Fiji: Communist Chinese Destroy Coral Reef and Deny Australians the Right to Walk on their own Land.

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Never Trust a ‘Communist’.

Coral Reefs belong to creatures of the ‘Water World’… they do not belong to Humans. The caring job of all ‘Homo Sapiens’ is to protect and preserve the Natural Right of Coral Reefs to exist. Anyone who deliberately destroys a ‘Coral Reef’ must be arrested and imprisoned for life.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

Watch this video – the Truth…

Communist Chinese started a violent conflict with Australians who are stopped from walking on their own land and worse they destroyed a ‘Coral Reef’ that belongs to every generation of people forever.

This land grab of violence, destruction and theft was approved by Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’. How do I know this is true? Because all ‘Communist Companies’ including ‘Freesoul’ in Fiji, are required to report directly to Beijing. ‘Communist China’ is committed to take control of all land that belongs to other Nations when they can easily get away with it.

The Australians should not have to take this to court. The Fiji Government if they had any strength of character should arrest these Chinese and charge them with ‘High Treason’ and close down this ruthless uncaring company and expel all ‘Communist’ employees from Fiji forever.

The ‘Communists’ are lucky that they did not try to stop me from access walking on my land. I would on the spot treat it as an ‘Act of Civil War’ and the rules of war would immediately apply. I would not waste one cent on taking these evil violent creeps to court. I would without hesitation bash them up on the spot. And if they attacked with weapons, I would fight in battle to the death.

When countries are invaded… Soldiers, Sailors and Airpersons fight. The same rule applies to the right of people to fight against invaders of their land. Any law in any country that denies people the right to defend their land is not worth a damn and does not deserve respect.

Any Government that allows someone, Communist or Not, to deliberately destroy a Coral Reef is a weak Coward Government and should be sacked by the people.

Governments must remember people have the right to protect and fight for their property rights and in the event of invasion, people do have the natural survival right to defend their property, land and home.

The Tenth Commandment… ‘Cosmic Law’ states clearly…

Thou shalt not covert another person’s house; thou shalt not desire or take another persons’ wife, husband, children, grandchildren, or anything of their possessions. Thou shalt not plunder nations or invade by force occupied liberty-democratic lands. Nor shall thy claim land rights by descendent coercion. The universe belongs to humanity for every succeeding generation and no one shall divide and claim by force.”

These slides summarize some critical path concerns…

Violent Chinese Development Company Freesoul is guilty of ‘High Treason’ against all Fijians.

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