ‘Islamization of the World’ will accuse these valiant ex-Muslims of ‘Islamophobia’. How stupid is that?

People that were raised as Muslims, whom became ex-Muslims, some were trained by Al-Qaeda and others in the case of some females, were victims of cruel FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), are now being accused of ‘Islamophobia’, by bully ‘Jihad Muslims’, and worse by inferior thinking low life non-Muslims that submit to Islam, either because they are by nature bullies, or because they are absolutely naïve and stupid, or because they are true cowards afraid to offend Muslims, lest they suffer consequences.

The evillest characters of all, are all the ‘Muslim Clerics’, the leaders of Mosques and ‘Islamic Organisations’ that incite Muslims to cling to ‘Islamic Doctrine’ lest they be sent to hellfire and may be killed by ‘Sharia Blasphemy Law’. It is the ‘Muslim Leaders’ using power control over Muslims that are dictating that every Muslim must submit to Islam. This evil bully Islamic societal political system using the disguise of religion as a standover tactic, is nothing more than a complete act of ‘Gangsterism’…for the creed of Islam is a Gangster. And the Muslim Clerics are the above ground representatives living true to the evil character of Muhammad as Gangland leaders and that is fact.

It is not nonsense to reject Islam as many ‘True Muslim’ leaders and Muslim writers and speakers claim, they are selling lies to the gullible Muslim people that believe such propaganda phony ideas and such false knowledge deceitful statements. It is easy to prove ‘Jihad Muslims’ pushing their ideas down unbeliever’s throats are liars, because the Koran Surah’s and the Hadiths of the history of Islam are founded upon the belief in the ‘Habit of War’ and forced dictatorship upon all others that reject Islam.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali born Nov 13, 1969 correctly said, “Tolerance of Intolerance is Cowardice.” Ayaan raised as a Muslim was a victim of FGM at the age of 5 years. She is a Somali born Dutch-American dual citizen ‘Freedom Resistance’ anti-Islam activist. Ayaan rejected Islam in total and became an ‘Atheist’. She is correctly, very opposed to ‘Female Genital Mutilation’ and Islam, and enthusiastically supports Women’s rights.

The ‘Feminist Movement’ has become apathetic in failing to be vocal against Islam and needs to lift its game and learn from the courageous example of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whom being an ex-Muslim, is bravely defiant against Islam.

The Internet Program the Wikipedia, tabled the following History of the term ‘Islamophobia’ in 2015… (ii)


“One early use cited as the term’s first use is by the painter Alphonse Etienne Dinet and Algerian intellectual Sliman ben Ibrahim in their 1918 biography of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. Writing in French, they used the term islamophobie. Robin Richardson writes that in the English version of the book the word was not translated as “Islamophobia”, but rather as “feelings inimical to Islam.” Dahou Ezzerhouni has cited several other uses in French as early as 1910, and from 1912 to 1918. These early uses of the term did not, according to Christopher Allen, have the same meaning as in contemporary usage, as they described a fear of Islam by Muslims, rather than a fear or dislike/hatred of Muslims by non-Muslims.” (ii)

“On the other hand, Fernando Bravo Lopez argues that Dinet and ibn Sliman’s use of the term was as a criticism of overly hostile attitudes to Islam by a Belgian orientalist, Henri Lammens, whose project they saw as a ‘pseudo-scientific crusade in the hope of bringing Islam down once and for all.’ He also notes that an early definition of Islamophobia appears in the Ph.D. thesis of Alain Quellien, a French colonial bureaucrat:

“For some, the Muslim is the natural and irreconcilable enemy of the Christian and the European; Islam is the negation of civilization, and barbarism, bad faith and cruelty are the best one can expect from the Mohammedans.” (ii)

“Richardson states that the first English print usage was Edward Said’s 1985 article “Orientalism Reconsidered.” Another early documented use of the word was by the American news magazine Insight on the News in 1991, used to describe Russian activities in Afghanistan, and this is the usage listed by the Oxford English Dictionary.” (ii) #

# [A.I. comments: Yes, it is true, Edward Said did use the word ‘Islamophobia’ in ‘Orientalism Reconsidered’ – I read the article in 2015.]

The term entered into common usage with the publication of the Runnymede Trust’s report in 1997. Kofi Annan asserted at a 2004 conference entitled “Confronting Islamophobia” that the word Islamophobia had to be coined in order to take account of increasingly widespread bigotry.” (ii)

Kofi Annan is wrong, no doubt, deliberately. The widespread bigotry against Islam is a valid essential intolerance of ‘Islamic Belief System’. And the word ‘Islamophobia’ was not coined to fight back against increasing bigotry, because back in 1916 when the word was first tabled with a new variant changed meaning of dislike of Islam and Mohammedans, most people around the western world knew nothing about Islam or its doctrine. In fact, most people in the West knew nothing about the true nature and character of Islam even during the 1950’s to 1970’s. It was the 1978-1979 Iranian revolution victory takeover in 1979, the creation of the ‘Fountain of Blood’ in Tehran, also called ‘Pond of Blood’, during the Iranian War with Iraq (1980-1988) and the Khomeini fatwa death sentence against Salman Rushdie in 1989, that started to awaken people about the ‘Dark Truth of Islam’. Overview general knowledge history books never tabled the truth about Islam. Ignorant people don’t hate what they don’t know. I didn’t take a dislike to Islam, until I read the sick hate speech texts in the Koran in 1984. It was my reading of the Koran that turned me against Islam and it was the ‘Jihad Muslim’ death threat, marching chants, against Salman Rushdie in 1989, in my home city of Sydney, on George Street, which encouraged me thereafter to investigate Islam. Islam awakened us with its threats. If Islam had not threatened and attacked us in the West, most people would have lived their lives not knowing anything about Islam. Only a few academics and soldiers like Winston Churchill, whom as a young man, fought Muslims in India and the Sudan knew the truth about Muslim mentality and their beliefs. In Churchill’s second book, ‘The River War’ he made many warning comments about the dark side of Islam and their beliefs.

I personally am not enthusiastic about Said’s thinking, he had a ‘hit and miss’ philosophy and was politically obsessed with creation of a ‘Palestinian State’ and did not understand the nature and character of Islam; Palestine has evolved to become a ‘True Islam violent Jihad Hate State’ seeking to destroy good Israel.

The Wikipedia, perhaps some errors exist, is worth reading to gain increased understanding of the issues on the table. Despite the current incessant misuse of the tyrannical word ‘Islamophobia’ by ‘True Muslims’ and ‘Politically Correct’ fools, it’s genuine reality by feeling, has existed for centuries, many famous people, decades and centuries before 1918, did openly reject Islam with very good reason.

Read… “A Great Man – the Muslim by Birth that Rejected Islam” in my book ‘Flat Earth’also now published with the addition of images in this Compendium Volume Two book of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’.

Many people believe that ‘Islamophobia’ is ‘Racism’ -this idea is ‘false knowledge’ to bully people into acceptance and tolerance of Islam.

‘Jihad Muslims’ and the idiot left, increasingly during the 1990’s used the invented word ‘Islamophobia’ to bully the West into submission, conversion and acceptance of Islam, which includes acceptance of Sharia Law, Mohammed, the Koran and Hadiths. The relentless oppressive nature and character of ‘Dark Islam’ is rapidly expanding, thanks to the constant use of the abusive gasoline word ‘Islamophobia’, now on the table out in the open. Muslims in their zealous commitment to push Islam onto the table made one serious mistake. They dumped ‘Emotional Intelligence’ into the garbage bin true to the vain emotional nature and character of Muhammad and openly admitted their conquest plans. This of course was not a very smart move by ‘Jihad Muslims’, but they did us unbelievers an absolute favour and alerted us to the danger within. By now 2015, like the gasoline words ‘Apostasy, Blasphemy and Heresy’ are used to bully people, the word ‘Islamophobia’ has climbed up the gasoline ranks to become leader of all ‘Gasoline Words’ as the most insidious of words, used falsely, to justify the phony claimed need of ‘Anti-Freedom of Speech Blasphemy Law’.

The question now exists… “Islam telegraphed their intentions, which was not a smart strategic move, and hence the question now openly stands…how smart are we? Will we that value ‘Liberty’ unite as one ‘Global Freedom Resistance People Power Movement’ or will we just sit back and blame all our Politicians and CEO’s for their idiotic inaction?”

The bigotry by non-Muslims against Islam is justified, because of the violent, seditious, forceful, anti-assimilation, anti-freedom, teachings of Islam. Hence, the word ‘Islamophobia’ is correctly dumped into the garbage bin, where it belongs. All persons that accuse others of ‘Islamophobia’ are dangerous enemies of God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World’.

The idiotic thinking of people clearly reveals itself, when they accuse opposition to Islam as being ‘Islamophobic Racist’ thinking and behaviour, and those same bully critics, never ever outright, accuse the Koran and Hadiths of ‘Hate Speech Kafirophobic Racist’ thinking, and never accuse ‘True Muslims’ of such behaviour, that revere the texts in the Koran and Hadiths as their infallible guides. Muslims call us infidels in the ‘Western World’, but in the Middle East we are called kafir, which means inferior vermin. Hate is its own enemy.

Authors Note: Read my essay on ‘Hate’ for more insight. The mini essay on ‘Hate’ was published in pdf format, on e-mail to Global Friends on the 14th March 2015.

In Pamela Geller’s excellent 2011 book ‘Stop the Islamization of America’ (iii) she wrote the following valid truth, except for the wrong comment about the origin of the word…

“For the enemies of freedom, telling the truth about the Islamization of America in all its various guises is stigmatized as “Islamophobia.” (iii)

“The very word “Islamophobia” is a fictional construct, as journalist Clair Berlinkski explains, “The neologism “Islamophobia” did not simply emerge ex nihilo. It was invented, deliberately, by a Muslim Brotherhood front organization, the International Institute for Islamic Thought, which is based in Northern Virginia… Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a former member of the IIIT who renounced the group in disgust, was an eyewitness to the creation of the word. “This loathsome term,” he writes, “is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliché conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.” (iii) ##

## [Allan Ivarsson comments: A lot of people believe the MB in USA Virginia coined the word ‘Islamophobia’ that is not true. But no doubt, ‘Islamic Jihad Organisations’ like the MB do use it to bully others into submission. And no doubt the Muslim Brotherhood in Virginia was seen creating the marketing use of the word for propaganda promotion against critics.]

The perception that Islam has no values in common with ‘Free World Truly Democratic Cultures’, is accurately correct, and understood by advanced intelligent people that have studied Islam and have read the Koran, Hadiths and Sharia Law. Only intellectually backward inferior thinkers believe in Muhammad and the doctrines of Islam. The belief system of Islam is designed not to integrate, or assimilate in any way, with other cultures, but is instead designed to conquer and control all cultures it invades.

For this reason, the word ‘Islamophobia’ is an invalid word and is negated by the ‘Dark Truth of Islam’ and its dangerous belief system that does present an unwholesome direction for humanity. In fact, if the ‘Islamization of the Globe’ was achieved it would not only send the world back 2,000 years into another ‘Dark Age’…but would also by increased population, and misuse of new technology, guarantee the extinction of 95% of humanity. It is unlikely whilst the false knowledge belief system called Islam exists as a majority, that humans would ever survive long term.

In fact, …the ‘Belief System of Islam’ is so bully violent and fanatically oppressive that it encourages ‘True Believers’ in Islam to think and behave insanely. The ‘Jihad’ instructions in the Qur’an is vain insane thinking.

Remember as ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ teaches…

“All human behaviour is linked to a personal belief system or lack thereof. Children learn what they live. It has always been this way.” ^

^ Source: ‘Blue Light Is A Journey’ by A.I. 2008 Read ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

In other words, … How a person thinks, is how they behave and what they believe, is the reason for their thinking good or bad. People are what they are taught. It takes courage to walk away from wrong ‘Belief Systems’ -sadly a lot of people don’t have the courage to walk away from phony false knowledge beliefs, which they were taught as a child.

The allegation of Islamophobia is a constant lie. It is common sense to reject Islam; those persons that believe in Islam are at the highest risk of becoming violent, oppressive and insane in thinking and behaviour. And that is fact regardless of whom is offended. And feeling offended is a sign of emotional immaturity.

Now watch and listen to the emotional reaction by those that read this statement and don’t like what they read. As they say… “There is one born every minute”. The question is… “Will they grow up wise and calm with a sense of inner peace free from oppressive thinking or will they cling to reckless false knowledge beliefs that encourage them to behave insanely?”

Author’s Note: ‘Islamophobia’ was first published in pdf format on e-mail to global friends on 14th July 2015. Revision 1, was republished on 11th August 2016.

Did you know that ‘Cosmicism’ is the only ‘Belief System’ in the world that is standing openly united, against all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’, including, Communism, Fascism, Islam, and Socialism?

All other ‘Belief Systems’ are divided amongst themselves, some oppose other ‘Totalitarian Belief Systems’, some are afraid to oppose any form of ‘Totalitarianism’, including Islam, and others are in bed with ‘Totalitarianism’ for reasons of naïve ignorance and greed.

Source: 2017 Book ‘Insanity of Hate’ Amazon.com

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